This game is amazing

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This is like the only game that makes me have fun interacting with people.  Build for your children!  For your future!  Name your babies and teach them how to live.  We can do it!  Don’t forget to name yourself.


I had a playthrough yesterday where I died kind of young as an Eve, but my children surprised me and kept the family going for 13 generations.  Here is a link to the family tree.


More detailed post sometime probably.


Game Awards and other laughable things


First of all what kind of dumb website setup is that?  Click to vote for a thing then get sent to some fuckin page designed for phones to confirm your vote, then afterwards it just leaves you there at the mobile page to try and figure out how to vote for the next category.  I mean, I get it, we all have phones, right?

I remember thinking how much of a joke these things were when they first started happening.  I feel like there were plenty of gamers who felt the same way though maybe that is just in my head.  I guess if you keep doing it every year it eventually appears to have some sort of credibility to people.  Though you would think after seeing their choices for some of the categories it would tarnish that credibility for some, but maybe not.

I’m slightly disappointed that Kingdom Come: Deliverance isn’t in there at all.  I know it was buggy and janky at launch and still has some minor problems for some people but for me it is still like the best first person RPG I’ve ever played.  It is just too fucking good.  The melee system was new and enjoyable to learn especially when you finally start landing combos.  How learning to read unscrambles words plus the alchemy system.  I would say it is the most immersive game I’ve played.

Also, no Rimworld.  I get that the gameplay isn’t really for everyone (I guess) but holy shit the music is the best music from a game since like… I don’t know, Fury?  But since it was probably in EA with that music before Fury came out maybe that changes that.

I’m kind of done with Blizzard, or should I say, Activision.  Now I say that while also occasionally playing Overwatch and having installed my free Destiny 2 that I’ve played for 30 minutes and may never return to?  But holy shit, how are you this fuckin detatched/retarded.  The funny thing to me is that like a week before Blizzcon they announced that D3 is coming to the Switch.  If they had just switched the Switch announcement and the mobile game announcement there wouldn’t have been nearly as much backlash.  You don’t want to stand in front of a room of people who have $2,000 computers with giant monitors, partly because of your games, and tell them that instead of announcing something they can play on their PC you have a shitty tiny version for fuckin babies they can play on their phone.  Apparently a lot of WoW people are pissed about the direction of that as well.  WTF Blizzard?

Also when playing Black Cow a little they have like levels and shit for some reason.  I think it is the only game I have ever played where I reached level 2 and didn’t unlock something.  But I guess to people who play Call of Doody this is normal and not fuckin dumb.

In the D&D campaign we fought Strahd in his castle once.  One teammate fell before Strahd made his retreat but we brought him back up before it was permanent.  Our druid may have inflicted some long ass negative effect on him but we won’t know until we run into him again, maybe?  I’m pretty sure we can take him out kind of “easily”, though by easily I may mean eventually.  I mean for me it is probably considered easily but I am the tank/main damage dealer thanks to my Sunsword of anti undead things.  We ended the last session by fighting the Dusk Elf assistant that Strahd has, he was kind of terrifying as he got 3 attacks on me which is like a level 11 thing I think, we’re only 9 but there are a lot more of us.  In the room next to him we found a brazier with some colored orbs around it and an hourglass, we have to figure out how it works so we can use it to find Strahd.  It is possible we finish this campaign on Friday.  We’ve been playing it for just about a year now which is pretty cool.

Anyway, that’s it for me.

Work Punch in the Dick

I done got punched in the dick by work recently.  Final push for tax returns that were extended.  It’s kind of hard to believe it has been about a month since my last post.

I haven’t played PoE in a bit, PUBG either.  After a recent PUBG patch the game started feeling kind of fucking wonky again, which is really kind of frustrating.  It just keeps going from being better to being worse like every fuckin patch and while usually I’m willing to defend the game from the haters on reddit, it keeps getting fuckin harder.

For the first time since launch I started to actually get angry at the game.  I’m not sure if I was just unlucky or if the game is functioning differently for me than the people finding me.  For so long I’ve played this game and rarely get snuck up on or shot in the back and then one day it happens so many fuckin times.  I watch the kill cam and they just fuckin run up stompin like nobody uses headphones and walk through part of a building or something and there I am as visible as can be.  I don’t hear my footsteps on the killcam, I don’t hear their footsteps when I’m playing, I’ve got headphones and everything is turned up all the way so that I literally die on the airplane when everyone starts yelling bullshit, so I don’t know wtf is going on.  I did manage to pull things together a few times and after like 30 or so games I was ranked in Diamond at about 1700 rating, but I don’t know if I’m going for a high placing this season or not.

Especially since Black Cow is out now.  I don’t own it yet but my roommate is gettin a fuckin beast ass computer soon and may play it.  I assume he will and if he does then I will just because playing with friends is better than not.  I’m pretty sure he wont play it very long though but whatever a week of fun is alright.  I really prefer what PUBG is supposed to be to Black Cow but they have such a fuckin hard time keeping it in good working condition that I don’t mind straying from Jesus’ light a bit.

In D&D we finally made it to Castle Ravenloft.  I’m wielding the mothafuckin Sun Sword beeeitch and our first session in the castle we actually kind of walked right towards one of the main goals.  We found a secret passage behind an organ and followed it to some stairs which we went straight to the top of instead of exploring the other floors.  From there we were on the walls around the castle, did a perimeter check and found a spire with a crystal at the top.  We had read in Strahd’s journal that his heart is now a crystal or some shit and when we started walking up towards it the whole spire started shaking.  So we shot at it a little and got attacked by flying halberds that we beat up pretty easily.  Then we noticed some vampire/vampire spawn climbing down the walls at us.  We ended the session there since it was getting late.  I’m pretty sure we are all gonna make it out of this eventually because we did almost everything you can before fighting Strahd.  I mean it took us almost a year to get this far in the campaign.  But we are all really looking forward to getting out into Faerun and developing our characters a bit more.

Small side note.  Holy fucking shit Cloud 9 at Worlds yesterday!  God damn, I’ve been watching professional League of Legends since the summer when Cloud 9 got into the LCS which is like 4-5 years now or some bullshit.  My interest has been waning the past couple years, but yesterday’s game with Vitality and C9 fuckin shit up just really made me care again.  Incredible showing and I’m so bummed that Vitality didn’t also make it out with C9, really looking forward to what they do next year.

Anyways, that is it.  Brain fart dump complete.

Let the Good Times Roll

I’ve just been playing a lot of PoE still.  I’ve been mixing in some PUBG in an attempt to prevent burnout (because I can’t control myself and overdo everything I like).  In PoE I’ve got a 82 Sunderboi, a 50something Frost Blades or something guy who hasn’t quite come into his own yet (not sure if I want him to either), and I recently started a Lightning Arrow/Barrage boi.  The links are to the guides on the forums if you’re curious.  I’ve thought about quitting a few times but I just always find something to re-engross myself.

First I played my Sunderboi which is like noob 101 how to play PoE build, but also if you stick with it and invest the time/ingame currency into the build you can do just about everything there is.  I played him to about 70 something before I was feeling kind of done.  Everything about the game is kind of daunting, the whole goddamn thing is a fuckin learning curve, and one of the things that is kind of rough for a new player is not knowing wtf things are worth.  Like Diablo 2, trading is important in becoming the big boy you want to be, which means you need to sell stuff and know what is worth selling.  This is one of the hardest parts because since you’ve only played a Sunderboi, you only know what kind of shit you need.  So if you find something with like %increased poison damage and +1 to lightning skill gems you don’t know if that is worth anything or not.

I was watching itmeJP’s stream and he mentioned that you never really know for sure unless you play a bunch of stuff.  Then it dawned on me that it is just like every other damn game, the more you do, the more you know, the better you get.  That sparked a little fire inside of me to pick a new crazy build and just go for it.  I landed on the Frost Blades Shadow build and started plowing through.  I will say now that I wish I had picked a more newb friendly guide because the guy who made it kind of assumes you know wtf you’re doing a bit more than I do.  So I only got that one in the 50s, didn’t get any of the key unique items to really start being a real boy yet but I have since found a couple that could help him get to that point.  So I may be returning to him eventually.

When I got a little tired of that playstyle and feeling kind of aimless due to the guide not holding my hand as much as my retarded self needed I thought, this is it, I’m winding down my PoE run for this season.  Then I decided to play my Sunderboi a little bit again, do some Dailies from my Masters or whatever and play around with my hideout.  I started going a bit deeper with the Maps system, ran into some guy called the Shaper in some of them and started fighting some new monsters and encountering new effects.  Things were getting spicy again and what do ya know, I didn’t want to stop playing anymore.  I managed to beat up a Shaper stronghold and it dropped my first items with Shaper mods, which have a cool spacey background on them.  It was a new and beautiful world for me to continue exploring, until, I killed something that dropped a good unique.  I got me a fuckin Tabula Rasa (which I didn’t even get to play before they shut it down) and my buddy was like, alright now Vaal it!

When you Vaal something it “corrupts” the item, changing the implicit mod (base mod for the item type), and making the item unable to be changed further.  It is sort of like a tool of the “demons” or whatever and one of the potential side effects is it can destroy the item.  Now what makes a Tabula good is that it is a 6 socket, 6 link chest piece.  It doesn’t do anything except have 6 sockets that are linked and since you put gems in sockets and some gems are support gems that enhance main ability gems, having 6 links is amazing for pretty much any character because you can use it from level 1 and can have your main ability really strong way sooner than you would normally.  So, I got out a Vaal orb and plopped it on my Tabula and I got +1 level to socketed gems.  That is kind of a big deal for a tiny baby boy like myself, iirc others were listed between 55-80 chaos orbs (the main currency) which for me is a fuck ton.

Anyways, after I had this amazing piece of gear that could’ve potentially helped out my 82 Sunderboi much less any other character I play, I figured it was time for a new build.  I had a few low level uniques already and one of them was a bow with no level requirement, so I went searching for a bow build that seemed fun.  Once again I was refilled with motivation to continue playing this crazy game.  I really liked the Lightning Arrow build I found because it also has options for different main abilities, instead of Lightning Arrow you can use Ice Shot (I think it is called that) or Tornado Shot, which I definitely plan on giving a shot just to see what feels better.  So far he is still kind of tiny but playing him really gives me good feelings.  It reminds me a lot of my old Diablo 2 days of being an Amazon and just firing shit tons of arrows off the screen and walking over a bit and looting shit from all these guys I just killed offscreen.

As for PUBG it is still my main FPS and after playing some of the Call of Doody BR beta this weekend it is still my main BR game.  I may play CoD BR just because my roommate might play it and playing games with people is more enjoyable, but I’ll always prefer the more realistic aspects/intentions of PUBG.  Though I will say that I do sometimes have some problems with how PUBG still kind of sucks occasionally.  Though I can say the issues are usually only a bit of lag, nothing is more anger inducing than dying to a “little bit of lag”.  After trying to get back into PUBG after a big stint of only playing PoE I had a rough time shooting people again.  But yesterday I put a proper “PUBG day” in and managed to remember how to shoot people.  One game I had 3 VSS kills which was kind of crazy especially since a VSS is kind of a meme to me a little bit.

Anyways, that is it.  I’m only playing 2 games really and I still have others to get to when I tire of these, which may never happen.  It is a good time to be a gamer, or maybe just to be me, I’m not sure.  I can barely remember what it feels like to be bored due to not having a game to play.  Feels good man.

I’ve got a vague idea of a PUBG related post about how after watching some streamers play I began to notice that it seems like people develop their own preferred way of playing and how that mostly aligns with their prior experiences.  Like you don’t check that room because there isn’t ever anything in it versus always checking that room because one time you found a first aid kit.  So maybe I’ll keep trying to think of how to put that together.  Anyways part deux ttyl love you long time bb.

A Real Post

I’ve been living in Path of Exile since the Delve league started a little bit ago (honestly don’t even know when cus time travel).  If you liked Diablo 2 but were kind of disappointed in Diablo 3 then you’ve probably heard people say PoE is for you, I am here to confirm that.  Now the first 5 or so times I tried to get into this game I wasn’t able to, usually for lag reasons, but other times because all of the systems are just too confusing.  But last league I managed to dig in and figure more out and the game finally opened up for me.  It also triggered my fuckin brain to break making me dizzy for a month and needing new glasses, but I’m sure that would’ve happened anyway.

I’ve been playing so much that I’ve started trying to throw in some PUBG so that I’m “mixing it up” a little.  I’m ranked in the top 1000 again for that which makes me feel kinda bad again.  I hot dropped maybe 13 times this season and finished horribly low but still I’m somehow ranked high.  I hadn’t played in like 10 days and I was still in the top 2000.  Yesterday I played 5 games, 4 were top 10, and now I’m back in the top 1000.  Iunno, it isn’t as fulfilling as it was, but it is still a fun game so if I just ignore my leaderboard feelings then everything is okay again.

I should be getting ready for work but instead I decided to type this up which is why it’s called a real post cus it is short and actually not a real post but it is something to make it seem like I posted something again so, THERE IT IS.  Whoopy doo.

A Wimder urv Erpaturniter

I didn’t play Warband or Rimworld at all this weekend.  I dove back into PUBG and am currently ranked in the top 300 of Solo First Person Perspective.  It has just been so fun and fulfilling for some reason to nonstop queue.  Usually I’ll finish a game, chug some water, queue for the next game, go pee and refill my water, get back just before the plane flight or during, pick a landing spot and get back to it.

Sometimes I wish I had someone to play with but then I remember all of the things I’d have to learn for that.  Like right now I know decent places to go most of the time, I’ll probably be able to scrounge up enough gear for myself in most cases.  But throw in another person who needs loot and suddenly I’m not sure if I know good places to go anymore.  My roommate gave it a “shot” a while back, we played like 3 duo games and that was enough for him.  I had a blast in those couple games but I think there was still looting lag at the beginning.  I also think there are a lot more bad players in those games, which makes sense considering that there are only about 100k people playing first person solos, and PUBG has like 1.5 million players a day per steam (last I checked).

I managed to get a 3rd win this weekend and I felt a little dirty about it.  I mean the whole game was a pretty good one for me.  I did something I practically never do which was using either a 6 or 8x and just poppin shots at everyone I see all over the bitch.  I actually ended up shooting the guy who got 2nd earlier on as he was driving by my mountain.  I took probably 100 potshots from the same place and nobody really challenged me.  One guy tried to shoot back a little, even hit me once, but I hit him back and that was enough for him.  It felt good doing that because you start to feel like, this is my area, this giant fuckin section of land is mine, and I know this because I’ve been shooting for hundreds of meters in most directions and people are only moving away from me.

I went back and watched the replay and noticed something funny the guy who got 2nd place did.  After I shot at his vehicle a few times he pulled off behind a building in the town he was going through.  I could see where his truck was parked through a doorway and shot one of his tires off.  He was looking for me but he didn’t really know where I was.  He saw a truck in my direction (only like 200 meters away from me) and assumed it must be mine so he shot its tires out too lol.  I had already begun moving in for the circle and he was still trying to find me a 100-200 meters closer than where I was.

A weird thing I noticed in the replay was that there was a guy a hundred meters behind me in the blue just medding in buildings and hiding.  IIRC he ended up dying in the blue trying to run for the circle.  I almost died to the blue myself actually but luckily I had like 8 first aid kits so I could move 20 steps, med, move 20 steps, med, and then run into the safe zone with like 5 hp.

One thing that kind of surprised me about the 2nd place guy was how he didn’t know where I was when he totally should have.  Prior to the last circle change of the match (that happened, not the final one that keeps getting smaller) he saw me hide behind a building.  Which when I saw that in the replay I was just like holy shit man, he fuckin saw me!  I was pretty much behind him at that point and he still went and fought the last 2 guys.  Then after that I had to med up on the edge just behind the tip of a little hill.  It was just me and him and I knew from a recent 2nd place that I couldn’t be the one to make the first move.  Whoever hears the other one first wins.  So I sat still, drank my soda, first aid kit, and waited.  What I didn’t know is that the guy was like 10 feet away from me on the other side of the hill.  He so should’ve known I was back there or that I could’ve been back there but he didn’t check.  Instead he jumped down and started stompin away.  So I was able to just shoot him in the back a few times.  For a final kill it was like the easiest thing ever.

I need to watch this Sanhok match I got 2nd in.  The guy who got first place got in my fuckin head and now I’m doubting myself lol.  I had been in some pretty intense firefight and was moving up to be in the circle and he just puts a few shots in me from somewhere and then starts spamming his mic like “Do you know what you’re even doing man?  I don’t think you know what you’re doing.”  I wish I didn’t tilt so easily but what’re ya gonna do about it.  I didn’t even watch the death cam which is weird for me.  But yeah I gotta see if maybe he saw me for a bit and was stalking me or if that was just his way of celebrating his win.  Who knows maybe I was doing something dumb.

One thing that has kind of been bothering me is the sound and peeking.  I remember when I played CS a lot you could just tell where people were by listening to footsteps.  Maybe it was unrealistic knowing exactly where someone’s footsteps are coming from through walls and shit, which is probably the case.  But man in PUBG it is hard to tell where those sounds are coming from sometimes.  Had a guy fuckin destroy me inside a house recently because I thought he was nading in from outside but he was actually on the first floor nading up the stairs.  I heard about two footsteps on wood after that and he was right in front of me while I’m bandaging.  When I watched the death cam he fuckin stomped all the way up the stairs and around the top floor before walking into where I was and I only heard two footsteps.  I’ve kind of gotten over that one since I thought he was outside and I’m more willing to accept fault there.

With peeking though it just feels like sometimes people can see me when I can’t see them and apparently it is because they peeked first.  Like that guy who naded from inside that I thought was outside.  He was in the building adjacent to me at first and I was trying to peek through his window to shoot him and he shot the crap out of me when I couldn’t even see his window.  Another time I was at a bridge on Erangel and I was trying to fight this guy behind a car and I’d see him coming to the corner of the car to peek me and I’d get hit before he even peeked.  When I saw the death cam he was clearly peeking and he could see like all of me instead of me being behind cover.  I don’t fully get how it all works I guess but sometimes shit just doesn’t feel right.  Apparently people have proven that if you peek first you get a slight millisecond advantage, so I’ve been trying to do that more.

Anyways, feels good man.  Here’s my link.