The same thing we do every night, Pinky

So here we are again, writing some crap about what I’ve done recently in my free time. I know, it doesn’t get much more exciting than this, does it? No it does not. It doesn’t get more interesting than this either, does it? Oh hell no, this is the shit right here, the golden shiny shit that Quetzalcoatl would call a taste of paradise. That’s right folks, we’re about to begin but I must ask you one more question first: Are you ready to get your minds blown?

Why do I blog? To feel noticed, to garner some attention, but most importantly to feel like I’m saying something either significant (lol fat chance) or entertaining. I know I’m all over the place all the damn time, which makes it hard to maintain regular readers. Now don’t get me wrong, I love all 4 of you, but 4 is a small assed number and I just want to sit it down in front of a TV showing Oprah and spoon feed it bon bons. Hopefully then it will plump up.

What do heavier traffic blogs have that I don’t? Well some have a past of popularity so they already have a following, most of whom don’t care what the blogger says as long as he says something. Others pick one game or one MMO niche and focus solely on that while belittling/comparing the other genres and thus pissing other people off which creates a shit storm of traffic. Some bloggers like to be knee deep in the details of systems that power our favorite games. Then you’ve got people like me. We play games, usually changing a game every month or so, and all we write is our experience in said games and our expectations of future said games.

So, what do I do to increase my traffic? I think no matter what path I choose I’m going to have to whore myself out on the ol comment trains again (how do you think you found this place?). But then what? Do I focus on one game or a niche, do I get knee deep in the details, or do I stop blogging and accomplish some MMO career and then start blogging again?

I started writing this before my last post. I think I’m just going to “share my experiences”, much like I have been doing, just with video. Shit, maybe I’ll even learn something.