Mafia Wars = Crack, WoW update, and some

Why hello thar! Good to have you back, good to be back, and of course, wiener.

I’ve been playing Mafia Wars on Facebook way too much recently. It is like crack and I know it is incredibly simple and a copied formula with many different colors. I know this. But it doesn’t matter, because it’s fuckin fun.

I spend all my energy, get tons of fuckin money, and then find some newb with a smaller mafia and big buildings. Anything over a tourist shop is considered big because each successful robbery nets 300k+. Of course my favorite is a mega casino which have netted me up to 700k a hit. Makin money is easy. Buying big property at a low level is retarded, unless you have 500 fake friends. What you have to do is see that robbing a valu mart gets you about 20k a hit. Robbing a tourist shop gets you about 100k. When you’re high enough level that 100k doesn’t seem like shit, then you’re ready for some tourist shops. I just recently acquired 10 tourist shops for the price of 50 million. I had the beachfront property for a while just waiting.

I’ve begun throwing all of my energy into the lowest tier jobs for the extra stat points. It’s not working that great but it is working as I have 4 more stat points than my friend who is 1 level above me.

Whatever you do, do not start playing Mafia Wars, I’m serious. You will not stop.

So I hit level 72 yesterday in WoW. Boy is it slowing down in the leveling section. I’m no longer running around with 15 quests and turning them all in at once, nope. No direction from here on out it appears, back to stumbling onto quest hubs, JOY! If you’re going to hold my hand the whole damn time, don’t let go at the end, please. I wish my quest rewards would replace my gear again, apparently the first ones I got were just too good. So I’ve just been leveling.

Exciting, huh?

Mario Kart Wii online multiplayer is so amazingly fun. Playing against guys in Japan at 1:30 am EST, you can’t beat that, you can’t.

That is it, boring post is boring, bonedead is bonedead, and I said good day!

So long, suckers!

With the recent WoW patch 3.2 some changes were made to the Battlegrounds.

Battleground experience has arrived!

* Players will now be awarded experience for completing objectives and actions that yield honor in Battlegrounds (honorable kills not included).
* Players who do not wish to gain experience through PvP can visit Behsten in Stormwind or Slahtz in Orgrimmar – both located near the Battlemasters in either city – and turn off all experience accumulation for the cost of 10 gold.
* Disabling experience gains will prevent a player from gaining experience through any means available in the game.
* Players with experience gains turned off who compete in Battlegrounds will face off only against other players with experience gains turned off.
* Behsten and Slahtz can reinstate experience gains for players, for a 10 gold fee of course. Any experience that would’ve been accumulated if experience gains were enabled cannot be recovered.

Can you guess what’s happening now? Need a hint? Here’s a few.





Have you figured it out yet? Notice how most of the people complaining are a level that ends in a 9? Yeah. That’s only a few from the first page of my Battlegroup’s forum.

So this is the patch that severely hampers twinking in the BGs. The twinkers are now crying because they have to turn exp off in order to stay at their twinked level. Because they turn off exp gains they are sorted into BGs with only other people who have exp off. Their problem is that there aren’t enough of them on at the same time to successfully start a BG. Poor lil fellers!

Some of them have excuses for playing twinks, all of them are horrible lies though. Here’s a few I’ve seen.



I hope you’re laughing as much as I am right now. Give yourself a second or two to regain your composure, and let’s continue.

I would be willing to bet that the majority of twinks are stupid fuckin kids, shit, read their complaints on the forums and it becomes quite obvious this is fact. You can see in their words what their problem is, they can’t win anymore. They are so self centered that they forget that the guys they’ve been crushing like eggs are actual people. They feel more entitled, especially with daddy’s credit card behind them.

I see them saying how regular “lvlers” are to blame for QQing too much. How fucking retarded blind are these kids? You’ve been ruining the game for tons of people the whole time you’ve been having this “fun”. You do not realize that your definition of “fun” is synonymous with “I run faster than 5 year olds!! FUCK YEAH!”. You have twice as much HP as anyone else in the game, of course you’re winning, and that doesn’t make you good.

They act like there isn’t any PvP at 80. They act like PvP sucks when you’re not a twink. I wonder where they get that idea.

Good riddance.

I apologize for not caring enough

So I just figured out that I don’t care about what I put here. I feel like I have to post an update about myself around once a week, emphasis on the HAVE TO POST part. That is a shitty outlook to have, huh? If I were to treat each post like a homework assignment or something for work (though my work has minimal writing) then maybe more people would read my dick jokes, and stuff.

The more you know….


So last weekend I went up to my friend’s place in Tampa again and we got our Mario Kart the fuck on. Last time we skipped 50cc, I believe we got golds in 100cc, and we had golds in most of 150cc but some were still silver or bronze. Well we managed to finish up 150cc which unlocked the Mirrored tracks. I believe we got a couple golds before we passed out. It seems like the driver’s skill doesn’t increase much in between 50-100-150ccs but the bullshit meter is what makes the difference. What is the bullshit meter? How about kicking ass the whole time and being in 8th until the 2nd half of the last lap, when you get the bullet and are dropped right in first place a few seconds before the finish line. Shit like that happens more and more when you increase the difficulty, but it really does trick you into thinking you’re awesome.

I have gotten to level 66 in WoW on mah Warlock. I am getting quite excited because the levels aren’t really that hard. I said I was going to Zangamarsh next but I still haven’t been there. I have been able to solo many of the group quests because Warlocks are fucking awesome, as long as the elite doesn’t have 50k HP and hit like a truck, I can wtfpwn it in the face. Anyways I received a quest to go to Shattrath and was even given the flight path, that was a nice touch. So from there I began workin on my Aldor rep, my friend in Tampa says I’m wasting my time, but god damnit I don’t care. I’m not trying to level as fast as possible and when I hit 80 I’m not going raiding, so, how about I play the game the way I want to. He’s got an 80 Warlock and used to be a raid leader on a PvE server, but I’m on a PvP server and I like to beat people.

I did just about all of the quests in Terokkar Forest and have worked my way into Nagrand. I’ve been catching my first glimpse of the dreaded rep grind I’ve heard so much about, but you know what? I’m not even worried about it simply because I’m a PvPer. When I’m 80 I’ll have decent gear, I’ll be able to go into the BGs over and over, even if I suck, and get enough honor and marks to buy some halfway decent shit. I’ve got 3 purples already at 66 as a solo player, I believe all are PvP rewards.

Here’s My Armory.

I know the gloves and wrists need work. As soon as I get a level or two I’ll be able to solo that demon fucker that summons infernos outside Auchindoun. The quest reward for that is some nice gloves to replace those level 40 ones.

But yeah, I think I’ll be fine.

Console games, WoW, and a closed beta (shhh)

I recently acquired Mario Kart for the Wii. Mario Kart is pretty much the only reason I bought a Wii and it took me about a year to finally get it heh. We only have 1 nunchuck so Melanie uses the steering wheel, she says she prefers it, but everyone knows the joystick on the nunchuck is better. The game is a blast, of course. It has been since Super Nintendo and probably will be until they stop making it.

I’ve played some other console games recently. Mario Party for Wii, CoD WaW co-op along with some NAZI ZOMBIES for PS3, Rayman Raving Rabbids for Wii, and a small dose of Marvel Ultimate Alliance as well. Mario Party for the Wii is just that, a party game, the more people the merrier. It gets old pretty quick though. Rayman Raving Rabbids is just as fun, if not moreso, than Mario Party. CoD WaW is a difficult adjustment to make for someone like myself (anti-console, need mouse for FPS) what with the auto aim and the joysticks. It is good fun though as soon as you get a hang of it. We only played the first level of MUA but it was pretty neat figuring it out and such, I’m sure we will be playing more of it in the coming weekends.

As for WoW, I’m 62 now on my Warlock, officially entering my first expansion for WoW, that being TBC. On the UOWoW server I have gone through all of the new areas due to the 10x exp, so I feel more comfortable doing it on live servers. I’m in Hellfire Peninsula and am wrapping things up there, soon moving into Zangamarsh. I have been trying to play on the weekends only so that I don’t burn out. So far so good.

Closed Beta goodness. Let’s just say this one is right up my ally. I haven’t found but one bug so far, everything is polished quite nicely, it is really a breath of fresh air, especially since it’s a closed beta. I’m working my way to the harder content which I’m assuming will be less polished, but we shall see. For now all I can say is that it is awesome, but saying what I have is probably too much anyway. Can’t wait to spill the effin beans.