Cool shit

I’ve been bouncing from game to game recently, all leaving me feeling rather unfulfilled.  I think I had like 3 or 4 subs active at one time to different MMOs (AO, SWTOR, DAoC, EVE, and maybe WoW?) and was still trying to find something that could scratch that itch.  I would start a new world in Minecraft and build a cool little cave home under a small waterfall multiple times, I downloaded Freelancer which is old as dirt (and actually had fun for a day), and I played some emulated old games (daoc genesis and swgemu).  Nothing was doing it for me.  I wore myself out on the CSGO matchmaking, it was just too stressful for me for some reason.  Pretty much, the picture I’m trying to paint for you now, is that things weren’t looking very good lol.

But then I remembered something I was going to play with a friend a month or so ago, we had installed it but at the last minute he said he thinks he didn’t want to do it, so I just uninstalled and went about my business.  I remembered the premise of this game/mod/mods during my low point and realized that it checked off a lot of the boxes that I was yearning for in a game at the moment.  Big open world?  Check.  First person shooter?  Check.  Owning things and progressing through effort?  Check.  Danger?  Check.  So what is it you may be asking yourself?  Well, it is a mashup of mods for a mod of a game.  The game is Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead, the mod is DayZ, the mods that are mashed up to make the game are Overwatch and Epoch.  The mod that those two things create?  Overpoch.

Now I was almost always able to enjoy DayZ the mod for the most part, sometimes the travel gets to me but usually I don’t notice it and the time just flies.  What makes this version different is that you can own vehicles and build bases and actually secure these things from theft/destruction with a bit of work.  There are vendors that you can sell items you find to, then use that money to buy just about every item in the game.  If you purchase a vehicle you are given a key for it and you can lock your car so people can’t take things out of it or take the car itself.  They can still shoot the fuck out of it though, so before you get a good car you may want to build yourself a garage first.  Yeah, that’s right, build yourself a garage.  You will most likely start out with wooden walls and such but you can upgrade to I believe Cinder walls which are indestructible.  You can get safes that are locked by a 4 digit code (that you need to write down very quickly after you place it) and your doors can be locked as well.  You can even use your hatchet (or a chainsaw which uses mixed fuel) to chop down trees for wood to start making shit.

I have only been playing for two days now (I believe my toon has been alive like 1 day and 13 hours or so) and while the first day was pretty rough feeling, once you get your bearings it really is a blast.  That said, I haven’t died yet.  I feel like dying could probably put a little damper on my day.  But I would still have my money in a safe in an undisclosed location, not to mention the toolbox you start with can be deployed as a bike (which you can pack back up into a toolbox when you’re done) so getting home after a death won’t be that bad.

What my friend told me to do is get a vehicle, park near a military barracks, go into the barracks and load up on guns, drop em in your vehicle, rinse repeat until vehicle and person are full.  Then you go to the trader (though I have heard you can get your vehicle stolen there in the safe zone somehow, so I park a ways away and bike back and forth just in case) and sell all your shit.  From there you can buy food/drinks/ammo/guns/medical supplies/building supplies/ or vehicles, no problem.  The tricky part though, is once you leave the safe zone around the trader, you may get shot at by jerkoffs with sniper rifles.

One of my first trips to the trader led to me buying an ATV for like 2 gold.  When I left I began taking fire, I swerved a lot and luckily the guy missed every shot cus he’s a newb, but it sure would have sucked if he hit me.  My only other encounter with someone was while I was filling up on more weapons to sell at a barracks.  I stepped out and saw him and he shot at me.  I ran back behind the wall, pulled out my M14 AIM (I think) because my pistol is quiet and used for killin zombies that spawn there.  I peeked back around the corner and didn’t see him, so I aggressively pushed out checking to the left as I came around the corner and then I saw him at the very edge of the wall.  I started popping off shots and he got off one I think before I dropped him.  After fighting off all the zombie attention I swung back around to his body to find he only had a rinky dink little Lee Enfield (which I love to use, it isn’t that bad, but against a M14 AIM it is kind of suicide unless you hit the first shot).  I felt bad about it but hey, he shot at me first!

It feels good.  I’ve got a game that I can’t stop thinking about at work, which makes me want to just put my nose to the grindstone to make time fly so I can get home and play more.

Quick SWGEmu Update

This weekend had plenty of server downtime, which sucked, not just because I couldn’t play but also because I finally had someone coming to play with me and this would have been his first weekend. Pretty much the entire month before this weekend (30 days, not July 1-weekend) I had experienced lag maybe twice. My friend hasn’t seen anything besides lag, so, not good! I just hope he sticks with it and doesn’t get angreh!

I’ve been working on making/handing out the 100 free Swoops, as I agreed to. It is pretty tough work lol, I did not know what I was getting myself into when I signed on to this. My first day I gave out 12 the next day was maybe 4, and since then I’ve given away a total of 20 (and I forgot to write the last guys name down, arg!). Shit is a lot harder than it sounds.

My first day in Eisley after giving away the 12 I was pretty sure people had caught on and were creating alts, so I had to move shop. I traded some to my main guy and let him give them out to people he trains or random people waiting for shuttles. I kinda wish it was just over already, but, gotta do what we gotta do! I’m probably going to make a post offering a free one to anyone who wants one and is relatively new to the server (no more than 2 professions mastered!), telling them to post their in game name for the toon they plan to pick it up on, which must have less than 2 professions mastered. Then I make a list of the names and announce a couple times when I’ll be standing outside of the Coronet starport. I can also stand around Eisley and announce the thread on the forums before they’re all spoken for, so that almost everyone has a chance. Huzzah, a plan!

I’ve been working on an alt, almost master Marksman. Going for some Commando/BH/Defense/little Medic guy. Plan on maybe hunting some Jedi with him, maybe. I’ll probably suck ass, but, hey, maybe I’ll get lucky. I want to use the super guns, the flame thrower, heavy acid rifle, and lightning cannon. I would love to use rocket launchers and beam launchers but they don’t work yet, sadface! I probably won’t be very good with that spec until I deck myself out in armor/clothing attachments for my weapons accuracy/damage, but I’d like to think I’ll do okay. My defense might suck a shit ton, but who knows, I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually. I just put a bid on a nice heavy acid rifle, quite the steal imo, 100k. Most of the weapons I’ve got aren’t the top tier shit, by far, but they’re way better than newb stuff and I’ve gotten them all for under 200k each.

I started working on my Jedi rumors again yesterday. I found some Janta Primalists (only found a spawn of 2 in the Stronghold) and killed around 20. Went to town, found an NPC with a new rumor, kliknik warriors. Go to Yavin 4, get 5 kliknik missions, 1 is kliknik warriors, kill around 20 kliknik warriors and stopped. Usually you have to wait a few hours after doing them back to back before you can get a new one. So I believe that I will be on my 10th rumor when I start my next one, which is about halfway I think. Sure would be nice to unlock a Jedi, though, the closer I get the scarier it seems. As a Jedi you can be hunted by bounty hunters (other players that probably have good gear that will rape your face) and the way they find you is through a bounty hunter mission terminal. Now to show up on the mission terminal, you have to use your jedi powers, and you’re pretty much ranked (I believe) on the terminal by how much you have used (aka, how long you’ve been using your powers that day – again, I think this is how it works) your powers. So, a freshly created Jedi, goes out into the wild to hide from people, just grinding on mobs all the live long day. Is that incoming blue dot just a passer by or a bounty hunter coming for your newb ass?

We shall see! Can’t wait.

Hello there little one

These are not the droids you’re looking for.

No, I’m not playing SWG, though I am very tempted to create a free trial account because my internet doesn’t suck ass like it did last time which made me quit because I couldn’t finish a quest in the huge series that takes you well into your high levels which required me to race to certain points before time ran up, which is difficult with laggy bad comcast bullshit that is available to me.

So what have I been doing? You may be asking yourself. Well, not too much to be honest. I’ve taken it a little slow in Savage 2 recently because they’re fixing so much shit and adding new little neatnesses and such. For instance, they changed required time played to appear on ladder back to 5 hours, so it removed a bunch of demo accounts and put my rank back where it was, close to 1000. They also removed Win:Loss ratio from the formula that equates your Skill Factor (SF), which gave me a 20 point boost in that. So now, I’m ranked under 1000, in the 900s, which is awesome and I’m much more tempted to play some now.

I’m mainly just waiting for the clan ladder and tournaments/matches/league play etc. THE COMPETITION. Which I’m assuming will be coming soon since they now seem to be focusing on clan related issues.

I got my buddy to start playing as well and gave him some good pointers and then he figured the rest out on his own. He finally paid for an account and as soon as he gets 5 hours of play time he will be ranked much higher than myself, which imo, is because I took a long shitty road and I helped him find the short good road.

So, here’s a link to my stats.

In my offtime from Savage 2 I’ve been dabbling a bit in the good ol past time of CS. On my favorite servers provided by

I’ve watched more American Idol than I’d like to admit, I blame my girlfriend. But I hope that little kid wins, and if not him then I want the Syesha girl or however you spell it, to win. See Syesha is from my town of Sarasota! Sure, she went to Booker, and we all know how dirty that place is (LAWLZ), but she still represents the SRQ NUKKA!

I am so gay for saying that shit btw, just in case you didn’t figure that out yourself.

Anyways, yep, that’s about it. Ohhh!

1-2 more paychecks and I can afford a cruise for 2 from tampa to cozumel mexico. Very exciting stuff, girlfriend is very excited, I’ve got a goal, so it’s a win/win imho.

Well I’ll be…

Now that the LOTRO is over, the feeling of wasting my time has also left, hooray! I think this could be patrially due to my new 14 day Trial of City of Heroes/Villains.

I have made a Villain Brute with the 2nd primary of like Stone Armor I think? I really had no idea what was good or not when I made my character, just that the tank/beat people up class is always a good choice for a first class.

My first impression of the game was very frustrating. The mouselook wasn’t inverted and I couldn’t figure out the UI and the sheets for a while. But as soon as I got the hang of things I began *gasp* enjoying myself!

I don’t know how long this feeling can last, I am actually scared of it, I forgot what it felt like. So I am now level 7 or 8 I believe, and at work today I decided to look into Builds/Archetypes that are on the more, well, overpowered side. I quickly gave up this pursuit though when I noticed a Stalker build with the words “best PvP archetype”.

What? This game has PvP? I didn’t even think it was possible. (I blame for this because it’s obviously not my brains fault.) So I look into the PvP rulesets and discover that there’s an arena, pvp zones, and supergroup battles or some shit. Hooray!

Turns out that around level 15 is when you can first experience the PvP. This is something I plan on doing, hopefully today, who knows.

On a side note:

Over at the majority of us were lured there by the Make your own Game forum. We used to talk about MMOs and what the problem with systems were. But we’re all lazy and worthless so we pretty much stopped that. My point is that I am very excited about this. I could see myself slowly working on something for years by just doing a little bit every day.

It is very exciting stuff.

My only worry is that the limits wont be my imagination, but the tools.

I know everyone’s already written about this and who gives a shit about what I think, but I just wanted to say I am excited.