Took 2 days off, Thurs/Fri

Had a nice, blurry, 4 day weekend. Finally canceled my Comcast (ROFL) and got a switch for my Verizon DSL(pewp). Routers wouldn’t work because the dumb modem acts as a router, I tried switching it to bridge mode and all the shit I read online for troubleshooting (all of which from pre 2007, so it was fucking helpful….). All I needed was a switch, and I wish I just knew that.

So now me and my woman are on a network. I installed DAoC on her system (though she doesn’t really want to play anymore, …BIATCH!) and resubbed my second account with my 50 Skald. Let my other account die, though maybe only temporary, due to having a 550+ Alchemist (which makes pots that every toon loves).

I’ve played my Skald mostly, I got about 23k RPs this week (which is weak), and have had a little bit of fun.

I must say 50 RvR has changed since I last played it. I feel much safer roaming around solo (though I still die just as much) and there just aren’t that many people out and about anymore. They added more repeatable quests for RPs/BPs that are quite enjoyable (grinding for RPs > grinding for XP).

I was able to get enough BPs to buy 2 more Bounty Items. Phat jewelry lewtz with uber utility for teh win! Which brings me closer to getting the foundation for a template (FINALLY!). I have bought 3 99 quality pieces of Dragonsworn armor, oh shit, one was Studded (god am I fucking dumb) and I’m out 720g. I also bought 3 reactive Omni-tap procs (dd reactive proc which returns 100% hp, 60% power, 40% end or somethin like that) which turned out to be one step down from the ones I wanted! Go me a-fucking-gain with the brilliant purchases. That put me down probably another plat, maybe 2. I still may use them though, who knows.

I got on my Mauler as well for a little bit. He was in CV (Cathal Valley 45-49 BG) and I ran out to see what was up. I got into a little scuffle with a couple guys (all solo) and was one of the 2 survivors (the other guy was some Shar beast I didn’t want nothin to do with). Which was a generally pleasing experience. Next I decided to take him to DF, figured he could beast farm some seals (which = moneh), and I was so right. In DF, Mid side, once you make it passed most of the low level mobs you come to a 4-way crossroads. Straight is the big purple demon mobs, left newb deamhanesses/soultorn/rocots, right is those annoying fucking tremors2/3 looking mobs, and back is the newb lilispawns/avernal quasits. I decided I would go straight, to the big purple demon mobs who drop diamond seals (teh best).

Now earlier on my Skald I was at this same spot, and one of the three demon mob beast bastards was red, at 50. I picked this one with my Mauler, who is level 46, and gave it a go. Well after about 5-10 minutes of “omg please don’t die”-ing I fucking beat the motherfucker. Level 46 beating down a mob (IN MELEE COMBAT) that neither of my 50s can beat. It filled my heart with joy and depression, all at the same time.

Then I tried another one while at less than 100% hps, and dieded. I was bound inside the Labyrinth, which I have yet to install, so I haven’t been back on that guy yet.

I decided to take my ol’ runie for a spin. Buff up in Leirvik, go outside, get to the bridge and see an alb with poor stealth. I try to cast on him but get WTF-interrupted followed shortly after with a WTF-raped. I /released roamed the land, got wtf raped by the same guy again and /quit. Fuck that shit.

One thing about DAoC now is that the majority of people earning RPs are doing so in the BGs. Which is why 50 RvR is so different now, and also why BGs can suck instead of be fun. See, a lot of the people playing in the BGs have multiple, or at least one level 50. This means they’ve got the resources to spend a fuckton of money on a level 24 template (yeah, I’ve heard of more than 1p be used to template a < 39 toon) whereas I am running around in fucking aurilite gear.

I mean, sure, it is fair. If I wanted to spend more mind numbing time on my 50 to amass a small fortune and appropriate tradeskill levels, I too could be a fucking loser. Shit sure is changing in DAoC though, boy.

There is a guild called Claret’s Complication. Their main focus is on the 10-14 BG. Yep, you read that right, 10-14 BG. Now let’s take it one step further. Some of their members have RAs. Now you may be saying, but wait Bonedead, you can’t earn RPs from kills in Claret. Well, you’re right buddy, you can’t. However, this lower level BG does not have an RR cap. Yep, that’s right, these guys went into big boy RvR and got some fucking RPs. Their bard has a 5 point RA (you know, like Purge, SoS, IP, the bigger RAs). Remember, this is the 10-14 BG.

Are you fucking kidding me? Not only that, but there is shit like this in every BG. There is a Skald who is level 9, he /xp off’ed, he now roams Demons’ Breach and The Lion’s Den (5-10 mini DF, 5-9 BG). I see posts on VN all the time saying “We’re forming a “insert BG here” only guild, pst!”.

But that isn’t even the worst part, the worst part is that they all fucking still talk shit. They talk like playing a level 12 is fucking tough business, they talk like they’re good because they followed some 50s in big boy RvR and leached some RPs (because EVERYONE has access to that). It is fucking pathetic.

I don’t talk like I’m amazing hot shit on VN, mainly because I’m pretty sure all the other people there are better than me. I’m starting to think that isn’t the case. If I put half as much time into all of my toons’ gear as most of the people in the BGs I’d probably have a couple @ posts.

Which reminds me, god has it gotten fucking gay. Now there is all this bullshit (omg don’t kill me, the bad guy, it isn’t fair) etiquette in not only big boy RvR, but little fucking pussy BGs. Are you fucking kidding me? I posted in the “Thidranki thread” once (when I was playing my other account) and some alb/mid called me a newb/fag/blahblahblah because I play a Ranger and I shoot bad guys. I mean, yeah, I fucking pull what these kids dub bullshit when I can, but most of the time I’m just trying to kill the weakest guy in range, just like everyone else.

I did roam with a group of 4 or so other rogue characters. We took out whatever we saw (if it is red, it is dead) including solo players, small man groups, and 8 man groups. I have a feeling this guy was apart of one of the larger groups we wtf raped. It was the biggest group we fought and it must’ve scared the shit out of them. Imagine running in a group of 6 or so and all of a sudden you’re all being attacked by 4 dudes that just appeared, you’re not ready for that shit.

But, I don’t care about the VN fags, that much. I just hate them.

I’ve started a hunter (because my ranger wtf pwned so much) and gdamn is Spear fucking powerful or what? I can’t wait to get into Thid and fucking rape faggots.

That is my new goal, to piss off everyone crying about pvp etiquette. This is PvP ladies and gentlemen, this is not /duel, I am coming to ruin your fucking fun in order to feed mine.

Oh man how fucking excited am I right now? I am totally going to raise my fucking crafting skills, I am totally going to fucking be a lame ass low level templater, and I am totally going to fucking piss off everyone. It is (totally) going to (fucking) rule.


A Warlock’s Progression part ghey

Alright, so if you’ve been wondering how I’ve been filling my time, it’s been with a whole lot of World of Warcraft.

Here is a link to my Xfire page. I try to keep this on whenever I play games, since the time I’ve had it. So It shows a bit about me, I suppose.

WoW is positioned to overtake DAoC as my most played MMO, it’s scary. I think I might feel bad about it, DAoC is one of the few things I’ll go fanboy mode to defend. Whereas WoW is something I’m quick to chastise people for playing.

Anyways, back to my the point of this post, my Warlock!

He’s a little gnome and his name is Owndead (get it, keeeeekles). He likes to play in the battlegrounds more than he likes to level, big whoop, wanna fight about it?

I’ve recently begun using an addon called census plus, as well as an addon called Killing Fields. Everyone knows what the census one does, but the Killing Fields one may need a bit of explanation. It does the same thing as census plus except for battlegrounds, yeah.

So I have a couple of links for you.

The first one is my character’s history sheet on which compiles census plus and killing fields data. It’s been around a while so my character was caught by them at level 2, way back when I made a new account because my brother jacked mine.

Here is the first link.

The second link is to my recent battlegrounds page. I’ve played quite a bit and some of them I really whooped some ass. PK PK PK! Anyways, you can browse through every battlegrounds match and see my competition and my team and everyones scores. Don’t forget, I’m level 52, that means I’m in the 50-59 battlegrounds, which means some people can rape me pretty damn easily. But I’m sure my scores adequately represent something similar to my actual skrillz level.

If you notice, when I do bad, most of the time my killing blows and honorable kills are much closer. Meaning that I’m probably out running around myself and not grouping, whoops. I do not play AV, it’s the dumbest BG I’ve ever played, and I’ve only played it twice. Everyone just clusterfucks DAoC style and then my FPS go down to 5, fuck AV, fuck retards who clusterfuck.

Here is the second link.

More people should use Census Plus and Killing Fields imo. Having the data that killing fields supplies is so important imo. I just keep thinking of the Camelot Herald. You need ways to rank players, they need some sort of motivation to play your fucking game.

The armory kind of sucks shit by the way, my character is shown as level 48 which was a friggin week ago. Must suck to have to update once a week because it would cause too much trouble to everyones gaming experience.

Hey what do you know, a draw back to having too many subscribers: you can’t offer them adequate browser character stats and in-game information. Although, the find a replacement thing with your gear is a pretty good idea.

That’s it for me, time for work, bai2uz!

It’s hard to post when you know you don’t have good content

And it hurts to post bad content, so this hurt.

I’ve been playing a lot of DAoC, lots of Midgard, little bit of Hibernia, and now a future in Albion. I’ve always thought of Albion as the hub for all the 14 year old King Arthur wannabes, and now I’m becoming one! 😦

First here’s links to a lot of my toons, because I know you care so much. A1 means Account 1, which is active, A2 for the inactive second account.
Midgard(not playing)
Yarrdead A1
Notanoat A1
Enurface A1
Glaciergiant A2

Those are the 3 main toons I play in Mid.

Hibernia(didn’t get too far)
Bwndead A2
Sosahrey A1

While working on Sosahrey I discovered my RL friends in the town over were also playing DAoC, just on an Alb ToA server :o, but I think I can do it.

Afarath A1

Today I’ve asked my friend to help me get Traldor’s Staff, which is an artifact (part of ToA), so that I may use it in Molvik. Molvik is the 35-39 Battleground, besides Thidranki (20-24) it is one of the most popular BGs. I intend to hang around in this BG until I am realm rank 2L5, which gets me some very tasty Wild Power 3 (crit chance +17%) and something else that I’m uncertain of.

The Theurgist is a new class for me. I have an AE mez and a very strong DD. Not to mention pets that I cast on people that proc stuns, these pets can be stacked and can have a chain stun affect on the enemy, which is extremely helpful. I can basically kill just about any class if I land mez on them before they hurt me, which is always a good feeling. Just yesterday I was jumped by a shadowblade who missed his PA (in stealth attack, use in front of target, rape target) who I quickly /faced, quickcast, ae mezzed. Ran back a bit, pet pet pet, dd dd dd, chase, pet, dd, win. I only got hit once or twice while quickcasting mez which took me to about 70% hp. I was level 35(minimum level) and he was level 39(maximum level), so that makes me feel good.

Later I ran into a Shar champion who had been killed recently. This guy scared the crap out of me because he has instant DDs which can ruin a caster. So I start casting mez, he interrupts with a DD, I quickcast mez, am not interrupted by the debuff. Whew that was friggin close, run back, pet pet pet. DD, resist!!! OH NO WHY GAWD WHY DID HE RESIST THE STUNS AND DDS AHHHH. DD, DD, stun, DD, DD, come on you asshole fucking die already, jesus effin christ. Now he’s right on top of me, smack with a big weapon in my friggin face, OW THAT HURTS BUTTHEAD. I quickcast a DD, it lands, yes! He has a sliver of hp left, each swing from his takes a quarter or a third of my life, ahh I’m going to die! I can’t run he can keep up with me, what do I do? TURN AROUND AND STAFF THE MAN! Thank god I buffed myself with my haste and damage add, because I got the pleasure of being a caster who got a deathblow on a tank with his little ol staff.

So how does one celebrate such a victorious uhh, victory? With a /flex directed at my victim of course! Because my muscles are what won this battle for me. It was a great feeling, I couldn’t even see my health bar, and was immediately fearing for my life. So I ran back up to the ck door and logged out.

This game is fun, I really enjoy it every time I play it.

In other news there was a big 2 part interview for Age of Conan, I can’t find the links now but I know they’re posted on I am anticipating this game very much, it sounds very exciting, but I am a tad worried. They say that solo players in the siege warfare will be able to fight over the smaller objectives such as resource nodes and I think towers. I just don’t see this happening, guilds will most definitely go for those objectives as well if it helps them benefit. Running into a guild while being solo is never a fun time. Hopefully the mercenary system they speak of is more advanced than a LFG system featured in most games, because just finding a random group of people to play with on a daily basis is never easy for me, and actually I don’t think I’ve ever done it with people that I don’t know in real life.

A tiny side note, Massively, the new website dedicated to MMOG news is a pretty nifty little doodad. I read plaguelands and he is apparently writing for Massively, which is probably the only reason I went to check it out. So I get there, reload the front page and see some GW giveaway, it says you can win the package of GW games just by commenting on their site, fucking sweet. I was the first comment on the story, hopefully that counts for extra, even though I don’t really play GW much, it would be a nice thing to have for emergency situations.

That’s about it, hopefully my next update will be about how awesome my theurgist is in 50 RvR with his complete template and such.

Back up in your ass with the resurrection

I decided to say fuck off to CoX because, well, it sucks. I can’t just do quests/missions all day, I’m sorry.

I created yet another free DAoC account, huzzah! This game is always fun, always, no matter what, it is never unfun. I don’t care if you feel the same way about it, but if you’ve played on a classic server recently, it’s friggin never ending fun.

I made a Dwarven Valkyrie and she’s so purdy. I helped a guy recreate a guild and am now a Rank 1 member in said guild, and I’m only level 20, aww how sweet. That being said, the guild leader was level 39 when it formed and is now 50, in the span of maybe 2-3 days. This game is all about getting you to the fun, fast.

The guild was formed with a bunch of low levels, even the GL created it with an alt. So what did we low levels decide to do? Low level PvP of course! The mobs in RvR zones always give more xp, so we decided to get some levels. I believe we were able to catch a few stragglers and gain a few levels before we tired and I left.

Before level 15 I was very skeptical of this new class, mainly because I played a Skald to 50 on a previous free account. I also didn’t have as many abilities as I’d of liked, which I do now.

DAoC is the game I stopped grouping with random people in. Namely the dungeon named Nisse’s for lower levels (Mid side). I haven’t grouped with people for years, but that all changed a few days ago when I was asked to join a Nisse’s group. We were fucking awesome, we all got to level 17ish from 10 in about two hours, which is pretty good imo.

From there we headed into Killaloe, the battlegrounds for levels 15-19. There was a time when all of the Battlegrounds besides 20-24 and 30-34 were empty, now you’ll find someone in any BG at almost any time of the day, it truly is amazing. Just this morning, at 6:30 AM EST, I was in a group of 6 in the 15-19 BG. As I said, amazing.

We didn’t get much RvR done after Nisse’s, most people wanted to train, most people were tired of grouping by that point. So we went our separate ways, I’ve yet to run into one of them again. However, yesterday I went back to Killaloe and joined a group that contained a guildie of mine. We fought off the albs and hibs and then made our way into the center keep.

Somebody had made a hole in the wall so all we needed was a ram for the inner door, which obviously someone brought over. It was during these moments when I realized I somewhat enjoy my class. I believe my current kill:death ratio is around 7:1 with the actual numbers being around 77:11. So that’s pretty good I figure.

This morning was something to behold though. Really, I had the best time so far on this toon this morning. We had a group of 4, 2 shaman (1 was lower level and squishy) 1 supp sm and me, Mr I mean Mrs Valkyrie. We already had CK from the day before where I helped capture it, so we were on defense in the AM. It started out by us running around looking for our alb friends who had a group of 5 going. Then we got sidetracked by the group of 4 hibs. As we were saddened with the thought of no more RPs, we discovered the albs had snuck passed us and set up some trebs on our center keep! OH NOES WE BEZ UNDER SIEGES!

So we rush the albs, slaughter them with glee, and set up shop inside our ck, for the albs had made a hole in our wall. They began to gain in numbers and kept pouring in the hole as we slowly, but surely, squelched their attacks. Then we became overwhelmed, as some of you may know albs like to spring out of holes in the ground, so they had plenty of people.

Good thing for us, these people become bored easily and leave or wander off where it is not as safe. Say to the sides of the keep, by the postern doors. So I would sneak out and lure a couple of guys to come mess with me, all the while my shaman buddies inside have the group healage powers that be. So I destroy about 5 of thier guys, one by one, some more than once due to them being rezzed.

By now my side door trick has the attention of their entire group, they even stopped rolling the ram to the front door to come mess with me. Bad idea imo, since they never got that ram to the door. We made our move and met the brute of their group, two friars and an mercenary with a cleric in da back. I destroy the friars while using my cone effects to interrupt as many of the clerics heals as I can. A heretic peers his head around the corner and is quickly dealt with. A couple other assorted albs also appear, but are much too squishy for my ultimate power and I vanquish them with ease.

The cleric is running, so is the fire wiz, we give chase! Out of the hole in the wall, down the mountain, I catch the cleric and send him packin. The fire wiz fell to his death, because he is smart. It really was a great hour and a half of playtime. All that, happened in an hour and a half at 6:30 AM EST. Amazing, I know.

DAoC has been labeled as a dying game. You might even use this post as proof by saying that since I have free accounts, they’re not even making money off of a fan of their game. However, I plan on resubbing my 50 Skald account from my prior DAoC stint. Same server as well. I’ve already got a guild lined up for me, some phat moneys on my main, plenty of alts for BG fun, and a max level speed class which is almost always in demand for RvR.

This game is not dying, the sense of community on the classic cluster is just as it was around the days of release. There are new players left and right, but remember, they ask for help, which I’ve noticed a lot of current players provide. With the newer global advice and lfg channels, it can be seen that this game is not dying. This game is at one of it’s best points imo.

What other game can you reach max level in before your trial runs up? What game allows you to level to max level purely by PvPing? What more could you ask for?

I recommend everyone give DAoC another shot, I only recommend the classic servers though, because ToA is gay.

As promised, my Druid montage

He sure showed a lot of promise. Soloing reds, chaining blues, even taking down a blue Heretic (I don’t really know if that’s an accomplishment).

Enjoy!(It’s really exciting, seriously)

If you’re wondering, my target self key is the same as my record video key. Which means there is literally minutes of me buffing myself that didn’t make it to this video. 😦


Though I was recently upset with the outcome of Star Wars Galaxies, I must continue on my quest to play MMOs. Another free trial! Plus, my Comcast is still fucked up, I’m going to drop their internet (keep the tv) and get me some good ol Verizon DSL.

I am returning to Camelot (DAoC) once again, my first true love (save UO). A bit of my background information in that game:

  1. I have a level 50 Kobold Warrior on Kay. No MLs, few artis, no RPs. Basically I got tired of the whole ML/Arti shit, plus nobody wants a Kobold Warrior in their group. Link to character
  2. I made a previous trial account with some goons from, this time I played on the Classic cluster. Which means no MLs or Artis, hooray! I reached level 50 with a Dwarf Skald, got a little over 100,000 RPs grouping with a friendly group of Euros in need of some speed! Link to character
  3. If you can’t tell, I’m a fan of Midgard. I’m not quite sure why, maybe it was because Albion was rumored to be 14 year old central, and fairies just seemed a little fruity to me. Maybe it was because of the game Rune which also used the realm of Midgard. But I’d like to think it was because of the Kobolds and Trolls.

So this time I’ve taken a risk and changed my normal DAoC behavior. I know the game pretty well so I feel I’m alright at telling people what to do.

That’s why I have rolled a Hibernian (fairy) Druid. I plan on being a “Battle Druid” commanding the Battlegrounds to victory. If I make it to 50 before my trial is up (as I did with my Skald) then maybe this toon will have a brighter future. But let’s try and make it to our first major Battleground before we have delusions of grandeur.

Link to character

My first goal for this character is to raise General Crafting (basically every craft at the same time, I’m not sure of the cap on this skill or if there even is one). The main reason for this is because I’m a healer wuss and I want to be pimped out in good gear, if you can make it yourself it really is a lot easier (and cheaper).

After I reach a reasonable level I shall embark on my leveling, hopefully finding a suitable guild, or a duo partner or two. I wish to reach level 24 with 9.9 bubs and /xp off that shit! I intend to max out of the BG in RPs. Hopefully making some comrades along the way for future Battlegrounds encounters.

I keep having second thoughts on my chosen class, though I know I will make a superb healer/minor ccer/minor dpser. I know the BGs very well and could see myself changing the outcome of fights.

I will be playing a very different role from what I am used to, which is basically be the big motherfucker who scares everyone. I am usually always the one at stand-offs who starts the fight between the 2 groups. This time I’ll still probably start the fight, except by casting my DoT on a person or two, maybe sending my dog (or tree) after one of the casters or healers. Then falling back and targeting the ballsy tanks on our side who rush in first for some big heals.

I’m pretty familiar with the mechanics of BG PvP, so I don’t think I’ll have many problems. Except getting used to not being a tank.

The leveling is the one thing that worries me. Which is why finding a guild or duo partner(s) is going to be crucial. Which is also out of my norm, I’m a soloer, it’s just easier for me. This is sort of a project for myself to improve my tolerate people and communicate brilliance “skills”.

I’m at work right now and just remembered I wanted to chronicle my SWG experiences as a wrap up before the DAoC posts rained in. So when I get home today I’ll try and remember to do that. Probably just some screens of my characters progression pages and expertise pages. Maybe a few depressing empty landscapes, or my commando raping a cluster of newb mobs (possible fraps adventure!).