Oh man, was last night awesome or what? We hadn’t jumped into the arena this week (reset was Tuesday) and finally we were both available to rape some faces.

Our first match was against a Holy Pally and a Frost Mage. I sapped the pally, we raped the mage/interrupted the pally, and voila, easy win. Mage only did 16k damage and pally healed for 100k.

The second match was against two Shamans. I think they were both “Windfury” spec which is I think Enhancement? This fight started off as a big clusterfuck. Once the shammies both dropped all of their totems, had their big cow asses everywhere with their big flags in the shit, and mix us in there as well which lead to neither of us being able to tell wtf was going on. So we moved away from their totems (after I used cheap shot on one! YEAH FUCK YOU TOTEM) and toward the boxes. This was in the Dalaran Sewers arena. They were going for my friend who was now doing laps around the box and I was too far behind to get to one of the shams so I sprinted and then realized I could just turn around and go the other way, so I did that too. My friend also decided to turn around to let me catch up lol so we were just havin a fun ring around the rosey party. I caught up to one of the shamans and stunned him, I was laying into him and my friend came back around to join. He was low, he ran away and I chased as my friend fought the other. We dropped the first, my friend was real low so I blinded the shaman, he trinketed before I could get in range to stun lock and finished my friend off. I ran him down eventually and ended him.

The third match was against an Arms Warrior and a Shadow Priest. I sapped the Warrior who didn’t charge when he should have and ruined my chance to sap him. We focused on the priest, I fell off like a dumbass, my friend stayed on them. I caught back up and we laid into the Priest pretty easily. After that we went to the warrior and got him to half HP when he started to run. I did a Deadly Throw (throwing finishing move that slows them) and the scoreboard popped up. Apparently the warrior typed /afk to leave lol. Victory!

The fourth match we have trouble remembering. We are pretty sure it was a Frost Mage and either a Rogue, Feral Druid, or Warrior. Part of me thinks it was a Feral Druid because I kinda remember sapping him (though that could be a memory from another match a week or two ago). Anyways, we won!

The fifth match was the closest of them all. We were against an Enhancement Shaman and a Rogue. I couldn’t find the rogue and we both realized, pretty much no matter what the stealthed guy is, we’re going shaman first, which is what we did. When the rogue came into play I either blinded him or my friend warrior feared him. These guys were quite the handful and before we killed the shaman, my friend died 😦 I was able to finish the shaman off and then it was rogue v rogue. He had full HP (112k) and I had around 80k. I tried to disarm but he dodged it. I popped my evade and I think I tried to disarm him a couple more times out of habit. I wasn’t hitting him and shit was not good. I had around 20k HP with him at 80k and that’s when I was like, we’re fuckin 4-0, I do not want to lose this one. I vanished, cheap shotted him, and started doing my thing. I wasn’t watching our health pools, I was watching my hotbar, hitting those goddamn buttons! The scoreboard popped up and my friend was cheering in vent, I didn’t even know I had killed him, but I had. That was definitely my best feeling yet in Arena and it is some great fuel to keep me chuggin along.

I think we’re going to try a few more today even though we’ve capped our CP for the week. Once you get over 1500 rating your cap starts to increase gradually up to a max of around 3k (we currently cap at 1343).

Good times.

edit– Whoops forgot a link to our 2v2 team page.

Giving Away One (1) Rift Beta VIP Account

To enter the “contest” just comment here with a good reason, brief history, whatever, post some shit to make me want to choose you over the other guy. If you post, CUS I WANT IT SO BAD OMGUHZ, you’re not gonna get it. Even though I almost wanted to say I’d probably give it to you, I really want someone who really wants it to have this.

VIP accounts have access to all beta events if I’ve got my facts straight.

Winner will receive login/pw for rift account and login/pw for email account tied to game account, as well as secret questions/answers. PUT YOUR CORRECT EMAIL IN YOUR COMMENT BOX THING OR YOU WILL NOT WIN.

I will select a winner on Monday January 24.


So my 2v2 team was doing okay in good ol reners there, you know, not quite 1:1 ratio but close, we had made it over 1k rating and we only played 2 days so we felt good. A little too good apparently. One night I was drunk and we were winning in arenas and started chatting up /g chat about how we’re winning. Well a guildy mentions that he’d like to rener sometime, so I was like, shit, join our team! He is a rogue, just like me! Needless to say the next day when him and I stepped into the reners, we went 0-3, and of course then he had some family thing to tend to (lolright). I didn’t take any offense because it’s half expected at that point lol, personally I can just keep doing it over and over and I bet eventually I’d break 1:1 but that’s just how I do every game.

Well that guildy hasn’t returned to the arena, at least 2v2 with our team, since. Tuesday was CP reset day so me and my buddy jumped in with the good ol Warrior/Rogue combo. We won our first one, lost our 2nd, and won our 3rd. On the third one we had eliminated one of their players and then my buddy died right after that which meant me with full hp vs. a druid with full hp. Well, I won and only took 3k damage lol. I was left standing 102k/105k hp, man it felt great. After that second win we lost 7 in a row. Talk about shitty lol. We called it a night rener-wise.

Recently I’ve been feeling weak as shit on my rogue, its frustrating at times when you put everything you have into killing one guy and then he just kinda sits there at 10% while youre mashing buttons and it doesn’t seem like anythings happening and then you lose. I’ve almost got 3k resilience which I think now is more of the “good norm” with 3.5k+ being the “good good”. I’ve not capped CP yet for this week but I did spend the first points I got on my Ranged slot, ilvl 359 ranged weapon ftw! PURPOLZ ARE COO-EWLZ!

Last night we decided to step back into the arena to give it another go. We first fought a Rogue/Feral Druid combo, both starting stealthed. We were able to kick their little butts perdy good. I saw the rogue while he was stealthed and sapped him which meant we were now going to double team rape him since he was the first guy we could see, plus Mr Feral druid wasn’t about to heal anyone lol, that would be dumb! After that match we were up against a DK and a Rogue. Again I was able to sap the rogue like the newb he is and we double teamed the DK. We ended up both of us switching targets a few times during this fight, we were all over the road, and we both got close to dying. We killed the Rogue first and focused on the DK, my friend had to run away to live so the DK focused on me, then I had to run away to live and my friend came back to whack him. I came back for another stab or two and the DK focused his attention on me again. I was under 10k hp and damn was this going to be close! But, we got him, before either of us died. That was it for last night, quit while you’re ahead and all.

It’s more fun spreading your rener out across the week, but I still love knockin it all out at once like a champ.

15 Minutes of Low Level Warrior PvP with Queen

The 2nd song is also the third song, whoops! Grooveshark playlist tricked me!

Click here to go to the stagevu page and watch the shit! The best part (killing wise) is near the end. But this is what a win looks like, throwing yourself at them over and over, you don’t have to win yourself to win as a team. But, staying at the top of the list of the damage dealers is a nice bonus.

Video is 250 80 mb btw, forgot to mention that 😮

MegaVideo has a 57 or so minute limit to the amount you can watch for free each day. But, they don’t screw you out of your audio like pretty much every other video hosting site does. Huzzah MegaVideo!

I’m posting this before the video is “finalized” on the megavideo site but it’s stuck at 10% so I don’t wanna wait to post! Deal with it!

Conquest Points, I Wish I Knew It Was This Easy

I’ve been decking myself out in PvP honor gear recently. I had a trinket (not the kind that gets you out of shit) and 4 pieces of the set minus the head slot. My friend and I made a 2v2 team a while back, we hadn’t played but it was my rogue and his warrior. We finally decided to step into the arena on Monday, except he wanted to use his warlock instead of his warrior, so he made me leader and I invited his warlock.

We dove into our first match with no real plan, I was to stealth and sprint out real fast and try to sap one of them from the get go, then we rape the other one. If the first one pops his trinket, my friend fears him til we finish off the first guy and voila, victory. Well it didn’t quite go according to plan every time, but for the most part it worked. We ended up capping our Conquest Points with a 5-4 win-loss record. The cool thing was that the next day our Conquest Point weekly caps had reset (it resets weekly on Monday night/Tuesday morning) which allowed us to win another 1343 conquest points.

Our second time around we went 5-7 :(, but in our defense we were now playing against teams who had about as much experience as we had, and not the 0 rating people that we played the day before. We now both had enough Conquest Points to buy new main hand weapons, ilvl 359! Fuck yeah! 90 dps increase over my old main hand. So awesome. Another awesome thing that I did not know existed: enchant scrolls!

What my friend noticed was that when we went up against 2 DPS classes we usually won. Personally, I didn’t pay attention to that stuff, I just tried to stab stab good. My favorite that I can half remember was against a shaman and something else (half remember). It was in the arena with the little bridge in the middle and two pillars next to it. The shaman went straight to one of those pillars and dropped totem. We later realized that this was their ideal map. We lost that match but played them again for our next match. We won this second time and that was when I realized that the previous map was their ideal map. The shaman uses a big fuckin knockback spell, so on the pillar if he gets attacked, he can buy 10 seconds of healing time or dps time by blasting anyone attacking him off.

Our 2v2 rating is now 930 or so with a 10-11 record. My resilience is right below 2500 which gives me about a 26% reduction in damage taken from players, pretty cool imo! My plan is to finish deckng myself out in honor gear with rings necklace and cloak. My next CP purchases are going to be an off hand and ranged weapons. My friend plans on setting his warrior up for PvP to get his CP and to help feed my arena appetite. I need to get on an active 3v3 team, but, gdamn do I hate meeting people lol. I wish I remembered the guys name who wanted me to be on his 2v2 team. 😦

Anyways, that’s my little update, good day!

Cataclysm and it’s Silly Acronyms

Hello errbody, and welcome to another episode of Cataclysm and it’s Silly Acronyms. I’m your host, Bonedead Boogy, and have we got a great show for you today or what! (nyuck nyuck)

Today we’re showcasing three of the new acronyms from World of Warcraft’s newest expansion, Cataclysm. In normal form, these words mean what they’re meant to, but once they’re turned into acronyms – shit starts going down!

First off we have Tol Barad. Tol Barad is the new Wintergrasp for Cataclysm, it has an island peninsula, and is similar to Arathi Basin in that you control certain points – however there is no score. Once the attacking team gains control of all three of the control points, they win, simple as that.

Tol Barad is abbreviated TB. Ingame you see TB and you think, hey, Tol Barad, wonder if we’re on offense this time?
Anyone that is not ingame sees TB and thinks, DEADLY INFECTIOUS DISEASE. You know the one, tuberculosis. Yeah, that one. Commonly known as TB.

Next we bring you to Conquest Points. Conquest Points are pretty much the new Arena points. You receive them from competing in Rated BGs and Arena matches, as well as a few small amounts for completing your first daily random BG. Conquest Points are used to buy some really good (currently) PvP gear.

Conquest Points are abbreviated CP. Now, again, ingame you see CP and think, Conquest Points. Man I sure wish I could get more of those.
Anyone that is not ingame and is instead on 4chan or other darker corners of the internet see CP and think, CHILD PORNOGRAPHY. You know, the illegal shit that sick fucks love? Yeah, good call on the Conquest Points name.

Lastly we bring you my favorite: Baradin’s Hold. Baradin’s Hold is the new Vault of Archavon. It is a PvE raid dungeon that drops PvP loot that is usually purchased with CP (never looks the same again eh?).

Baradin’s Hold is abbreviated as BH. If you’re playing and you see in trade chat someone saying: “LF4M BH”, that looks completely normal to you. You think, man I wish I could get enough CP to buy the good stuff so I wouldn’t have to raid BH.
Once again, outside of the game, possibly if you’re listening to the radio or in some random passerby chat you hear someone say BH. As everyone does, you begin attempting to figure out what the hell a BH is, and then it hits you – BUTT HOLE. Who likes to raid BH? I know I sure do.

So to recap, we have tuberculosis, child porn, and butt hole – all in the same expansion. Seems like quite the assortment of acronyms in this new xpac.

This has been another episode of Cataclysm and it’s Silly Acronyms, brought to you by the National Association for a Cure for Tuberculosis – America.

I’m your host Bonedead Boogy, signing off.


This just in…

Blizzard doesn’t know what a Peninsula is!

I give to you, Exhibit A!

It is obvious that the world agrees a peninsula is land that is surrounded by water except for where it connects to the mainland. For example, my home state of Florida, is a peninsula.

I give to you, Exhibit B!

Hellfire Peninsula you say? Last time I checked, there is no water surrounding that “peninsula”, nope, its just kinda floating there in space iirc.

I give to you Exhibit C!

Tol Barad Peninsula! The island! I don’t even need to explain this one, I mean, seriously? Come on….

2010 in review AKA EVERYONE GETS A STAR!

My Thoughts:
Everyone I’ve seen got a WOW rating. I for one know this blog does not deserve that. Why does everyone have to get a star? This goes hand in hand with my post about the deaf kid. This is what’s wrong with the world imo! I did not earn a “WOW Rating”. They haven’t even given me any kind of information that makes me exclaim WOW! It is pretty much like, if you never looked at your “stats” page then here is what you’ve missed over the last year! What kind of shit would be deserving of a WOW! Rating? How about one of your referrers being a semi top ranked website on alexa? How about comparisons from previous years, “growth rates” over the past few months, SOME SORT OF STATISTIC THAT SHOWS THAT YOU DID SOMETHING WORTHY OF PRAISE. Hey guy, you hung in there for a whole year, continually posting shit when you knew it was pretty dumb, way to stick it out, killer! Here’s a gold star for all your trouble and hard work.

Suck it wordpress, suck it.

PS – You may see me as a top referrer to some of the sites I link to. That isn’t because I have shit tons of traffic being directed their way, that means that I don’t use a feed reader, I come here and click those links every damn day. But, that kind of stuff is so hard for a tiny little place like wordpress to figure out, so I understand.

The stats helper monkeys at mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

Healthy blog!

The Blog-Health-o-Meter™ reads Wow.

Crunchy numbers

Featured image

A helper monkey made this abstract painting, inspired by your stats.

A Boeing 747-400 passenger jet can hold 416 passengers. This blog was viewed about 2,800 times in 2010. That’s about 7 full 747s.

In 2010, there were 83 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 312 posts. There were 102 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 20mb. That’s about 2 pictures per week.

The busiest day of the year was March 30th with 47 views. The most popular post that day was Mission Impossible: The Best of Both Worlds.

Where did they come from?

The top referring sites in 2010 were,,, WordPress Dashboard, and Google Reader.

Some visitors came searching, mostly for world of tanks beta key, mr freeze, world of tanks free beta key, borderlands is crap, and borderlands is shit.

Attractions in 2010

These are the posts and pages that got the most views in 2010.


Mission Impossible: The Best of Both Worlds January 2010


World of Tanks – Free Beta Key July 2010


Fallen Earth PvP and more December 2009


Borderlands: What the crap was that? March 2010


Quick SWGEmu Update July 2010