Nuclear Throne and WTF was I thinking?

Well I bought Nuclear Throne yesterday and dove right in. My first foray lasted a grand total of 42 minutes before I got tired of dying at almost the same level every time lol. I’m not sure what I was thinking, I’m sure I could get further if I made it my main game but there isn’t anything about it that can really make it main game worthy for me. I ended with 109 minutes for the day, I think the furthest level I got to was 3-2 whatever that means.

There is some enjoyment to be had though, sometimes you’re just on point shooting 2 pistol shots at everything like a fuckin robot and nailing them because I’m superhuman. But then there’s also shit like killing the last guy and the portal to the next level sucking you in before you looted that chest right there. As you kill mobs they drop green shit which is like nuclear waste but since you’re a mutated fuckin thing that is good for you, thus it is your exp. As you level and advance to the next level you can pick a mutation which offers some bonuses.

The furthest I made it spawned some big boss mfker that shot me seeking missiles and shit tons of regular projectiles. I feel like I almost got him cus I hit him with multiple grenades before falling, but I guess I’ll never know. You unlock more characters to play as the further you get and they each have their own bonuses and secondary abilities. Overall it is a pretty fun game and I’ll probably play a few runs for the next few days. I wouldn’t recommend spending the money on it unless you’re okay with this type of game.

After bashing my head into the wall that is Nuclear Throne I had a new urge for something to bash my head against, so I bought with nostalgia on the mind. Golden Axe! This was my jam back when I was 4 or 5 or whatever, I was always the green Dwarf guy with the battleaxe. First I tried Beginner mode which is a joke and felt confident to wander into Arcade mode. My first (and only) run I actually made it to the final boss, fuck yeah go me. I had to use all 3 credits which means I think 12 lives total? lol, but I STILL DID GOOD! At the end of each run the game gives you a grade and I got a C :(.

I really have no idea what I’ll be doing today. Maybe some Darkest Hour though it seems like I’m not going to open that game for some reason. I may buy Rogue Legacy as it is like Nuclear Throne except a little quirkier with random heroes every run who can be like color blind or reverse movement buttons or an actual positive buff. Now it looks more like Darkest Dungeon cus I’m talkin with my roommate about how I’m better than him and he’s not so sure, so, I may have to accept this challenge. We shall see, ggwp, gtfo.

DayZ Advent.. ahh who am I kidding? Other Games!

I wanted to try and strap myself down, make myself blog in a linear fashion, but I should have realized that even I cannot contain that which is bonedead with measly planned out shit from memories that become more vague as time passes.

Moral of the story?  I played DayZ Overpoch for a while, I had fun, and now I will briefly summarize the rest of the planned stories I had.  I started killing anyone I ran into if I could, including killing 2 guys I ambushed and there turned out to really be 3 guys and the 3rd surprise guy killed me.  I screwed with my neighbors who shot at me for no reason, by destroying their vehicle tires, and camping for them outside.  One time when I killed the neighbor, I got his key to his helicopter which I used to learn to fly (again).  Then after feeling like I could hold my own after all of that, I returned to my castle and started building more shit.  The end.  Woooo we did it, wooooo.

Anyways, all of that is gone now because I haven’t played it/maintained my structures in a while.  The game is really fun, I will most likely return sometime, but at the moment I’ve really been on a turn based game bender.  Namely AoW3’s expansion and Divinity: Original Sin.  I’ve been looking for more to scratch that itch as well but have been coming up empty handed.  Part of me wonders if I just want an adventure game maybe due to a slight urge to play D3 again (saving that for Season 2 though).  I do own TL2 and I didn’t really dabble in it very much class wise so maybe I’ll do that.  Another option is playing PoE again due to the same sort of gritty feel as Divinity (and AoC tbh).

Iunno, we shall see.  I’ve enjoyed playing co-op Divinity with my bud but I’m really annoyed trying to play this game solo and having to do the same shit all over again.  I wish I didn’t feel guilty about continuing the big game without him, because I’d fuckin do it.  The more I think about it now, the more it seems I will try TL2 or PoE.

On a side note I treated myself on Xmas to some case keys in CSGO.  I bought 5 Vanguard case keys and 1 Huntsman case key.  After my 3rd Vanguard case I wondered if I have ever even seen a Legendary icon scroll by when you unlock them and decided to pay attention for it.  I ended up getting a M4a1-S purple con skin which felt good.  Then nothing on the last Vanguard case.  When I opened my Huntsman case though, I saw the yellow Legendary icon, and actually landed on it.  I got me a Huntsman Knife, not colored.  Was able to sell it on the market for $150 the same day, and used those steam funds to buy a bunch of shit like a rockstar.  Feelsgoodman.jpg

Well holy shit – a post!

Hi, I like to update my blog frequently. HAR HAR HAR. Man, I am so funny. Ok, so, wtf is up, huh?

Well, I have been playing Anarchy Online like a muhfugga. I am currently paying for 2 accounts like a boss (yes, subscribed with 2 accounts to a f2p game). Why? Simple. We kill the batman. I mean, we go back to old games I liked/didn’t get far in and try to get far in them! I really enjoy this game for some reason. I think it is the ability to twink/ladder buffs/implants to equip better weps/nano programs which, guess what, leads to better implants which leads to better weps/nano programs! It never ends, unless you run out of money or have reached your levels full potential (of course not having the amazing low level items that add +5 to some stats also limits how far you can twink).

That is all I’m gonna say about that. /gump

Guild Wars 2 zomg. I am so glad someone finally decided to remake DAoC. But, fuck hype! Fuck it fuck it fuck it in its hypey ass. Pre-gaming is not for me, at least this year, so far. This is just another defense mechanism to not get my hopes up and crushed due to 😦

I built my new computer, even bought a legit version of windows 7, wow! I can finally try out ffxiv!!!!111 Har har. Not 100% certain what I’m workin with but like i5 3ghz something, 560ti, and 8gb of big ol tastey ram. The only thing I use it to play is Anarchy Online. Yep.

I’d invite you to play with me, but, I am still learning. However, if that doesn’t stop you, I am on Atlantean (RK1). My toons are Bonedead, Ohsnapyo, and Jeffer. I should be on one of those. I expect to get many tells from tons of people.

Personal note, I think I stopped drinking right before I became a big fuckin alcoholic! So that’s good. Still smoke a shit ton though….no comment.

Anyways, I posted! Fuck yeah!

Le Derpfall

Yes friends, I have decided, and that decision was Darkfall. But why Bonedead? Well, I will tell you why dear reader. Because I haven’t had an avatar that wasn’t a spaceship in almost 3 months. Frightening, I know.

What is my plan of attack? Fuck if I know. I made a shit ton of bone armor suits yesterday along with a shit ton of shitty 2h swords. I discovered that you can buy regs from NPC vendors (I knew but I never KNEW) which means I have no money. I bought some new spells, r50 Fireball, air/fire buffs to dex/qui, and air/fire debuffs which I’m still kinda meh about (maybe they’re better when they’re higher?).

My actions yesterday signify that perhaps I shall continue raising my magic skills along with my Weapon crafting. It also would appear that I plan on using a lot of 2h swords and losing armor as well. I attempted some harder mobs yesterday than I have before and actually won some, it felt pretty good. I assume the mobs I killed are classified as Medium, Kobold Strongman/Shaman, Gnoll Tribesman (those Shamans are fuckin dicks), and I even went for a little Troll Lord. Unfortunately with the Troll Lord I cornered myself in an attempt to knock the troll back, off the cliff of the floating rock we were on to his death, which somehow lead to me falling to my death. But right before I fell I noticed I had gotten him halfway and if I had just stood toe to toe with him away from the edge of a cliff I could have won.

I have not gotten any cool loot, of course, which kinda sucks. That is the one thing I miss from the weekend (you know, besides the 4x skill gain) – a chance to get something worth something. I sold my 2 runestones to some guy for 2k a piece and promptly spent all that shit. I have Thursday and Friday off…..and I am thankful for it, har har har. LOL GET IT, THANKSGIVING, HAR. Good one Bonedead, thanks me.

I need to find a good way to make some money that doesn’t involve interacting with other people, you know, for science. I could always return to the goblins and one hit go to town on them but, meh, I want somethin bigger. I am afraid to run into people, as I have been quite lucky to not do that so much. I do believe my Troll Lord corpse I left got jacked by some little dick though, I couldn’t find that shit where it was supposed to be. Anyways, thats aboot it chaps, enjoy your gaming!

Quite the Long Weekend

Hello friends, how you bezzin? I’m doin pretty good. Friday was two of my good friends’ wedding so I got pretty retarded that night. Saturday was spent throwing up a lot and sleeping a lot more, it was also my birthday, har har. When I finally awoke Saturday evening I dove into some EVE online. I have semi given up on trying to acquire enough ISK to fund my accounts, partly because I keep spending money, partly because the price of plex has gone up over 100 million recently. I still enjoy some rock minin but have been focusing more on pve pew pewin. I am most definitely torn on what account I should resubscribe — and I’m not only talking about EVE accounts.

Besides also finally getting into the SWTOR beta this weekend (didn’t even play, fuck dat shit yo) this weekend was Darkfall’s 4x skill gain, phat loot weekend. All previously subscribed accounts were granted access this weekend, Friday to Monday morning. I began my return really late on Saturday and by the end of yesterday I felt as though I finally had some good skills in DF. I GMed Tailoring, which means I can make my own suits of bone armor which iirc is the best caster armor suit? I got my two handed sword above 50 (I know, why didn’t I put more time into it?!) and focused more-so on my magic skills. I finally capped out Lesser Magic, lol. Greater magic is above 50 which means…. DUN DUN DUN…. ELEMENTAL MAGICS ZOMG!!1111

So I got Air and Fire magic, Air is slightly below 50 and Fire is slightly above 50 and the damage is quite sexy (if I do say so myself). I really wish I had gotten more time in, alas, I did not and must accept my current position. The question is, do I continue with DF, resubscribe and keep plugging along? Thinking about it, I didn’t really play much this weekend, so if I did that 4 times, I would have received the same result, right? So maybe I can hack it in DF.

My little alt in EVE is paid til early December so I could still do that during DF lulls. I don’t even wanna think of WoW, ugh, gross. SWTOR? Iunno, but to be honest I don’t know if I’m going to rush into that one or not. I guess we will see.

Fuckin decisions, moar EVE or moar DF?!?!?!

Pew Fuckin Pew, Bitch

Hello good sirs, it is I, your dearest Bonedead. Returned to delight you with yet another wonderful post about gaming…. and me.

Not sure where I last left off, I think I was playing DAoC? Uthgard, right? Well, it is still installed but I haven’t played it in over a week. I have been playing a healthy amount of drunken cs (one of my favorite games btw). I also try and get my arenas in for WoW each week on my DK (friend got a pally to 85 so huzzah for 2s). But most of my time has been spent in a good ol game that I, thanks to many others before me, like to call Internet Spaceships.

Yes, friends, EVE online. I don’t have anything exciting to report on yet, we’re still just getting our bearings and figuring out wtf we want to even do. We did lose my friends big ol BC ship in a wormhole due to collapsing it right in front of him 😦 Bad luck. We were mining Arkonor in there, 5k isk a unit, we were going to get 5k units from the asteroid, so 25 million for a little mining, awesome right? Would have been, but it wasn’t. As I hopped through on my mining ship to go get my hauler, the worm hole closed, trapping my friend inside (along with a shit fuckload of arkonor). I find one of my main goals being, acquire enough isk to buy a plex, so I can make more isk, buy moar plex, and never fuckin pay for an mmo ever again cus I don’t have to. I am almost close to halfway, but, most of that was earned last year when I played.

I’ve had the urge to be a meany, quite strongly in fact, and it is a thought I am entertaining quite a bit. We shall see though.

Still think Facebook games are the future?

I never really did (/hipster). I wanted to be on-board with Raph Koster’s Metaplace (aka meat palace to some), a web based build your own Facebook style game worlds with doors into other peoples worlds. The idea was pretty awesome, I thought, if there are any developers that I want to trust, it’s a lead UO designer. The problem was, I think the developers at that time had been beaten down. It seems only recently that MMO companies are starting to remember that you can still be successful without having 1 million plus users. At the time, everyone who was funding anything wanted the next WoW. WoW, which was the anomaly of the MMO world, they wanted another one. What does this have to do with anything? Well, once Facebook games started popping up, the brow beaten developers saw a light on the horizon. “We can once again be creative and our product will practically automatically be exposed to millions of people!” It seemed like a good idea. Perhaps for some it is. Personally, if I wanted to pay for games like that, I would just go to Pogo.

What will SW:ToR bring to the show? I dare not predict. Eh, I guess I may as well. It will probably be the biggest dip in WoW subscribers in history. Will the new shiny wear off for most WoW players after the first month? I hope not, but I’ve done that a few times now. It is hard to imagine a game that can do such a thing.

All I know, is that Facebook games aren’t encroaching on the MMO market, it could possibly be a nice way to make some money, but I would prefer you put your skills to better use.