Even more talented and even bigger

Cleaned out some of my old clips (I say clips but they were 5 minute chunks of raw video each a few gigs in size) and fiddled with this lightworks program some more.  Apparently the highest quality output it can do is 720p for their free version, but since the paid version is either $25/mo, 120/year or like 480 in full, fuck that shit.  May look for something else, iunno, maybe just change my pubg settings to max everything so it looks a lil better.

Anyways, here is a really short video of some of the lolwtf I’ve encountered in pubg and remembered to clip.


I’m a talented big boy

Hey Mom look at this kewl video I made.

This is that 2nd place game I was talking about.  My shadowplay highlights captured each kill and my death.  I uploaded them to youtube after the game.  Today I went to try and combine them plus throw in those annotated black screens and shit but, shit, youtube doesn’t do that anymore apparently.  I checked my normal folder where my recorded shit is saved and what do ya know, they’re not there (prob cus I uploaded to youtube instead of saved to pc).  So I download them from youtube and they’re now in 720p which makes me sad.  Anyways, downloaded some free video editor called Lightworks.  Watched some horrible youtube video from some kid who taught me how to add titles (did I spell titles right?!?) after making me want to kill myself.  Then I exported it and reuploaded it to the youtubes.

I’d like to combine multiple games into future videos which is why it says Game: 1 in the fuckin text.  Figure I’ll just use this one as a template.

I wish I remembered how I got to where I was for the first kill.  No idear.  Anyways, here are some items I’d like to figure out a way to add in to future videos, except not added in and for this video specifically (makes sense right?).

Holy shit did I get lucky on that 2nd kill.  No idea anyone was there and I come out of the bush with my crosshair literally on the dude?  Man, I would feel worse if he wasn’t already looking at me.  For the 3rd kill I wasn’t being a gay worm in the grass crawlin around.  I mean, I was, but prior to that clip I had gotten shot from the direction I killed the guy.  I proned, healed, and slid into the circle.  I believe the guy I killed had killed the guy who shot me, so he didn’t know I was there.  The 4th kill was another luckerdog moment for me, I was lucky that he ran in front of me and I was lucky that no one saw me earlier and shot me.  For my death I fucked up bad.  I had been watching that guy for a bit before the clip starts and the plan since there were 3 alive was to let his fight happen.  In the event that he won the fight I would kill him before he got cover again.  Unfortunately I wasn’t watching the kill feed as sharply as I should have been and then I kind of went off the rails and was like, MAYBE MY NADES WILL WORK.  OH WELL MAYBE IF I JUST RUN AT HIM?  I mean, maybe if I stayed in the bush I could’ve won, but I really like to push people when they’re hiding behind a tree in FPP.

Anyways, lick my butt.

LOL I’m a dumbass!

Apparently my new headphones have a little fuckin circle on em that controls the volume.

The good news is my PUBG volume is fine now and the increased loudness also increases my terror which improves my performance (maybe).  First and only game with the good sound and I got 2nd.  I dun goofed in order to lose but, eh, oh well.


Tried to get some games of PUBG in recently and I was met with another happy surprise followed by 2 unhappy ones, well maybe 3.  First, Shadowplay Highlights now works on my system, whoopie!  But then I played some games and noticed everything is seriously fucking quiet.  The plane doesn’t hurt my ears anymore, people yelling in the plane doesn’t hurt my ears anymore, I can bearly hear my own footsteps half the time, dafuq?  After some googling I found that most people enabled Loudness Equalization on their headphones and trying that I came to the conclusion that it kinda sucks.  Sure it kinda works but it also makes things that are supposed to be more quiet really loud, like if I’m crouch walking on a beach keeping my eyes on the city I’m approaching the beach sounds and my walking is way too loud, but then when I’m shooting at people sometimes it sounds loud enough to be close when it is and sometimes it doesn’t  Shits fucked, sounds like my ears need to pop but then I realize I still hear my fan just as loud as I ever do.  The other two unhappy things are that I was lagging my ass off for some reason at like 7-8am EST which makes like zero fucking sense.  I mean I get it for the beginning of the round, that is normal imo, but when theres only 40 alive the fucking doors should open when I press F and loot shouldn’t be fucking lagging and then showing in both my inventory and the ground still after I pick it up.  Then to top it all off I have to fucking leave the next lobby I’m in because it changed my region to fucking Asia inbetween games and clicking the cancel matchmaking button 10 times didn’t cancel it.


Holy goddamn shit was I expecting something better this morning.

The Time Masheen

So I got this new game on Thursday and started playin coop with my friend and as of last night my steam clocks it at 37 hours played.  Which means I’ve averaged about 9 hours a day since Thursday, which is kind of fuckin crazy.  We start playing and trying to advance ourselves/the story while also checking under everything we see and talking to every person/animal we come across just attempting to notice some nugget of information that is relevant to our quests.  It feels like we have barely gotten anywhere in the game but we see our twitch call has been going on for 9 hours and we forgot to eat lunch and dinner.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is the name btw.  I’d recommend a friendo but if you’re into story and tons of pieces/other stories all mangled together with so many possible routes of getting where you think you need to go, then I would recommend it.

That is all you’re gettin out of me for a while probably.  Yay on PUBG FPP stats but I don’t see myself gettin back to that for a bit.

So much shit

I gotta say I am glad that I have so many things I want to play and progress in.  There isn’t much worse than not having something to waste all your time playing.  Though I will say that having too many things can also be kind of annoying, for me at least.  Just gotta remember to fuckin think about it, take it slow, don’t change up too much because then I’ll feel like I didn’t really get anywhere even though I played shit all weekend.

I almost played some Diablo 3 this weekend but I didn’t.  I got into some Xcom 2 WotC which is pretty cool.  I had to download the mod that make Lost target you and advent 50/50, as the default is set to lean against your favor 70/30.  I found that out the hard way when one of my dudes was wrapped up by a snake and two fuckin lost walk right up to him and kill him instead of the fuckin snake wrapped around his whole goddamn body.  I haven’t played it in a day or two but I like to imagine that I’ll get around to beating it.

I had been rewatching Deep Space 9 on monitor 2 last week instead of some Twitch thing.  Apparently the last time I watched DS9 I was motivated to play Space Engineers, because after getting a season or two into it I had this strange urge to install that game.  I noticed they have an actual singleplayer “story” campaign mode or whatever now, but, meh, wasn’t in the mood to try that.  Picked my old trusty favorite, Lone Survivor, where you’re just one dude on an abandoned mining platform attached to an asteroid, just floating out there all alone.  I managed to find most resources spacesuiting to nearby asteroids and built myself some defensive walls for any meteor storms as well as some turrets, with the intent of shooting the asteroids before they break my shit.

Instead what happened is the fucking pirates apparently now make little remote control drones with turrets on them and send them to come get me and snipe my fuckin turrets before my turrets can fight back.  Luckily they could never take down all of my turrets before getting in range of another one.  But still, it became quite the annoying chore fixing my turrets while I’m trying to fuckin build a mining spaceship.  Which I ended up doing, used it a lil bit and promptly closed the game because what the fuck am I even doing.

Got some more PUBG in which felt good.  Didn’t get any wins but I did get a few top 10s, including my first game back, so I felt alright about that considering I hadn’t played it in like a week.  Still wish there were fucking stats for FPP (not to mention MMR for matchmaking FPP).  I feel like I’m getting better at having more than one kill each game.  Of course I don’t know if that is because there is no MMR or not.  But I can still win some of the bigger landing areas without being a butt so I guess maybe that means I’m okay?  If you’re curious about what being a butt means it is when I wait somewhere outside of the big landing area for the “winner” to come out thinking he already killed everyone and is totally safe only to fall to me being a bitch.

Finally I went back into some SWG yesterday pretty hardcore.  Multiple instances at the same time OMG what a madman.  I busted out my crafter guy after reading some of my old SWG posts where I was naming my characters and pretending they had little stories and shit.  The first thing I looked for was some high Heat Resistant, Shock Resistant, Unit Toughness steel.  Because those 3 stats affect extraction rate while crafting harvesters and a good steel can cover most of the mineral requirements for most harvesters.  Then Ace of Bass’s song “I saw the sign” started playing because what do ya know, a new server best for steel used in harvesters had just recently spawned.  It was like every moment in my life had led to this moment, I mean, partly because it did, but also because, it did.  So I bought some Fusion harvesters to get some power and some mining installations because moar plz.  Found a good spot and put everything down, paid shit and farmed power to get them going for a while so I can ignore them.  After a night of afk sampling the good stuff I set out to find a lesser steel for grinding some swoops so I can get Novice Architect.

On my punchy fightin guy I finished the Imperial Themepark and am now 1 step away from glowing with the force.  Off to the Warren to get the apparently 2 Themepark badges for that.  But, shit, I was using my Flamethrower which sucks and I’m actually still leveling up so it was pretty weak and I kinda died.  So I put the Vibro Knuckler back on, got more buffs, flew back out there and started punchin them fucks in their faces, only to freeze in the same fight I died to last time.  FFFUUUUU.  Turns out the server deadlocked and I wouldn’t be able to play anymore that night.  But I logged back in this morning and apparently there was a little rollback as my toon is back in the cantina he was in before going to the Warren.

So I’ve got all that shit goin on and still think about pushing for GR70 on my Barb, especially before the fucking season is over!!  Sure I already unlocked Primal Ancients on my PS4 Barb but PC MASTER RACE makes me feel kind of bad about that, especially since a lot of skills aren’t really good on PS4 since you can’t click exactly where you want to go.  But who knows if this will ever happen.  If I miss the season then I guess I’ll just do it out of season, I was already working on my first Barb from launch and I think he was in an okay position, while also having a fucking Skull Grasp (300% WW damage ring that you cube that is pretty hard to get sometimes and is currently the thing I need).

Not to mention a desire to play Rimworld, Warband, Subnautica, The Forest, shit even Skyrim and sometimes Morrowind, AND this game Sheltered that I bought and haven’t played yet.  Ahhh, old me wouldn’t believe how lucky I am to have so many games I want to play and so much time to play them, though not quite enough time to play them all.