How To: Not Look Like A Jackass During The New RIFT Invasion Event

Step 1: Let the fucking wolves and werewolves turn into their Phantom counterparts at Death rifts. You do this by aggroing them near one of those stone things and using the stone when they are in range.
Step 2: Check back with this post later for more information as we get it.

**First Update**
If you’re level 50 and you’re in Freemarch (aka Silverwood to them Guardian type folk) one shotting these rifts in your own private fucking group, everyone hates you, dick.

Shit guise

I am Namecaf, everyone else is from the “other” side. I realized I didn’t have my self buffs on (which I immediately casted) and saw the light at the end of the tunnel when all of a sudden, two 45+ Guardian Dwarf fags decide, hey guise, guess what – we’re ruining your fight! Then I ran away from them for 5 minutes because Chloro is OP and I loves it.

Haters Gonna Hate

I’ve been waiting my whole life to use this picture in a post, real big and such.

Yes my friends, this post is about haters and their hating and how I hate that shit, ya know!

This is on the topic of everyone’s favorite new MMO, Rift! I know Pitrelli in particular just can’t stop playing this one…. Yep.

Anyways, there are a few things that I feel are missing from the whole feel of the game. Mainly two things, a place to spend my time when I’m at work (read: armory) and a way to tell if this cool new spec I’m trying out is actually any better than that other spec that I also tried out (read: dps meters). Now I understand the arguments against it, kinda, I mean I get that old people don’t want to try harder and you know, enjoy gimping themselves, I get that. What I don’t get is how you can be an adult and cling so hard to this fantasy bullshit where everyone is a unique snowflake and BLAH BLAH BLAH. Dude, some people are better than other people, some specs are better than other specs, and that is just the way it is, just because you don’t want to see that your cool new idea sucks doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t be able to.

What I feel we’re seeing here is Rift providing a home for scorned WoW players. So what happens with every new MMO that has a large group of like minded players? Those like minded players declare themselves the majority (all 4 of them) and speak on behalf of the entire community. Sure half of the servers are PvP but, those guys don’t really exist, it is only us old people who want our game to be old people friendly, aka, carebear land. Yeah that’s right, I said it. Carebears. I haven’t had to use that word in a long time and to be honest I don’t even like to use it because it leads me down a path that usually ends in me being a dick and stepping over some internet line in the sand. Well, fuck it, cus you can gtfo of my game there buddy.

The main argument I’ve seen against DPS Meters and an Armory is that zomg, then everyone will really know what specs are the best! Because if you go to the class forums right now, they’re not already doing that or anything, nope, oblivious to reality is the best choice! Srsly guise! It really is sad tbh, I mean shit, not only are you an adult 30 something who spends most of their free time playing MMORPGs (lol get it) but then you go so far as to not allow cuss words in your vent cus zomg, virgin ears! But now on top of all that you want to delay the inevitable (FAVORED SPECS) by not allowing people ways to check their progress or give themselves tune ups? Why?

Another thing I find funny about these people is that they’re so anti “leet speak”, is what they call it. Leet speak is now a whole group of people, did you know? Yeah, better watch out for those guys! Ignorance is fucking stupid lol. They spend so much time writing posts about how our server needs to be a mature one, gdamnit! Yet the whole time they’re talking about how elitist these bad guys are and zomg we need to stay away from them. Anyone making the connection? Elitist = we’re better than you. Old people are saying to elitists: “We’re better than you.”. Making sense? To me I think back to highschool when the whole “Emo” thing started showing its stupid face. Now what happened was this group of people began acting their own certain way in order to be “cool”. Because they were too cool to be “cool” (with the current cool kids) so they made up their own cool and voila, cools cool is cool and shit. Really fuckin stupid lol.

Anyways, stupid old people are yet again trying to hide their inadequacies at the expense of others’ enjoyment. Oh, yeah, forgot to talk about this all the way. Remember the scorned wow players that I mentioned? Yeah, read the Rift forums on posts where they’re saying how we don’t need DPS Meters and an Armory and all that. A popular argument appears to be “this is not WoW”. Which is fucking hilarious to me because you fucking know that all of those fuckers played WoW so much and now they’re trying to distance themselves from it so hard lol. Fucking funny as shit. My favorite part is where you see an obvious 12 year old who got made fun of in WoW for braining real gud attempting to make an argument against said topics. Gold I tells ya, gold!

Anywyas, love you guys, bai bai.