I have no idea what I try to get out of playing games. But Bonedead, they are just games, you say to yourself. Games are there to have fun, you tell me.

Oh you mean they’re not there to make you feel good about yourself because you’re the number one best motherfucker in the whole world (or you’ve wanted to be and never have been lol)?

I don’t know wtf I want, man. Work has been good, got promoted, finally doing real work and feel like I’m contributing to the company while also keeping the internal machine running (company books bro). It feels good. My social life is completely non existent though. I used to go to a bar on Tuesday’s and use some buy one get one on Tuesday’s only text message coupon, but I just can’t get that in to drinking like I used to.

Anyways, I bought Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim this month and have played the crap out of them all. The series is quite enjoyable (though I couldn’t force myself to attempt to stomach the older 2 games). I did get lonely though, even though I play MMOs solo most of the time, I do still enjoy rare encounters when people try to talk to me or something and I ignore them completely most of the time. So, I tried to think of a game I haven’t played in a while that in my memory reminds me most of The Elder Scrolls. Now that may sound like a reasonable thought process, but here is the flaw. Thinking of a game I haven’t played in a while. So from the get go, I don’t REALLY remember anything about it, I am basing my judgement off of a vague feeling I have about a game that I played years ago. The game that I chose is AoC. Yep, you read that right, Age of Conan.

AoC has changed a bit since I last played. It is now free to play with a cash shop. I had 7/8 character slots filled and since I am a free player now, I can only unlock two of them. So, I obviously used the one empty slot to make a new character. There are 3 whole servers for AoC now. One is PvE, PvP, and like Blood and Guts Glory to the Emporer PvP or some equally radical title like that. I chose the crazy one not knowing wtf I was getting into (I still don’t even know the difference).

It is not really like The Elder Scrolls at all, save the questing in Tortage where the NPCs speak. Can’t pick up every little thing everywhere, even though there are a literal fuck ton of boxes that look like chests. It seems like half the mobs don’t even drop loot, though of course every one of them have a sword and shield. But these are things I can get passed, because I realized that there isn’t one fucking MMO that is like that.

I have only played two days or so (and rather lightly, I add) but am honestly not having a terrible time. I barely remember the story so that is good. I have mainly been sticking with the main quest (much like I do in TES) which means I don’t get quite enough exp all the time and need to go outside and kill some shit every now and again.

I have heard plenty of complaining in the Neil Patrick Harris channel (NPH, New Player Help) about people ganking and camping newbs. I imagine this is going on in White Sands as that is where I vaguely remember first encountering PvP way back when. This led me to avoid that area during daytime. However yesterday I did venture there and saw one guy half my level.

I do believe there are level restrictions on who you can attack so it shouldn’t be that bad. Anyways, I shall resume playing it some today. I’m hoping that I will run into one of these griefer guys and that he won’t be way bigger than me.

Oh, I am playing a Demonologist because it was the lowest level I had previously.

That’s it bitches, gtfo!

15 Minutes of Low Level Warrior PvP with Queen

The 2nd song is also the third song, whoops! Grooveshark playlist tricked me!

Click here to go to the stagevu page and watch the shit! The best part (killing wise) is near the end. But this is what a win looks like, throwing yourself at them over and over, you don’t have to win yourself to win as a team. But, staying at the top of the list of the damage dealers is a nice bonus.

Video is 250 80 mb btw, forgot to mention that 😮

MegaVideo has a 57 or so minute limit to the amount you can watch for free each day. But, they don’t screw you out of your audio like pretty much every other video hosting site does. Huzzah MegaVideo!

I’m posting this before the video is “finalized” on the megavideo site but it’s stuck at 10% so I don’t wanna wait to post! Deal with it!

Conquest Points, I Wish I Knew It Was This Easy

I’ve been decking myself out in PvP honor gear recently. I had a trinket (not the kind that gets you out of shit) and 4 pieces of the set minus the head slot. My friend and I made a 2v2 team a while back, we hadn’t played but it was my rogue and his warrior. We finally decided to step into the arena on Monday, except he wanted to use his warlock instead of his warrior, so he made me leader and I invited his warlock.

We dove into our first match with no real plan, I was to stealth and sprint out real fast and try to sap one of them from the get go, then we rape the other one. If the first one pops his trinket, my friend fears him til we finish off the first guy and voila, victory. Well it didn’t quite go according to plan every time, but for the most part it worked. We ended up capping our Conquest Points with a 5-4 win-loss record. The cool thing was that the next day our Conquest Point weekly caps had reset (it resets weekly on Monday night/Tuesday morning) which allowed us to win another 1343 conquest points.

Our second time around we went 5-7 :(, but in our defense we were now playing against teams who had about as much experience as we had, and not the 0 rating people that we played the day before. We now both had enough Conquest Points to buy new main hand weapons, ilvl 359! Fuck yeah! 90 dps increase over my old main hand. So awesome. Another awesome thing that I did not know existed: enchant scrolls!

What my friend noticed was that when we went up against 2 DPS classes we usually won. Personally, I didn’t pay attention to that stuff, I just tried to stab stab good. My favorite that I can half remember was against a shaman and something else (half remember). It was in the arena with the little bridge in the middle and two pillars next to it. The shaman went straight to one of those pillars and dropped totem. We later realized that this was their ideal map. We lost that match but played them again for our next match. We won this second time and that was when I realized that the previous map was their ideal map. The shaman uses a big fuckin knockback spell, so on the pillar if he gets attacked, he can buy 10 seconds of healing time or dps time by blasting anyone attacking him off.

Our 2v2 rating is now 930 or so with a 10-11 record. My resilience is right below 2500 which gives me about a 26% reduction in damage taken from players, pretty cool imo! My plan is to finish deckng myself out in honor gear with rings necklace and cloak. My next CP purchases are going to be an off hand and ranged weapons. My friend plans on setting his warrior up for PvP to get his CP and to help feed my arena appetite. I need to get on an active 3v3 team, but, gdamn do I hate meeting people lol. I wish I remembered the guys name who wanted me to be on his 2v2 team. 😦

Anyways, that’s my little update, good day!

Bit of a Twist

WoW has been on hold a little bit, I am now trying to do a level a day with my priest, so far so good (currently 52).

Darkfall! What can I say… I rerolled. I know, I know, all that time AFK swimming/everything I ever did on him, gone. So the obvious question is why? Well, I will tell you! I was an Ork and I am now an Alfar. Do the hitboxes really matter and/or are they really different? No. I think I didn’t want to be that guy anymore, I just didn’t like him, dumb name, dumb face, looked big and felt tiny. It just wasn’t a good match. But now, I am tiny and I feel huge!

So what have I done on the new guy so far? Well I’m nearing 50 1 handed sword, 30ish Archery, 40ish Lesser Magic, 40ish Tailoring, and that is about it I think. My plan for this guy is to go full force into 1h/mounted combat, eventually rounding out with a 2hander and magic/archery skills as well.

I won my first fight in Darkfall already. I am currently 1-0 (on this guy) thanks to not getting ganked due to not running into to gankers, I got the shit scared out of me by some scary dudes who turned out to be friendly and familiar, but more on that later. So I’m killin goblins, right, and I’m not at the scouts only spawn so I need to stay on my toes due to shamans being buttholes (at the time) and kicking my ass. I’m fighting a Fighter and I see a figure with a shield in the distance, it looks very similar to a goblin so I don’t pay it much attention but keep it in mind. I kill the fighter soon after I skin it and as I am looting it I see this “other goblin” rushing me. Turns out this was no goblin but a red (alignment, so pk) Alfar coming to kick me while I have 50%hp. I switch to my sword/shield, unsheathe, and charge the guy hitting him before he hit me. We trade blows for a bit, one for one for the most part but I miss a couple so he got in 2 for my 1 a couple times. I am not winning and this is not cool. I start strafing like a mad man swinging my sword all over the place, doing this “swinging” like motion with my character and my sword swings (thats what it felt like – swinging) and before I know it I’ve hit him 7-8 times and he hasn’t hit me once. He ran behind some rubble (imagine a rock wall with the top broken off, one of us on each side) and I pulled out my bow. I drew my bow, this is when I heard his footsteps running away, I aim at the top of the rubble and see him jumping over the other side, I loose an arrow and hit him right in the back, reminded me of pulling some BS in cs. He keeps running and I keep shooting him, 2 more times in the back, he turns toward a hill and as he is about to go out of sight I loose one more arrow, knowing it will fall over the terrain and land in his ass, which is exactly what happened. I pulled out my sword, ran up, pressed x, and clicked for the gank. I looked at public chat and see that he let out a fuuck before he died.

So yeah, that was technically my first one on one victory against someone who wanted to fight me, and it felt real good.

I had completed the quests in my starter town and had one that sent me to the next place. This new place with a bank and two people feels pretty secluded and very unsafe. I get the quests to kill Hivekins, complete said quests, and then get the follow up quests to kill harder ones and the Queen. I venture out to the area marked on my map and discover the harder hivekin are fucking harder as shit, I also spot the queen aka that one dude in Blade that is fat as shit living in a basement. This is when I notice the other people with shinier armor. Shit! Hide! Did they see me? God I hope not. I begin moving to their side for a closer examination. I am pretty sure one of them sees me as he is facing in my direction and strafing left to right (I am hiding behind a thin pole so I am strafing slightly with him in an attempt to stay out of view). I come out from my hiding spot and put my xhair on him and shit a little bit more, this is Paragus, SynCaine’s guild leader. Shit now I’m going to die to him and maybe his friends and they’re gonna blog about it, damnit. There goes my e-rep…. But, that did not happen, he let me be. I begin killing a Queen when hell fire shit storms begin raining down on it from above. Then I got a pm from SynCaine himself asking me not to kill the Queen because Paragus is using it to skill up his big hellfire shitstorms. Pretty cool I thought.

I joined the clan NEW for some reason. I am pretty satisfied with this decision as I can get free shit if I like, which I haven’t, yet, and the NEW tag over my head makes people want to come and get some “easy pickins”, little do they know I’m not that new. So if I keep sticking to the newb areas while I skill up I hope to get attacked by more people like the one who I whooped.

That is it for now, time to play some games!

Some action already!

I decided to quit while I was ahead (in death toll) instead of losing it all like the last time I got some. I think as soon as I level up to death toll level 1 I will be able to talk to the vendors finally. Maybe get some sweet new big badass gun too that kills level 24 dicks who kills level 8s.

Anyways, back to the wastelands!