This Just In: Couch Co-op Still Fun

So I’ve played a shit ton of Diablo 3 on PC.  Looking at my combined paragon levels I’m up to about 330ish.  That really isn’t jack shit as I’m sure many people online would tell you.  It also doesn’t account for launch era time, where the best gear was well rolled rare items because sets were pretty much garbage.  Adding all of my characters play time together gets me ~435 hours.

Anyways, I decided to buy it on my buddy/roommates PS4 because we found out it had couch co-op.  You share the same screen and the camera zooms out when you both get to different edges of the screen.  Whoever stands still first gets teleported to the other person.  Sometimes it can get wonky when you’re both trying to dash/teleport off screen (I like to loot everything and he likes to fly through rifts).  One time we were both being teleported to the other’s location stuck in some sort of loop until one of us dodged in a random direction.  Oh, and you can dodge/roll by just pushing the right joystick in a direction and I hear it can be used to dodge attacks though we never really tested it for invulnerable frames.

We spent the next week and some change playing the shit out of it after work every day.  It was overall a much more enjoyable experience than duoing on PC with voice comms.  I progressed further than I did on PC as well, reaching paragon ~520.  I was able to duo up to greater rift 63 I think while only soloing up to around 55 I believe which is Torment 12.  Unfortunately I never found the ring that increased my Whirlwind damage by 300%.  My buddy was able to solo up to GR70 with some deaths, he could’ve possibly gone further but once you solo 70 you enable Primal Ancients which are Ancient Legendaries that have max rolls.  He hasn’t gotten one yet but it is cool that it exists I guess.

We haven’t played much recently probably due to burn out and lack of interest in the Necromancer dlc or whatever you can even call that.  The new zones are kinda meh from what we saw last night and we’re both kinda a little mad that they spent time making that shit and the dumb Diablo 1 eight directional shit they had instead of just working on D4.

But the moral of the story is D3 on PS4 is pretty fun with a friend, though I imagine if you’re not on the same couch it is probably similar to PC.  Who knew playing games the same way you did growing up would be more fun than sitting alone in your room on your computer.

Little Update

I’ve been playin D3 like a mad man, kind of. I’m Paragon level 18 which isn’t really high at all. I’ve done tons of key runs and done Ubers a few times. The first time it was just me and my friend in like MP3 or some shit (30% chance to drop mats for Hellfire ring) and neither of us got a single mat drop. A friend of my friends who is a big badass came and helped us out a bit. With him and his wife we were able to do some MP7 ubers a few times. I managed to get enough mats for a few Hellfire rings and am using one of them on my Barb. It unfortunately didn’t get good offensive rolls but the defensive ones were good enough imo to equip it.

The new patch came out Tuesday. They increased the drop rate of all recipes by like 400% (still don’t see any jewelcrafting ones though) and added some new recipes as well. The new recipes are ilvl 63 with a guaranteed base stat (str, dex, int, vit) and 5 random properties. Gloves, bracers, chest, amulet, and shoulders and the items crafted are BoA (though you can sell the recipes). Some of the items are worthless as most players will use Vileward for Shoulders and Lacuni Prowlers for bracers, not to mention most people’s ultimate goal of getting a 6-100million gold for a set chest piece.

I took a break this last weekend and was rewarded the other day when I finally returned. I found a 1080 dps Echoing Fury (1h mace) with dex and a socket on it. I was able to sell this for 2 million rather quickly. So now I have the most money I’ve ever had and am actually going to save up for my set chest piece (unless of course something shiny catches my eye). Taking my computer and kitty up to my friends this weekend for a shit load of farmin, should be fun.

Here is a link to my D3up page to check out my barb.

Time can heal wounds

In games, that is.

I’ve put LOTRO on hold for a little bit, I really do mean to get back to it sometime soon, but I’m just so caught up in a game that is finally starting to feel like it should have in the first place.

That game is Diablo 3. They made it easier to solo Inferno difficulty and also added a Monster Power setting when you choose to Change Quest. You first need to go into your options menu and check the box so that Monster Power will show up in the Change Quest menu. The way Monster Power works is it makes the monsters more, well, powerful. It also increases magic find, gold find, and I think experience gained (for Paragon Levels after reaching level cap, which also give you magic find, gold find, and a small amount of base stats).

It goes from MP0 to MP10 and also affects the drop chance of keys from Keywardens. Keywardens are new mobs that were added, one for each of the first 3 acts, that have a chance to drop a key. These keys are used to craft portals. There are 3 possible portals that it will open so you really want to have 3 of each key before making them so that you can spawn each of the 3 portals instead of getting the same one multiple times. As it will not craft a portal which already exists. In these portals are Uber bosses, bosses from throughout the game made extremely difficult. I don’t know exactly everything that can come from doing this but I do know that you can get mats to craft a Hellfire Ring. It is a legendary ring that is bound to account. It adds a large amount to a base stat (str, int, dex) along with some other random properties and 35% bonus experience. Quite the ring indeed if you get a lucky crit chance roll on it.

When I started playing again I was shocked to see that I could finally solo Act 3 Inferno. I was stuck on the big fart monster Glom or some shit of a name and I was able to kill him on my first try with my old skill setup. I have since changed my skill setup (exactly what I always wanted to not do, I know) and though I don’t have any sort of speed anymore (leap or charge) I still have my Whirlwind, Frenzy, Oh Shit Don’t Die button (with the rune to make my dmg heal myself) and Wrath of the Berserker. I swapped out leap for Warcry with the resist bonus rune, my ae stun was swapped out for Revenge with the rune to increase proc chance.

I started stacking crit and crit damage which increases your dps a crazy amount, like ridiculous. Then I found myself lacking vitality and resists (I was at 20k hp which is like, lol wtf are you doing?) which are very important. My buddy plays a Monk and found a nice guide that had some item wisdom that I found applied to my class as well. Since Chest and Legs cannot get crazy bonuses like crit chance and crit damage, it is best to find one with at least 70 of your main stat, all resist, a BUNCH of vitality (like a lot), and at least 2 sockets to further customize either more main stat or vitality. So I got me some of those and bam, big as fuck.

One of my main gripes was always not finding uniques (legendaries). Well, I can say that has been fixed as well, not only by buffing the legendary items (a lot of them used to be very fucking laughable) but I believe by increasing their drop rate. It may just be my extra paragon levels and monster power affecting the drop rate, but god damn, it seems to have improved a fuck ton.

In one run (act 3, clearing like 6 zones for loots and a keywarden run) I actually got 3 legendaries. One was a weapon I had just bought but it didn’t have the 200 strength mine does (so I wasn’t like, fuck I just wasted money), and I think I got 2 item level 63 Wizard hats (which both suck and don’t sell for shit). Other than that I found many other uniques over the past week of playing, most would not sell for ridiculous amounts of money, but it feels good anyways because it is just a matter of time until one of them is badass.

I must say I wish the Set item drop rate was increased as those seem to be the big dollars nowadays. Over the whole week only 1 was found by my friend and it was one of the things I had recently purchased from the AH, with not quite as beneficial to me stats rolled on it.

So I went from Paragon level 5 to now having 13, which is like 24% magic find increase and 24 more strength or somethin like that. Me and my friend just started doing MP3 before the weekend finished and though we did die a few more times than in MP2, we still kill things pretty quickly.

Here is my character sheet. I plan on getting some new shoulders and probably bracers next. Not sure what I’m aiming for but it feels like rares are out of the question. It seems like I gotta get two legendaries for those slots (thinking maybe Vileward and Lacunis but, not sure entirely) as legendaries just have more fancy bonuses by default and it is less about getting a lucky roll on stats.

Feels good man, it is kinda like playing D2 all over again, which is exactly what I always wanted out of the game. So it appears time really does heal wounds (because there was so much doubt about that statement hurrrr), even in games. I don’t say it heals ALL wounds because there is always going to be something that could be done in any game. But at the moment, I really don’t have anything to complain about and could see myself playing this for a good amount of time.

Diablo 3 Real Money Auction House

I haven’t played D3 in a few days because, quite frankly, I don’t like it as much as I liked D2. I lay the blame on the auction house. Decreased drop rates for Set/Uniques because, hey, you can just pay gold for them (and now real money). Lets not forget that in D2, gold meant nothing, and all of your characters had a full stash of gold (that you never used). I could replay D3 over and over, just like it was D2, except I can’t do it for stacks of 500 gold. I enjoyed D2 because I got the set items and the uniques – even if they sucked and/or I couldn’t use them. That is why it was so replayable for me. You bartered for better stuff, many times people would give up something more valuable just so they could get the item they wanted. With the auction house you’ve got the r-tards listing shit at ridiculous amounts. Which brings me to the point of this post.

The best weapon on the real money auction house, 1 handed anyway, is selling with no buyout and a starting bid of $250.00 – yep, that is two hundred and fifty US dollars. Kinda weird how it is stuck at $250 for the bid, not $251 or $255, everyone must be waiting til the last hour, amirite? lol. Shit is retarded. People are retarded. If there is anyone who pays over 5 or 10 bucks for an item in Diablo 3, you’re retarded.

That’s my story and I’m stickin to it.

Dumb as shit motherfuckers


I understand the argument. I do, I really do, if my car battery dies and I get a new one but it doesn’t work until tomorrow, I will be pissed. However, there aren’t millions of people all trying to hook up that one car battery to their car.

I hate to say that they’re entitled little shits, but god I love doing so. So many imperfect people, all expecting perfection. FOR SHAME!

Diablo 3 Plan

Weird huh? Having a plan for a non MMO game? Yep. My buddy and myself are going to go hardcore yoyoyoyo. We’re going to dive in head first, making hardcore characters, and hopefully never die.

One more weekend of subpar gaming ahead of me!

Decided on a class for D3 launch

Barbarian! It was the only playstyle I could stomach. I’m not really shocked that this was my choice but I am a bit disappointed in the choices themselves. For me the Barbarian was the only one that played the way I remember D2. I’m sure I will change my mind after launch, when there will be set items and uniques (how can you not roll a new guy if you get a blah blah only set/unique?). But for the open beta weekend, Barbarian was it for me. Barbarian will be it for me on 5.15 (unless GW2 comes out or somethin).