A Wimder urv Erpaturniter

I didn’t play Warband or Rimworld at all this weekend.  I dove back into PUBG and am currently ranked in the top 300 of Solo First Person Perspective.  It has just been so fun and fulfilling for some reason to nonstop queue.  Usually I’ll finish a game, chug some water, queue for the next game, go pee and refill my water, get back just before the plane flight or during, pick a landing spot and get back to it.

Sometimes I wish I had someone to play with but then I remember all of the things I’d have to learn for that.  Like right now I know decent places to go most of the time, I’ll probably be able to scrounge up enough gear for myself in most cases.  But throw in another person who needs loot and suddenly I’m not sure if I know good places to go anymore.  My roommate gave it a “shot” a while back, we played like 3 duo games and that was enough for him.  I had a blast in those couple games but I think there was still looting lag at the beginning.  I also think there are a lot more bad players in those games, which makes sense considering that there are only about 100k people playing first person solos, and PUBG has like 1.5 million players a day per steam (last I checked).

I managed to get a 3rd win this weekend and I felt a little dirty about it.  I mean the whole game was a pretty good one for me.  I did something I practically never do which was using either a 6 or 8x and just poppin shots at everyone I see all over the bitch.  I actually ended up shooting the guy who got 2nd earlier on as he was driving by my mountain.  I took probably 100 potshots from the same place and nobody really challenged me.  One guy tried to shoot back a little, even hit me once, but I hit him back and that was enough for him.  It felt good doing that because you start to feel like, this is my area, this giant fuckin section of land is mine, and I know this because I’ve been shooting for hundreds of meters in most directions and people are only moving away from me.

I went back and watched the replay and noticed something funny the guy who got 2nd place did.  After I shot at his vehicle a few times he pulled off behind a building in the town he was going through.  I could see where his truck was parked through a doorway and shot one of his tires off.  He was looking for me but he didn’t really know where I was.  He saw a truck in my direction (only like 200 meters away from me) and assumed it must be mine so he shot its tires out too lol.  I had already begun moving in for the circle and he was still trying to find me a 100-200 meters closer than where I was.

A weird thing I noticed in the replay was that there was a guy a hundred meters behind me in the blue just medding in buildings and hiding.  IIRC he ended up dying in the blue trying to run for the circle.  I almost died to the blue myself actually but luckily I had like 8 first aid kits so I could move 20 steps, med, move 20 steps, med, and then run into the safe zone with like 5 hp.

One thing that kind of surprised me about the 2nd place guy was how he didn’t know where I was when he totally should have.  Prior to the last circle change of the match (that happened, not the final one that keeps getting smaller) he saw me hide behind a building.  Which when I saw that in the replay I was just like holy shit man, he fuckin saw me!  I was pretty much behind him at that point and he still went and fought the last 2 guys.  Then after that I had to med up on the edge just behind the tip of a little hill.  It was just me and him and I knew from a recent 2nd place that I couldn’t be the one to make the first move.  Whoever hears the other one first wins.  So I sat still, drank my soda, first aid kit, and waited.  What I didn’t know is that the guy was like 10 feet away from me on the other side of the hill.  He so should’ve known I was back there or that I could’ve been back there but he didn’t check.  Instead he jumped down and started stompin away.  So I was able to just shoot him in the back a few times.  For a final kill it was like the easiest thing ever.

I need to watch this Sanhok match I got 2nd in.  The guy who got first place got in my fuckin head and now I’m doubting myself lol.  I had been in some pretty intense firefight and was moving up to be in the circle and he just puts a few shots in me from somewhere and then starts spamming his mic like “Do you know what you’re even doing man?  I don’t think you know what you’re doing.”  I wish I didn’t tilt so easily but what’re ya gonna do about it.  I didn’t even watch the death cam which is weird for me.  But yeah I gotta see if maybe he saw me for a bit and was stalking me or if that was just his way of celebrating his win.  Who knows maybe I was doing something dumb.

One thing that has kind of been bothering me is the sound and peeking.  I remember when I played CS a lot you could just tell where people were by listening to footsteps.  Maybe it was unrealistic knowing exactly where someone’s footsteps are coming from through walls and shit, which is probably the case.  But man in PUBG it is hard to tell where those sounds are coming from sometimes.  Had a guy fuckin destroy me inside a house recently because I thought he was nading in from outside but he was actually on the first floor nading up the stairs.  I heard about two footsteps on wood after that and he was right in front of me while I’m bandaging.  When I watched the death cam he fuckin stomped all the way up the stairs and around the top floor before walking into where I was and I only heard two footsteps.  I’ve kind of gotten over that one since I thought he was outside and I’m more willing to accept fault there.

With peeking though it just feels like sometimes people can see me when I can’t see them and apparently it is because they peeked first.  Like that guy who naded from inside that I thought was outside.  He was in the building adjacent to me at first and I was trying to peek through his window to shoot him and he shot the crap out of me when I couldn’t even see his window.  Another time I was at a bridge on Erangel and I was trying to fight this guy behind a car and I’d see him coming to the corner of the car to peek me and I’d get hit before he even peeked.  When I saw the death cam he was clearly peeking and he could see like all of me instead of me being behind cover.  I don’t fully get how it all works I guess but sometimes shit just doesn’t feel right.  Apparently people have proven that if you peek first you get a slight millisecond advantage, so I’ve been trying to do that more.

Anyways, feels good man.  Here’s my link.

A Window of Opportunity

On my drive in to work today I had a little moment of clarity while thinking about what games I’m going to be playing.  The only two I really feel like playing are Warband and Rimworld.  Both I have already played a ton but both also have an insane amount of replayability for me.  As far as I know there isn’t anything that I’m really looking forward to coming out anytime soon so it would appear that I have a chance to go further in these games than I normally would.

Obviously first up is going to be Warband as that is what I have been playing recently.  I’m only playing Native so no mods and honestly I can’t remember what usually stops me in Native but I think it was being limited in number of troops I have.  Luckily I think I now know how to solve that problem, grinding.  Also reading people’s stuff on the subreddit it seems like as long as you have highly trained troops the army size limit isn’t that big of a deal.  The biggest thing in starting your own kingdom is to have lots of potential followers ready so that you can give them fiefs and have them fight for you.

I’ve also wanted to try this little thing I read about some guy doing where he would only ride around with like 8 companions and no troops and that was apparently enough for success in most of the fights he was in.  Maybe he was full of shit, iunno, but I’ve been curious to try it ever since.  Though I imagine that is more of an endgame idea when you’ve got the best armor and weapons on yourself and companions.

Right now I’m just a Swadian vassal with one tiny fief village.  I’ve got 4 enterprises set up in Swadian cities.  My money is pretty good around 30k.  My Renown is ok and right to rule is pretty low still.  I’m friends with the Marshal, his uncle, and I’ve been working on the king but there is only so much I can do to make him like me.  I think my plan for now is to keep living the vassal life, I want to get more fiefs and thus more money.

Can’t forget to keep grooming NPCs to join me when I try and take over the world.  I’ve also got to get a little better at the downtime between wars.  The good news is that I’ve done this so many times that I know mostly what to do even if I forget in the moment occasionally.

As for Rimworld I would like to try and build the spaceship again.  I think they made it so when you start building it (at least when you turn on the reactor) that it starts a 15 day timer.  When this timer is happening the reactor is warming up and also creating a signal that can be tracked across the planet.  This means that you will be attacked by waves and waves of bullshit until the 15 days are up and the ship is ready.  The last time I built the ship and escaped this feature wasn’t in, so maybe I’m not as capable as I previously thought?  We shall see.

Well that was fun for a bit

Yup, I’m done with WoW.  I got to 117 and it was alright doing that.  I would dare to say I enjoyed most of it.  Alas, I get it.  Level more, get the quests, go to the places, turn it in, go to the next place, yup.  I get it.

What sucks is that for some reason I feel kind of guilty about being done with it already.  Like I got maybe a good 20-30 hours of mostly enjoyable time out of it which isn’t horrible for $50.  Meh, I’m sure the feeling will pass.

I’ve been playing some Warband in the meantime, I think it is more of a coping mechanism for the feeling bad for being done with WoW already but I’m sure it is more than that too.  I ended up on Warband because I was going through the available music on Roll20 for our D&D group, telling my friend good songs that he could maybe use for our group if he wanted.  Mostly game theme music like Divinity, PoE, Tyranny and the Tyranny Fatebinder song got stuck in my head real bad.  It made me want to play a game like that but the problem was I was also watching NALCS so I wanted something a little less like those games so I could pay attention to the NALCS, which is how I ended on Warband.

Anyways I guess that is it update wise.  In D&D I ended up getting an extremely OP sword of sunlight that is kind of required to win the adventure, so I got that goin for me.  I was trying to post these on Mondays but I missed yesterday.  Oh hwell.

Making room for WoW maybe?

I went pretty hard in the paint on some fuckin PUBG recently.  As evidenced here which as of posting this says I’m ranked #531 in Solo First Person, out of all like 100,000 players.  In game statistics say I’m rank #544.  For a while I always thought I just placed good because I tried to survive, you know.  Some people watch Shroud stream and get 100 kills a game and they think that you have to drop at school or a military camp or whatever and fight everyone and if you don’t what are you even doing with your life.  I am not one of those people.  For me it brings me back to Arma mods where I’m a solo in a world of grouped people and I have to scrounge up loot and carry it back to a safe zone to sell it so I can buy materials to build a base, vehicles to make my life easier, and of course replacement everything for when people kill me.

So, when I jump out of the plane I try and go far far away from where I think people will go.  When I’m far from the circles I don’t usually get in a vehicle and haul ass to the circle, because people can hear your fuckin car from a decent ways away.  I like to go to the shitty loot spots because if I hit 20 of them safely I usually get enough tools to do what I gotta do when I run into someone.  Sometimes I have to heal in the blue a few times, it isn’t really the plan, just a consequence of not really using vehicles and trying to parachute far from where I imagine the people are going.  A lot of times this leads to me “sneaking up on” people who think they are playing the edge of the circle.  One guy recently assumed I was hacking because there was no way I could’ve known he was there.  Of course it doesn’t matter to him that he was there for a reason so maybe I too would be going there for a reason?  Maybe since I knew I was going there it was possible for someone else to be there and that I would need to clear the area?

I never really went this deep into PUBG before.  I started getting more kills while also having consistent top 10 finishes.  I admittedly stopped queuing for Sanhok partly because I don’t know the map but also because it feels like I get fucked by someone more there.  I do occasionally include it back in my queue list because the longer drawn out games can wear on you a bit.  As of now I’ve played 50 games and have 2 wins with 48% of my games ending in a top 10 finish.  My K/D was over 1 for a long time but since I played like 10 hours Saturday and Sunday practically nonstop I started doing a little shittier.  It’s hard to keep your A game up over those longer periods of time but also I mean, I can’t just do amazing every time right, that doesn’t make sense.

I guess the best part to me about all this is that this was the last weekend before kids went back to school (at least around here) and also PUBG just had a big patch to “fix” a lot of stuff or something.  The last time I did good in PUBG was Christmas week and a bit of the time after that, when I imagine a fair amount of people weren’t playing.  So this time I feel like there aren’t as many reasons for the “good” people to not be playing.  Now this is a dangerous thing, because in my head this kind of solidifies for me that I am actually good at this game, which is dangerous because when I feed my ego bad things tend to happen.  Though I’m sure since I’m older now nothing too bad can come from it.

BFA launches today at 6PM my time.  I’m kind of planning on playing it, though, honestly I’m not sure why.  Maybe I’ll like it?  But I was telling myself this weekend that the reason I’m playing so much PUBG is to like burn myself out on mentally strenuous and stressful games which would hopefully make it easier to stomach the horrible shit that I just know WoW is going to be lol.  God, why am I even doing this to myself?  “Maybe I’ll like it!”  That’s the only thing in my head.  But, I won’t know til I try it.  Nothing to teach me a lesson like buying an expansion day of, playing til I get like 2-3 levels and quitting for months and months, occasionally resubbing a month at a time, playing a total of 5 hours per resub, and slowly making my way to max level while not even experiencing the new dungeons or raids or even PvPing.  It’s almost like I’ve been here before.  But we shall see.

Monday August 6 2018 Mind Dump

There’s a few things I’d like to mention today.  D&D stuff, Rimworld, WoW/mmo’s in general and of course the central theme tying all of these things together: ME!


Our D&D group has had a few changes since I last wrote about it.  Not sure exactly where I left off but I think we were doing two campaigns while still playing once a week, alternating campaigns each week.  Well the DM for my first campaign ever kind of went MIA which left the rest of us kind of wondering what to do.  One of the other players stepped up and started DMing a new campaign for us.  Same schedule as before where we alternate campaigns each week.  Well everyone kind of decided after a month or two that we should just stick to one campaign.

So now we are just a Curse of Strahd campaign.  Since one of our players has some time off right now we have also started playing twice a week when we can.  This has led to us kind of bulldozing through the Strahd content.  You’re supposed to end this module around level 10 or so, we are currently 7 though will probably be 8 soonish since we are almost out of stuff to do besides going and fighting Strahd.  I got my first magic item that is sort of intended for me to use it but it isn’t a finesse weapon.  My character is kind of designed to use a finesse weapon since I have a feat that allows me to use my reaction to add my proficiency bonus to my AC when I’m hit, but only if I’m holding a finesse weapon.  My DM/roommate has said that when we take some of our “time off” (as characters) after Strahd that I could learn to use it as a finesse weapon which is cool.

My character feels kind of overpowered at times.  I didn’t feel like I was powergaming when I made him, I was just reading the PHB and wanted to be something a little different so I chose a melee ranger.  But I am definitely one of the main damage dealers in our group and at times it has felt a little ridiculous how much damage I do compared to others.  I feel like my roommate/dm has heard me mention that a couple times now after we finish a session and talk more in the kitchen and I’m thinking maybe that is why he is presenting me with this magic weapon dilemma.  My choices are going to be: not change anything, use the spear instead of my rapier which could result in reduced damage (I haven’t identified the spear yet) as well as losing my +3 ac for my reaction, and using the spear and the rapier and dropping my shield which would lose me I think 2 AC and also +2 damage for my fighting style being dueling.  I won’t really know what I’m doing until I identify the spear and know what it does but I am going to have to be careful especially since we’re coming up on Strahd soonish.

I’ve been trying to RP more how I think my character would behave.  He only has 9 intelligence (10 is considered average) which I’ve read can mean like maybe he doesn’t quite follow trains of thought.  He also has like 14 or so Wisdom which means he is generally correct with his thoughts so it is kind of confusing combining the two.  Plus it feels like we haven’t had as much “time” to explore the RP side of our characters since Strahd is all about fearing for your life at all times and just trying to survive.  But since we’re getting near the end we’ve all started working on our backstories and just last session we had a bit of RP after a successful mission and we got to mention a few things about ourselves which was nice.  I’m really looking forward to getting the fuck out of Barovia and back into Faerun.


My awesome Rimworld save that I talked about last time I am kind of abandoning.  I still have the save file so I can go back to it but it is kind of ridiculous right now.  I’ve got like 10-12 people, pretty much all of them can shoot and tend people medically successfully, like what more can I ask for?  I feel like I could easily take them to a winning game though I guess I’m not 100% sure, which is why I’m saving it.  One of the things that kind of sucks is that I’m on the unstable version which means almost everytime I go to load a save it lets me know that my save version doesn’t match the current version (because it patched in the night or something).  Now you can load it anyway and I have and it seems fine but I still worry that it’ll fuck something up.  I could disable autoupdates in Steam but, fuck that.

So what I’ve started doing instead is trying out the new Scenario they’ve added.  Normally the scenarios are: start with 3 colonists and some supplies, start with 5 colonists except you’re all tribal morons without technology and research is a nightmare (one of my old favorites), and sole survivor where you are one really rich guy with phat loot that can fuck shit up or something.  The new scenario though is like naked and afraid or some shit.  You are one person, you land with nothing, you’re naked, life fuckin sucks and it is great.  So far I’ve failed during my first raid like 3 times but the last attempt I think I finally knocked him out, took him prisoner, and am working on food so I can feed myself and this prisoner while I recruit him so he can make my life easier.  I’ve also been starting in good ol’ Arid Shrubland for this scenario as Desert/Tundra seemed like too much of a challenge for me right now.  But it is, at least so far, a much shorter stint into fun for Rimworld.  It’s more of just a “can I do it?” for me right now.  I just really love Rimworld.

WoW/mmos in general

After my little foray on a trial account last week or so into WoW my roommate got bored and decided to play it again after a long ass time.  For some reason this made me resub as well but god damn.  I just don’t know if I care about these fuckin games anymore man.  I’ve been trying to unlock the Allied Races just so I have them as an option you know, but god damn, rep grind on a fucking timer makes me want to fuckin die so much.  I do not see me being able to WoW it up until maybe the expansion comes out, but even then, I have my doubts that it will work out for me.

But, there is still hope for me and MMOs.  Just this weekend I was able to start another DAoC free trial and have played a Warrior for a few hours.  Literally all I’m doing is leveling, DAoC PvE in familiar zones I’ve been in since like 2001 or some shit, but it is something I can just do and feel content with.  The big thing stopping me with DAoC is the endgame and the gap between reaching max level and actual RvR.  I really just like leveling in that game and grinding for money for some reason.

For some reason I’ve convinced myself that Pantheon will be a good game for me.  Historically I haven’t really been an EQ player though I did have fun with Vanguard while I could.  But maybe since I’m older and stuff I’m more open to the things I didn’t use to be.  I know as soon as SWGEmu is done and releases their servers that I will probably disappear for a month at least while I grind that shit while marathon watching every Star Wars related movie there is.  Who knows when that will happen though, the good news is that my list of Star Wars movies keeps growing bigger.


Anyways, that is it for me.  I picked up This is the Police 2 and it is pretty cool, kind of Rimworldy a little in the sense that you have to make due with what you have and the people can be quirky.  Also along those lines is Oxygen Not Included, which I haven’t bought yet but am definitely considering.  Maybe I’ll have more on those next time!