Evil Loot Crates/Cosmetics Only/Shitty Game DLC Patches

Apparently there is a bunch of kerfuffle goin on all over the internet for a certain EA game.  First of all, the fucking first one was kind of a piece of shit that they totally could’ve built onto and made a better game, but instead they decided to make a brand new one only a short time after the first came out.  If that wasn’t enough of a sign that it would be problematic, I don’t know what to tell ya.  Of course that doesn’t excuse it, more just like a, no fuckin shit.

For a while I’ve been of the mindset that as long as the loot crates are just cosmetic, who gives a shit.  Now it is a bit different for me for CS:GO because these items could be sold on the market for real money which led to gambling websites being used by emotionally stable children who then send death threats to players who lost (not to mention some players throwing games for phat loot).  Another aspect in CS:GO is that you’re teaching children to fucking gamble and not only that but in public servers there are literally kids begging people for free skins, it is fuckin disgusting, they have no shame.

But, besides all of that, I was generally of the mindset that cosmetic loot boxes that maybe you pay for a key to open or whatever were fine.  I am now starting to not feel that way because of an undesired consequence of people like me feeling that way.  Every game and it’s fucking grandma now has these loot crates for cosmetics.  Now, normally that wouldn’t be a problem, fuck it, just ignore that little number in a corner of one of your profile screens or something.  The problem is as soon as you open the games now your fucking game is advertising bullshit to you.  Buy the new fuckin dumb bullshit pack or upgrade to the omg I want two ingame items that give me an advantage over others edition.  It is the same reason I haven’t upgraded to Windows 10 yet.  As soon as I did I noticed there was a fucking store button on my goddamn start menu with built in links to fuckin newsbullshit.com.  No thanks, I don’t want to have to fuckin groom my computer to be the way it should be, that is, without bullshit.

And the same thing goes for games in my mind nowadays.  I already fucking bought this game, stop fucking asking me for more money.  If you want more money, FUCKING EARN IT, and that doesn’t mean selling me shit that should’ve been in your shit game as an extra tacked on bandaid.  Your game fucking sucks, you should be ashamed of it and fix it, not try and get more money out of me to pay you for your fucking incompetence.  For an example that may shock you, look at No Man’s Sky.  They have more than doubled the amount of shit you can do in that game since launch and they haven’t charged a penny for any of it.  Should they have clarified more about the game before it launched or delayed launching for longer?  Yes, but they’ve kept quiet and kept their nose to the grindstone and delivered a product much closer to what people thought they were getting.



Tiny Updates

For kids who can’t update good.

So our DnD group was going to start meeting two times a week but it appears that isn’t going to happen anymore, I guess someone agreed more out of excitement than practicality.  Oh hwell.  We’re still going to have the two different games going, one being the original where I’m a Sorceror and the second being the Strahd campaign where I play a Paladin.  We’re going to alternate games every week I think but I’m not 100% sure how it is going to workout, especially since one of our payers is only available every other Friday.  I think this week we are going to do Strahd but it is also the time that the biweekly guy is playing and he is originally a part of the non-Strahd campaign.  But, doesn’t really matter for me so we’ll see how it goes.

I gotta say the last time we played the Strahd campaign was pretty awesome.  We’re going through this house that we know has a Ghost in it and a bunch of undead things underneath it.  Everything was spotless until we got into this bedroom on the 3rd floor.  The DM mentioned there was a mirror in the room so I walked up to it and said “I look into the mirror”.  As I did that I noticed a Specter appear behind me and boom, roll for initiative.  Was probably the coolest start of a fight I’ve encountered in my limited playtime.  Then it almost one shot me with a crit and now I’ve got the fear of death real good in muh bones.

In PC game land I’ve been fiddling with Assassin’s Creed Black Flag and it has been pretty enjoyable.  I also bought Project CARS because for some reason I had this weird desire for a racing career mode game and after googling “best pc racing career mode” it seemed that Project CARS was the winner.  That has been pretty fun as I started in 150cc Kart racing and advanced to 250cc.  Of course having some success meant I got invited to special races where they use real cars, which I did really bad in lol.  Maybe I should just stick to Mario Kart.  But no, I’ll figure it out and my thumb will also stop hurting from trying to turn so hard.

I’ve been messing around in GameMaker some more.  Trying to make a character creation screen in a sort of watered down D&D like game.  One of the things I’ve always wanted to make since I started trying to learn how to make shit is a goblin cave/mine.  When I finish the character creator I’d like to have different starting locations for each class and the Fighter, I mean Warrior is going to start as a prisoner in a goblin cave, GOD DAMNIT!  I’m gonna fuckin do it.  Though maybe it should be the Assassin (Rogue) since he could probably pick his own lock, but maybe an NPC Assassin will be a prisoner with the Fighter.  Iunno, I kinda wanted some alone time to learn how to play first before introducing other party members.  There I go gettin ahead of myself again.  Dreaming this shit up is a lot easier than making it a reality.  Though I will say the more I do it the easier it gets.

Anyways that is it muchachos.

Someone fuckin kill me please

So I ordered them Hazelnut k-cups on Amazon Wednesday.  Guess what arrived today?  Not the fucking thing I ordered!  They gave me 3 boxes of Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice coffee.  Fuckin gross.  I need some goddamn caffeine you sons of bitches.  Luckily Amazon gave me a refund but now my trash is full of 5 boxes of shitty k-cups.  I JUST WANT MY FUCKIN MORNING FLAVOR YOU GOD DAMN BASTARDS!

Off Topic as shit: Grove Square Cappuccino

I’m just writing this so that it exists on the internet because I couldn’t find jack shit about it when searching.


I love Grove Square Cappuccino k-cups, preferred flavor is Hazelnut because the smell reminds me of Lucky Charms cereal milk.  The last time I ordered a pack of 96 online though I was sent a shipping box filled with individual k-cups, not very fuckin practical for storage (and my previous order from the same damn Amazon seller had 4 boxes of 24 or whatever).  So when I ran out this time I didn’t really want to order it on Amazon again because that shit was fuckin dumb.


So I went to the store nearest me that I had gotten them from before, Wal-Mart.  Unfortunately they didn’t have my flavor but they did have Caramel and French Vanilla, so I figured fuck it, and I got a box of both.  Yesterday was my last day with Hazelnut so today I opened a new box of French Vanilla and grabbed a k-cup and shook it like I normally do so it doesn’t have any problems in the Keurig (this working/doing something may just be in my head).  Except something different happened this time.  Instead of hearing the powder flying around inside this little cup I heard a god damn rock.  Flipped the box over and it says best by April 2018.  I was like, eh, maybe I’m fucked and I just got a bad one.  Open the Caramel box, same fuckin thing.


I was pretty bummed out about it but figured, fuck it, let’s see if it works.  It did appear to put the brown colored liquid into my cup but I didn’t really get a big french vanilla smell that I’d assume to smell.  So while I was letting it cool I started searching google about this bullshit and couldn’t find a god damn thing.  Having since tasted it I must say I am god damn pissed.  It tastes slightly different than water and since I bought it a week ago I don’t have the damn receipt, not that I’d want to fuckin do that anyway.


So now for the keywords so that anyone else running into this bullshit might find out that their shit is going to suck.


grove square cappucino cappuccino grove market caramel hazelnut french vanilla solid k-cup not powder not expired is it good is it okay is it bad


I don’t know if any of that shit is going to work butt fuck it.


On a side note I’ve been playin D&D Friday nights and we just started another game on Tuesday nights.  Perdy cool.