What the fuck is going on?

Hello errybody, Mr. Bonedead here, on this wonderful Friday morning. I’ve been quite absent here for the past year or two it feels and while I am not pledging to change that I feel it is a good thing to acknowledge. So, what have I been up to?

Fucking nothing! I have had stints here or there in games I’ve already played tons of times but nothing has really stuck or attracted me to hang around. I broke down after cancelling my GW2 preorder and bought it. I am around level 16 and the last thing I did was a bit of RvR after 16 levels of questing/exploring. To be honest I’ve had more urges to play Diablo 3 than GW2 since then, but I haven’t even played Diablo 3. I’m just not really playing games. I will do some CS:GO every now and again, my favorite is Demolition on the new small maps.

The game that has the majority of my attention as of late is Black Mesa. It is far superior to Half Life: Source which just takes all of the bad textures and everything from Half Life 1 and puts it in the source engine. Black Mesa is taking HL1 and making it fucking pretty and awesome as shit in the source engine, definitely doing it great justice. I say that this game has the majority of my attention but it is important to note that that is not a large amount of attention.

I’ve been taking more classes that I should have years ago and am finally getting through a lot of the “core”, “general education” bullshits that I love so dearly. Does that mean I have been studying everyday when I get home from work? Lol, nope. I wait til the last minute and do everything then. But, when I am procrastinating I usually just watch TV or even browse Reddit (something I’ve never done at home until quite recently).

Apparently Aventurine said something about DF2 and some people care while others don’t. Meh!

Personally, MMOs are becoming harder and harder to enjoy for me. I don’t really like what GW2 is offering, which honestly I can’t even describe because there isn’t really anything different. It reminds me of playing WAR at launch with less enjoyable PvP. I may go back for Pandaland simply to get those 5 levels, grind whatever rep I need to, and then as a guild work on clearing the new content – as that is some of the most fun I’ve had in MMOs save for DAoC (which GW2 is definitely NOT like in the wvwvw area). My biggest gripe with GW2 is the lack of a healer, wtf is that bullshit? Hey we made a new car but we decided to do something different this time: We are not adding brakes to the car. Oh, cool, good idea.

But, hey, at least it is Friday!


Darkfall Stats Update

Go go afk swimming! I am hearing conflicting reports that GMs kick for this and ban after multiple offenses, but I don’t get why that would be since numlock is the only thing I’m doing. I think most people who complain about it aren’t doing it in the open and are doing more borderline exploit shit to hide themselves and then afk swim. I get killed by people somewhat frequently so I’m not completely getting away with it, though my stats may say different. Shit, look at my xfire lol, big ol DF time.

It is fuckin early and I am off to school because gay buttsecks and all that. Then work. Then WEEKEND YAAAAAAAAY! I can’t wait to get tatered/r-tarded and make food with my baby and watch football, oh and play a shit ton of MMO.

Some Fallen Earth Combat

Say hello to my two dudes.

Two Dudes

Here we have some footage from their lives. My computer lagged a little bit during some of the filming, I think it was the flies, but iunno. Killing the same mobs on both toons. Melee toon is level 7 so the mobs are even con and the archer is 6 killing level 7s. I think I’m going to use my melee as a money maker and my archer for crafting/ranged battle. What will I do for PvP? I have no idea.

Free Realms

UPDATE Well shit. In order to be ranked I need to be a member. I will be #1, I just gotta put some money on the fiance’s debit/credit card, may as well get some station cash while I’m at it. I’d say Free Realms could make some money. It is a lot like an arcade.

Well I’ve played it some and I’ve got to say I’m sold. They really put a lot of thought into this game. It feels like I’m playing at an arcade, but it is also like I am playing in an arcade. I’ve only got a level or two on Brawler and I think I’m going to be in first place on the Hack n Slash mini game. Why do I think this?

Well, yesterday after playing I was ranked 48 with a score of 17500ish, my time of 1:44 (I think) was ranked 200ish. I noticed that the guy in first place had a little over 20k, maybe 21k, I’m not certain (the website is currently undergoing maintenance so I cannot check). This morning I played it about 20 times and I pretty much have to be in first place in both time and score. If not, I’m definitely in the top 10.


So you see folks, I am the greatest ever! Giggles. I can’t wait until they update it, I gotta know what place I’m in so I can get a higher score or move on to another game (and conquer it just as quickly!) *Evil Laugh*

A person named Lola Star asked me to be their friend, I figured it had to be someone who knows I’m Dick SmallDick.

On a side note, I am a bit disappointed. I thought my name was clever and such, but on one of the leaderboards I saw someone named Brenda Browneye. It’s just not fair.

Syncaine, if you read this, I think Free Realms is going for longevity to make money. Look at how many people play Runescape. This game is so much better than that one, it is like the WoW of those games, it will be around for a long time. Methinks SOE wanted to plant an economic seed for these tough times, and I think they made a wise decision.

So like 2 minutes after I posted this, the website was working again. Scores are not updated, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be #1 no matter what.

Here is the Hack n Slash Score leaderboard:

Here is the Hack n SLash Time leaderboard:

You can’t take the sky from me

So, where do I start?

We’ve got crazy ramblings on WoW hate, knowing the whole time we’re arguing opinions, and we’ve got bad feelings about it still. I don’t want to have these feelings, I just do. I don’t get it. I even almost attempted the WotLK 14 day trial. Except that once you click to download it, it activates your trial, and then you have to download like 6-9 gigabytes…. on DSL. Yeah, fuck that. So there goes my trial, fucking bastards.

From now on I’m just going to try and do my own thing, stay out of other people’s business and such. Who know, maybe doing so will get Mr. Jennings to stop his comment boycott on myself (due to not having any comments to boycott! aha!).


I believe we last left off on DAoC, somewhere. I’m assuming I was talking about my Theurgist and how cool he is. Well, he is pretty cool. I got to level 15 and so far have only seen 1 enemy player, but he had just died to mobs, and then didn’t come back. So, no PvP.

After playing Darkfall for a few weeks, who needs PvP though. I don’t, that’s for sure. Maybe in a month or so, who knows, but for now I am perfectly fine without owning newbs.

I’ve pretty much abandoned my DAoC trial, however. See what happens to me when I go back for more?

So, you’re probably wondering, Mr. Bonedead, what are you playing then? Well, I will tell you my friend. See, I have been playing a game that I really forgot about. Sure, I mentioned it in that post of games I’d like to play soon, but I forgot how enjoyable it really can be.

Any guesses?!?

Anarchy Online! DUN DUN DUUUHHHNN!

I discovered that I have two accounts! Who knew? One has a 38 (now 43 or 44 not sure) Opifex Martial Artist along with a 25 Atrox Enforcer (me big, me smash!) with an alt on the Atlantean server (the MA and Enforcer are on Rimor).

On the other account I have a few toons under 15. They’ve got weird names too.

My 25 Enforcers name is pretty cool though. Deytukarjurbs! Haha, man that’s so good.

I remember the leveling being much slower on my MA when I stopped playing last. I went from 38-43(or 44, not sure) pretty quickly imo. Once you kind of figure the game out again, your alt-itis starts kicking in. I haven’t given in yet, but maybe soon.

I like the games where you have to google a ton of shit. Figuring out how to do things is half the fun (no rly). For those of you who have played (pre level 100, post 50s need not comment!) this may sound familiar.

I downloaded ClickSaver. I figured out how to use it again. I found a thread on the forums that lists items newbs can find/sell to make tons of money early on (hooray!).

One of the items on the list is a Galahad Inc T70 Beyer (don’t quote me on that) which is a pistol that adds 20 to Computer Literacy. Computer Literacy, what the heck is that? (You may be asking yourself) Well, you’ve got a ton of skills, you put points into them, and since there are so many skills there are so many items that require certain amounts of skill to use. Computer Literacy is used for equipping items that increase your NCU. Your NCU is basically your Conc (DAoC buffers know what I’m talkin about), or how many buffs you can have on you at one time.

For instance, I currently have I think 36 NCU (which might be bad). I can run 5 buffs on myself at once because one takes 1 NCU, another 7, two others take 4, and one more takes 10. That leaves me at 26/36 NCU. I have another buff that I’d love to run, but it takes 11 NCU. Also, it is good for me to leave at least 4 NCU open because I have a short duration buff (aka a OMG DONT DIE PLS button) that boosts my damage, freezes my ability to use Nano Programs (buffs/spells) for 15 seconds, and takes up 4 NCU.

Anyways, the pistol adds +20 Comp Lit. The lowest level the pistol comes is 44 (you can pretty much get any level any thing, which is cool) and you can dual wield it with minimal requirements (not minimal to me, at friggin all, but “they” say it is minimal).

In the outdated forum post, the guy says they sell as a pair for 500k.

So I walk into the Advanced store (basic->advanced->superior) which is an instance that everyone shares. The items sold in the store reset when no one has entered/been in the store for I believe 2 minutes. I begin looking through the weapons even though I don’t need one and what do my eyes see? A Galahad Inc T70 Beyer, staring back at me! It was QL 45 too, just 1 above the 44 which is the desired one.

I had about 75k at the time and they were selling for 15k, so I bought 2 pairs at 60k. There were plenty of people inside the store so I figured I could go outside and sell them without them going poof. But I had to sell them fast.

I was paranoid from the get go. Anarchy Online has a strong community, much like SWG, the people playing have been there for a looong time. So, you don’t want them mad at you if you intend on playing long and still enjoying it. So I was nervous about speaking in the trade chat. What if someone called me out and then I was stoned in public (wouldn’t be the first time!)!

What I decided to do was to sell a pair for 100k, this way I’m making 70k a pair, which is not too shabby imo. I post in trade chat and instantly get two tells. One guy wants all the ones I have, the other just wants a single pair. I ignore the single pair guy and focus on finishing my deal with the greedy SOB (who was obviously buying low to resell higher). Once I wrap up business with him, I respond to the single pair person and set up a meeting as I’m running back to the Advanced shop.

I was able to buy I believe 12 more guns this trip. I sell the 2 to the guy and make another 100k. Then I send a tell to the greedy guy from the beginning and tell him that I “stumbled upon” 10 more of these bad boys and he just cant help himself. 500k later and I’m back in the store buying even more! I believe this time I got 30. But instead of running outside and selling more and letting people catch on to me I just banked them and went back to running missions.

The missions are really great imo. You go to a terminal and hit request and then you get 5 choices. There is the assassinate style, get an item bring it back, see an item report back, and maybe a see a person? I don’t know. I just like the assassinate and see an item ones. Anyways, if you expand the options on the mission menu you see a bunch of sliders centered in the middle of their bars.

Bad/Good, Order/Chaos, Hidden/Open, XP/Credits and some other shit. There is also Easy/Hard at the top. Changing these changes the kinds of mission you will see after hitting request, but it also changes the mobs and the instance in which the mission takes place (ie, more robots or more animal or more people etc).

Each mission has an item reward as well as credits and xp. This is where ClickSaver comes in. ClickSaver looks at all 5 missions and shows you everything you need to know about them (without having to shift click each one individually ingame). You can set up item and location filters (but never at the same time!) as well. The best part about this program is the ability to have it keep refreshing the mission menu until you find an item or location you’re looking for.

For instance, I use a 1 handed claw weapon. I wanted to get another so I could dual wield them. So I set up a filter for Hazangerine and let it ride! When I came home I found that it discovered one and I made my trek across the big ass world (extra bigass fries!). So now I’m dual wielding some claws and I’m cool and stuff.

When I’m just leveling I set a filter for the location Rome Blue, as that is the city I’m currently in (aka the main city for Omni peoples like me). This location is becoming more and more rare as I level though, so that sucks a lot.

Well, I guess that’s about it for now. I’ve got to get back to work, meh!

This weekend bitch (the one that just happened)

WoW WoW WoW, fo seriously.

We created a guild (Drak’thul Horde) named No Quarter Given. We’re supposed to be roleplaying pirates, however, we can’t get any recruits lol. Go figure, all we wanna do is make the bad kids “walk the plank” and we can’t even get em to join. Sad face.

3 of our 4 are 30 with mounts, woot woot. Our 4th started Thursday I believe so, he has an excuse. We’re going to get Deserted Soul from PKer.org to join us, woot woot. That’ll make 5. We don’t really have a solid setup, cus we’re stupid, but as it is now we have 2 30 Mages a 30 Warrior and a 12 Rogue. One of the mages has a Pally at say 12 which we might make him start playing. We need a solid group capable of doing these low level instances and we just don’t have it yet.

Tempers are starting to flare regarding instance loot. Since the 2 mages want the same shit and 1 of them seems to be getting everything via the luck of the dice heh. We’re gonna need to be able to run shit easily. So someone’s gotta change, and as much as I don’t want it to be me, I could probably play a shaman. Especially with my new found wealth. I’ve never bought gold from IGE and I don’t support it, but I gotta say, they’re pretty reliable, quick, and relatively cheap….

I doubt I’m going to have to switch after talking to my brother a bit more. We’re gonna make the mage who gets the phats (and steals them from my brother lol, aka guild leader) play his pally. Apparently he’s not good at mana management, so why not make him our healer… Riiiiight. Anyways, that is the plan. That guy plays a fuckload anyway so he should be able to catch up.

That is about it for now, love yous!