Too Little Too Late

I am not a fan of these, free for the weekend!!!111 promotions. Why? Because you never have time to download the actual game prior to the start of the promotion, for one. Now you may be saying, bonedead, why do you say for one as if there is another reason for you to dislike these promotions? Well, I will tell you.

Yep. The 7-10 Promotion was not knowledge to me until the 9th. I wouldn’t have played it either way because I just can’t play that game, but still, talk about fail. I checked that 2nd email this morning to see if it was mentioned in that one and it was not.

Plus, a 3 day free trial is nothing, how can you even have fun playing a game for 3 days and 3 days only? Personally I try to not make decisions on which game I want to buy a month of time for based on less than 3 days of playing.

Too little, too late, imo!

Equally gay

I should finally be getting teh new internets thanks to Verizon and no thanks to Comcast. Screw you Comcast, you’re lucky the TV still works somewhat properly. I expect teh DSLz to arrive sometime this week (*crosses fingers*).

What could I achieve with this improvement in my internet department? CS games, that’s for damn sure. Better performance in any MMO I decide to play, better performance in the download shit category, and above all: better speedtest stats.

I‘ve been playing CoH with a 14 day trial account. I had heard about this game when it came out but never really gave it any thought due to the lack of PvP it had for so long. I still haven’t reached the PvP, I think at 15-20 you can start to participate, but I haven’t checked recently. I am level 15 though, so maybe I’ll get lucky and find out that I can now PvP.

I highly doubt it due to being the minimum level required, though they do balance levels in groups, or some such nonsense. I was surprised to see an update for CoH yesterday, considering the game hardly even exists to me. But I guess people play everything, I’ve just about tried to.

The game itself is rather enjoyable, mainly because I can kill groups of people at a time and run really friggin fast. I really doubt this will hold my interest for that long.

Well I’ll be…

Now that the LOTRO is over, the feeling of wasting my time has also left, hooray! I think this could be patrially due to my new 14 day Trial of City of Heroes/Villains.

I have made a Villain Brute with the 2nd primary of like Stone Armor I think? I really had no idea what was good or not when I made my character, just that the tank/beat people up class is always a good choice for a first class.

My first impression of the game was very frustrating. The mouselook wasn’t inverted and I couldn’t figure out the UI and the sheets for a while. But as soon as I got the hang of things I began *gasp* enjoying myself!

I don’t know how long this feeling can last, I am actually scared of it, I forgot what it felt like. So I am now level 7 or 8 I believe, and at work today I decided to look into Builds/Archetypes that are on the more, well, overpowered side. I quickly gave up this pursuit though when I noticed a Stalker build with the words “best PvP archetype”.

What? This game has PvP? I didn’t even think it was possible. (I blame for this because it’s obviously not my brains fault.) So I look into the PvP rulesets and discover that there’s an arena, pvp zones, and supergroup battles or some shit. Hooray!

Turns out that around level 15 is when you can first experience the PvP. This is something I plan on doing, hopefully today, who knows.

On a side note:

Over at the majority of us were lured there by the Make your own Game forum. We used to talk about MMOs and what the problem with systems were. But we’re all lazy and worthless so we pretty much stopped that. My point is that I am very excited about this. I could see myself slowly working on something for years by just doing a little bit every day.

It is very exciting stuff.

My only worry is that the limits wont be my imagination, but the tools.

I know everyone’s already written about this and who gives a shit about what I think, but I just wanted to say I am excited.

Good bye LOTRO

You were a good trial my friend. I enjoyed levelling to 15 on a Manstrel and to 8 on a Elfanger.
Not to mention 12% on a Creep in PvMP (12% is the equivelant of nothing I believe).

I enjoyed your newness initially but it quickly faded. My Xfire clocked me at 27 hours, weak LOTRO, very weak indeed.

Another day another trial, until I run out of free games to playwhich will motivate me to call verizon for the dsl and say die to the comcast. I choose you CoX!

God that was gay.