And the award for most MMOs played in 7 days goes to….


Yes, I have been playing EQ (1) on the Project 1999 emulated server. I first played EQ1 after I got tired of EQ2, so this is all pretty new to me. A few people from are playing and we haven’t done much since Aion so, fuck yeah!

I just hit 4 on my Necromancer and got my new pet, can’t wait to see what he’s like. Server is currently rebooting so I took the time to write this little diddy.


Ramble On

Lord I was born a ramblin maaaaaan! Tryin to make a livin and doin the best I caaaaan!
(my favorite part is when he says doin, but I’ve said that before here I’m perdy sure)

So, what the hell am I here to grace you with today, you may be asking yourself. Well, I will tell you. (I love typing that shit for some reason)

I am fucking bored as shit right now. So bored, in fact, that I am writing a blog post about how bored I am in an attempt to become less or even un-bored. It is kind of working, but only kinda.

“Kinda is not a misspelled word,” said Google Chrome’s Spell Checker. “however, tryin, livin, and doin, are misspelled words.”



I had an idea the other day. I wanted to make a website called either OldSchoolGold or GoldSchool. I wanted to scour the internets for all of the old original funnies and compile them all in one place that isn’t diluted by the stupid that is today. Who remembers a big black guy named ben? Step away from the car, motherfucker! Yeah, I dare you to try and find the original (that is if you remember what it looked like). Did you notice how some douches remade it? Yeah, pretty cool huh? There was a time when it seemed like one animator was making all the good videos. The reason for this was because the only thing the amateur had was Flash! Macromedia Flash, by the way, fuck Adobe in their stupid asses. Remember when you needed Shockwave? Those were the days huh.

Your daughter come on my property and she kick muh dog.

The prank phone call where the pranker starts off by yelling at the prankee for stealing his newspaper. Man I love that one. YOU WANT TUBBLE?!

I remember when ytmnd only had one fucking thing on it, that being Sean Connery’s face tiled, yes my friends I speak of the good old days.

Well I’m tired of talking about that. I was bore free for a little bit there but here I am, back to bored. I wonder if I’m actually going to play a game tonight. Isn’t it weird how that works? I wanted a house in UO so bad and now what? I don’t fucking care at all. I just paid a month and don’t care enough to log in. WTF is that shit?

ATitD (lol a tit-d, get it, like a tittie, except more stupid) is a little meh, king of the meh factor fo sho! I became a citizen. I made a house for myself? I can walk through the walls and cannot see myself inside of it. So I guess I can learn more Architecture stuff or something. Or just pursue every possible facet? Is that the point of the game? What is the point of the game? I don’t think I’ve ever really known.

So, what am I gonna do today? Do I play UO and farm poop and try and get another Troll Slayer or better yet, Repond Slayer weapon? I sure wish I didn’t lose my Troll Slayer to that fucking Titan asshole sonofabitch.

Anyway, days over and I’m going home. I stopped typing a couple hours ago before I lost myself in Digg.


A Tale in the Desert

This is a video of me successfully completing the beetle summoning dance in atitd. This is not a horrible video of me swinging the camera around while standing still most of the time. Nope. Not that at all. Definitely summoning that beetle at the end there thanks to my trusty beetle summoning dance. Yep.

Dazed and Confused


Tomorrow marks the opening of the 2nd A Tale in the Desert server. I will be checking that out. In my previous plays of atitd I never got really far and I probably wont this time either, but I figure why not. I’m bored to shit as it is anyway with every other fucking game out there. If anything, UO will fulfill my wants due to it’s increased skill gain, but my bank is fucking full on my main guy, grinding mining/tinkering/smithing/lumberjacking/fletching is not fun for long, and I’m still considered a trial account for 3 more fucking days so I can’t place a house thus opening more places for storing items (and enabling me to play my main character).

I have been playing Pogo. I paid for a month and to be honest, I can play that shit longer than anything else I’ve talked about recently. Probably because it is what my fiance plays and we do it together.

If you remember me having Comcast and it sucking and 5 techs not fixing it which prompted me to switch to the next best thing DSL 1.5mb/down and 367 or some shit up. Well, I finally switched back to Comcast and they fixed the problem that was originally there. So now I have 15mb/down, and 3mb/up, fuck yeah! Too bad I don’t want to do much besides watch a movie before I go to bed and download atitd.

Not the happiest camper atm and it is pretty much because real life feels stupid.