Get Bored, Son…

I’ve changed a lot since I first started doing all of this. Playing, writing about what I’ve played, forming opinions about shit. I’m sure for the most part I’m pretty similar, maybe I’m just better at justifying my behavior nowadays. I switch games so frequently nowadays, which I’m sure I did back in the day too, but now I feel like I have actual reasons, even though I usually start playing with the intent of “getting far” or “going deep”.

For instance, I was recently diving deep into Uthgard, the classic DAoC server. I mainly did this because while I work I like to watch something on monitor 2, usually it is someone on Twitch or a movie or TV show. I noticed that a guy I follow on Twitch was playing Uthgard and he’s European so he would already be going by the time I started working. So I would watch until I felt too tempted to play, then grind out my work for the day, continue the vod of the stream where I left off and grind it up in DAoC. But then the streamer stopped streaming and I stopped playing. The streamer not streaming definitely helped but I was also kind of feeling the friction. Oldschool DAoC is pretty rough, especially if you don’t like grouping with people, and have chosen to play as a stealther class to remedy the lack of grouping. I wanted it to be a game I could dabble in a bit daily and when I got tired of it I’d work on GameMaker. But I haven’t really felt the pull since the streamer stopped streaming.

Now I believe in the past I would’ve felt like a bit of a failure due to not actually “going deep” in the game. But nowadays as a big boy I can say, hey, it isn’t on me, the streamer stopped, I wanted to keep going and I can only watch The 13th Warrior and Clive Owen as Arthur so many times. I was really left with no choice but to stop playing, if you think about it, lol. So I guess that is how my mind works now.

Rogue One came out Friday and boy did I have a big Star Wars weekend. I returned to SWGEmu while watching all of the Star Wars movies on loop (starting with Rogue One as I hadn’t seen it yet cus fuck movie theaters) and I did that practically all weekend long. It felt pretty good, but now it is Monday, will I continue after work today? I don’t know what the hell else I’m gonna do, I could finally play some Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds that I bought when it came out and haven’t even tried yet (but then I’d have to use headphones so I could hear people creep up on me if that ever happens, insert other excuses here).

My plan in SWGEmu, at the moment (cus I have a ton of toons who represent tons of unfinished plans), is to make a Krayt killing dude. I got Master Teras Kasi which I then learned was pretty much pointless unless I also get Master Commando, which I managed to unlock Novice yesterday. So today would be grinding Heavy Weapon Experience to try and get my Flamethrower tree maxed out so I could buy a good Flamethrower and switch from Launcher Pistol. Then it would be more grinding. Once I am Master Commando though? Well I’d probably search the forums for more info on how to become a Krayt killer, I assume that would be buying multiple weapons that are competently crafted.

IIRC a lot of the higher end mobs in that game you have trouble damaging. So what you have to do is dot/disease/wound them, as that increases their Battle Fatigue, and once that is high enough their resistances begin to fall from 100%. So you just have to stand there a long time waiting for that to happen while somehow not dying, I think? Oh and the best way to do that is to buy really expensive weapons with thousands of charges of certain types of procs on them, the procs being the dot, disease stuff you need. So I may need to grind some credits too.

But Bonedead, what do you get out of killing these Krayts you’re talking about? Well, sometimes they will drop Krayt Tissues. Sometimes those tissues don’t suck. When that happens you can sell them for money. This is the point where I remind myself that you can view anything in any game as a pointless waste of time, but the important thing is how you feel while doing it. They’re games, they’re supposed to be fun, if you’re not having fun then you’re doing it wrong. So why would I want to dedicate all this time to getting to a point where I can maybe make more money than I already can? Especially considering I have over a million credits (not a lot) on my other characters already? Well, I don’t really know. But maybe if I have more, things will begin to make more sense. I’ve already got like 6 decorative shisha’s in my bank that I’m saving for my house, that I haven’t bought yet. Gonna have a big weed smokin room, for some reason. So maybe that will be my goal, to build a big weed smokin house or some shit.

I think there was a purpose to this post at one point but I’ve lost it. I’m waiting for Bannerlord. I also stopped working in GameMaker. Mainly because, sure it is helping me understand how coding works, but, it is it’s own language. Plus since I’m the art guy, 2D perspectives are fuckin hard. So I downloaded Unity and have started going through some of the newb tutorials. It is definitely daunting as shit, but Unity uses actual languages (like C#) so maybe it could be more useful to me. It is definitely rough going but when I see the finished products it just inspires me to keep going, because even if it is a crappy 3D looking thing, to me it looks better than a 2D thing. What I’ve been doing recently is trying to make a shitty character in Blender and attaching bones inside his framework and hopefully figuring out how to make it fucking walk someday. Tis a much bigger can of shit but it still tastes good.

Captain Indecisive Strikes Again!

I just can’t make myself play Darkfall. I wish I could, I want to get far in it and be a solo beast and join a clan and raid peoples cities and shit, but, I’m not gonna lie to you or myself, I just don’t want to play that game. Today is day 5 without my beloved weed and as my head starts to clear I believe it is affecting my gaming (pretty damn sure in fact). I can no longer force myself to push through boring shit. I find that the games which I’m able to play for long amounts of time are single player games. This is quite odd for me due to normally being incredibly anti-single player games.

Today is also day 2 of no cigarettes, for not only myself but my fiance as well. Let’s just say that shit is a little tense around the house lol, lots of snappiness and rawrfaces goin on. But, we will push through the BS. Anyways, on to less real life related topics.

No more Darkfall, I just can’t, I wont, and that is that. So, where do I go from here? Well, I’ve been reading a little again (just rereading Siddhartha) as well as watching movies and tv shows. For my single player fix I have been running through Half-Life 1, I don’t believe I ever actually beat the game but instead watched my brother do it. After that I’ll move on to HL2 followed by a recently gifted HL2 Episode 1 that my friend threw my way via Steam (I think he got the gift when he bought the Orange Box). On the MMO front, I have decided a 14 Day Free Trial return to a game I’ve not played in quite some time. This new decision was inspired by pretty much my favorite TV Series/Movie, Firefly/Serenity. The scene that sparked the decision was in the movie, when they lure the reavers to Mr. Universe’s and right into the alliance fleet. I believe you may now know which game I have chosen. If not, well, you will soon enough.

Age Restrictions and Strict Entrance Policies in MMOs

If a new MMO or perhaps even a new server in your favorite MMO came out announcing that they only wanted to cater to mature adults by having a strict entrance exam, would you be interested?

Can you imagine a game like WoW without the dreaded “Barrens chat” or the Trade channel? Seems pretty good right? I thought you’d like that.

What if every game’s servers were divided by age? What if each MMO had a long ass test you’re required to take that gave you a mental age allowing you access to either adult and child servers or if you’re immature just child servers?

What if all of the people who act so damn entitled to everything were on their own goddamn server? That would probably make you feel pretty damn good wouldn’t it?

I bring up this topic (which I’m sure has been discussed elsewhere in great detail) because of the recent SWG CM fiasco along with Ixo’s racist run in. Nobody wants to have to deal with shit like that. The SWG CM shouldn’t have to pretty much be the teacher of a class of fuckwads. One wrong move and the kids go home to mommy who calls the principal and then you’re in trouble because the kids are blatantly disrespectful due to their parents sucking ass. You try and instill some discipline and the kids feel like they’re being attacked because they’re so used to being coddled.

Which is almost the same reason kids think it is funny to be racist little fucks on the internet. Their parents aren’t there. There are probably tens of thousands of teenagers raising each other on the internet. Their parents aren’t talking to them about the ways you should act but online it is just one big fuckin party. I’ll be the first to admit to being one of these kids. It was fucking sad the things I used to do to feel accepted by my peers online. It is the parents’ fault for not being there just as much as it is the kids’ fault for going along with it. You know it is wrong, but you’re the majority, so you can somehow tell yourself that it is okay. Besides, it isn’t like anyone is going to hunt you down and beat you up.

These kids aren’t going to change unless they’re shunned which is hard to do when they outnumber you, and that is usually the case (unless you’re not playing WoW and a few others).

Why should your ignore list have to have 50 fuckin names on it? I don’t think it should. Could you imagine a peaceful global chat experience in an MMO?

I once played on an RP UO shard where you had answer a questionnaire in character. I don’t remember any of the BS we see today happen on that server.

So why can’t we separate the players by age/maturity level? Because it would take too much time? Cost too much? Negative customer feedback? Discrimination? Who knows. But I think it would kick ass.


All I want to do is give you my money so you can change a 0 on my account to a 1. Seriously, come the fuck on already. I’ve been refreshing your goddamn page for a fucking week you dick heads.

I was thinking “Hey what a great idea by them, they’re totally keeping my mouth frothing, and they’re slowly opening the flood gates so the servers don’t just asplode.” up until today. Now I am just thinking they’re a bunch of dick heads who don’t want stinky americans like me fucking up their game with my huge e-peen.


WAR has been alright. Me and my buddy have been playing a bunch of different toons together in the T1/T2 scenarios. I couldn’t play the healer passed T1 because of the damn healing shit. I can’t heal people, my fucking battle rage clouds my vision and before I know it I’m a fucking DPS caster who can uber heal himself.

Knight of the Shitty Fuck is alright. Been leveling him more than anyone recently and am up to 12. Lol.

I played Quake Live the night it went live. I managed to get to Expert and then lost to the bot twice before being summoned back to WAR. I mean from what I’ve seen, sure, it’s cool. But it is still just Q3 in a browser. I tried to play it again twice since and it has been down both times. Apparently DF isn’t the only game having trouble launching.

That’s it for now, and probably another few days.

I really have been considering recording myself being retarded on my mic but I just don’t know yet. I’d feel like a real jackass due to my apartments walls being paper thin, but there will definitely be weed and dumb stoner humor relating to MMOs, so I mean shit who wouldn’t enjoy that.