Heres where I be

Here is a link to all of my characters (on my open account, that have been xferred to Ywain cluster, whose names I could remember) that I’ve been playing recently.

Here it is.

Aaaand that is about all I’ve got for ya today. Besides talkin a little about how great awesome music is for certain games. For over a month I’ve been playing games without music, until this weekend. I would say what I’ve been listening to but I’m afraid of being made fun of lol. Anyways, heres a link to my grooveshark playlist.


Post with no substance


Last night I finally had a great DAoC experience since my return (which is now official). I started out playing my big guys (now have 3 level 50s, 2 on the one account I reactivated with a 45 and 49 as well) but have since created a few alts. For some reason I really like leveling fast, but I was getting burned out on the PvE and each attempt I made to PvP was a failure. Until last night on my newest alt, a cave shaman.

I found a hibby running a tank/bot with the bot stuck onto his tanks butt. I waited til he was fighting mobs (bot was purple con and tank was red) and figured, okay, he’s got to be paying attention to his tank because that is the one fighting the mobs, so I opened up my casting on his bot. I get his bot under half health and his tank turns and charges towards me with mobs beating on his ass. I turn to run a little bit, swinging my camera around to look behind me, as soon as he turned around, I did too and started casting on his tank. After a lot of back and forth I was able to take down the bot and the tank with a little help from the mobs (actually began using the mobs as weapons by luring the guy to walk near them and get hit.

A bit later I see another duo, except this one is obviously two people. Both were Orange con (I had leveled twice I believe) and I pretty much did the same thing to them. Let the tank guy fight the mobs, attack the caster (don’t think he had heals, probably dps caster) and kill him, throw a dot on the tank and kite him. Tada, victory yet again.

I then got greedy and went to the hibs leveling area (they had been invading mine) and found another guy with a bot on his ass leveling next to the last two guys I killed. I try to go for this new guy and mucked it up a bit. This fight ended in me running for my life being chased by 4 people until the tank from the caster/tank duo I just beat caught me and used some behind style to stun me. Then everyone surrounded me and raped my face off.

I also died to the original tank/bot guy once after this. I also beat him another time after that. Then I couldn’t find anyone to beat up on so I went back to leveling. In regional chat a skald said that they were taking the ck and for anyone who wants to join to do so. So I ran over to the ck, joined with these 4 people, waited for another to arrive and took the ck. No resistance whatsoever so it wasn’t really exciting, but it was some nice icing on the cake.

This was in the Hills of Claret, the 10-14 BG, so it wasn’t anything amazing but it was quite fun. That first fight I was so in the zone, once I had won I came back to real life and could barely believe that I had just done that.

Anyways, that is my plan for this weekend. That and some Master Chef (hosted by Gordon Ramsay) with the lady. Come on 5 o’clock!

I’m getting old :(

Man, does this suck or what lol. I can’t even fight it, though that is exactly the only thing I can think to do. What am I talking about? Young, dumb, new to MMO fuckheads. They are god damn everywhere and yet again I feel bad about acting like such a douche years ago.

I went to resub to DAoC and was rewarded with 10 days of free time (I’m assuming most inactive DAoC accounts are eligible for this). There is only one cluster now, Ywain, every server has the housing areas up still, but that is it, so you log in on your old server and type /freexfer Ywain1-10 (picking the server to transfer to), but if you are level 50 and from the Classic servers you must talk to the Accountant NPC in front of you when you log in, and do the gift quest (accept/turn in instantly). This quest awards you with (I think 5, that is how many I got) little items which you will be able to turn in for Master Level experience (for Trials of Atlantis). This is awarded to Classic server toons only, as the classic servers did not have ToA content.

Since I have somewhat returned, this also means I have returned to the talking grounds for DAoCers, the great VN Boards hosted by IGN. This is turning out to be quite the mistake and disappointment. What happened to all of the old people? I’m talking late 20s (and not retarded) and up, the adults, the people who work full time and play in their free time. I never thought I would say that I missed them, but I fucking do. Can I even blame WoW? It is the first place I want to lay my blame. All of these old games that I loved are now hollow shells covered in graffiti and the communities that I also once loved are now filled to the brim with jerkoff kids doing and saying the same stupid things I once did.

You may be wondering how I can blame WoW for this. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure some of these fucktards played DAoC back in the day as annoying 12 year olds (I can tell this by their VN Boards join date), but lets not lie to ourselves. What game can you guarantee brought more young kids into the MMO genre than WoW? There isn’t one. Because pretty much any type of gamer you can describe was introduced to the MMO genre mostly by WoW, unless you’re describing the type of player who played MMOs before WoW.

It’s just very disappointing. I go play SWG and find out that theres a shit ton of ridiculous kids running rampant all over the shit. I return to DAoC hoping to find the few people who still love the game and see that everyone started playing 2 years ago and are a bunch of fuckin shitfaces. Ugh!

I always thought as I got older I’d slowly merge into the older people group and finally be a part of the “majority” (back then it seemed like a majority of MMOers were older/mature) yet thanks to fucking WoW as I’m merging into the older group, I’m leaving the fucking majority and re-entering the minority. I just can’t win lol.

I’ve been considering pulling a Pitrelli recently. I can’t do that until I have a plan for returning though. I dunno.

Anyways, god damn kids, got off my lawn!

P.S. I never thought I’d be going to play Counter-Strike to interact with adults.

Feeling pretty good!

As you may or may not know, I got a DUI in June. It is still hard to tell people because I know how bad it is, you never want to get that disgusted reaction, the one that says you could’ve killed someone, or the one that says I know someone who was killed by a drunk driver. It’s horrible, drinking and driving. But, I know that a lot of people do it, many have just never been caught. I mean think about it, you have to drive to the bar and you have to drive home (unless you taxi), a lot of people have done the same thing.

Last week I took my 12 hour DUI course, required by the DMV, and I learned quite a bit. I also slowly released a lot of the stress this has put on me. Seeing that I am human, that there are others like me, and that most of those people did way worse than I did on the nights we made our mistakes. It helped me feel better about myself. So last week I took my 3 4 hour classes (5pm-9pm) and got my “certificate of completion”, which I get to show to the DMV later to get a business license (can’t wait to drive again!). Last week was a very tough week for me, not only was this going on (live with my fiance and we share 1 car), but one of our clients at work had a rare accounting emergency and I had to work there for pretty much the entire week, figuring out how they do their accounting/pay bills/make deposits/do payroll for 50 or so employees. It was tough, but I did it. Normally I would have some help for something like that, but the person who would have helped me took her vacation that week. So it was definitely a very stressful week, there were times when I would get light headed/dizzy and just not know what to do, very stressed out.

But this morning I got out of bed before my fiance (fucking rare lol), still dragged my feet around, but I was moving much quicker than usual. I got driven to and dropped off at work, and I just feel so much better. I went downstairs and had a cigarette on main street to start my day, it is just all good right now. Sure I’ve got some dui counseling shit to do and the criminal side of my case hasn’t hardly started but for the most part the hard stuff is done. I’ll probably get some community service hours, but I’ve got a great place to do them, a ride there, it is all set. I can stop beating myself up and stop saying that I should have done this and I should have done that. Which means…..

I CAN FINALLY FOCUS ON MY GAMES AGAIN! HUZZAH! I may even be able to afford to resub to something, but, deciding on what is fucking real hard.

I returned to Uthgard, the free DAoC server based on the classic game (wtf, SWGEmu to a classic DAoC server?!?!), I guess I’m in a very reminiscent mood recently. I don’t think the Emu is going to be wiped anytime soon anymore, but, I played that for a good amount of time, which is I think my new game time limit. I used to be able to go a month max, now its nearing 2 months max per game.

I forgot how friggin slow the leveling is on Uthgard though lol. Talk about ugh! The lowest level battleground is still quite out of reach lol. Fuckin leveling! Arg! I keep running by all the task dungeons I leveled many characters quickly in and each time it saddens me that I can’t go level in them. Which may be why I am thinking about resubbing to DAoC.

Problem is I have multiple accounts with 50s on them and I don’t know which one is which. That and the fact that all servers have been merged into one, and it has ToA enabled. So all of my level 50 guys from classic servers are going to be playing on a gdamn ToA server. But, maybe that is good. I had a 49 Mauler that oculd solo just about fuckin anything, which is a reason I didn’t like ToA servers, having to kill big mobs a lot looking for rare shits. Hey hey hey, maybe we’ve got a plan here!

We shall see my friends! I am back and feeling bettar than evar!


Hope and Despair on the Same Horizon

WTF does that bullshit mean, bonedead?!? Amirite?

Well, the team at SWGEmu has been dilligently working on the OR (object restructure – rewrite of the whole game to iron out a crap ton of bad code) while we blindly fall in love with the current code on Nova, knowing that some day all our work will be wiped. Well, that day is coming nearer my friends. Though it does seem like losing everything you’ve worked on will really suck, at the same time, it doesn’t.

I’ve been using a 250-650 damage Powerhammer pretty much my whole time playing. I paid 200k credits for it and everytime I see a chance to upgrade the hammer in question sells for 500k to upwards of 1 million credits. We’re talking around the same minimum damage with only +100-150 max damage as well as anywhere from 0-3 faster speed (default/mine is 6 speed, 1 is cap). So pretty much, the economy sucks right now. Unless I were to devote all of my game time to making money (oh wait, I do) then there is no way I’m upgrading my weapon anytime soon. But now, it seems that I won’t have to.

There are rumors that the wipe will happen at the end of this month. We will supposedly get a weeks notice prior to the wipe. I feel that it is coming very soon. It all goes back to an old forum post where a guy was leaving the game and giving away his uber fortune. He had so much good stuff, like multiples of the best weapons (like 1400 max damage powerhammers), and it got me thinking about exactly how he got all of that stuff. Sure, a lot of it was probably found when you still could find some of that crazy loot (recent loot nerf hurt the newer players even more than the economy already was), but I don’t know. I just feel like he knew it was coming.

So, if the rumors are true, how should I act? Do I keep playing as though these characters are not going to be deleted? Or do I give away my stuff and stop playing til the OR hits? Ever since I began to see how the cards were stacked against me economically I’ve been wanting a wipe extremely bad. There is nothing I’d rather like to do than start fresh with all of the people who got ahead by questionable means (and then acted like complete douchebags) and actually get ahead of them. It would be like when a new MMO releases and you just live in the game for a week or two while your real life passes you by. That would be nice!

But, not playing SWGEmu anymore will certainly free up a lot of time for… something. Probably CS:S which I think I may finally be in the top 50 on my favorite server. Its not the top 10, but, I’ll take it fosho.

Anyways, that is it. Laters!

The same title we title every post, Pinky

Trying to take over the world!

I’ve undertaken a task appointed by myself to create a Doctor in SWGEmu so that I can buff myself when I wake up at 5AM on Saturday to get to the good spawns that are no longer camped due to people sleeping. This would also save me 10-15k every 2 hours of farming, which isn’t much, but if I am able to get my buffs to a decent level then I will be able to sell buffs for 10k to people and with the way the Doctor situation is currently going, there should be a decent amount of people looking for some boofs!

This operation is taking many more characters than it should, due to harvester bugs with the Emu code. You can pretty much only put harvesters on one planet, and then you can’t leave that planet until you pick them up, or when you come back they will be gone and your lots will still be taken up. Since higher level crafted items have much more specific requirements (ie: tattooinian fiberplast or talusian water vapor) I need to get resources off of 4-5 Planets. So I made a bunch of harvesters, spread them to my characters, got all my characters Novice Artisan so they can survey for resources to find places to drop the harvestors, and found places to put em all down. Now there is one item I have completely forgotten about which happens to be quite important, avian meat.

I’ve currently got my main crafter with the highest surveying skill on Rori farming domesticated oats due to them being very high quality (probably not server best, but definitely pretty good). Before I left this morning I had about 100k of it. This resource alone has already greatly improved my final products. Prior to these oats I was making Stim Ds with around 300 power. Using these I can make 490-540 power Stim Ds. Using these newly crafted Stims on my Doctor (improved injury treatment = heals for more) I am able to heal pretty much my whole bar, which is pretty damn nice.

Anyways, for some reason I just wanted to mention this as it took up most of my playtime this weekend. This week when I get home I don’t even log in really because it is now just a waiting game, let the harvesters do their job and then move all the resources to my Doc, grind some avian meat from somewhere (hopefully there is something decent currently in rotation), and then grinding out Doctor crafting (and healing I guess) to get to Master Doctor.

After that I’ll try to get around to grinding out Weaponsmith as well, that would be nice, then I could possibly make myself a nice friggin Powerhammer that can replace what I’m currently swingin. Then of course I would work on Armorsmith, because, why not lol. Then I’ll forget to finally get to Jedi and the server will get wiped and I’ll have wasted all this damn time!

Haha, I’ll do this Doc stuff, then go for Jedi more, then we’ll see.