Short and Sweet

I’ve played a shit ton of DF. I have died like 4 times to players and killed 2 Harvesters by a player city (one was afk, both were naked). I have like 12+ suits of chainmail and can now make banded. I have 3 mounts that I made and lost 1 that I stole from a PK who got too close to a tower. I tried to jump a guy mining iron and he raped the shit out of me. I later ran into this guy and fought mounted for a minute, then realized he called in backup, got chased by 3 dudes, one jumped down the mountain to catch up (air acceleration like in CS) and got me.

My STR and WIS are both almost 30, at which point I will be buying some new skills (though I forget which ones exactly lol). My mining is over 75 with Mining Mastery at 30, Herb is almost 75. Lesser Magic is above 50, I have greater magic to almost 20 with rend a little above that.

Greatswords is almost 40 along with archery. I’m doing the big ass stat bonus quests where you have to kill 500 of a lot of shit. I’m almost ready to turn in the +2 wisdom one which requires 300 stone (have) 300 timber (have) 300 iron ore (dont have) and 300 fish (dont have). In return I get +2 wisdom, 2k gold, and 50 ingots (only thing that makes it almost worth it, I’m not mining that much for no crafting gain).

Shit is going good, I left murder herd mainly because they’re a bunch of paranoid r-tards. They think I’m going to spy on them or some shit because they don’t remember me from DF’s launch. Oh well, I heard they just lost a boat being dumb so, good riddance. Not sure where I am going but I am leaning towards the all Ork clan mainly just so I know my enemies (non orks) and have a city to farm mats and defend from fgts.

Looking to get STR and WIS to 30 today, buy the skills, finish the +2 WIS quest, get more steedgrass, farm more goblin scouts (for +STR quest), make more banded, kill more skeleton archers. Possibly find a selentine chest to use one of my 2 keys on. Etc.

I’d love to take the time to really put a lot of thought into my writing but, if I do that now then I lose precious play time! MFKERS!


Via – New DAoC Server Type – Origins

Here is a link.

Here is a copypasta:

This server type is intended to be untangled from the many free and retail expansion packs that have been introduced over the years, which have significantly altered the original design of the game. Beyond the changes highlighted in the poll itself (no buff bots, no Master Levels, etc.), we are also taking the following measures ONLY on this new ‘Origins’ server:

– Equalizing the number of classes in each realm to 11. This will require that one class in Albion be merged with other classes and/or removed altogether, and that one additional class be granted to Midgard. Keeping balance in mind, and bearing in mind that we are still closely examining this aspect of Origins (which means this may be subject to change), here is what we are considering:

o Removal of the Theurgist class from Albion. This very unique ‘pet spam’ class has historically been one of the most difficult to balance. Removal of this class will allow us to better balance the realms against each other, as opposed to attempting to balance specific classes against other realms or realms against specific classes. Note that we are looking at ‘key’ abilities this class offers (other than the pets) in order to transfer unique abilities to other characters in the realm.

o Addition of the Valkyrie class to Midgard. The Valkyrie class, introduced with Catacombs, provides a unique flavor to Midgard without introducing increased challenges to balance. As it is now, it would be considered a powerful class for this server type, but please keep in mind that we are also retuning balance of all three realms across the board (more on this later). With its melee and mending skills, we believe the Valkyrie will round out Midgard’s abilities fairly well by adding a third healer with heavy melee damage potential to the realm. This will balance the healing capacity between all three realms, whereas before Midgard had only two healing classes and the other two realms each had three. Furthermore, this class will complement Midgard’s strong melee capabilities. In hindsight, this would have been a good class to release when we launched the game in 2001. This is why it was chosen.

– Adding new strategic elements to RvR to include additional RvR objectives. Along with the return of the original Frontiers lands, we will be introducing new gameplay objectives for all players level 20 and above. This means that a level 20 player can enter the Frontiers in order to help his or her realm achieve victory. Here are some of the highlights to this element of RvR:

o No battlegrounds. The focus of this server will be on world RvR. By encouraging players of all levels to participate in RvR, and providing rewards and a stake in the outcome for doing so, we will be able to introduce lesser experienced players to RvR much more effectively. However, we have learned a few things about this type of gameplay over the years and we will add some components to the game based on what we have learned, such as:

§ Grief Protection. Because we are focusing on world RvR, we want to give players who are at least level 20 the opportunity to participate in World RvR events without fear of complete annihilation by players who are significantly higher in level. We are still working through the details of this system, but our goal is to prevent players who are the equivalent of a red or purple con from attacking lower level players unless the lower level player initiates combat first. We are also examining ways to protect lower level RvR objectives and hunting grounds from being ‘griefed’ by higher level enemies.

o New strategic ‘hotspots’. Along with the original keep and relic structures, this server will also provide capturable camps, small towers, and outposts to players who wish to gain access to unique NPCs with unique items and/or quests. Hotspots will be level-range-based in order to encourage players of the appropriate level to capture the hotspots with items and quests they can use. We are also considering adding a village or two to each Realm’s RvR region, as additional objectives for higher level players, which also offer unique items and quests.

o Modified monster camps to accommodate participation and leveling by lower level players.

No more BGs, not relying on mez nearly as much (most dont as it is but they have friends/connections/aren’t solo type players therefor aren’t affected by mez), reduction of classes, no expansions, OLD FRONTIERS!!!

Another SWG update, not as big, quick post

So I was able to get to 90 on my Trader, hooray! So, I celebrated reaching max level by building myself a Medium Tatooine House (could’ve gone large but didn’t wanna run the factory) and setting a few things down inside. In my basement I put a Fountain, which I made about 350 of while grinding, figured I’d save one, well it fills the entire room, and it’s the biggest room in my house. But hey, it doesn’t even look cool! So, it stays!

Put down my Structure and Weapon crafting stations. Made 3 Toolboxes for resources/loots that I gather. Went to and found some uber resources and put my 2 elites on them, and then waddled on home. On my way I stumbled upon a spawn of Krayt dragons! First time seeing those in game, so, I tried to kill one lol. They conned yellow! But, I’m a trader with a level 50 pistol…. So, yeah.

My Jedi is now 39. At 38 he received a lightsaber crafting kit, but i had already bought a +15 one. So I used my Traders uber resources and made myself a sweet double bladed lightsaber (type 2). Has about 60 extra DPS over my nubly one. Can’t wait to level more and make a better one. At 34 I got my level 2 heal, which went from 1000 to 3125, so i put another point in advanced healing and it heals for 3750 which is well over half my health. Hooray!

That’s all for now, I’ll keep ya updated, and it’ll probably always be boring.

SWG Update

So I was able to make my Elite Harvesters the other day and woowee, one was BER 44 (which is max I believe) and the other was 43 (booo, no amazing successes). I gathered enough resources during this time to get to level 82. Which means hopefully I have enough when I get home today to get to 86, if I do, I may be able to get to 90, if I find that I have enough leftover ore. So, pretty soon I’ll be a Master Architect/Shipwright. I plan on making as many things as I think I’ll ever need and then respec to another Trader profession, just to do it again. My final goal is to be a Munitions (Armor/Weapon) Trader, which is the most boring and makes the least amount of money. However, you can make a lot of money selling resources, for example I just sold 200k (had 500k) of some uber steel I discovered for 3 million credits.

My Jedi is level 31 and just hanging out on Naboo at some place called like Deeja Peak. I’m doing quests to recover some droid shit, once I’m done with that I go back to some RSF computer, and then I get to look for another droid. So, I’ve been playing my trader more. But, I am excited about my Jedi. Soon I will craft my own Light Saber, using my Trader’s uber friggin resources, so hopefully I will be leet and powerful. One of the devs posted on the Jedi forum today and said that they will be getting some changes.

One of the changes has a few Jedis upset. The expertise is split in to two sides, can you guess what two they are? Yap, Light and Dark. The light side is more defensive and the dark is, yep, you guess it, more offensive. On the Light side there is a Heal improvement expertise (think: WoW talents) and most Dark jedi are able to put points into that and still get the uber dmg from the Dark side. The changes will move that heal expertise down to a tier 5 level (read: fifth expertise down) to make room for a passive Riposte expertise which will reflect damage from time to time. There will also be a new ability Saber Block, and I believe that temporarily increases the chance of a Riposte. I fucking love classes that have that ability. The first thing that comes to mind is WoW Warriors and that uber 15 second ability called Retaliation. Second thing that comes to mind is the Legionnaire from Savage 2, who has an ability called Riposte (that ALWAYS reflects attacks).

Seeing the word Riposte reminds me of Anarchy Online for some reason. When that happens, the next thing to come to mind is Dimache! That shit fucking ruled and you know it! Fucking 5 million damage at level 1 or some shit, man, fuck yeah. Why don’t more games have shit like that. I remember being a level 1 Warrior in Vanguard (alt #50000) and 1 shotting everything for a few levels, it made me feel fucking awesome. But meh, too many people don’t like that shit.

Anyways, I’m playing SWG on the Bloodfin server. Come and join me.