Hi, I’m Bonedead.  I chose that name when I was in 7th grade in an attempt to both defuse people making fun of me while also trying to get across the point that I would potentially beat them (by making them dead or something).  I’ve been playing games for most of my life which as of writing this has been 31 years.  I practically grew up in Counter-Strike servers from the ages of 14-19 but I’ve managed to drop plenty of bad habits developed during that time.  Like most people I sometimes think I am special and smart so hopefully that doesn’t bother you but if it does I don’t know what to tell you, sounds like a personal problem.

I used to be really into MMORPGs and full loot open world free for all PvP (insert more buzzwords if you like), but nowadays I find myself spending more time in single player games.  I am still alright at FPS games and if I had to name a favorite it would probably be PUBG just because CS just isn’t the same game for me anymore.  I also try and play D&D once a week which is something younger me would have made fun of me for doing, but he was stupid so we don’t listen to him.

What you’ll find here is mainly just me talking about what I’ve been doing recently and any stray thoughts regarding recent gaming news.  It is also possible there will be a post or two of a more personal nature just about stuff going on in my head.  I enjoy using naughty words still and can appreciate a good meme.  I also criticize myself a fair amount as evidenced by my previous about me section preserved below.


Old About Me from 2009:

I started online gaming with Quake 2 (digital paintball was the first game that “I discovered” on my own) when I was in 7th or 8th grade. This was when the game was more popular lol (it is now a standalone client). This was also when the website TheCLQ.com was very active and people used it frequently (it has since gone down and apparently, checking now, resurfaced with an uglier face), it was at this time that I was once ranked in the top 10 for Q2DP, for a week or something lol. I was also ranked #3 in RA3 (Rocket Arena 3 for Quake 3) for a day or so once.

I could go through every game I’ve played since then in a lot of words, which I’m not going to do, or I can list them to the best of my memory’s ability. CS (since beta), Chain of Command (by 2AM Gameclub), D2, WC3, UO, AO, DAoC, Knight Online, Earth & Beyond, EVE, SWG, Day of Defeat (played the night it released, when it was a free mod), Vanguard, Warhammer Online, Guild Wars, LotRO, Ragnarok Online, Savage 1&2, EQ2, Mythos, BF2, Aion, and AoC. Some of those were remembered thanks to my Xfire.

I’ve always been competitive since I was young and in sports. I believe my favored games are those that have PvP, which of course includes FPSes, as they are pretty much the purest form of PvP there is.

I started blogging because I wanted to feel special and now, after 2 years or so, I’ve finally realized that I just want to give my opinion, make some people laugh, and get some feedback (while giving feedback elsewhere as well). So that is what you can expect. With some dick jokes.

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