Wow, One Year

So yesterday a year ago I wrote my first little blog post here that had some substance and was about gaming. Damn, time sure did fly. I’ve had 1,302 visits (that SiteMeter caught) since whenever I added SiteMeter. Which for me is pretty good. I don’t have many regular readers but the ones I do have are people whose opinions I value.

I’d like to give a few thanks to them for giving me traffic and letting me comment way too much on their blogs.
In no particular order:
Krones @ Plaguelands
Jeff Freeman @ MythicalBlog
Scott Jennings @ Broken Toys
and Google for ranking me high up on searches I shouldn’t be high up on (google fuckin thing sucks and see what I mean, then try daoc trial)

It has been fun and I’ve learned a lot about nothing, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

News with some thoughts on the side (possibly worth reading?)

I got engaged on Wednesday. We’re not setting a date or anything, we’re just gonna run out some day and elope, screw big fancy shmancy weddings. An ad in the paper should net the phat lewtz from anyone who wants to give em.

I’d had a plan to leave work early, get a ring, pick her up from home (was her day off) and take her to Anna Maria. I was planning on her taking pictures of things on the pier, and I wanted to tie my shoe and say wow check out the Skyway, when she turned back around she would see me with a ring. That was the plan anyway haha.

I picked her up and as we were pulling out she says I seem funny and she is worried. She was fuckin on to me! Gdamnit! So I go a few parking spaces down and just park again, because she fucking knew it already! I see a car coming by and say, look at that! Well, she didn’t look long enough and turned back to look at my like WTF is wrong with you? Then she sees me struggling to get something out of my pocket. I just said fuck it and wtf bam busted it out in her face. She started crying and said yes and it was so great to feel that. Then we went and got Checkers because we’re fat.

So that is real life, time for WoW life.

We’ve picked up a couple more people, kind of. Not much is going on really, we’ve all pretty much slowed down on leveling and our playtime. I can only speak for myself as to why this is happening.

Stress. Real life in-game stress. Stress to stick with the same character, stress to make it to 70, stress because you feel required to play instead of playing to have fun.

I believe a lot of people feel this stress when it comes to playing. What happened to fun? If I was to get on my level 9 Shaman instead of my 31 Warrior, the people I play with would be like wtf are you doing? Fun is not allowed, you don’t play by your own rules, peer pressure is king yet again in your life. For what?

People will quit to spite you for pressuring them to play the way you want them to. I still can enjoy playing WoW, I just don’t want to play the same class all the damn time you know? I want more children (toons) with different capabilities, different tradeskills, different levels of difficulty. My Warrior is a bad ass, he can really fucking rape shit, but that doesn’t mean I want to play him the whole god damn time, you know?

One of the things that makes me feel best about playing an MMO is that I can make a new toon and deck him out or some how fill a slot in my self sufficiency plan with him. That is what is fun to me. If I can’t do that without catching some flak then why would I even want to play?

Truth is I do want to play. I want WoW to be the only MMO I need to fill the void that I have for MMO gaming. I know it is a very fucking capable game for doing this in.

It’s just like bowling. Say you like bowling and say you prefer to granny bowl it between your legs with two hands. That is how you like to bowl because it makes the game fun for you. Then some kid says, that isn’t how you’re supposed to do it. Fuck that kid, if you wanna bowl granny style, you just keep on keepin on my friend.

Granny style for life.

This weekend bitch (the one that just happened)

WoW WoW WoW, fo seriously.

We created a guild (Drak’thul Horde) named No Quarter Given. We’re supposed to be roleplaying pirates, however, we can’t get any recruits lol. Go figure, all we wanna do is make the bad kids “walk the plank” and we can’t even get em to join. Sad face.

3 of our 4 are 30 with mounts, woot woot. Our 4th started Thursday I believe so, he has an excuse. We’re going to get Deserted Soul from to join us, woot woot. That’ll make 5. We don’t really have a solid setup, cus we’re stupid, but as it is now we have 2 30 Mages a 30 Warrior and a 12 Rogue. One of the mages has a Pally at say 12 which we might make him start playing. We need a solid group capable of doing these low level instances and we just don’t have it yet.

Tempers are starting to flare regarding instance loot. Since the 2 mages want the same shit and 1 of them seems to be getting everything via the luck of the dice heh. We’re gonna need to be able to run shit easily. So someone’s gotta change, and as much as I don’t want it to be me, I could probably play a shaman. Especially with my new found wealth. I’ve never bought gold from IGE and I don’t support it, but I gotta say, they’re pretty reliable, quick, and relatively cheap….

I doubt I’m going to have to switch after talking to my brother a bit more. We’re gonna make the mage who gets the phats (and steals them from my brother lol, aka guild leader) play his pally. Apparently he’s not good at mana management, so why not make him our healer… Riiiiight. Anyways, that is the plan. That guy plays a fuckload anyway so he should be able to catch up.

That is about it for now, love yous!

The Weekend of August Fifteenth thru August Seventeenth, Two Thousand and Eight!

I am now level 25, almost thirty! Yes, 30 is the new 40, mount wise at least. My brother and his friend are the same level and we’re all pretty sweet.

I was unable to get the double Snake Maces, but we got ran through BFD last night and I am now the proud owner of 2 new blue 1 handed swords. Uno and Dos. They’re perdy sweet.

That’s it for the mornin, maybe I’ll post something this afternoon.

August Fourteenth, Two Thousand and Eight!

Today (I say today but it was really yesterday) I upheld my WoW vow yet again by only playing CS. I don’t know why I just didn’t really feel like getting on WoW. I felt like I didn’t have enough time I guess so I am saving it for the weekend and tomorrow after work (tomorrow = today lol).

I looked at my scoutzknivez demo and tried to fraps a good portion of it but for some fuckin reason I have a 3.9 gb fraps video that doesn’t work because the shit fuckin died or something in the middle of recording. Then I saw that I already had some frapses of the demo and thought, way to go you fuckin retard.

So I took a 700mb avi, windows media encoded it into a wmv that is around 30 mb, and then played CS instead of uploading it to YouTube because it took fuckin 30 minutes to encode it.

I question the point now, after giving it more thought. Regular servers don’t have the air acceleration set to what scoutzknivez uses, so even though actually playing on a scoutzknivez server can improve your air strafing and your ability to jump precisely, I don’t think it really helps that much. I looked on youtube for some and there are guides for it, however, most of these guides are on servers where they only play kz maps which is just a race to a certain point via crazy jumping off the side of cliffs and over lava and shit. I am pretty sure those servers use some altered settings because the dudes are jumping and speeding up waaay too many times. In regular servers it isn’t possible to jump that many times and have your distance between jumps remain that large.

So I don’t even know if I’m going to upload it. Maybe I can just record a demo of me playing on a regular server and fraps the parts where I use it to my advantage. Meh. Maybe I’ll just drop it and focus on WoW lol. Like a good little boy.

I have a plan for WoW though. I want to run WC a few times until I have 2 Stinging Viper maces. Just look at it and you’ll see why I want 2. You can even view it as a 3d model and put it on a tauren male and then just imagine another one in his other hand, I think it’d be pretty bad ass. Not to mention the DPS lol. I’ll be the crazy snake wielding cow.

There is also a bunch of blue mail armor in there I may try and get, just so I don’t have to for a while. I don’t want to run every instance 20 times just to get all the loot I could use from it. Plus, I already got the Savage Trodders boots my first run through. So I only need to get the Breastplate and the belt that is better than the other belt.

I think that would be pretty bad ass. Maybe I can find some generous high level who will run me through it a few times, if not I guess I’ll have to risk grouping again! Lol. Ugh, I know, but it is a hard phobia to overcome. Plus it just takes so long when you’re a group of level appropriate players.

Just got on real quick here at work (shhh!) to see if my guild had a website or was planning to, lol, guess not! One of the higher ranks in the guild was on and I asked him then said to tell the leader that we should look in to it and he told me the leader was on his main. So I /t the main and he fuckin ignores me even though I offer to help be it money or actually getting the shit up and THEN he goes afk. 😦

Feels good to be loved. I hope this guild works out y’know, I don’t want to be hopping around from one to another like some 12 year old (just like i used to do) but I guess I can’t help it if they’re all run by 12 year olds amirite?

Maybe I’ll have to start my own some day, who knows.

God damn it now all I wanna do is play WoW! Motherfucker!