I think that is the first time I’ve ever typed out OMEGALUL.

A few games have recently signed deals with the Epic Game Store granting exclusivity for a year.  For me there are now 2 games that I’m going to wait a year before playing, though I’m definitely tempted to try and figure out how to pirate them (it has been a looooong time for me).  Satisfactory and now Outer Worlds.  Division 2 I bought on Uplay just because you have to fuckin use it anyway, plus there was a preorder bonus that allowed me to grab Ghost Recon Wildlands for free at the same time.

This kind of behavior is so fuckin dumb that it actually gives me enough anger to overcome being a weak willed dumbass who usually opens his wallet whenever he can to get what he wants.  So I guess I can thank them for that.  Since I’ve quit cigarettes I’ve found it is nice to succeed at long term goals that only involve willpower.  So now my new one is to not give them dirty sumabitches any of my goddamn money (at least directly, no idea if buying some Steam games gives them anything).

I also saw an indie game dev conflate Valve saying the Metro bait and switch as unfair to consumers as being Valve saying it was unfair to themselves and that was just about the dumbest shit I’ve read in a while.  He seemed butthurt that they changed their algorithm for displaying games to users, saying that they put a bunch of indie devs out of business.  I feel like if you need Steam to show your game to people that aren’t directly searching for the keywords/tags your game contains then maybe your game isn’t good enough to be successful?  I really hope Valve implements some sort of policy that games can’t have pages on Steam to promote their games if they’re going to sign exclusivity deals with other platforms.  I wish I could refund Nuclear Throne a little bit.

As for my previous watchlist post, PoE Synthesis was pretty underwhelming though I still have a desire to play it.  It has had some problems mechanic wise but my problem I think is the build I chose and the builds I had to choose from.  It all felt really limited, probably because of the patch notes affecting what sort of builds people threw together.  Also the guy who made the build I chose stopped leveling after he hit 70 and didn’t update his build post for two weeks so, kind of a big bummer.

Division 2 is more of the same from Division 1, which isn’t bad, but I just don’t really give a shit about doing that right now.  Doesn’t help that the person I usually play with just flies through everything and I’m always playing catch up.  I’ll probably give it another go sometime but I’m just not feelin it right now.  I’m actually not feeling anything right now as I haven’t played a game since Saturday afternoon.  I’ve spent most of my time catching up on Critical Role and watching GTA V RPers (mostly dasmehdi).

Anyways, I hope Outward doesn’t turn out to be as much of a bummer as the other games on my watchlist.  Epic Game Store fuckin sucks big ol dicks and likes it, etc etc.  GGWP

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