DAoC and what I’ma gonna do

Well I’m going Hib because I hear they’re the underdog, all around and in the BGs (lower level) and that’s what I like being. I still haven’t decided on a class, but I will, I kick off today. I’ll post my character page asap so you can see how fuckin fast I am. For some reason being fast is fun.

Goodbye SWG, Hello DAoC Trial, See You Soon Conan

Yep, that’s how it goes in the WWW (wild wild west).

My RL buddy that started playing SWG with me and I have decided that we want to play AoC at release. My SWG sub renewed the 1st, so I canceled it a little bit ago. I gotta pre-order AoC now, I want that head start nukka!

Time fillers until then:
1) DAoC trial. I don’t know what class I’m gonna make, but I’m gonna pwn. Maybe a Hunter or Rogue (haven’t played one of those in a while).

2) CS. Always a good way to waste time and feel bad about it.

3) Savage 2. Maybe I’ll finally let that 5 minute patch finish finally and check out what they’ve done with the game. Maybe not.

I would still like to compile my SWG footage into a farewell video, but who knows.


What’s goin on with me?

Well, I’ll star off by telling you about how to have fun with the past. This weekend my girlfriend brought up that she hasn’t played Super Nintendo, which means no Zelda. So I downloaded Zelda Classic, a pc .exe that is the NES Zelda, quite awesome if I do say so myself. Well, the first one didn’t really do it for her. So I then went and downloaded an SNES emulator and found a torrent with 5 zillion SNES games and picked The Legend of Zelda: A link to the past. Immediately upon seeing the games loading screen, I was linking to the past, all of these feelings and memories came to the top and I got so goddamn excited, it was amazing. Even she was getting excited just by seeing the improvements from the first one to the second and by seeing how excited I was.

She doesn’t even want to play the game. Well, she does, but she just hasn’t played many games of that age so the controls and making something clunky be fluid just isn’t that easy for her yet. But, she loves watching me play, we just lay in bed and she watches me play. I’ll be playing SWG and I’ll die or something and sigh and she’ll pipe in: “Wanna play Zelda?” which means: “Wanna play Zelda so I can watch?”

It’s great, it really is. So far I’ve gotten 2 pendants, one from the Desert and one from the “Ice” place (with the worm bosses, also where you find the ice wand I believe?) which I’ve dubbed that due to finding the ice wand there. I got my uber strength gloves, my flippers, a couple bottles to store faeries in, and I’ve got my charge. The game is just so fucking awesome, you really forget why you play games when you’re livin in the present, competition isn’t always the way.

I highly recommend everyone download a SNES emulator (I recommend ZNES or whatever it’s called, the one with the Z at the front) and their favorite games and giving it a whirl. It just might help you through your MMO/gaming slump.

As for SWG things have been going rather well. My two friends, both a bit young/dumb/immature, have been helping keep my interest. We’re all in a guild, though I believe it is an “alt guild”, for other peoples alts, but I don’t even really know. I only joined so I can talk to both of them at the same time when not in a group (due to the huge xp loss grouping takes from you). I didn’t hang out with them much though due to fucking grinding my shit bitches! I’m levelin! Fast!

There is a dev sponsored PvP event on my server April 19th (day before holiday lolzorz, I coined it National Relaxation day in high school) that I want to participate in, even though I most likely will not be max level, why do I have these delusions of grandeur? Well because I’ve had a couple duels recently. As a 28 Smuggler I beat a 38 Jedi a couple of times in a duel. I also got on of my friends in game’s 75+ Jedi to half health as a 28 Smuggler. Then I dueled his 43 Medic a couple of times and beat it every time if I had all of my abilities available. So I have concluded that I may be able to at least annoy some people, especially since Smugglers specialize in Area Effects (dmg and roots/snares). I’ve always been good at not standing out in PvP and coming from out of nowhere to lay a smack down, I don’t see why SWG would be any different. I’m not expecting to wtf pwn people, but maybe I’ll get noticed or get some recognition of a job well done, I mean shit, it is dev sponsored anyway and I’ll probably be the only toon there that is under level 60.

In the Smuggler expertise there are two paths for extra specialization. One for Melee and one for Pistols. Prior to this weekend I only put points into melee (allowing my basic attack abilities to progress and become stronger such as Dizzy 1, Dizzy 2, etc) but my weapon has been slowly becoming less effective and at level 30 I received a pistol with about 50 more base DPS. So I can now alternate if I want to be melee or ranged which is pretty fuckin cool if you ask me considering my class is capable of being awesome at both, especially in my hands :p.

Today I will be farming Tusken Observers for a rare loot drop that I hope is still in the game (most SWG info online is out dated) which is called (I think) a Gadereffi baton, I hope that’s the right weapon that I’m thinking off. It’s the metal pipe that curves into a faucet type opening with a huge fucking nail at the end. Hopefully the DPS will be acceptable and I’ll be able to resume my melee game. As it is, there doesn’t appear to be much in my future in the melee weapons department.

I put points into an expertise that buffs myself allowing my next crit to do double damage. Add that with my ability that allows my next special attack to be a crit, along with my AE highest dmg ability, and you’ve got me 2 shotting 5 greens and 3-4 shotting groups of blues as well. Not to mention the possibilities in the PvP event. I can hit for about 4k damage when I only have around 6-7k health.

I discovered a set of quests that allow you to receive a set of Acklay armor. Acklays are the huge beasts that Obi Wan had to fight in that big arena from like Episode 2 I think, the big multi-legged bastard thing. Anyways you can only get 1 piece at a time and you have to go across Naboo to farm the pieces necessary to make them. I had about half a suit when one of my friends told me about Clone armor. I find out that I can probably do the clone armor quest right now, at level 33 or so, and get uber armor. Much better than Acklay armor, anyway. So I miraculously manage to solo that quest, there was one part in a small room where I got attacked by like 8 guys all my level or higher. Since I managed to kill one before I died, I got the information for the quest which I needed, hoorah!

I now look like a storm trooper with a bit of pink(light red) sprinkled in due to being Rebel aligned and the armors color coated. I also finished up the Acklay armor quests just to get a suit (minus gloves/boots due to them not providing any bonuses) which I plan on setting around my house for decoration, whenever I get one of those.

That’s where I am right now. I frapsed a few things this weekend, I’d like to put a video together, if only encoding/compressing video didn’t take so long. Maybe I’ll have that running when I’m playing Zelda next, yeah, there we go. Expect a shitty/smally video of my SWG antics soon!

Excitement! Adventure!

Hooray! I made friends in SWG on my roleplaying heavy (most people go there to roleplay) server. How did I meet these friends? Well, let me start at the beginning to bring you up to speed.

As you know I have started from scratch as a Smuggler. Well, let’s just say it isn’t easy repeating shit you’ve already repeated. It’s safe to say that my play time was diminishing. I attempted to correct this by making a new toon, an Entertainer! I’ve never played one, and it is so gay lol. I made a Sullustian fat ass female, you know, Lando’s co pilot in the 6th episode at the end there, yeah, a female one. Fat and gross as all hell, except I don’t wear clothes, so I’m in granny panties. Anyways, Entertainers hang out in Cantinas. Turns out, most entertainers are roleplayers, and most roleplayers hang out in cantinas. LOL. Man is it funny seeing them hold down shift to walk around each other. I won’t lie, it makes you want to do it too, but I found my way around this ghey hurdle.

You see the jump command in swg was definitely a fucking after thought. You have to hold it down to see the entire animation, which means, tapping it quickly, can result in awesomeness. What I like to do is, what I like to call “The Nutcracker”, which is me holding shift (walk) and tap jump a lot. It makes me look like a Nutcracker (imo).

This shit drives roleplayers fucking crazy. Which is hilarious to me lol, especially since they’re mostly teenfags with (ROLEPLAY) tags on (which is toggled, displays above your head), and to be honest they’re mostly all horrible at it(roleplaying). Half the time they’re just trying to play out some stupid fucking scene from a movie where one guy says: “I wouldn’t say that if I wuz you!” to which the other guy says: “Oh yeah well maybe I will!”.

It is fucking hilarious though. Especially the adult ones, who are like, really fucking serious about it. This one dude was ethuggin it up RP style and challenged the guy to a duel outside. He walks out of the cantina (I follow in full Nutcracker effect) and walks away around the corner, see, he’s roleplaying that he has to go get his armor, rofl. I mean, sure, good one in a roleplay sense, but, c’mon, fucking hilarious. Anyway, he comes back and whoops the teenfags ass.

One thing that’s also hilarious is OOC text. When they’re talking out of character (ooc) they put their text in parenthesis. I’ve received a few ((Fuck you!))s, a couple ((/addignore you budday!))s (they don’t say budday btw) and I’ve got to say it’s quite funny to me. They’re all serious roleplayer mode and then they gotta stop their 4 man sausage orgy to OOC me in the face!

One thing that I noticed that I found interesting involved Mr. Walk around the corner to get my armor man. As he walked away I followed him for a while, bouncin around, and he said ((FUCK OFF)), so, I did because i don’t wanna get in trouble csr style. Anyways, I figured this guy fucking hated me, which I can understand, I really can. Anyways when he came back to duel the other guy and won I cheered for him. Now, when I did this, I was reminded of schoolyard behavior so goddamned much, and heres why. See I praised this guy (with a few people watching as well), and then he lets loose a lol or a haha yeah! Then I say to the loser: “You just got RPed in the face nobzor!”

This made the roleplayer dude fucking so happy and excited, it was like he got accepted into the cool kids club or something. I hate to say that, considering I’ve been that guy, no doubt, at some point in my life. I’m not claiming to be leader of the cool kids club or anything of the sort. I’m just pointing out what may be a common characteristic of roleplayers. Which is, the want to be accepted by their “arch enemies”, the leet speak pwnzor dudes like muhself. I won’t lie, I’d like RPers to like me, and PvEers. Iunno, maybe everyone just wants to feel a part of something.

Anyways, I made friends! Haha, one dude named -Souless- comes in the cantina and he’s doin the Nutcracker! I ran up to him and we bounced all over the place, it fucking ruled. Now, he ran off and I kept doing my thang and eventually I wound up outside watching the Jedis duel, which is a popular spot to see people. I end up running into my buddy again and we bounce all over the place, through all the roleplayers, it really makes me feel so good doing it. We go to the bank and his buddy is there, who is like 84 Jedi, fuckin awesome. He also Nutcrackers and now I’ve got 2 friends. It’s awesome to finally have friends like me.

It’s odd though, the Souless guy is either somewhat retarded or a youngin like I used to be. I always seem to get along so much better with young kids. I think its just because the funniest shit to me is asshole/dickhead funny shit. I know kids love that shit, its definitely a CS kind of thing I believe. Iunno!

Had a little fun with numbers

Inflating them, that is. Note: This post is not a contradiction of my last post, as it doesn’t really relate to MMOs. Instead it has to do with my traffic.

See, on the 28th of March, I created a post and hot linked an image (not hot spots). Which basically means, in the img tag I used someone else’s url besides my own. I did this for the Droideka picture, which was the first google image result for the search: “Droideka”.

Since this time, my traffic has greatly increased. We have reached ludicrous speed. If you know what I mean. Here is a graph of my traffic (visits/page views) for the last 30 days.

phat lewts eh

Now, you probably notice that the jump in traffic doesn’t start on the 28th. Weird, huh? Something tells me it has to do with the amount of time it takes for google to uhh, google shit. I don’t know.

But, if you look at referring URLs, for the last 60 visitors (little over 70 for the whole month of April so far) then you can start to see what I’m talking about.

neat #1
neat #2
neat #3

Hopefully you can see all of the google domains shortly followed by img of some sort and maybe if you’re lucky you’ll see a lot of Droidekas too.

At first it was a little exhilarating, I won’t lie, but eventually I realized I was only cheating myself. Plus, hot linking images is frowned upon in the web world (though I was not contacted by anyone). I did have a post with a hot linked image of Han Solo (obviously it was the #1 search result) which was simply titled: “I am Han Solo”, simply because I play a Smuggler now. But I deleted it after a few minutes, felt too lame.

This spike in traffic also tempted my fraudulent side, lols, considered putting some AdSense back on my page. However, I am better than that! Ah ha! Take that!

Anyways, it was fun while it lasted, however, I have downloaded the image myself and hosted it on my flickr, hopefully by some miracles of teh google gods, the traffic won’t stop. But, it probably will :p

Go me, I’m number 1! YEAH! (Oh and more SWG stuff)

I am such a great person, wow. Man I am always so right, it’s great. Everyone should listen to me, because I like to predict the future on MMORPGs. I am god-like. Flurdy Flurdy Flurdy! Bork! Bork!

I don’t know how people do it. I just can’t find myself capable of babbling on about MMORPGs regarding aspects that don’t even involve gameplay or even mechanics of gameplay. I could see attempting to discuss (alone) something specific, maybe, how blocking/parrying/evading are calculated in a combat system as something to talk about. Even loot drop percents and loot tables, yeah, I can talk about shit like that (with someone, unless I go schizo and talk with myself). I can talk about these things because they matter to me when it comes to MMORPGs. You know what doesn’t matter to me when it comes to MMORPGs? Corporate bullshit half assed attempts at being drama. This includes, but is not limited to: subscription numbers, subscription predictions, beta applicant numbers, expansion sales predictions, RMT debates, and the like.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am interested when a company somehow does something that belittles their customers, or shows lack of respect. However, boasting or inflating numbers involving the number of people interested in your product is, to me, advertising 101. Of course they’re going to do that, why? Not to fool you, the player, who shouldn’t really give a shit. But to fool Mr. Money Bags Funder, who probably knows that more interest in a product means more money goes to that product to protect it. If anything, players should try and perpetuate these claims so that the game gets more funding, thus, possibly a greater chance at success. Even if you don’t support the game (well maybe not Second Life, lulz!). In my opinion if you enjoy MMOs, you should be sick of WoW by now. You should want that huge playerbase to start splitting and spreading out.

But, enough of that shit.

I’ve gone and done something most would consider completely fucking retarded. Which makes me a little ashamed to even tell you, but I’m sticking by my decision. Here’s the story:

My month ran up yesterday in SWG. I was at the point where I needed to buy the expansions in order to continue to progress at a steady, acceptable rate. I go to the station store and click digital downloads: Star Wars Galaxies. In here I see that I can buy the Complete Online Adventures (everything included with some bonus perks, such as 1 month of game time) for $29.99, The Rage of the Wookies expansion for 24.99, and The Trials of Obi-Wan for $24.99. My options at this point are as follows:

1) Buy the complete online adventures, get my free uber mount, my free month, and the two expansions for $30.

I’m thinking, alright, fuck yeah, this rules. Then right before it asks for your credit card, in parenthesis, it says that the free month only applies to new accounts. Hmm, great. If I want to continue with this option it will ultimately cost me $45. At this point I decided to take a look at my options again. I recently purchased some cruise tickets for myself and my woman, so cash is a little tight until I get a couple paychecks under my belt. My options as I look now are:

1) Buy the complete online adventures, get my free uber mount, and pay for a month of game time. Cost: $45

2) Buy Rage of the Wookies (lower level content) and a month of time, I would have to buy Trials of Obi-Wan at a later date. Cost: $40

3) Buy the complete online adventures, get my free uber mount, and free month of game time by creating a new account. Abandoning my previous account which has a 90 Trader and 50 Jedi. Cost: $30

By now you can probably guess which one I chose. Yep, number 3. I know, I know, I’m fucking stupid. But, y’know, sometimes everyone (or maybe just some people) needs a tabula rasa (teehee I’m so clever).

I’ve switched servers to a more RP oriented server, they do a lot of space too.

I’m leveling a melee smuggler and am almost level 16, with only a couple of hours invested. Smugglers are supposedly gimped (endgame PvP wise, this is supposed) according to the SWG forums. However, there aren’t that many active Smugglers from what I understand. Plus, I’m always up to the challenge of beating people with the “underpowered” class. I fucking love doing it. I see this as an opportunity to show people how PvP works at a higher level than simply button mashing (which don’t get me wrong does play a substantial part).

Will I make it to 90 though, that’s the question. As for the fun of the character, I’ve got a big speed bump to overcome, due to running through the legacy a few times at these low levels. Obviously I am a bit burned out on the content. Sure I could complain that SWG lacks it, but, of course it does. Well, let me clarify, they lack guided content, you know what I mean, they tell you where to go what to do and all that jazz (many disgruntled old people will tell you stories of the olden days when you didn’t have quest journals and waypoints or even directions to your destination, but they’re old and disgruntled). SWG has plenty of things to do in the Star Wars universe that requires motivation from you to seek out and discover, I’m not a motivated individual when it comes to having fun, especially when I’ve got levels to worry about.

This weekend will definitely be the time of overcoming that speed bump, and to be honest I can’t wait. I want to do this, I’m more motivated than ever for some reason. Works been great, I basically got my first client (I’m friggin 21 and feel like a kid still) who I do monthly bookkeeping for, and tax season is winding down.

On to the Smuggler profession. I mentioned in a previous post (or maybe just on PKer.org) that at low levels on the newb space station (tutorial land), a melee Smuggler at level 7 can friggin rape huge groups of mobs with AoE melee attacks. It really makes you feel great.

Let me outline the skills of the Smuggler and what I know of them so far.

Melee Attacks-
-You receive an increased damage melee attack with a quick cooldown.
-You receive an increased damage (more than above) melee attack with a snare and a medium cooldown.
-You receive an increased damage (almost double the middle and 4 times the first) melee attack that is AoE and also snares with a longer cooldown.

If you put points into the Melee Abilities expertise, you will receive “UPGRAYDES” for each of those attacks (i.e. Mini Melee Attack 2, Middle Melee Attack 5, etc).

There is also a ranged line of attacks that mirrors the melee attacks, except the AoE is a Cone instead of a circle. I personally like the circle better.

Other skills include:

Call a Favor: Spawns a “Smuggler Ally” who helps you fight in battle for maybe 20 seconds, if the target dies, he runs away and disappears. If you put points into the expertise Call a Medic (or something to that affect) you can call a medic instead. I did this on a Smuggler alt of mine on my old account and wasn’t too pleased. Though, it did heal me and save my life, it was still kind of weaksauce.

Find Illicit Goods: Allows you to search a corpse for contraband. Contraband is used in 5 sub set collection quests. Once you complete all 5 you get an uber pistol. This skill only works on certain corpses, and I don’t know which ones yet. I do know it works on just about every ship wreckage in space, though. I’ve yet to acquire any with this skill due to not finding a corpse that allows it. I have received a couple as loot though.

Fence: Allows you to sell your loots from anywhere in teh world. I love this skill because I don’t remember to fucking sell shit and I love just mowing through fields of humanoid npcs and collecting all the loots, it is a great source of income (lols).

There is also a self heal, most classes get one of these I believe.

Those are the only ones I’ve used so far, I know further down the road are Dirty Tricks, whatever the fuck those are.

I’m playing on Starsider, character’s name is E-Ni (randomly generated) Meen-E (not randomly generated). I like to use the random generator as a prompt-like tool.

That’s it, hope this helped you kill some time at work, I know it did for me. Lols!