Failed lol

So I was planning on partaking in the DAoC event I posted about last, however, I was gifted The Hobbit book. I first read it in the 4th grade because it was worth a lot of points in our book reading program thing. So when I saw the movie recently and didn’t remember half of the shit that happened I had to read the book again. Plus, who wants to wait a year before seeing the 2nd half amirite?

Anyways, so I figured, shit, it is 7PM, the event doesn’t start until 9PM, I may as well start the book to kill some time. I haven’t read anything for a while except for school stuff which put me to sleep rather quickly. A few chapters in and I’m nodding out every 2 minutes, absolutely exhausted! Doesn’t make much sense to me but, whatever, I decided to go to bed at 8:30PM, who does that and doesn’t wear diapers? Me apparently.

So, I missed the event. Shucks.


I know what I’m doin tonight

Right here.

I haven’t decided if I want to play with them or against them yet. I wouldn’t mind getting some free game time so if it is easier to do that while being an alb, I may just play with them.

Mid is really populated I know, which is why I switched to Hib kinda recently, of course not until after I got 3 other guys to level 50. But even playing Hib, the under dog and under populated realm it is supposed to be, I still felt like there were a ton of people. Which led me to start some Albs recently, got a Scout to 48 and had a lot of toons around Thidranki levels from a prior time.

Not sure what I am doing in the game, direction wise, just keep leveling some guys to 50 and making some money. Then I’ll buy a house and bind everyone to it. I’m pretty sure I’m just going to lose the house and all the vendors I paid for on every realm though. But, who knows, maybe I actually will keep playing the game.

So effing bored!

I lost it with Anarchy Online. I wanted to play it and get big and shit and see what the game has at higher levels, but, nope. I just couldn’t make myself do it anymore for some reason. Don’t know why, don’t really care why.

The game I’ve been most active with is Tribes: Ascend, which is pretty fun imo, having never played previous Tribes games. I’m usually a Juggernaught who sits on the flag.

I’ve tried a few other MMOs to bide my time. First it was DAoC which I uninstalled later that day. Then I went to Fallen Earth, which I’ve yet to uninstall since I regretted uninstalling DAoC the next day. After Fallen Earth (via some new thing I’ve never heard of) I downloaded Knight Online which was an old f2p asian as shit MMO I dabbled in a bit. I installed Knight Online and opened it once but when it started patching, I closed it.

Tuesday night I decided I should download LOTRO and gave it a slight whirl on my day off, yesterday. Got a Hobbit Ranger to like level 3 and gtfo of that shit. I wanted to fight people and in a game other than Tribes.

Downloaded DAoC again! Started out making a Lurikeen Nightshade which quickly turned into a character I wasn’t going to play anymore. I switched over to Albion due to Midgard and Hibernia having more relics than Albion and from what I saw in the low level battlegrounds, they had more low level players pvping too. So I rolled Alb for plenty of targets to fight.

To be precise, I rolled a Highlander Minstrel (Thrust). I did this because I know that Minstrel gets DDs via Instruments/Music and that the Thrust line they get has some powerful bleed effects tied into the styles. Spammable bleed effects, mind you, so it is pretty much like having a damage add buff.

I didn’t really run into many people to fight, harumph. However, I did manage a few kills on some Hibs and 2 gray Mids (which I think was played by 1 gray mid). The Hib fight was definitely cool. There was a team of 2 albs and another of one or two (no idea) at the Scrags spot where I was. The Hibs rolled in beatin people up. I fought a small lurikeen for a little bit before kinda kiting him/getting him to leave me alone. When he turned around I just watched for a second before deciding to go back into the fray and stab some bitches.

I was able to take down all but a lurikeen vampiir (op as shit zomg) who was 2 levels above me. I kited him away a bit and he attacked the “afk” minotaur. The minotaur became un-afk and started putting a good dent into the vampiirs health, so I turned around and helped finish him off. There must have been 5 or so Hibs against 5 or so Albs and the last 2 standing were me and a minotaur. Not just any minotaur, but the same minotaur I’d leveled next to the whole morning, from tutorial zone to low level bgs. It was kinda cool.

I’ve been tempted to return to the ol SWGEmu since they’ve begun Alpha testing the OR code. Almost there! I’m just afraid it will be lacking too much for me still, or that it wont be and I’ll love it and then it’ll get wiped for some reason that my little monkey brain wont be able to accept.

Anyways, prepurchased GW2 so I can BWE next weekend wuuuuut. May give the TERA beta a whirl this weekend but, maybe not.

That is it bitches! Bai2u

Wewt Wewt

I may have mentioned previously (I don’t remember what I write here) that I was farming glass on my Ranger (after saying this I stopped playing my Ranger lol), well, I started playing my Ranger again. I thought that the only use for glass was to buy Master Levels, well, I was wrong! Apparently you can buy Artifact encounter credit (each artifact has an encounter which is kinda like a public quest or one time drop, kill the mob or mobs and tada, you got credit) which I assumed previously was just credit for the encounter (which it is), from that point I assumed you would have to go to the market place and find someone selling that artifact at a probably inflated price. However, this is not the case. A vendor right next to the artifact encounter credit vendor sells the scrolls for the books (each artifact has a book), you turn in the book to the correct NPC and they give you the artifact!

So, now I am the proud owner of 2 artifacts! I picked up the Golden Scarab Vest (I’ve seen it used in a template on VN, so, could go either way lol) and Mariasha’s Sharkskin Gloves. I mainly picked these two because they have archery speed bonuses, which is just what I want. I ventured out into big boy RvR a bit last night and found myself roaming the middle ground between large standoffs, then I found that every stealther in the world does that, and got raped. But, the biggest thing I noticed was that other archers could shoot me, while I was stealthed, from a long ways away. Well, those Gloves I just got once leveled up, will give me that same ability 😀 (and by those gloves, I mean the ring I’m getting next but don’t have-ninja edit)! I also noticed that people were shooting me really fuckin fast, which is why I went for the speed bonus.

I am pretty excited now, I can’t believe I fucking missed that, I could’ve done this so long ago! Anyways, I stayed up last night longer than I have been this week and am actually tired this morning. I managed to get my artifacts to level 2, I tried to farm some more glass from Colossus but was too tired to be competent and failed. This weekend is looking quite promising with this newfound goodness!

Hope everyone enjoys their gaming this weekend!
Bonedead. Out!

A new old way to play

I have been playing DAoC rather extensively as of late, but for some reason I just don’t feel like I’m getting enough done in-game. This could be due to the fact that I for some reason can’t play any of my level 50s and have been making alt after alt, but that is beside the point. I have also been spending a little less time with my fiance, kinda, she sits right next to me the whole time but it is hard to find my chair rolled by her desk for 30 mins without it rolling back to my desk.

Well, yesterday I decided to spend some more time with her watching her favorite (horrible) shows. Before I knew it, the time had reached 9 PM, which is usually when we start winding down, line up a nice movie/tv playlist, and head to bed. But last night I asked her how late she wanted to stay up. Just asking that helped her stay up til 10 PM. Then I said that I kinda want to play my game and stay up later, but that I wanted it to be okay with her. Well, she said that would be just fine, because she thinks she sleeps better when she falls asleep with me out of the bed (aka, in the middle of the bed).

So last night I stayed up until 11:30, like a real champ! It was so great, I slept just fine, I woke up fine, feeling quite fine, and now I am at work feeling fine. I think I may start doing this more regularly, which of course opens more doors. Maybe after a few nights it catches up with me and I do begin to feel tired, who knows?

I’ve been playing a Mercenary (Half-Ogre) in the realm of Albion, he is currently level 22. I started my late night play session at level 20.8 and was able to get up to 22 while also getting around 100 RPs as well. I was playing in Thidranki (the 20-24 BG) and was having much better luck than earlier in the day. Most of my RPs came from running solo, though I did group a few times (I even typed /reg lfg, crazy huh). I wonder what I’m going for sometimes with this month subscription, I don’t really have a plan except to play and try and have fun.

I know the thought in my mind should be end game, which is something I’ve really never experienced, believe it or not. I’ve had the game since 2001 (release year) and still haven’t really felt like I’ve experienced end game content. Sure I’ve gone on a dragon raid, done some master level encounters requiring groups, and even been a part of an 8 man rvr group for a week or so (how do you think my skald got his RPs? lol), but I still don’t feel like I’ve done it. I want that feeling. I want to beat DAoC, so to speak.

Perhaps my new old way to play will help me accomplish this goal.

A friend, dancing kids, and a bit of a YAY moment

So I texted one of my RL friends yesterday who is pretty much the only person I know who played DAoC as much as I did. Well, it turns out he is still playin, so I has a friend to play with now, huzzah!

And now for dancing kids.





Now for my little YAY moment. Yesterday on my Ranger I discovered that I can kill Colossal which is the ML 4.1 encounter mob (ML = Master Level aka Trials of Atlantis content) and he drops 200 Atlantean Glass which can be used to buy ML credit. So I farmed him til I had 1400 glass and then bought the Complete Master Level 1 Credit token and turned it in, so now I am ML 1. I could probably get ML 2 and 3 today, maybe more if my friend helps (with a buffbot as well as a tank), which is a nice change of pace.

The point of leveling my MLs is that higher level encounters are farmed by groups, these encounters drop glass, scales (the big money imo), and ML10 encounters drop some of the best items in the game. So theres some motivation.

Anyways, more later, suck it bitches!