Yes, swigimu, aka, SWG Emu. I has talkin to do. Well, I wouldn’t call it talking as much as thinking out loud, on paper (on the interwebs).

Originally I had rolled a TKM and planned on taking him to master Doctor as well, making me a beefy beefy beast. Well, TKMs can only do Kinetic damage, which apparently a lot of things worth killing have kinda high resistances to. I’ve since discovered that if you disease these mobs and wait for a few minutes that their Battle Fatigue will raise slowly, which eventually lowers their resistances dramatically. Unfortunately, I dropped TKM before I found this out. My next plan of attack (all roads leading to making money, getting phat lewt, winning, etc) is to pair up the ranged and melee weapons. For instance, I have a Rifleman/Swordsman. Because Rifle attacks the mind pool primarily as does Swordsman, plus you get two damage types, Energy (Rifle) and Blast (Swords/Powerhammer), which you can be hard pressed to find high resistances to on any mob. So far this newer character has been my main focus, I managed to get my hands on a couple little krayt tissues and had a nice little t-21 crafted for me. I just this morning bought a newer Powerhammer, so this guy is slowly becoming something.

Back on the ol ex TKM Doctor guy, hes still working on Doctor (and crafting stimpacks for all of my other guys) and his plan is laid out before him. However, I have been far too busy working on mr rifleman. According to my shittily put together spreadsheet for figuring out which of my weapons have the highest dps, the best one I’ve got is a 1h sword. The formula I use to figure out DPS is such. [(MinDmg/Speed)+(MaxDmg/Speed)]/2 IMO this gets the dps for the min and the max and then averages it. Seems good enough to me amirite? I also added in a bunch of columns to show the dps for a perfect damage or speed slice (can you tell im single?). Anyways, my ex TKM/Doctor guy is holding onto this sword with the plans to eventually go Fencer/Pistoleer. Since both of those professions primarily attack the Health pool. Plus that 1hander has a health fire dot on it, which is like, zomg how lucky can I get amirite?

On my Scout/Carbineer guy (scouts harvest creature resources) who by the way somehow has a really awesome carbine, I plan on adding on Polearm, to round out the Carb/Polearm-Ranged/Melee combos, since they both primarily attack the action pools. Now, the more I think about it the less it seems like a good idea to do this. But, I can not decide yet. I must wait til I have mastered both Rifleman and Swordsman and can see the full beauty of the thought, as of now I’m nearing the level I was at with my TKM (mobs I’m able to kill-wise).

Oh yeah, here’s the best part about dropping TKM. I have a vibro knuckler with good damage and a disease dot….. FUUUUUUUU

But I hear a Rifleman can take pretty much anything, which is why I never made one, FOTM and all. But now, fuck it, I wanna have fun too.

Now for my character names, because they’re fun imo.

Rifle/Swordsman – Badmirrel Fatcarp (har har get it, admiral ackbar, har har, looooooooool) not sad at all
ExTKM/Doc – Bonederp Derpleson
Scout/Carb – Gilbert
Bikemaker/Future Wep Smith – Derple Derp
Mule – Icarrystuffderp

Complete shot in the dark but, if anyone wants to play a really old game that no longer exists for a couple months before they wipe the server and start all over again, all you have to do is get original install disks for SWG (amazon, ebay, other undisclosed *cough*torrent*cough* sites) and then follow the instructions on the Emu website, which you can find a link to on the right –>>

Emu Drama!

UPDATE!!!!! Apparently after the thread reached 30+ pages of people complaining about BS, we woke up a dev! The Answer (his dev name) took the server down and brought it up a few times yesterday night in an attempt to fix an exploit that allowed you to slice the same weapon multiple times (thus increasing its power far beyond what it should be). Also a player found with a 17k damage lightsaber was banned. From what I heard the player with the T21 hitting for 150k deleted his weapon before The Answer checked his shit.

The way the Emu servers are set up, there is a test server and a fun server. Fun server is old code, test server is future code. Well apparently someone found a member of a certain guild hitting some of the toughest mobs in the game for 150k dmg (mob has 3x that in hp), so hes 3 shotting these things that should take a few minutes to kill. The best part, is that hes doing it afk, at a static spawn (which there aren’t very many of). Apparently this same guild has received plenty of information that would appear as favoritism from the devs.

The best part is that apparently the devs don’t care that this is happening because it is on the fun server. You know, where the majority of the community is. One forum goer in particular has kept his composure quite well and really laid it out for the devs. If you want a strong community that continues to donate and sees the project through to its completion, you can’t turn a blind eye to this. Which is pretty much how I feel. Rumor has it the fun server will be wiped in a couple months so, who gives a shit amirite? Well, everyone that enjoys playing the game does. So stop fucking with it.

May The 4th Be With You!

Seems like a fitting day to have a little update. Letting my Rift sub lapse, meh, Global Agenda is ok every now and again. Currently a 36 or so Assault, last I checked I was ranked like #300 which makes me wonder how difficult it could be. Darkspore costs $50 that I want to spend on weed, so fuck that.

Well what am I doing then? SWGEmu, bitches.