Yesterday on a Server Across the Gulf

Like my shitty Star Wars reference?  Yes, that is what that was supposed to be.  I’ve been playing SWGEmu since the weekend (no PUBG ermagerd) while also binge watching all of the movies chronologically, yes, including the prequels (spicy memes).

There was recently an update for it which finally introduced the Jedi system.  Their goal is to emulate 14.1 which apparently had the Village system of unlocking Jedi.  If you remember anything about SWG I would imagine (besides the NGE/CU) it would be that it was incredibly difficult to attain a Force Sensitive character slot.

What you had to do back in the day was get a lot of badges (kind of like achievements on Steam), master certain professions (unbeknownst to you, unless you found and used 3 holocrons which would tell you iirc), then do some force sensitive quests and voila, you can grind the new class now.  The hardest part was the professions as I don’t believe people knew about the holocrons or maybe they were added after the fact.  Anyways, some people preferred the ridiculous grind involved.

The Village way of attaining a force sensitive character appears to be much easier.  First you get the badges (which there are guides for, you need 5 difficult badges, 7 themepark badges, etc etc) and as you attain them if you type /check you will check to see if you have a sense of the force.  Once you “feel an inner glow, the force is with you” then you will soon be visited by an NPC called Old Man.  He will give you a force crystal.  A day later you will be attacked by two sith.  After you beat them you will be given the location of the Jedi village on Dathomir where you can begin your grind for Jedi Initiate and the different trees of mastery you can go down.

Some people on the forums grumbled about it but the devs have clearly stated they’re attempting to emulate 14.1 for a while now.  They chose this as it had the most readily available information for them to emulate.  Once they have completed 1.0 of the emulator then people can do what they want (not that they’re prevented from doing that now, there are many other servers as it is).  Personally I am looking forward to the Jump to Lightspeed expansion.  I always loved how the game had both a ground game and a space game.  Not to mention you could board your friends ships and man a turret while they quested.  Adding in that you could have your own ship (saving money on travel) as well as your ship having parts, crafted by players, it was another thing for you to customize.  Another connection in the magnificent weave that was the SWG community.

Anyways, I’ve been working towards unlocking my own force sensitive slot for whatever reason.  I don’t really want to PvP (cus I’ve turn into a big ol pussy in my 30s) which will undoubtedly happen if I unlock Jedi and start grinding.  You see a force sensitive character who uses their powers increase a sort of “threat” like meter.  The more activity you do the higher your chances of increasing your meter.  The higher your meter the more likely you will show up on a Bounty Hunter’s mission terminal.  I could be completely wrong about how all that works but I’m pretty sure it is something like that.  Moral of the story is:  Bounty Hunters will be looking for you if you’re trying to level a Jedi.  This leads people to have alts capable of solving any problem a solo player may have, such as a buff bot, entertainers, anything they may need to avoid going to a big city.

Of course this can lead to problems but at the moment Basilisk isn’t meant to be the ideal implementation of the game as it was, they are still just there for testing purposes as well as giving players a place to play in the sand.  I believe the planned official SWGEmu server after release of the Emulator, Suncrusher, will limit the amount of characters you can have as well as the amount you can have logged in at once, which would certainly prevent what I mentioned above getting out of hand.

So yeah, just been grinding badges, now I’m grinding themepark badges (currently doing the imperial themepark), I believe once I have finished those I may need to acquire a decent number of “easy” badges which shouldn’t be a problem.  Once I’m glowing then I’ll be approached by the old fart yadda yadda yadda.  I’m considering grinding up my own Doctor capable of using buff packs made by others to buff my own character but I don’t want to get ahead of myself.  Doing that would also mean I’d probably need an Entertainer as well which I believe is expensive as fuck.  The grind is slow, though I could probably make 2 of my own players fight each other to create wounds/battle fatigue for the Ent to heal.  But the real problem is getting the dancing/music skill enhancement tapes to socket in my clothes which would enhance the Entertainer buffs to 125% (which is pretty standard and at least in my mind required).  Slippery slope indeed.

Just gonna keep going for now though.  Perhaps I’ll pop in some PUBG soon though I really want FPP stats, like what the fuck.  I’m not mad about it and it isn’t keeping me from playing, but it does bug me.  I don’t really get how you can have the different queues and stats for 3 of them but not the other 3?  I mean sure, I can imagine how they could have organized things for it to be that way, but like, can’t you just do some fucking find & replace shit and copy paste the stats shit into something tied to the FPP queues.  I guess it just isn’t a high priority which I totally get.  Probably better to figure out what the deal is with Nvidia cards and buildings sometimes not rendering at all, not to mention the textures not fully loading and the buildings looking like clay molds.  OH AND SHADOWPLAY HIGHLIGHTS NOT WORKING ON WINDOWS 7 YOU SUMBITCHES!

A long time ago in a skerpy derp not so derp aderp!


Yes friends, I am playing a Star Wars games. Which one? Well, it doesn’t have a 4th pillar, but it does have the best crafting system in any game, hands down.

SWG Emu is my game of choice. Now you may be asking, but bonedead, why would you return to an old game you’ve played a crap ton and have a lot of posts on, some of which saying it is buggy and wiped a lot?!

Well, my friends, I will tell you.

In my previous posts I spoke of the “OR code”, with OR standing for object restructuring, aka – they’re doing the thing the old SWG devs didn’t want to do. Well, that is now in Alpha and there is a play server – Basilisk – that is really taking off. You are limited to 1 toon online at a time, used to be 2. There is now a server cap in place, it is around 18-1900 most of the time, and is practically always capped while allowing only 1 toon online at a time. So a lot of people are playing.

There is housing, most professions, it really is a lot of fun.

I’ve got 2 characters I play, a crafter and a fighter/doc. Last night I was able to make my own house and set it up in a nice spot overlooking my favorite city.

I am really looking forward to playing this quite a bit.


Yes, swigimu, aka, SWG Emu. I has talkin to do. Well, I wouldn’t call it talking as much as thinking out loud, on paper (on the interwebs).

Originally I had rolled a TKM and planned on taking him to master Doctor as well, making me a beefy beefy beast. Well, TKMs can only do Kinetic damage, which apparently a lot of things worth killing have kinda high resistances to. I’ve since discovered that if you disease these mobs and wait for a few minutes that their Battle Fatigue will raise slowly, which eventually lowers their resistances dramatically. Unfortunately, I dropped TKM before I found this out. My next plan of attack (all roads leading to making money, getting phat lewt, winning, etc) is to pair up the ranged and melee weapons. For instance, I have a Rifleman/Swordsman. Because Rifle attacks the mind pool primarily as does Swordsman, plus you get two damage types, Energy (Rifle) and Blast (Swords/Powerhammer), which you can be hard pressed to find high resistances to on any mob. So far this newer character has been my main focus, I managed to get my hands on a couple little krayt tissues and had a nice little t-21 crafted for me. I just this morning bought a newer Powerhammer, so this guy is slowly becoming something.

Back on the ol ex TKM Doctor guy, hes still working on Doctor (and crafting stimpacks for all of my other guys) and his plan is laid out before him. However, I have been far too busy working on mr rifleman. According to my shittily put together spreadsheet for figuring out which of my weapons have the highest dps, the best one I’ve got is a 1h sword. The formula I use to figure out DPS is such. [(MinDmg/Speed)+(MaxDmg/Speed)]/2 IMO this gets the dps for the min and the max and then averages it. Seems good enough to me amirite? I also added in a bunch of columns to show the dps for a perfect damage or speed slice (can you tell im single?). Anyways, my ex TKM/Doctor guy is holding onto this sword with the plans to eventually go Fencer/Pistoleer. Since both of those professions primarily attack the Health pool. Plus that 1hander has a health fire dot on it, which is like, zomg how lucky can I get amirite?

On my Scout/Carbineer guy (scouts harvest creature resources) who by the way somehow has a really awesome carbine, I plan on adding on Polearm, to round out the Carb/Polearm-Ranged/Melee combos, since they both primarily attack the action pools. Now, the more I think about it the less it seems like a good idea to do this. But, I can not decide yet. I must wait til I have mastered both Rifleman and Swordsman and can see the full beauty of the thought, as of now I’m nearing the level I was at with my TKM (mobs I’m able to kill-wise).

Oh yeah, here’s the best part about dropping TKM. I have a vibro knuckler with good damage and a disease dot….. FUUUUUUUU

But I hear a Rifleman can take pretty much anything, which is why I never made one, FOTM and all. But now, fuck it, I wanna have fun too.

Now for my character names, because they’re fun imo.

Rifle/Swordsman – Badmirrel Fatcarp (har har get it, admiral ackbar, har har, looooooooool) not sad at all
ExTKM/Doc – Bonederp Derpleson
Scout/Carb – Gilbert
Bikemaker/Future Wep Smith – Derple Derp
Mule – Icarrystuffderp

Complete shot in the dark but, if anyone wants to play a really old game that no longer exists for a couple months before they wipe the server and start all over again, all you have to do is get original install disks for SWG (amazon, ebay, other undisclosed *cough*torrent*cough* sites) and then follow the instructions on the Emu website, which you can find a link to on the right –>>

Emu Drama!

UPDATE!!!!! Apparently after the thread reached 30+ pages of people complaining about BS, we woke up a dev! The Answer (his dev name) took the server down and brought it up a few times yesterday night in an attempt to fix an exploit that allowed you to slice the same weapon multiple times (thus increasing its power far beyond what it should be). Also a player found with a 17k damage lightsaber was banned. From what I heard the player with the T21 hitting for 150k deleted his weapon before The Answer checked his shit.

The way the Emu servers are set up, there is a test server and a fun server. Fun server is old code, test server is future code. Well apparently someone found a member of a certain guild hitting some of the toughest mobs in the game for 150k dmg (mob has 3x that in hp), so hes 3 shotting these things that should take a few minutes to kill. The best part, is that hes doing it afk, at a static spawn (which there aren’t very many of). Apparently this same guild has received plenty of information that would appear as favoritism from the devs.

The best part is that apparently the devs don’t care that this is happening because it is on the fun server. You know, where the majority of the community is. One forum goer in particular has kept his composure quite well and really laid it out for the devs. If you want a strong community that continues to donate and sees the project through to its completion, you can’t turn a blind eye to this. Which is pretty much how I feel. Rumor has it the fun server will be wiped in a couple months so, who gives a shit amirite? Well, everyone that enjoys playing the game does. So stop fucking with it.

Hope and Despair on the Same Horizon

WTF does that bullshit mean, bonedead?!? Amirite?

Well, the team at SWGEmu has been dilligently working on the OR (object restructure – rewrite of the whole game to iron out a crap ton of bad code) while we blindly fall in love with the current code on Nova, knowing that some day all our work will be wiped. Well, that day is coming nearer my friends. Though it does seem like losing everything you’ve worked on will really suck, at the same time, it doesn’t.

I’ve been using a 250-650 damage Powerhammer pretty much my whole time playing. I paid 200k credits for it and everytime I see a chance to upgrade the hammer in question sells for 500k to upwards of 1 million credits. We’re talking around the same minimum damage with only +100-150 max damage as well as anywhere from 0-3 faster speed (default/mine is 6 speed, 1 is cap). So pretty much, the economy sucks right now. Unless I were to devote all of my game time to making money (oh wait, I do) then there is no way I’m upgrading my weapon anytime soon. But now, it seems that I won’t have to.

There are rumors that the wipe will happen at the end of this month. We will supposedly get a weeks notice prior to the wipe. I feel that it is coming very soon. It all goes back to an old forum post where a guy was leaving the game and giving away his uber fortune. He had so much good stuff, like multiples of the best weapons (like 1400 max damage powerhammers), and it got me thinking about exactly how he got all of that stuff. Sure, a lot of it was probably found when you still could find some of that crazy loot (recent loot nerf hurt the newer players even more than the economy already was), but I don’t know. I just feel like he knew it was coming.

So, if the rumors are true, how should I act? Do I keep playing as though these characters are not going to be deleted? Or do I give away my stuff and stop playing til the OR hits? Ever since I began to see how the cards were stacked against me economically I’ve been wanting a wipe extremely bad. There is nothing I’d rather like to do than start fresh with all of the people who got ahead by questionable means (and then acted like complete douchebags) and actually get ahead of them. It would be like when a new MMO releases and you just live in the game for a week or two while your real life passes you by. That would be nice!

But, not playing SWGEmu anymore will certainly free up a lot of time for… something. Probably CS:S which I think I may finally be in the top 50 on my favorite server. Its not the top 10, but, I’ll take it fosho.

Anyways, that is it. Laters!

The same title we title every post, Pinky

Trying to take over the world!

I’ve undertaken a task appointed by myself to create a Doctor in SWGEmu so that I can buff myself when I wake up at 5AM on Saturday to get to the good spawns that are no longer camped due to people sleeping. This would also save me 10-15k every 2 hours of farming, which isn’t much, but if I am able to get my buffs to a decent level then I will be able to sell buffs for 10k to people and with the way the Doctor situation is currently going, there should be a decent amount of people looking for some boofs!

This operation is taking many more characters than it should, due to harvester bugs with the Emu code. You can pretty much only put harvesters on one planet, and then you can’t leave that planet until you pick them up, or when you come back they will be gone and your lots will still be taken up. Since higher level crafted items have much more specific requirements (ie: tattooinian fiberplast or talusian water vapor) I need to get resources off of 4-5 Planets. So I made a bunch of harvesters, spread them to my characters, got all my characters Novice Artisan so they can survey for resources to find places to drop the harvestors, and found places to put em all down. Now there is one item I have completely forgotten about which happens to be quite important, avian meat.

I’ve currently got my main crafter with the highest surveying skill on Rori farming domesticated oats due to them being very high quality (probably not server best, but definitely pretty good). Before I left this morning I had about 100k of it. This resource alone has already greatly improved my final products. Prior to these oats I was making Stim Ds with around 300 power. Using these I can make 490-540 power Stim Ds. Using these newly crafted Stims on my Doctor (improved injury treatment = heals for more) I am able to heal pretty much my whole bar, which is pretty damn nice.

Anyways, for some reason I just wanted to mention this as it took up most of my playtime this weekend. This week when I get home I don’t even log in really because it is now just a waiting game, let the harvesters do their job and then move all the resources to my Doc, grind some avian meat from somewhere (hopefully there is something decent currently in rotation), and then grinding out Doctor crafting (and healing I guess) to get to Master Doctor.

After that I’ll try to get around to grinding out Weaponsmith as well, that would be nice, then I could possibly make myself a nice friggin Powerhammer that can replace what I’m currently swingin. Then of course I would work on Armorsmith, because, why not lol. Then I’ll forget to finally get to Jedi and the server will get wiped and I’ll have wasted all this damn time!

Haha, I’ll do this Doc stuff, then go for Jedi more, then we’ll see.


Little update

Shit has been hectic recently. Real hectic.

But I’ve been tryin to play my games still and I’ve advanced a little. I’ve started making some good money in SWGEmu, first by selling 20 swoops at a time at 13000 each, that got me around 500k in a couple days. Then I looted a Defense vs Intimidate 13 CA (Clothing Attachment – can put in socketed clothes) which I sold to a guy for 500k. Then I bought 5 zillion fucking things on the forums because the trade forum is extremely addicting. I’ve not tried to go further on my rumors yet. I’m currently on Droidekas in a dungeon on Lok. I went there once and killed one or two but died to probably 20 of them that were bugged in the floor. I blame the douchefag that ran in that cave and aggrod everything at once so he could stack them and AE them, which makes some bug the fuck out and do things like that until a server restart. Hate those fuckers so much.

There are actually a lot of annoying fucking people. What I find very interesting is how they are all anti NGE. Yet, when I played the NGE the majority of the PvPers there acted the exact same fucking way as these guys do. Now when I encountered those guys in the NGE I believe I called them WoW rejects, that they couldn’t act that way in WoW because they sucked, so they came to SWG-NGE where they can finally live out their fantasy of deluding themselves into thinking they’re better than someone. I get the same feeling from most of the guys acting like asshats on the Emu.

l2p nub! L2P NUB! LOLUMAD?!?!?! So fucking annoying. What may surprise you is that none of their crap is ever directed at me. I even mention how fucking annoying and stupid they are. Their targets are the people who “can’t defend themselves” which, surprise, are the same targets these kinds of people always go for. Sometimes, I get it. Which sucks because I know that sometimes they are right. But it is pretty much like shooting 10 suspects for a murder in the head. Sure you got a murderer, but you also killed people who weren’t a murderer.

Anwyays, fuck those guys. They also kill steal which apparently no one has a problem with except me and most of the people who get “l2p nub!” messages thrown at them. The worst part about this is that if I had millions of credits and a few super weapons, I would probably not care either. So that is the difference. It is the newer players vs the older players. Many of the older players have benefited greatly from an old credit dupe exploit (so I hear, not surprised on a test center since its also happened in practically every free emulated server for any game). So the economy sucks. If I wanted to upgrade my hammer just a little bit, it would cost me all of the money I made (1 million), and it wouldn’t improve my farming that much. So pretty much the only thing I can do is either try and farm a holocron (which is going to be a need to get item whether I loot it or buy it for 25 million). From there I finish my rumors and eventually become a Jedi, just to farm more items for money (but much easier and quicker).

I will probably get my doctor to the point where he can buff (even if they suck) before I do any of this because screw spending 10-15k every 2 hours for buffs. I’ll still have to see an Entertainer, but, whatever. I probably wont do this though, I’ll probably just get on my big guy, get buffs, and either go farm or do my rumors. I’ve got a Rifle Accuracy +10 CA which I’m thinking can get me another 500k+, so, that makes me want to farm more. But if I was a Jedi then I could do that shit so easily.

I like using the Trade forum because it gets me involved with the community, I meet people, talk to people, weird – I know. I’ve been trying to bolster the community the best I can. I was standing in a line in the medical center for buffs, I was probably the 5th person in line so I had a while to wait. There was a struggling Doctor talking about his bad buffs. So I asked him if he was buffing, what power his buffs were, and then overpaid him for them. Trying to give him some motivation to push through and keep on! Another guy on the forums was talking about just becoming a Master Weaponsmith and if anyone wanted some of his weapons which weren’t top of the line. I told him my story with buying weapons and what kind of stats I’m in the market for and what I’ve paid for the ones I got. Recommended making a post with some stats of his weapons (from each weapon type rifle/pistol/melee/etc) and he did! He ended up getting quite a few orders (practically sold everything he listed) and I actually bought 2 things from him. He ended up cutting me a deal too for giving him the idea.

Community is fun at times.

I’ve been playing a crap ton of CS:Source and I have been having quite a lot of fun.

Here is my HLStats page for my favorite server.

Slowly moving up the ranks. Here is a link to my CS:S Achievement page(don’t forget to check out the stats tab as well!). Last night I got Boomala Boomala and Head Shred Redemption. The first one is planting 100 bombs, the second is killing 5 enemies with headshots in a single round. Yeah, I knew that if I played long enough I’d eventually unlock some perdy cool ones. I’m somewhat random when it comes to CSS. I’m always at least average but sometimes I do really bad, like say 1-13 (happened recently), but then I’ll finish the map 12-15. I’m random. But when I’m good, I’m fuckin good, and that is why I play. For the rounds where I rush the weak side, kill 3, and get behind the rest of their team to get a few knife kills. When I scout 2 dudes in a row at middle double doors on Dust 2 (not dudes trying to go middle, dudes trying to go B, easy way to cause a ragequit which is quite understandable since the shot is so BS lol).

Always good fun, just need some people to play it with and you’re good to go.

On a sad side note, I have removed a link from my blogroll, one of my favorite links in fact. Mr. Pitrelli is taking a hiatus from blogging and though I am sad to see him go (he will be commenting still!) I will welcome his return when Cataclysm launches!