The Weekend of August Fifteenth thru August Seventeenth, Two Thousand and Eight!

I am now level 25, almost thirty! Yes, 30 is the new 40, mount wise at least. My brother and his friend are the same level and we’re all pretty sweet.

I was unable to get the double Snake Maces, but we got ran through BFD last night and I am now the proud owner of 2 new blue 1 handed swords. Uno and Dos. They’re perdy sweet.

That’s it for the mornin, maybe I’ll post something this afternoon.


Lazy Post is Lazy

Being inebriated in some way will probably help. I know I was stoned when I saw this last night and I think the judges were drunk. When I see it now it is still awesome, but it seemed more awesome last night. Either way, it is cool and I wish I could do it.

My girlfriend wanted to watch, I tagged along, and saw this guy acting like a friggin alien. Pretty much one of the coolest things I’ve seen.