Finding Survivors (to create a perimeter around)

I had the brilliant idea to respec to a Bounty Hunter for this weekends gaming. It worked out okay, it was pretty fun, but I did feel like a weak ass a lot of the time. Nobody likes feeling like a weak ass, I mean come on, it’s science.

I was able to finish up the Legacy quest, which ended on Talus (not Corellia as I may of previously mentioned). It left me at level 49; what a nice even number, NOT (that’s right, I just pulled a NOT joke). Due to being less than a level away from 50 and my new Lightning fucking cannon destroyer of worlds motherfucker rifle (which I receive for free, instantly, as soon as I hit 50) I decided to run a couple mission terminals.

After the Legacy is over, the game gets fucking really boring, really fucking fast. Today I am buying the expansions, I don’t even know the names of them, but they let me go to Wookieland and the fucking Lava place with fire and shit. Those places have more quests (read: guidance w/ bonus xp) for me to mindlessly complete on my way to 90. I accidentally grabbed a quest from the olden days, when you couldn’t delete them from your journal (and still can’t), so that’s cool to constantly have.

I did a couple of shits on my Trader (max level), who I am also fucking retarded about, when it comes to doing something. I don’t know what the fuck to do now, I have to buy those fucking expansions. I can’t respec Trader until I figure out Space shit. Understanding space shit will lead me to craft space shit, which requires, well, space shit. Yep, you can mine in space in SWG, but you need an expansion. Which I’m buying today.

On my Bounty Hunter I got so goddamn bored that I, well, rerespeced to Jedi. Right after this I went and soloed a level 65 mob, yep, 15 fucking levels above me, purple/pink as all hell. I fucking soloed a level 65 at 50, with level 40 armor and a 360 DPS weapon (my lightning cannon has 480). Are you serious?

On a side note, more along the lines of the topic, a new blog has risen! It’s from Mr. Munitions love himself, Zion! I believe I mentioned him in a previous post as someone fighting for munitions trader love, and possibly accomplishing something.

Here it is, enjoy.


Man, I’m either retarded or genius

Yesterday we discovered that I am tiring of the combat grind in SWG. The craft grind was a cakewalk, I assume the Entertainer grind is even easier (from what I hear). I said to remedy my woes I would run mission terminals, however, I didn’t specify which kind.

I respeced Bounty Hunter, which was free since it was my first respec on that toon. Now, the only problem with doing this is that, I don’t have a fucking gun. Okay, I’ll just go buy one, it’s no problem. At this point I’m thinking: “Man, I really shouldn’t delete all of those gun quest rewards”, because that’s obviously the weapon I would be using if I wasn’t some fake BH Jedi. I get to the bazaar terminal and search the galaxy for carbines (BH can spec Rifle or Carbine). I find one that requires level 30 something, I’m 42, it has 330 or so DPS. I believe my Lightsaber has around 360 DPS with 11 elemental bonus, but I’d like to think it’s 460.

This radical change in playstyle has made me feel like a bit of a gimp. I do feel like I started getting the hang of it this morning, though. I read a little from about grinding his BH and he mentioned BH Mission Terminals. The cool thing I thought about that, was that you could get items as rewards, PHATS! However, I don’t know how to use droids, it’s just not something I’ve done yet. One of those things I really should know if I plan on playing this game. I guess BHs gain + droid use skrillz all the live long day and I haven’t taken advantage of it. I do have a Droideka schematic (going to respec my Trader to Droid Engineer after Domestics(tailor/chef?) and before Munitions (final stop). If you don’t know what a Droideka is, here is a picture.


I think something like this will really help a person in my position.

The one thing that sucks about BH missions right now, for me, is that every one is on “Unknown Planet”. Which means they’re fucking random as shit, anywhere in the universe. Now, that’s not always that bad. What is that bad is when they’re in space, since I’m a level 0 shithead pilot. Oh yeah, I can only have 1 current BH mission in my journal at a time, that’s the bad part. Not to mention I don’t get items as a reward yet (at least I think I can’t).

My current goal is to make it through this section of the legacy quest, and hopefully there is another gun reward with a carbine in there. That would fucking help.

As for my Trader, I’ve been manufacturing materials for a couple more Elite Extractors, definitely a Chemical one. I may as well drag it out and make at least one of each, as shitty as it sounds to me, I may as well do it so I don’t have to ever worry about a dumb resource that I’ve never had to get, since I’m going through every Trade profession, seems like a good idea.

That’s it bitches!

Around the survivors, a perimeter create

Still trudgin away with SWG. It’s starting to wear on me, NOOOO! I really want to PvP in this bitch and attempt to leave some kind of mark. I guess my weak point would be laziness. I don’t feel compelled to search out how to solve my problems. What problems? Well, I’m a 42 Jedi who is getting a little tired of the Legacy quest, I could go run Mission Terminals which I probably will do, and some Rebel Mission Terminals too maybe. But what I really wanna do is AFK grind. Why? Because I know the legacy quest finishes and leaves you at level 60 or some shit. From there it’s Kashyyk (wookie planet, probably misspelled) followed by Mustafar I believe (where Anakin gets wtfpwned by Obi Wan, right?). Which means I gotta buy expansions.

I think this weekend could be my glorious perseverance time, where I push through the mid game slump. I don’t really have anything else to play. I could return to DAoC for some reason? i could go to WoW, hit 70, then have to hit 80 as soon as I’m ready for 70 pvp. No thanks. I could return to EVE, though I don’t remember shit about that game, including my acc/pw. Fuck CoX, AO, SB, L2, FFXI, and EQ2. The only game i think I would remotely consider trying would be Tabula Rasa, just because I haven’t. I believe it would be more of a PvE vacation, something new and interesting to hold me over for a couple weeks.

No, I cannot quit SWG, it’s my only hope.

Rude awakening

So I’m having this weird dream about partying or some shit, lots of people, a group goes somewhere else, and for some reason being outside of the house is terrifying and I fear like giant insects of doom. So, I’m out front in the driveway, and the driver of the vehicle that left earlier is coming back, he pulls across the driveway and looks at me out the window and says: “Better hurry, the cops are coming”. This makes me notices the head lights coming from behind him straight at me, as he speeds off. I dash for the front door as it starts to light up from the headlights and BEEP BEEP BEEP. My alarm wakes me up.

Damn was that shit scary. I’m not a law breaker, I don’t hurt people, I just smoke a little weed so, I’m afraid of the police. So my girlfriend gets up and goes in the shower, I plan on joining in a minute, I gotta stretch and such. Well, I’d been up maybe 5 minutes and BAM BAM BAM. Someone was banging on my neighbors door, or is it my door? (Apartments suck for telling such things) So I figure it’s for a neighbor and not me, but it continues, it isn’t stopping. So I then figure, must be some stupid neighbor who thinks we wake up too early/walk around stomping our feet (which we don’t and I couldn’t wait to make them feel stupid about suggesting such a thing), and i ignore them further thinking: “Fuck you neighbor”.

But the god damn banging doesn’t stop. So I walk to my door, wearing only white boxers (and my natural fatman outfit) and peer through my peephole. Well, they are banging on my door, and my neighbors, and my other neighbors across the hall. They are also 5 police officers. HOLY SHIT A BRICK BATMAN! I was so scared oh my god you have no idea how much cops make me want to shit my pants, it’s really unhealthy, I don’t know how it’s legal to instill that much fear in a person by just wearing a uniform but gdamn, I hate being that afraid of them. (Bad experiences as a youngling, jedi mofuck!) I somehow immediately had the courage to unlock my 3 locks and open then door. I didn’t once think about how I resembled every fucking trashy redneck I’ve ever seen on cops.

Sarasota Sherrif! The guy says as I slowly slide my door open. He proceeds to ask me about my neighbor (thank god I don’t talk to them!) and while telling them everything I know I choke up about two times because I’m so fucking nervous. Well, they realize I’m no help and leave me be. So I go to the bathroom and tell my girlfriend: “There’s like 5 cops outside our door!” Haha, you know, someone else has to feel my pain. So I got her good with it and then just say it was for the neighbor. I think the guy was home too, when we left we saw his porch sliding glass door open (2nd floor, seen from main road), so I’m thinkin he just didn’t answer his door.

Pretty crazy, pretty scary, pretty premonition motherfuckers! I HAVE THE POWAH!

I hope you laugh as much at this as I am


Okay lol, wow. First of all, this isn’t even PC gaming, yeah, it’s console people. Woo, okay, I’ll give you a second to catch your breath from all that laughter. Wow, man, it’s so hard to not laugh at this.

I don’t even know where to start. Oh, how about that nice little banner near the top with all the faces of “Professional Gamers”, lol, these guys are pro guys, seriously. They’re Professional.

First of all, look at the handles for some of these people. Remember, this is console lingo, this isn’t online lingo. Online lingo matured some time ago into what we have today. So, these may seem like a bit of a flashback into the days of old when handles resembled the artwork of kindergarten children.

Here’s my favorite part though, it’s from the bottom.

“Professional gamer Ogre2 brings you up to date on what team Final Boss has been up to in our exclusive MLG Pros’ Blog.”

Lol, just look at that kid. He’s a Professional gamer. That’s what they look like. Ogre2

I don’t even know how to make fun of this more, well, I could just say look at the page. That will make you laugh.

A step into the serious, getting your shit together

There are points in everyone’s lives where we feel as if we have it worse than anyone could imagine. Well, I’m sure we’d all like to think everyone had these times. But the truth of the matter usually is that we’ve just been occupied in other areas of life. So to correct this imbalance we feel, we must be proactive by taking the baby out of the corner and giving it some attention (I do not have a child, the baby represents the problem, nubs). It is only after we do this that we can return to our “normal” state of well being.

Well, it’s time to play with the baby. It’s time to stop ignoring the 400 pound gorilla in the room. It’s time to start caring and stop denying. I’ve got to take control of my life, instead of just letting it flow by. I have a dream of what my life should be and I’m going to start building that dream.

Goals to be accomplished December 2008:
1) Save about $500 for my Cruise fun (bought the tickets Friday!)
2) Start learning C++ (so I won’t say: “I scripted some items and mobs for a UO shard once” anymore)
3) Quit smoking cigarettes (green is still kosher)
4) Be more understanding with my woman and try to be a good influence for her as well.

The times I would like to finish these varies of course.

Cigarettes would be a longer term thing, slowly waning myself off them.

Saving money, I should have $500 before December, but I want to still have it by December, so, don’t spend it.

#4 Starts today, I can’t be all jokes and pokes, there’s more to this dog than that.

But of course, the gorilla, the reason for most of this, the one I acknowledge last (if that tells you anything), is to learn C++. Now, I’m not retarded, I know that I can’t KNOW everything C++ by December (and if I can, it can’t be healthy), but I expect myself to be able to make a couple dumb things that might show some ingenuity. I don’t know how I’m going to start this but I’m leaning towards torrents/ebooks, because school is not a possibility at this time (money, I’m not ready to be that awesome).

So, there you have it, it’s like January 1st or some shit, except I actually mean it. FYI: This was not brought upon by Easter lulz, I can only wish I could believe that one. Shit, I have a hard enough time believin in myself.

I hope maybe this bit of gheyness inspires you to face your gorilla, or maybe it’s just a baby gorilla, or maybe you’ll finally stop biting your nails, fuckhead.