So guess what?

We got stomped.

Game 1
Game 2
Game 3
Game 4

Yep, that’s right, we lost 4-0.

But hey, even when you lose you can turn it into a good thing. I now know that the way I’ve been playing in pubs, thinking that I am good because I can sneak around newbs and blow up a building. Good people don’t fall for that one heh. I’ve got to start trying to dominate the pub servers with melee. So, that’s what I’m going to be doing until our next scrim.

Well, besides playing another 14 day trial of Star Wars Galaxies, woooo! I don’t gots no bad intanets no MO! So I’m going to have some fun owning it up with a Commando or a Jedi, can’t decide yet. Commando pwns with the AoE dmg but Jedi pwns because it’s a fuckin Jedi AND they kind of get to craft (making lightsabers), and I kind of like crafting sometimes.

So it looks like it’s time to put up or shut up

So I found out on Monday that my clan Cake or Death has scheduled a match against the clan named The Stack, which is comprised of some (a lot) of the best players in the game. Soooooo hopefully we don’t get fucking stomped lol.

It’s kind of nerve wrecking for some reason, I guess I’m just a tool or something, but it’s been a while since I’ve participate in a scheduled competition. Not only that, but the guy TotalBuscuit from WoWRadio is going to be the commentator, which means a lot of the players will be listening. Not to mention that the game’s community is rather small, so iunno, they’ll all be waiting for me to fuck up.

But, I am strawng.

As long as we work together it should be an enjoyably challenging game.

As it is right now my rank is lower than most of the players participating. Though, I have played with many members of the Stack, so, I guess what I’m saying is, hopefully they underestimate me. If not, then shit, I guess I’ll just have to try and piss them off.

It’s hard to lose when you’re pissing the other guy off.

Hello there little one

These are not the droids you’re looking for.

No, I’m not playing SWG, though I am very tempted to create a free trial account because my internet doesn’t suck ass like it did last time which made me quit because I couldn’t finish a quest in the huge series that takes you well into your high levels which required me to race to certain points before time ran up, which is difficult with laggy bad comcast bullshit that is available to me.

So what have I been doing? You may be asking yourself. Well, not too much to be honest. I’ve taken it a little slow in Savage 2 recently because they’re fixing so much shit and adding new little neatnesses and such. For instance, they changed required time played to appear on ladder back to 5 hours, so it removed a bunch of demo accounts and put my rank back where it was, close to 1000. They also removed Win:Loss ratio from the formula that equates your Skill Factor (SF), which gave me a 20 point boost in that. So now, I’m ranked under 1000, in the 900s, which is awesome and I’m much more tempted to play some now.

I’m mainly just waiting for the clan ladder and tournaments/matches/league play etc. THE COMPETITION. Which I’m assuming will be coming soon since they now seem to be focusing on clan related issues.

I got my buddy to start playing as well and gave him some good pointers and then he figured the rest out on his own. He finally paid for an account and as soon as he gets 5 hours of play time he will be ranked much higher than myself, which imo, is because I took a long shitty road and I helped him find the short good road.

So, here’s a link to my stats.

In my offtime from Savage 2 I’ve been dabbling a bit in the good ol past time of CS. On my favorite servers provided by

I’ve watched more American Idol than I’d like to admit, I blame my girlfriend. But I hope that little kid wins, and if not him then I want the Syesha girl or however you spell it, to win. See Syesha is from my town of Sarasota! Sure, she went to Booker, and we all know how dirty that place is (LAWLZ), but she still represents the SRQ NUKKA!

I am so gay for saying that shit btw, just in case you didn’t figure that out yourself.

Anyways, yep, that’s about it. Ohhh!

1-2 more paychecks and I can afford a cruise for 2 from tampa to cozumel mexico. Very exciting stuff, girlfriend is very excited, I’ve got a goal, so it’s a win/win imho.

Check back later today

Yesterday I friggin owned it up in Savage 2, I distinctly remember killing 5 guys single handedly who were attacking one of our sub lairs. So, I downloaded the replay, turned on fraps, and watched it. I slowed it down during the melee fighting so you can see a bit more what it’s like. I actually learned that the Shapeshifter has extendable claws, like Wolverine, ooo how neat…

Anyways, the video is going to be 4:20 long. It will not be sped up like my previous videos, except when I’m not fighting, all speed changes were made using the Savage 2 Replay Controls.

I converted the video to wmv last night, and today when I get home from work I will be shrinking the file size and uploading to YouTube. Then I’ll be posting it back here. This will happen today.

Ground control to Major Tom

Somebody set us up the bomb.

Help computer.



Hello there stranger. It’s been a few and for good reason. Right now I shouldn’t even be doing this. See I work at an accountant’s office, for my Dad actually. It’s that time of the year too, busy as all shit until after April. It’s my first tax season, and I’m strugglin’. Which is why I shouldn’t be typing this right now, I’m at work.

But yeah, out of work I’ve still been playin’ some Savage 2. Here is a link to my player stats page. As you can see I’m still gaining. My W:L ratio is evening out more and my K:D is staying the same, which is good enough for now. I’ve been raising my hp repaired; kills and assists always go up, same as deaths :p

Been playing with one of my clan mates a lot, BLUEPOWERVAN, he’s good and when I’m aware of where he’s goin’ we usually stomp people. So, I’m still having fun.

I went to buy the Collector’s Edition yesterday and got charged for a regular game purchase, received 1 scratch off instead of 5, etc. Hopefully this will be taken care of today, which I’m sure it will because S2 is good people.

Don’t forget to TRY SAVAGE 2. Free game download, 5 hours demo time (with few restrictions), and gameplay like you’ve never experienced before!