This way, no that way, no back this way!

As you may be able to tell by the title of this post, I’ve sort of been all over the road in terms of where I’m planning on heading skill-wise in EVE. I trained my scanning skills a bit in hopes of making big money like my buddy is hacking radars and whatnot. I bought my Exequror, equipped it with 3 miner 2s and a miner 1, as well as 3 tech 1 cargo expanders, nothing in my mid slots, but 4 mining 1 drones in my drone bay as well. This has increased my ore intake rate almost two fold. Previously I believe I was using 1 GSC (giant secure container) anchored in space at my favorite asteroid belt and filling that, then filling my hold, and going back to the station to switch to my hauler. This has also changed.

As for my hauler, I’ve upgraded to an Iteron Mark 3 (from a Mark 1) which with 3 tech 1 cargo expanders can hold 9090m3, each GSC can hold 3900m3 and only takes up 3000m3, so I’m carrying 3 GSCs in my hauler and I also have 3 GSCs anchored in my favorite spot (sitting in space pretty much). This way, mining plagioclase and making 3 jumps to sell it nets me 960k a trip, each trip taking 30-45 minutes (haven’t timed it yet). This feels like quite the improvement. Sure I have the chance of making 25 million in a day by scanning for radar sites and getting lucky like my friend does, and I even trained the skills to do so, but I am pretty sure that I want to be a miner.

This is another semi problem for both myself and my friend and mainly because we play solo (and help each other when we need it). We’re trying to be everything at the same time. Miners, scanners, and combat pilots. Why? Because if we can do it, why not? I mean damn, I’ve got like 55+ days of time left to play and gather 300-400 million isk to buy myself a 30 day time card (PLEX-Pilots License Extension). Eventually I believe I will be able to play to play and never have to spend another dime on a subscription, that is the plan anyways.

We would really like to be able to go into class 1 w-space, find gravometric sites, be able to kill the pirates, and finally mine the really good shit so we can make a crap ton of money. This means we would both need to be able to fly Battlecruisers (I’m kind of close since Exequror is a cruiser and battlecruiser requires cruisers 3 I think), according to what I’ve read anyways. Then we’d have to deck them out in stuff we can’t use yet, so, train those skills and buy that expensive shit and then probably do some combat missions so we know how to fight with them. Of course the rats (npc pirates!) in known space are apparently far inferior in the AI department to the rats of w-space, which would just make it a big challenge. Nothing wrong with a challenge, we just aren’t used to this advancement system, you don’t “level” any faster by playing more which makes it easy to “set it and forget it” and just not play for a couple days (for me at least). We both know that eventually we’ll definitely be able to do this and that it really isn’t going to take that long.

I’ve managed to get 26 million isk so far, and 25 of that was just my pure luck. Of course it wasn’t really my luck but my friend’s and then kinda mine for him to split it with me. See, he was out mining (as he does when he is scanning regions so hes not just sitting there doing nothing while scanning) and a large group showed up and wtfraped all of the asteroids around him. This happens to me all the time, like, all the time, I’ve had to move my GSCs multiple times because of this alone. Well, the people who did it to him felt bad for him so they just gave him 50 million! What?! Holy crap are you kidding me? I couldn’t believe it but, hey, I’ll take half for free. That was a pretty cool part imo, free moneh. Prior to this I had earned probably around 4-5 million on my own but spent most of it (usually as soon as I get it) upgrading my ships and such.

I’m curious about being a part of a mining operation in a mining corp. How do you get paid? Are they ripping you off? Isn’t there one hauler for everyone? This is something I will have to find out later. First I need to stick with this mining path, focus on making money for PLEX, and get me a Mining Barge!

Discovery, Danger, Stupidity, and More Discovery

A recent discovery of mine is that making money in EVE is much easier said than done. Now that isn’t the “discovery” part of the title, more the topic. I’m sure you can have a steady, small, income doing things that I know how to do. You can get missions and hunt pirates, I’ve not done it on this character but my first trip to EVE (4 or so years ago) was centered around being a fighter type pilot. You can also make some money by mining and selling the ore or refining it into minerals and selling those. You can either instantly sell these for low prices or set your own desired price and let them sit there until someone buys them (usually having to undercut the cheapest seller by 1 isk, so you sell first). These are concepts that I can easily understand heh.

My friend has been playing with me, I sent him a 21 day free trial (if you want one let me know), and he has been “exploring” the Exploration aspect of the game (teehee). This means that he sends out probes and scans systems for hidden sites. These sites range from Radar sites (uses the hacking skill on the radar found for loot), Ladar site (gas sites, need a gas gathering skill which costs 25 million), Gravimetric sites (they have asteroids, sometimes rare ones), and finally -at least to my knowledge- worm holes (which warp you to unknown space, can collapse, can get stuck in “w-space” if this happens). This is where the first Discovery part comes in. My friend was very stand offish about venturing into these worm holes, possibly due to me telling him for all he knows people could be waiting to rape him on the other side, but one night (Tuesday night to be exact) we both thought it could be a good idea for him to get in a little baby ship and check it out. The w-space (as we call it, possible others do, but I’ve only seen him use it) was clear and my friend began scanning the unknown space. One thing about scanning for hidden sites, most have pirates that will either be there when you find it or show up a little while after you’ve been there, with the pirates being harder depending on the security level of the space you’re in (with w-space being 0.0 security).

So during my friend’s first scanning trip into w-space he happened upon a Gravimetric site with all of the rare asteroids except for Mercoxit (best one, need super mining lasers to mine it). Upon this discovery, I began putting together a spreadsheet to figure out how much my hauler could hold of each type, I tried to find values per unit of ore for each type, how long it would take to fill up for each, etc. It seemed like a solid idea. According to my preliminary calculations I reached the opinion that Bistot would be our best bet, so we got a load of that. This whole time I was tweaking my spreadsheet, adding things like isk/minute, and began changing the values of the ores as well. After the first load my spreadsheet now reflected that Hemorphite would be more profitable, so we moved to that asteroid and began filling me up on that. After we had a full load I began to doubt my calculations, I was using stupid values such as “average universe price” and “average region price” (the 2 regions we were familiar with). I then found out that these averages are not only AVERAGES, they also factor in the prices offered from buy orders (ridiculously below the lowest market values). I had fudged our numbers. We tried to sell the ores in the region we were in, for the lowest market price in the region, which would have netted us a very large amount of money (about 4 million total, so 2 a piece, for an hour and a half of mining). Unfortunately, it wasn’t selling. We needed money now.

I began searching for ways to get rid of this quickly at what we considered a fair price. We’re aiming at getting 2 million for it so that we get 1 a piece. I found posts on the forums of people buying ore, most of them are offering less than what we want, and they also want more than we have which is why we are not going that route. I began to notice a trend among these trade related posts, Jita. Jita is pretty much the largest trade hub in the game. I thought, if I can’t find a place to sell this, why not sell it at the place where it seems most likely to be bought? This led to me using an online market explorer and figuring out what Jita’s lowest selling prices were for each ore. I fed these figures into my spreadsheet and voila, if we sell our ore at the lowest price in the region then we will get just over 2 million. Perfect, right? It seemed so, which means that the next task for me (I am the hauler) was to make 2 round trips to Jita to sell this ore. I am a member of the Gallente race/faction/whatnot and I’m not certain but I believe that the Caldari race/faction/whatnot (which is what Jita is) doesn’t like us. I did not know this at the time of this idea.

So I set my destination to the Jita system which was 10 jumps away from where I was and began my journey. Everything was fine for the first 4 or 5 jumps until I had warped into a .5 security system. It was here where I had my first real scare of my time playing. As I set my ship to warp to the next stargate another player started locking on to me. The first thought I had was that he was going to scramble my warp and then I’d be fucked, fortunately I warped away before he locked on. Scary as shit. There I was hauling half of our expected income and some jerkoff appeared to be trying to take it from me. The rest of the jumps were fine until I actually jumped into Jita. My overview showed red names, the first time I had seen them and they weren’t pirate NPCs, so I panicked immediately. For some reason I tried to fly back to the stargate (12km away at a speed of 120m/s) as it hit me that I may not be welcome in this space. Once I realized it would take far too long to fly back to the stargate I just clicked a random station and selected to dock there. My warp began to align my ship and prepare to whoosh me out of there when I decided to look up. I saw the red named players (I hope they were players, Commander Twinkletoes doesn’t sound like an npc to me, but there were multiple “Commander name” peoples), some ship wrecks, and what appeared to be laser pew pews going off all over. As my warp propelled me to my potentially unsafe destination I became even more nervous. After all, it would suck to get blown up ten feet from the front door. When I arrived, there were no red names, and I was able to dock.

I was not on a planet station (the most popular ones) but I figured as long as it is in the system I should be good. I put the ore up for sale, cheapest sell price at the time, and went back for my 2nd load. On my way back probably 3 people tried to lock on to me, luckily all failed. I was able to deliver the 2nd load safely with a few lock on attempts during the trip and put it up for sale as the lowest selling price. We would still make 2 million if it all sold and I figured it would sell quickly in the biggest trading hub in the game. On my trip back I had a few more lock on attempts made and began to think that maybe they just do this to scare you. But, I’m sure that there are a whole lot of possibilities unbeknownst to me. By the time I made it back my friend got home from work (my drive home is much shorter than his) and was ready to find another gravimetric site in some w-space.

He quickly located a worm hole in 1.0 security space and upon further inspection the worm hole appeared it would at least last the night, which is all we needed it for. He was able to find a gravimetric site relatively quickly, we formed a fleet, and I came out to join him. At this time my spreadsheet was leading us to believe that Arkonor was in fact the most profitable for us, so we set up camp. My friend decided to head back to a station to pick up a second Miner 1 to replace his probe launcher, this would increase our ore and isk per minute. I was drinking this night (last night) and my fiance was looking at the local arrest records, just to see how “awesome” people can be. Well I come back to my ship being blown the fuck up by gdamn pirates. These were 0.0 security space pirates too, so I don’t think I stood a chance even though I still tried to warp out of there. I believe if I hadn’t been afk (like a retard) that I would have been able to warp out of there before they locked on to me, or at least I would have survived and made it out. But, my morale took a big hit with this one, I knew it was my fault, and I had a long pod journey back to my newb station where my 2nd and last Iteron was. Luckily my insurance payout was enough to buy another Miner 2 laser and I flew out into noobville asteroid belt 1, and began slowly plinking away the veldspar.

I just needed to get some money, I figured this was safe, this was easy, and this wasn’t that slow either. I wasn’t refining it because the instant sell price for Tritanium was 2 isk per, and the amount I would have refined it into multiplied by 2, was much less than selling all the veldspar at 6 isk per. I mined that belt with the other newbs until all the asteroids were gone, sold my veldspar and made around 150k or so, then flew to the next system over. I picked a random asteroid belt and looked for veldspar, unfortunately (well, fortunately later), I did not find a single one in that belt. This prompted me to open the market and see what the buy orders were like for Scordite and Plagioclase. Plagioclase was worth more by far so I figured alright, lets do this. I left the market window open as I mined and then I noticed something. Someone was selling 200k Plagioclase at 25.5 isk per 5 jumps away. The highest buy order was buying Plagioclase at 28.15 isk per only 2 jumps away. The buy order was asking for over 4 million units. After some quick number crunching I reached the conclusion that if I bought a whole cargo load at 25.5 isk and sold it at 28.15 isk I would make 36k isk each trip. This is 10 jumps round trip were talkin about. It took me 10 jumps to just get to Jita, not to mention the 10 back.

I then figured out how much more plagioclase I needed to mine in order to be able to afford my first full load. I achieved that amount, sold it, and purchased a full load (from across the region). I flew to the station where the ore was waiting, picked it up, and flew it back to where I was selling it. Easy money. I did the math and if I buy and sell all of it I stand to make 520k. That is free money! I got in a few trips before I went to bed and managed to get in another this morning before work. Then I noticed that the sell order for the cheap plagioclase ended in 12 hours. I have to finish this today if I am to capitalize. Which is exactly what I plan to do. A little more math later and I now see that if I try and fill that entire buy order (by mining it myself) that I will make 112 million isk. Yep, sure it would take some time, but so does training my skills! I figure if I just stick with it, I’ll be making 380k per load which will take 48 minutes. But, after a few hours I’ll be able to finally buy my Exequror, which will increase my mining rate to around 30 minutes per 380k. Before I know it I’ll be hammering it out like nothin, rolling in my piles of money, and may even partake in the SOMER.blink shit. Not to mention buying an Iteron Mark 5, which will be able to hold like 3x as much as my mark 1 does. With that kind of cargo space, any more cases I find in which someone is selling a bit lower than someone is buying, will result in more profit per trip.

I’m feeling good about where I’m headed. It really seems like before I know it I’ll be back out in W-Space with my friend, killing those asshole pirates in my gravimetric sites, and mining to my hearts content, turning a much higher profit.

Fun times!

Mission Accomplished!

In my last post I had an objective to fly into less secure space, find some types of asteroids I haven’t seen, and mine them with hopes of refining the ore into the materials I needed to finish my 10 out of 10 Industry newb quest. Completing this quest rewarded me with my first Industrial ship, the Iteron. ((It’s times like this when I wish I had my own domain with a host so I could do whatever I wanted, i.e. have that popup shit so when you moused over Iteron it gave you some info on it and linked to some wiki page about it. Sure, I could link it myself, but then I’d have to start linking everything and goram it, I’m just not gonna do that.)) Anyways, I made the trip and was successful.

I made it into 0.4 security space and the first asteroid belt I went to I found Jespet. This ore was much more dense than any I had previously encountered and it also required more units of ore to refine it. Prior to Jespet every other ore I had refined required 333 units of ore in order to refine, Jespet required 500. The most I could carry at one time was around 170 which means it took me 3 trips in scary 0.4 security space to gather enough ore to refine it once. Luckily, the first new ore type I tried was all I needed as it refined into the few rare materials I still needed to complete my quest.

I subbed my account, learned Gallente Industrial I, and got my new ship. Then I found out how this ship wasn’t going to make that great of a mining ship. But of course, why wouldn’t that be the case lol. I tried equipping the 1 mining laser it could hold and sitting in safer space, slowly plinking away at very common asteroid types, to the point where I actually destroyed a few completely – which I thought was pretty cool. This process took for-fucking-ever to even come close to filling my cargo hold, I went back to the station when I was about 2/3 full, after refining and selling I had made maybe 150-200k isk. Not bad, but I don’t know if it was worth the time. I later found out that I could have sold the ore (prior to refining it) for about 9 isk a piece to a guy who had a buy order on the ore. This means that I could have instantly turned that ore into 9 isk a piece, now usually, buy orders are priced much lower than the lowest price on the market. So if I had put them up for sale (not instant sale to the guy with the buy order), I probably could have made anywhere from 11-15 isk per unit of ore. This would have probably come close to doubling what I actually made. Which makes me a sad panda.

I did a bit of research and found that I could buy a Giant Secured Container, put it in space (0.7 security space and lower, only), anchor it in space so it will stay there for 30 days from the time it was last used, and then password protect it. I then figured out a way to make the ore gathering process feel much easier by using one of these containers, but when I asked in the rookie chat, was told that it wasn’t a good way. However, a good way was not provided and I’m assuming it is considered a bad idea because they assume I am in a corp who will help me, which I’m not and don’t plan to be just quite yet, so I still think it is a pretty good way (and has so far made it much easier to make money).

My plan was to anchor my storage container in 0.7 security space, at a location I had previously noted for having Omber which refines into a decent amount of Isogen (which sells for about 58 isk per unit), and move my Navitas and my Iteron ships to the station nearest the asteroid belt. From there I would equip my Navitas with 2 mining lasers and a mining drone and head out to where I placed the secure container. Fill up my cargo hold with Omber, put it in the container, repeat until container is filled. Then I would warp back to the station, switch my ship to my Iteron, fly back out there, empty the container into my hold and fly back to the station to refine it. This works very well since my Navitas can use 2 mining lasers, thus gathering ore twice as fast as my Iteron could, plus the drone which added 27 or so ore per mining cycle (a little, but something).

Though I have been making money, I have to spend it almost just as fast (plus I gave my friend 250k), spending it on skills as well as buying a couple overpriced items because I was too lazy to just make a couple jumps to go back to civilization and save 50% of the cost. I have been lucky to only encounter a couple of pirates (npc mobs) in my chosen asteroid belt, and I only had to dispatch them myself once as well. Which is the same time I purchased the overpriced hybrid turrets and ammunition, but I killed those sons of bitches and went back to mining.

Yesterday before I went out to the store I was going to just take my Iteron out there and leave him afk mining (I know, not a good idea in EVE, but Iterons got a decent amount of hp [mebbe] and I figured if anyone attacked me the guards would show up and rape em before they could take me down). As I undocked from the station, I saw a player waiting outside which I found odd, because I usually don’t see people here. His name was (I believe) “somethingtohide”, which made me wonder wtf he was all about, but I figured since he had a green name and green star (I believe this is some sort of newbie identification) he was no problem. I warped out to my asteroid belt and started making my way to my closest Omber asteroid. Before I even make it to the asteroid, I notice that “somethingtohide” is behind me and getting closer. Holy fuckin shit, I thought, what the fuck is this guy doing? It didn’t seem good, I didn’t want to find out, I don’t know how to find out lol, so I decided to abandon my afk mining idea and warped back to the station asap and logged out.

Little too scary imo. I now know to warp first to a different asteroid belt, then from there to another, to another (who knows how many times til I gotta lose the guy) and finally arrive at my actual destination. Now it is possible this guy wasn’t after me, but with a name like “somethingtohide” and knowing that people use “new player” looking characters to wtf rape people like me, I wasn’t about to risk it.

As for where I am currently standing, I have my eyes on I believe it is called an Exequror, which is a Gallente Cruiser class ship. It has I believe 4 turret points (4 mining lasers) and room for I think 8 mining drones (not sure the max limit you can have on those, 5 at least I believe, will have to train for that) and also has a larger cargo hold (close to twice what my current “mining ship” has). The biggest draw back is that I think there is only one for sale on the entire market at the low low price of 2.5 million isk. Now, tbh, this isn’t a lot of isk at all (especially considering my goal is 700 million so I can buy 60 days worth of game time) and though I have yet to go over 1 million isk- I did have 950k prior to giving my friend 250k. I also still have a few of the newb quest lines available which each give around 700k in total I believe. This morning before heading out I bought Gallente Cruiser I, started training it, as well as training Mining 4 (use of Mining II Lasers), so I should be set soon. I’ve still got a lot to figure out, but, I need to make 700 million before I can learn anything! Then I can take my sweet ass time.

On a side note I bought that new single player game at Target (when I went shopping), Star Trek Online. I don’t know if you know anything about it (I kind of still don’t) but, so far I feel like I’ve been playing a single player game. The space is completely different from EVE and the ground game seems like it could have some promise (space does too tbh). I figure I can be playing this a little bit here and there for a little change of pace. I also kind of wanted to play it before it died, not saying that it is going to, but I’ve been missing a few games that I considered trying (planned on trying) because they’re taken down before I get around to it. I don’t know if I’m a big fan of the “you don’t get experience for killing mobs, just doing quests” bullshit. Some guy almost pissed me off yesterday during my first “other people are around you” quest. Sure I get that he saw me as a team member and we were just killing the bad guys together, but imo, he was stealing my goram kills. Plus, he was following me wherever I went til I lost him (yes I know that he was not my crew mate lol). So far I’m wondering if I wasted $20, but, I’ll take it slowly and see how it pans out.

That is it bitches! Much love to all my peepo in the ‘sphere!

Dangerous Road Ahead

Tomorrow marks the 15th of October, which doesn’t really have any special meaning to me, other than I get paid and don’t have to pay rent with it. Which means, I can sub to EVE! As soon as this is done I will be able to upgrade my ship to an Iteron which has a bunch more cargo space. Cargo space is very important for a miner such as myself, my current ship can only mine an asteroid 2-3 times before it is full, the Iteron has I believe 10 times as much cargo space.

In order to obtain my Iteron I need to finish the 10 out of 10 Industry quest (for newbs). This quest actually makes me craft the ship and then gives it to me as a reward. I have most of the required materials except for a couple of the rarer ones. A day or two ago I began venturing into .8 and .7 security space to look for asteroids that weren’t Veldspar, Scordite, or Plagioclase and was only able to find Omber and then an Ice asteroid belt. Since I didn’t have an ice mining laser I just skipped over that one pretty quickly. When refining the Omber I was able to amass a fair amount of some of the more rare than “Tritanium/Pyerite/Mexallon” and less rare than “what I am still looking for” materials.

Instead of going deeper into less secure space I decided to just google the names of the asteroids that will refine into the materials I still need. From what I found (somewhat outdated) it looks as though I will need to venture into .4 security space and lower. This is pretty damn scary as I know pirates spawn in lower security space’s asteroid belts, I know I’ve already ran into one in a .7 security asteroid belt, and I would assume the ones in lower security space would be much stronger. Not to mention running into other players who can rape my face off by just blowing on me.

Now you may be wondering, can’t you just buy those few materials you still need? Well, yes I can. But where is the fun in that? Sure I may only need 3 of one and 2 of the other, but hey, my ship is fully insured (not to mention I have the materials to craft another one, just need a blueprint which I could possibly even make myself, dunno) so what have I got to lose amirite?

I know I recently made fun of Aion for bragging about their “beautiful scenery” and “flying”, but goram is EVE rutting beautiful or what? I love flying around the universe, I love the music (and that you can create your own playlists ingame with your own music), I even love the UI sounds which may seem weird. I have been training most of the skills I have to the point where if I were to train them again, each one would take 1 days time. I bought the learning skills and recently have been training them as well (forgot about them until I trained everything else).

So, tomorrow I will begin learning Gallente Industrial I (can’t be a trial player, also required to pilot Iteron) which I hope doesn’t take very long. Today I may attempt to go into lower security space in search of Hemorphite Asteroides. I may have to upgrade my refining a bit further to even be able to extract the resources needed from what I mine, but, you can train while you’re not playing, so, big whoop!

Ugh, ever since Wednesday I’ve been a day ahead (in my head). Here I am sitting in my casual Friday clothes, on Thursday, yep… Ahh, almost to the weekend.

You sure about that?

I received this little gem in my email recently.

If I enjoyed it so much, why did I cancel a week and a half before my subscription ended? Plus, is that the only good thing about your game? The visuals and being able to fly? Seriously? Double plus, what is with that BS subscription fee shit? That’s practically like getting 2 free months!!!111 LOLOLOLOL!!!!1111 Seriously? Fuck off.

Too Little Too Late

I am not a fan of these, free for the weekend!!!111 promotions. Why? Because you never have time to download the actual game prior to the start of the promotion, for one. Now you may be saying, bonedead, why do you say for one as if there is another reason for you to dislike these promotions? Well, I will tell you.

Yep. The 7-10 Promotion was not knowledge to me until the 9th. I wouldn’t have played it either way because I just can’t play that game, but still, talk about fail. I checked that 2nd email this morning to see if it was mentioned in that one and it was not.

Plus, a 3 day free trial is nothing, how can you even have fun playing a game for 3 days and 3 days only? Personally I try to not make decisions on which game I want to buy a month of time for based on less than 3 days of playing.

Too little, too late, imo!

Feeding a Troll, but just a little

So the game that I have decided to return to with a free trial is EVE Online. Surprise! I wanted to make a miner, go into industry, make items as well as money. So what does a beginning businessman in EVE do? Mine of course! I have been doing the Industry quests or whatever they would be called and the next one on my list requires some different ore than I’ve been finding. So I had to go elsewhere and find some. I was able to discover a Scordite asteroid which, when refined, gives Tritanium and Pyerite. Nearby was a Plagioclase asteroid which when refined produces Pyerite and Mexallon. I can get plenty of Tritanium from Veldspar (which is everywhere) but the Pyerite and Mexallon I had not found before and were the other ingredients needed for my next quest (I mean mission).

So, upon this realization that Plagioclase offers me more of each than Scordite, I jettisoned the Scordite from my cargo so I can hold more Plagioclase and knock out my required mats in one trip. Well, I decided to return for some more for some reason, I wasn’t even sure which Asteroid Belt I was previously at, so I chose the 4th one and voila, lucky guess!

At this point I noticed on my Overview that there was an orange named player, he had a small skull on his icon, so I was a bit on edge. Then I saw my cargo container (when you jettison something into space, it is placed in a cargo container) and guess who was right next to it? This orange named player was of course! Soon after my cargo container’s name was changed to “hahaha i took your stuff”. I was throwing the Scordite away, it didn’t matter to me, but for some reason I wanted to try and fight this guy. I knew that I could attack him and assumed that the orange name meant that. Outside of the major space stations you will see containers called “free stuff” yet when you go to loot them it says that the owner and his corporation will be able to attack you. I had my 2 gun slots equipped with Mining lasers, so if I wanted to attack this guy I would have to go back to my original space station (I was one system away), dock, unequip a mining laser and equip my newb gun.

I thought about this for a second and realized, this is what he wants me to do. So instead I decided to spend 3k ISK per email and have a little conversation with “Captain Riddic”. The subject of the email was “haha” because I thought it was fitting considering he had renamed my garbage container hahaha (I missed a ha, doh). Without further ado:

Sent: 2010.10.10 20:52
To: Captain Riddic,

you stole my garbage!
Re: haha
From: Captain Riddic
Sent: 2010.10.10 20:54

I did not steal it because i want it.
I stole it so you would react to it.
Sent: 2010.10.10 20:54

Also cause you cant blow my ship up.

Re: Re: haha
Sent: 2010.10.10 20:55
To: Captain Riddic,

Oh, so you like abusing new players cus you can’t beat people who are actually competent, I get it.

Re: Re: Re: haha
From: Captain Riddic
Sent: 2010.10.10 20:55

No cause i just like blowing noobs up.
I can take much larger prey.
Such as battle cruisers.

Re: Re: Re: Re: haha
Sent: 2010.10.10 20:56
To: Captain Riddic,

Yeah, I bet you can big boy.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: haha
From: Captain Riddic
Sent: 2010.10.10 20:57

You are yet but a noob.
You do not understand why i use such a small and weak ship.
If set up right i can take on much larger ships.
Also cause i have better skills.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: haha
Sent: 2010.10.10 20:58
To: Captain Riddic,

I don’t know shit about your ship actually, I didn’t inspect you or anything. If I did, I wouldn’t know what I was looking at. I’ve just played practically every MMO and I know your type.

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From: Captain Riddic
Sent: 2010.10.10 21:01

So you have no life?

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To: Captain Riddic,

Says the guy who has “better skills” than those who use battle cruisers in the game with one of the steepest learning curves. Good job Vin Diesel.

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From: Captain Riddic
Sent: 2010.10.10 21:05

It does not matter the size of the ship but the skills you have to use your ship. At that i dont play 24/7 cause i have a life.

Ahh, the ol’, I have a life defense. It is a shame that the troll world hasn’t evolved much over the years.
Looking at the “EVE epeen online” website, I found Captain Riddic’s little page. Man, he seems really good, huh?

Captain Indecisive Strikes Again!

I just can’t make myself play Darkfall. I wish I could, I want to get far in it and be a solo beast and join a clan and raid peoples cities and shit, but, I’m not gonna lie to you or myself, I just don’t want to play that game. Today is day 5 without my beloved weed and as my head starts to clear I believe it is affecting my gaming (pretty damn sure in fact). I can no longer force myself to push through boring shit. I find that the games which I’m able to play for long amounts of time are single player games. This is quite odd for me due to normally being incredibly anti-single player games.

Today is also day 2 of no cigarettes, for not only myself but my fiance as well. Let’s just say that shit is a little tense around the house lol, lots of snappiness and rawrfaces goin on. But, we will push through the BS. Anyways, on to less real life related topics.

No more Darkfall, I just can’t, I wont, and that is that. So, where do I go from here? Well, I’ve been reading a little again (just rereading Siddhartha) as well as watching movies and tv shows. For my single player fix I have been running through Half-Life 1, I don’t believe I ever actually beat the game but instead watched my brother do it. After that I’ll move on to HL2 followed by a recently gifted HL2 Episode 1 that my friend threw my way via Steam (I think he got the gift when he bought the Orange Box). On the MMO front, I have decided a 14 Day Free Trial return to a game I’ve not played in quite some time. This new decision was inspired by pretty much my favorite TV Series/Movie, Firefly/Serenity. The scene that sparked the decision was in the movie, when they lure the reavers to Mr. Universe’s and right into the alliance fleet. I believe you may now know which game I have chosen. If not, well, you will soon enough.


I find that when I play Darkfall I become more angry. Now this isn’t an, in general, kind of angry. It is more of a, why do all these people who don’t care about this game, actually care about it so much, kind of angry. I browse the usual outlets for MMOs that I do and instead of skipping over the Darkfall posts I now read them. Of course, many people aren’t like me and they must read and comment on every friggin post whether they hate the game or not. This fucking pisses me off so god damn much. I don’t go posting on Barbie and Ken doll blogs, because I don’t give a shit about Barbie and Ken dolls, I have no opinion on them. Sure, I could post a few paragraphs saying how fucking stupid Barbie dolls are and how there is no way in hell I’d be caught dead with one, but what is the point?

Maybe I’m just thin skinned when it comes to people talkin trash about my MMOs, maybe I feel like I know more about MMOs than a lot of people and thus believe my opinion to be far superior, maybe I feel like WoW has really diluted the community I used to love. MMOs used to be exclusive, you didn’t play them because 8 million other people played them, you played them because you were escaping into a different world and you did so with many like minded people. Let’s be honest, the majority of the population (of the world) isn’t as educated as you are. There are a shit ton of stupid people, their numbers are growing incredibly (see: Idiocracy), and due to such an influx of stupidity it is spreading to areas where it should not be. You know, like, being a leader of a country or representing a large number of people with your own interests in mind, completely forgetting that your job is for those you represent.

I know it seems like I just hate WoW. I fucking do, don’t get me wrong, and shit I even play it from time to time. I know that many of you (many of you 4 people who read this) had WoW as your first MMO, but you know I like you. You’re open to the idea that there was something else before WoW that shaped this community, that this community was built on, and that WoW is not the definition of an MMO. My problem is not you guys. My problem is that a certain large percentage of 8 zillion people are not open minded, are stupid as shit, yet somehow have deluded themselves into thinking otherwise. It is these stupid fucking kids and adult babies that make me angry. They’re the people like my fiance’s mother’s boyfriend. He treats her like shit, hasn’t worked in fucking forever, and plays WoW all the live long day. I know that he is commonplace in WoW, but he wouldn’t tell you that if you were his guildy, he would make himself out to be way less of a shit bag than that.

Ugh, its late, I gotta get to work. So fucking angry. Hate fucking people so much.