All I want to do is give you my money so you can change a 0 on my account to a 1. Seriously, come the fuck on already. I’ve been refreshing your goddamn page for a fucking week you dick heads.

I was thinking “Hey what a great idea by them, they’re totally keeping my mouth frothing, and they’re slowly opening the flood gates so the servers don’t just asplode.” up until today. Now I am just thinking they’re a bunch of dick heads who don’t want stinky americans like me fucking up their game with my huge e-peen.


WAR has been alright. Me and my buddy have been playing a bunch of different toons together in the T1/T2 scenarios. I couldn’t play the healer passed T1 because of the damn healing shit. I can’t heal people, my fucking battle rage clouds my vision and before I know it I’m a fucking DPS caster who can uber heal himself.

Knight of the Shitty Fuck is alright. Been leveling him more than anyone recently and am up to 12. Lol.

I played Quake Live the night it went live. I managed to get to Expert and then lost to the bot twice before being summoned back to WAR. I mean from what I’ve seen, sure, it’s cool. But it is still just Q3 in a browser. I tried to play it again twice since and it has been down both times. Apparently DF isn’t the only game having trouble launching.

That’s it for now, and probably another few days.

I really have been considering recording myself being retarded on my mic but I just don’t know yet. I’d feel like a real jackass due to my apartments walls being paper thin, but there will definitely be weed and dumb stoner humor relating to MMOs, so I mean shit who wouldn’t enjoy that.

Next, A Message to the PvPers who Support the Ideas behind DF

(I didn’t write these to be blog posts, just comments on other blog posts and forums)

GUY1’s post that I’m responding to

Besides, why do you think we’re having so many WoW clones? That’s because the guys in marketing figured that that’s what the majority of players still want and so, that’s where the big bucks are. The day the masses grow tired of the same old formula and game devs realize that they can spawn only so many derivative games before the market is saturated is when we’ll start seeing some new stuff coming out. Then, and only then, will we see serious game companies try to innovate and try to fill out niches.

I don’t know when it’ll happen but it will. It’s a concept that keeps repeating itself no matter the matter at hand. Take food for instance. Many decades ago, pizza and chinese food were still considered exotic. Then everyone opened up pizzerias and chinese restaurants and people grew tired of eating pizzas and chow mein all the time. Since then, people came up with ‘raw’, vegan, Japanese, French, Greek, ‘nouvelle cuisine’, healthy, unhealthy or themed restaurants and so on.

Not convinced? Just look at the myriads of porn niches there are nowadays. Thirty years ago we had Playboy and that was basically it.

I’ve gotta get it. I couldn’t feel right posting here at without supporting the ideals we love so dearly with my wallet. It takes 8 years for the opportunity to arise and depending on how this one does it may take another 8 years before we have this opportunity again.

I don’t care if the game is a huge pile of dog shit. I’ve payed for worse. If the game sucks then I’ll quit. But, the initial purchases are pretty much just investments in the ideals and features that Darkfall promises. Whether the developers deliver or not does not tarnish the ideals but tarnishes the developers. We all [are supposed to] want everything that Darkfall promises and the only way to show that is to buy it. Let the money truly reflect the interest so that people can see that we’re not as niche as everyone acts like we are.

GUY1 I think what you say is true to an extent, but MMOs are not Pizza or Chinese food. If they are, tell me which Pizza shop or Chinese shop is supposed to be WoW? Which one is UO Pre-Trammel? Shadowbane? MMOs are a whole new beast. Games like Darkfall will start being made more often when investors see $$$$, that is what it all boils down to with MMOs, how much money you can milk them for. If investors see that 500k people purchase Darkfall, but only 50k actually pay for the next month, then it is possible for them to conclude that 500k people are interested in the ideals that Darkfall promises but since Aventurine poorly implemented those ideals they were not able to capitalize on them.

Once investors realize that they are not going to be able to attain WoW success they will begin looking at the niches and pick the one with the most $$$ thrown at it.

This is the only way we can let the MMO gods know what it is we want.

First, A Message to the PvEers who Hate on DF

(I didn’t write these to be blog posts, just comments on other blog posts and forums)

The reason it didn’t work in Pre-Trammel UO was because the majority of players didn’t know what they were getting themselves into. With Darkfall, everyone who is going to play knows what the crap is goin on.

This is going to be an odd comparison but bear with me. I don’t have a problem with gay marriage, it does not affect me. But stupid rednecks feel that it does affect them because it is immoral (which is an opinion), these rednecks are outspoken and loud about why being gay is stupid and how they don’t understand how anyone could be into that.

Well it is pretty much the same thing with hardcore PvP games. Go to any developing game’s forum and I can almost guarantee you there are a couple people trying to push for more PvP or better PvP and there are tons more arguing against them. PvEers argue against PvP even when it is tailored around them so they don’t have to participate. It is just a hatred that they have with PvPers.

To all the PvEers who aren’t going to play Darkfall, please just shut the fuck up, you’re not a better person because you don’t like risky games. In reality, it is still just a game, and if you can’t handle that it is a game that isn’t made for you then I suggest taking a break from games.

(Next one is directed at PvPers)

I Hate Your Blog Post

Hello there!

My name is Bonedead, but you can call me Bonehead, just like all the 12 year olds (and 30 year olds) who like to think that they’re original and clever.

I am a blogger and a very angry one at that. Why? Well I’ll tell you…

See, there are other bloggers in this little blogosphere I like to call home, and usually they make posts which contain a lot of well thought out ideas and arguments. This makes me angry because I do not do that. Sure you can say my anger problems are my own fault, but I beg to differ!

Ya see, I’ve always been the kinda man that relies on his gut, not his brain. I don’t trust the brain, ya see. To me it’s just a series of tubes and most of these tubes keep tellin me to stop doin the things I like, which is why I like my gut. Ya see my gut likes to eat food and push out poop, two things I have grown very fond of. What has a brain ever done for anyone? My point exactly!

Brains only get ya inta trouble, my friend. But nooooo, Mr. Thinky McThinkerson over there spent the last day with a draft on his laptop cautiously editing every god damn word and analyzing every god damn thought over and over until he had a fuckin essay that would no doubt get graded an A in any highschool english class in the country.

Not me though, nope, I’m a blogger’s blogger. I blog because I wanna blog, not because people want me to write somethin thoughtful and stuff. See, when people come here they know they’re not about to stumble upon an MMO epiphany or the ultimate raid design or anything of the sort. They come here to see me attempt to describe what the fuck I’ve been doing in whatever stupid fuckin game I’m wasting my life on, that’s it. No hoobully boobully, just straight up retard diary shit, motherfucker.

But back to the point. I wish I could sit down and take the time to fucking finger my own butthole while tickling my own balls, but I just don’t. I try to at work and get in trouble, I fucking never will at home because I run out of time there sooo fuckin fast that it feels like I don’t even get to play games, so what the fuck does that leave me with? I guess me and my gut are stuck being retarded as shit dickbags with my sweet ass alias I made up in the 7th grade.


Alright, so I quit SWG cus I just got so fuckin tired of it. I had talked some shit to the 12 year old pvp wow rejects gone SWG fags on the forums who were complaining about how they’re a big fuckin mob of retards, and then put my foot in my mouth by saying I’d level to 90 on a combat toon and kick their asses. Right, like I’m going to PvE to level 90 in that fucking game in this lifetime.

My friend got WAR and I resubbed. We’re on Praag and we’re both playing a Rune Priest. We fucking own that shit so much, it just doesn’t matter what happens, we can win with just a level 1 IB if we have to. I’d like to get some of it frapsed soon, because two days ago in Khaine’s Embrace I was at the Destro flag with like their whole damn team chasing me, healing myself as much as I could, and he was healing me too. It was just so funny because I didn’t die and our team slowly picked off their team. Pretty much PvP gold imo.

I updated my links and about me thinger. Added Ixobelle because he rules and I finally remembered. Changed Plaguelands (comment) to something more appropriate. Removed Jeff Freeman’s link for obvious reasons as well.

That’s it bitches, posted this shit at work like a fucking ninja motherfuckers, woo!

Oh and to all those who think about their posts fuck you, I’m jealous.

Last Week in SWG, Part Three

I’ve decided to make this a multi part series due to not having an extensive enough vocabulary to keep saying Last Week in SWG differently more than twice.

This last week has been a very mentally trying week. I don’t know if I’m getting bored or if I don’t have enough direction or even if I’m just lonely in SWG. Whatever it is, it has slowed me down a bit.

This is going to be a quick recap and if I have time later I’ll expand on a few things.

I’ve taken to fishing in an attempt to have a hobby on Levie. If I have a hobby then it gives me something to do when I’m not working, plus, it gives me something to yearn for.

The newb helping guild was disbanded. I did not get my harvesters/crafting stations back before the guy took the guildhall. If I did, I would sell them really cheap, so fuck it.

Yesterday I decided to help a newb. I told him which weapon to equip, how to gain levels outside of the Legacy quest, and even ran a couple with him. I told him I would give him a house and a swoop for free. Now I’m just an NPC to him lol.

Levie hit level 90! Woo woo! Yrqo is almost 30, the AE killing fucking owns.

I’ve been gathering a lot of hides with Yrqo due to being able to wtf rape like 10 things at once depending on if they’re melee or not. I plan on using these to create 5 or so of many pieces of furniture, to be sold at 3cpu (of resources used). The vendor will be in a bigger house with the furniture on display.

I’ve began mingling a bit in public. Namely if I see someone who recently bought something from me, I will talk to them about it, mention my low low prices and what I have coming in the future. Can’t hurt business.

I moved my houses! I am very close to my old location near the RPing kiddies (whose guild tag is now T-Rep instead of RES for Resistance). The trip to my houses is fucking awesome. They are so out of the way I love it, you can not forget a trip to my shop because it takes so long and then the prices are so low. If you head north out of the nearest town with a shuttleport (New Starbird) you’ll see a mountain peak in the distance. I figure most people would head straight for the top, once you get there, instead of falling off the other side, it’s like riding a cliff of a mountain (the original peak is actually more like the corner of a ridge). It really feels good, after following it a bit the land opens up beneath and is very flat. There are some little trench looking features, one carves out a small peninsula shaped location, which is where my shop is. You cannot see any structure that doesn’t belong to me in the area. I really like it, I think I could do a lot with this space. I nicknamed the area a month or two ago Levie’s Flats, I may make use of this name sometime down the road.

I stopped farming the grind resources necessary because there is a new Steel (that I discovered, wewt wewt) which is better for making harvesters than the Steel I currently use. I moved every harvester I have to the highest concentration I could find (93%), which just happens to be located exactly where my house used to be, right next to the RP kiddies. I thought it was hilarious and quite the coinkydink as well.

I have 7 lots left on Jicont (more of a secret character) and no more harvesters. I now have 2 structure factories (am highly considering more) and made 1000 structural modules in each. Then using 5 of each of the 2 kinds of modules, created a schematic for wall modules. I should have around 198 wall modules when it is done. Wall modules are some of the more annoying parts of structures, as they require a lot of junk resources, and time to make. An elite mineral harvester requires 21 wall modules.

I don’t know what I should do with my old Steel. I have about 380k of it, I recently bought 100k of it for 3cpu (omg steal on steel) and am now hesitant to resell it at a higher price. Maybe I should go and buy the rest off the other vendor beforehand? Meh!

Sometimes I wonder if I should just sell resources. My worries with that are running out, pricing too low, resellers, and that it could be too boring.

It sure would be nice to have some time away from crafting though.

I could have so much time to level Yrqo, and I might even make a lot more money.

So many ideas, so little playtime!