Track is done with video

Hey errybody, we finished the track last night and I recorded this video of the ride this morning. It isn’t anything fancy with crazy loops or some shit, just our first expansion in our world and I’m pretty proud of it.

A couple unexpected things happened due to Minecraft being Minecraft (and us not really “completing” the track yet). It is long as shit, I know.

Big Things

Can’t talk much but here is a bit of what I’ve been working on. Playing Minecraft with my buddy and we want to just build shit. So we went through the Nether portal at our house (right side) and dug through the Nether world pretty far and made a new portal outside of a Fortress which led us to our second house (aka Portress Outpost). Once we had our second house up we began the long process of building a bridge from one house to the other. Yesterday we completed the bridge and got mine cart track across almost half of it (with powered tracks in there for speed boosts). We kind of plan on just making a big fuckin railway system all over the bitch. I intend to record a video once the track is completed just to show you how long it still takes to cross the whole thing even with powered rails.

If you look you can see a 2 block wide gray line going across the whole picture, and that would be our bridge.


I have no idea what I try to get out of playing games. But Bonedead, they are just games, you say to yourself. Games are there to have fun, you tell me.

Oh you mean they’re not there to make you feel good about yourself because you’re the number one best motherfucker in the whole world (or you’ve wanted to be and never have been lol)?

I don’t know wtf I want, man. Work has been good, got promoted, finally doing real work and feel like I’m contributing to the company while also keeping the internal machine running (company books bro). It feels good. My social life is completely non existent though. I used to go to a bar on Tuesday’s and use some buy one get one on Tuesday’s only text message coupon, but I just can’t get that in to drinking like I used to.

Anyways, I bought Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim this month and have played the crap out of them all. The series is quite enjoyable (though I couldn’t force myself to attempt to stomach the older 2 games). I did get lonely though, even though I play MMOs solo most of the time, I do still enjoy rare encounters when people try to talk to me or something and I ignore them completely most of the time. So, I tried to think of a game I haven’t played in a while that in my memory reminds me most of The Elder Scrolls. Now that may sound like a reasonable thought process, but here is the flaw. Thinking of a game I haven’t played in a while. So from the get go, I don’t REALLY remember anything about it, I am basing my judgement off of a vague feeling I have about a game that I played years ago. The game that I chose is AoC. Yep, you read that right, Age of Conan.

AoC has changed a bit since I last played. It is now free to play with a cash shop. I had 7/8 character slots filled and since I am a free player now, I can only unlock two of them. So, I obviously used the one empty slot to make a new character. There are 3 whole servers for AoC now. One is PvE, PvP, and like Blood and Guts Glory to the Emporer PvP or some equally radical title like that. I chose the crazy one not knowing wtf I was getting into (I still don’t even know the difference).

It is not really like The Elder Scrolls at all, save the questing in Tortage where the NPCs speak. Can’t pick up every little thing everywhere, even though there are a literal fuck ton of boxes that look like chests. It seems like half the mobs don’t even drop loot, though of course every one of them have a sword and shield. But these are things I can get passed, because I realized that there isn’t one fucking MMO that is like that.

I have only played two days or so (and rather lightly, I add) but am honestly not having a terrible time. I barely remember the story so that is good. I have mainly been sticking with the main quest (much like I do in TES) which means I don’t get quite enough exp all the time and need to go outside and kill some shit every now and again.

I have heard plenty of complaining in the Neil Patrick Harris channel (NPH, New Player Help) about people ganking and camping newbs. I imagine this is going on in White Sands as that is where I vaguely remember first encountering PvP way back when. This led me to avoid that area during daytime. However yesterday I did venture there and saw one guy half my level.

I do believe there are level restrictions on who you can attack so it shouldn’t be that bad. Anyways, I shall resume playing it some today. I’m hoping that I will run into one of these griefer guys and that he won’t be way bigger than me.

Oh, I am playing a Demonologist because it was the lowest level I had previously.

That’s it bitches, gtfo!

The Lost Skill

Recently I purchased Skyrim, which would be my first Elder Scrolls game that I’ve played (watched my brother play Morrowind a bit). I am normally not a singleplayer guy at all but this game really grabbed me and held on tight. Next thing I know I had two characters in their 20s having done maybe 25% of the quests. I wanted more without ruining the game by overplaying it. So, I bought Morrowind.

Morrowind looks a lot worse than I remember. It feels like playing in Anarchy Online scenically while having EQ1 models. The graphics are not an issue for me as I was here for the game. I haven’t gotten that far in Morrowind, I’m still hanging around Balmorra doing quests, and the main quest is taking me to Vivee (where I died and forgot to fucking save arg!).

The joy of playing these games in first person prompted me to return to a certain DF beta that may or may not exist. I finally realized that DF is just multiplayer Elder Scrolls without the ability to save. I should not fear the ruthless world.

Something I discovered while playing the Elder Scrolls games is that sometimes you can get ahead of yourself. Maybe you didn’t do enough side quests and focused too much on the main story. Maybe you saw something while travelling and veered off course and never turned back. Eventually you come up against a mob that you simply cannot beat in a fair fight (read: going toe to toe if your melee and killing it before it gets to you if you’re mage/archer). But, if you are determined you can use the tools you have to defeat it by not fighting fair.

We have been conditioned to forget that this is even a possibility with today’s MMOs. You pull a mob and kill it no problem, even if it is upwards of 5 levels above you. Oh, you accidentally aggrod 5 mobs your level? No problem, you can take them out.

We have forgotten what it is like to fail, what it is like to feel lost, and how to overcome those feelings by using the lost skill: your brain.

This revelation excites me greatly as I return to the DF beta that may or may not exist. In the original I rarely ever fought “medium” difficulty mobs. out of fear. I probably tried once and either died or almost died and just thought, well, my skills aren’t good enough yet for that. The problem was that it seemed like they were never good enough for that. However my time in The Elder Scrolls games has reminded me that I actually can defeat these mobs, through trial and error, with patience, planning, and execution.

I feel as though I have turned a new leaf, or whatever the fuck that saying is, and I gotta say that I like it.

Apparently Richard Garriott won’t take the hint

I’ve learned he is trying to get another game going with a kickstarter project fundraising deal. Not to mention all of the hype for it is basically saying how he made Ultima/UO and omg this game is gonna have stuff other games don’t because games have strayed since the old days and yadda yadda yadda. I really hope no one buys into this guys bullshit again because I am pretty fuckin over it.

On a side note I bought Skyrim and have been playing the everloving shit out of it. I usually stray from singleplayer games but hot damn is this one good.