Borderlands: What the crap was that?

I finished up my first playthrough of Borderlands last night with my buddy. I was really disappointed to be quite honest. The whole time you’re being told about this fucking vault and oh man the treasure! Next thing I know the game is over and it ends right outside the vault. Ugh, I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who hasn’t played it, but I have to. The “guardian angel” is actually a satellite for the Hyperion corporation. The Atlas corporation I believe are the “bad guys” even though they’re pretty much just your competition.

Such a let down. I wonder if I will be going for a second playthrough on what I believe will be “hard mode”. I’m kind of disappointed though. My friend might want to get the additional content xpacs but I don’t know. It is hard to describe the level of disappointment I had last night when we won.When my friend told me the final boss was level 35ish I was level 28 or so and was already disappointed with the lack of length (that’s what she said) in the game.

MEH! I have 6 days left on my UO subscription, that is a possibility. Another is returning to the Project 1999 EQ emu server. More people from PKer are playing so I may just jump back in.

On a side note, I’ve been watching a shit ton of Survivor. I’ve watched the most recent season a bit and it has inspired me to go back and watch the previous seasons. So far I’ve seen the entire Seasons 1 and 2, yesterday I started Season 3. I can’t get enough of this and I don’t feel bad because it isn’t as shitty as the majority of reality shows. These people are actually living in the bullshit and having to get along, I think all of that shit is definitely real. Now sure, they’re never in a shit ton of danger, but it would still scare the shit out of me. So far it is hard to hold a torch up to Season 1, but I’ve just reached a crazy twist in Season 3 where they switch some team members and saved my favorite, Frank, from getting picked off by the young and dumbs.

Anyways, that’s all I’ve got for ya! Schools been rough, tax season at work, meh!

Borderlands: Pretty Fuckin Cool

I’ve kind of given up on the free EQ deal. I got to around 10 or so on a Necromancer, died probably 100 times in the process, and just can’t stand torturing myself anymore. I may return sometime, but not until I am done with Borderlands.

Yes I have been playing Borderlands like a mad man recently. I have a level 28 or so Brick, 23ish Soldier, 17ish Hunter, and a 16 Brick. It’s hard to describe what it is about this game that really draws me in, but I shall attempt to!

First of all, it is an FPS. I am unaware of the engine that they use for the game but since it runs through Steam I want to think that it is the Source engine. For me, that is a big plus.

Secondly, you have character levels, skill levels, a class defining ability, and talents affecting either your ability or your character. These things are a positive because they are in most MMOs and a thing I have come to enjoy subconsciously whether I think I like them or not.

The FPS part works. This may seem like a stupid positive to some of you but you’d be surprised how many FPS hybrids seem to not work at times. Accuracy, recoil, swaying (for sniper rifles), and fire rate. All of these things are implemented into the items and work well. My one gripe is weapons that do not have high zoom (above 1.0 grants you a scope sight I believe) use the guns barrel. Now, I’ve shot a few guns in my day and I’m pretty sure I know how to use the barrel’s sights, but this game doesn’t seem to agree with me. Whenever I’ve shot a gun, you put the I in the U and whatever the I is covering is what gets hit. In this game you put the I in the U and then after the recoil raises the barrel, the bullets hit above where the I is. Moral of the story: aim lower. Not a fan of that.

Vehicles that have a machine gun (that can only aim ahead of you), rocket launcher, and seats 2 people. One person can drive and easily control both weapons, or you can have a driver controlling the machine gun and a passenger controlling the rocket launcher. Either way you’re going to have fun. Especially when you get into the place where you fight mobs that are using vehicles as well.

Graphics. I’ve not seen a game with this style of graphics that I know of, so it just adds to the uniqueness of the game. Sure the game may have taken the best parts of other games, but this new color of paint sure does hide that fact rather well.

NPC Dialogue. So good. My favorite guy is Scooter, the guy who gives the vehicles out. He talks about how busted his momma’s girl parts are in the beginning and later he’ll have you rescue his friend and say “by friend I mean dick bag” in such a charming way. They really seem to have tried hard and even taken some risky steps into “cheesy” territory. I would say it paid off.

I love the few introductions they do for certain boss mobs. The first boss, Nine Toes, is introduced by saying Nine Toes (he also has 3 balls). For Sledge they make sure to remind you (you’re not friends). They managed to put stills into my FPS in a way that doesn’t seem intrusive and is entertaining.

The audio in itself is great. Pain noises, grunts, war cries, etc. They are all very good and add greatly to the game. From the Brick going ape shit with his Berserk ability (omg I love this so much, he gets sooo fucking mad I love it) to the midget shotgunners charging you and screaming their squeaky little screams. I love going AFK and hearing my own character say, “Well, standing here is just great!”, while being in my kitchen.

If you haven’t played Borderlands, I would highly suggest giving it a shot as it is a very fun game.