Sneaky Super Sekr1t Post from Work!

I just finished up one of our biggest/last clients so, chea, time to waste 5 minutes.

This weekend I plan on finally doing something with my WSG footage. The problem with the footage is while I recorded I was listening to music (see: sneak preview part deux). So, if I want to make the video not as fucking long, for you guys’ sake, it might sound kind of fucking stupid.

I plan on taking this blog down a little side road from time to time, to discuss PvP tactics. I’m going to have a sneak preview of this, hopefully, in my WSG video, if the sound isn’t too hard of a thing to figure out.

Later on down the road I’d like to expand on the theories of PvP tactics in games other than WoW, including DAoC and Counter-Strike definitely.

Mainly what I will be trying to highlight is how a PvPer thinks. I’ll be pausing video, pointing little details out, showing you how to outsmart your opponents. I can almost guarantee that when I’m done with you guys that you will be able to tell what some players are going to do, before they even do it.

But, that’s only if you fuckers keep coming here to see me, you knows I loves ya.

Cya this weekend bitches!


Some recent ideas for an MMO

Okay so I’ve been readin around the block a bit, mainly Mr. Jennings’ post of PvP and the comments following that post. But I thought of a couple ideas and I might not know how to explain them. My ideas usually come in the vague form of a game that doesn’t exist, so you may have to try and imagine this game with me.

First off, Player Controlled Advancement. I didn’t play Face of Mankind much, but I believe they had a form of this. I’m not exactly sure how it would work, but for idea #2, it would make it quite interesting to have this. Mainly, think of a corporation, there’s levels, hierarchy, some of these levels you won’t even see the waiting room for. That’s life, I think some people would be able to accept this (I mean shit look at WoW, look at all the drones), and others would be attempting to climb some ladders.

For this you will need levels (maybe skills, but yes, numbers by which you judge your capability), your level cap shouldn’t be cut short by your lack of ladder climbing. For this to make sense, think of military movies, the best at fighting soldier isn’t the highest ranking soldier. It sucks to say think of movies when describing a game, but I think back to the Jennings/Rickey interview and they talk about movies a lot so I’m no longer trying to hide my source of inspiration/influence.

Okay, so some people will never see into the bosses office. That will infuriate them, that they aren’t trusted. But so what if someone can get into the bosses office and gank him, why would it be that big of a deal? Well here’s where idea #2 comes in.

Permadeath by Zone. If you die in the bosses office, you’re permanently dead, people don’t fuck around in the bosses office. So people can try coups at their own risk, and the boss will definitely want to surround himself with plenty of trustworthy people. The cool thing is there can be more than one corporation. There can be small player run companies, I guess business will mainly involve killing or crafting, but who knows. So, say a subsection of Player Run Company A’s purpose of existence is to infiltrate Corporation A’s bosses office and take it over. They have to lay low, they can’t be known as a threat to the boss of Corp A, they have to leave their company and infiltrate the corporation. (Can anybody else hear the EVE players rejoicing?)

Let’s say Corporation B doesn’t like the way Boss A at Corporation A is running his shit. He can hire a player assassin to attempt to infiltrate the Corporation’s offices and kill the boss. Which is risky. You know how he’ll do it, obviously, I mean you’ve seen the movie right? Air ducts! Durr! But how does the assassin get paid? Half now half later, newb. Deposits his first half in a family bank account so only toons from his account can access it. Kind of a neat idea huh?

Next, I’d like to bring to light an idea I’ve had for a “Carebear Race“. Okay so, there’s a more advanced race, they’re “better”. They’re less violent, more passive when it comes to fighting (pvp), and they’re able to discourage fighting. Here’s an imaginary encounter as a PKer attempting to kill one of these races. I attack, he uses his defense mechanism of pacifism which makes him invulnerable 100% for 2 seconds, 80% for 2 sec, 60% for 2 sec, etc. They also get a movement haste that works like the invuln shield except in reverse. So for 2 sec they get 20% haste, 2 sec 40% haste, etc.

How do you make it so the invuln can’t be exploited? SNURF SNURF. Well, I’d say make it only usable once you’ve been flagged for PvP. Maybe this carebear race could even toggle (in town or somewhere special) if they can be attacked or not for PvP. This would make them a juicy challenge for the scary PKs, that’s the goal anyway.

This race dying would affect the others of that race. Possibly sparking a retaliation. When these guys work together, amazing things can happen, they’re the superior race remember? The only thing is, teamwork is crucial, so I guess imagine heroic opportunities in EQ2 except on a possibly larger more complicated scale. Mainly what I’d like to see when they do work together, is a zerg being covered by a massive invuln bubble or a massive half invulvn have uber dmg shield. When these guys work together, I want them to have triumphant victories, I want my team to be pissed off at them so much. I want to ween them into PvPing more.

Alright, the third idea about the carebear race isn’t apart of the first “game”. It probably could be on a gay friendly alien ally scale, but who cares.

Lastly, I’d like to talk about a Lack of Information problem a lot of newer games are experiencing. One thing that I enjoyed the most in my earlier online gaming years was looking at websites that had all of the skills/factions/races/classes/INFORMATION about the game I was playing. Sometimes if a games skill set was too bland (WoWhat?) I could even get discouraged by the lameness and quit. It was good. But nowadays when I go looking for this information for the game I want to play, it’s nowhere to be found.

So in the voice of Jerry Seinfeld I say: “What is with all the lack of information for today’s online games?”

That is all, thanks for stoppin by.

The Story

This idea and discussion topic was sparked by the interview I posted, more specifically what Scott Jennings said about having a story that millions of people can participate in simultaneously. Also there’s a part where he talks about why fantasy is mostly used a genre, why sci-fi is a risk, and about having to tell your story if you try and create your own.

It got me to thinking, if you wanted to have a different world, would you have to write a hit book (or books) in order for it to have as big a following as you’d like? Would you announce the game first and then release the books for the fanboys and anyone remotely interested? More importantly, would knowing a game dev wrote the whole story before making the game excite you a bit? Would you be more interested at all or would you think, great, a writer is going to try and make a game, pfft.

Basically I think most of us would like to see a split from the fantasy genre, we’re just tired of it for the most part. A lot of us want a cyberpunk/steampunk/sci-fi-punk(esque LAWL) type of genre. As we know most games are based on stories that have already been written, they almost have to be in order to be successful.

So do you pick an old book you enjoyed to base your game around? Well I think you could, but if you’re dedicated, inspired, and have seen plenty of movies/read a few good books you could probably create a small world/era of your own.

My idea is that you take a story and break it down into individual roles. You really need a good vision of your world and how it functions in order to accomplish this. You basically want a few hundred individual roles (considering you have more than one faction some roles could apply to multiple factions) and with these roles you build quests around them. When you create a character you are randomly assigned a role, whether the role is extremely heroic or slightly mundane won’t be obvious to you. The quests available to you are based on this role, some will be extremely important to the outcome of the story, which is decided by the players.

Say someone makes a character, this character is designated a heroic role, however he quits after a week of playing. The hero failed to arise in this story for this faction. Now say that one of his higher level quests was to bomb some dam which would cause a flood of the enemy factions shield generators power supply (rofl seriously), when the final showdown, the climax, takes place; that team’s shields for that certain sector will be up.

You really have to be able to turn a story into a choose your own adventure on a massive scale. It’s easier to have a small number of crucial roles, a medium amount of important roles, a large amount of minor roles. There has to be recognition of your acts, because I know I want to be known in-game for doing something.

This game would probably be similar to ATITD in terms of restarting. Your account profile on the community website could show all the roles you’ve been and how much you’ve contributed to whichever factions you’ve played. I can only see problems arising when too many heroic roles are abandoned, but I can solve that. Shining characters with minor roles can be approached by a G-Man (Half-Life) type figure who requests their service, if they accept, role change.

If the game were to gain a following then you could also turn each story into a book and sell it on your website as well, kekeke (unless of course you want to give it to the players).

So what do you think? Is it too impossible? Can things heavier than air not fly? Is the Earth flat?

Would you be interested in trying something like this?

Do you have any other ideas to creating a story that millions of people can participate in simultaneously?