Little update

Shit has been hectic recently. Real hectic.

But I’ve been tryin to play my games still and I’ve advanced a little. I’ve started making some good money in SWGEmu, first by selling 20 swoops at a time at 13000 each, that got me around 500k in a couple days. Then I looted a Defense vs Intimidate 13 CA (Clothing Attachment – can put in socketed clothes) which I sold to a guy for 500k. Then I bought 5 zillion fucking things on the forums because the trade forum is extremely addicting. I’ve not tried to go further on my rumors yet. I’m currently on Droidekas in a dungeon on Lok. I went there once and killed one or two but died to probably 20 of them that were bugged in the floor. I blame the douchefag that ran in that cave and aggrod everything at once so he could stack them and AE them, which makes some bug the fuck out and do things like that until a server restart. Hate those fuckers so much.

There are actually a lot of annoying fucking people. What I find very interesting is how they are all anti NGE. Yet, when I played the NGE the majority of the PvPers there acted the exact same fucking way as these guys do. Now when I encountered those guys in the NGE I believe I called them WoW rejects, that they couldn’t act that way in WoW because they sucked, so they came to SWG-NGE where they can finally live out their fantasy of deluding themselves into thinking they’re better than someone. I get the same feeling from most of the guys acting like asshats on the Emu.

l2p nub! L2P NUB! LOLUMAD?!?!?! So fucking annoying. What may surprise you is that none of their crap is ever directed at me. I even mention how fucking annoying and stupid they are. Their targets are the people who “can’t defend themselves” which, surprise, are the same targets these kinds of people always go for. Sometimes, I get it. Which sucks because I know that sometimes they are right. But it is pretty much like shooting 10 suspects for a murder in the head. Sure you got a murderer, but you also killed people who weren’t a murderer.

Anwyays, fuck those guys. They also kill steal which apparently no one has a problem with except me and most of the people who get “l2p nub!” messages thrown at them. The worst part about this is that if I had millions of credits and a few super weapons, I would probably not care either. So that is the difference. It is the newer players vs the older players. Many of the older players have benefited greatly from an old credit dupe exploit (so I hear, not surprised on a test center since its also happened in practically every free emulated server for any game). So the economy sucks. If I wanted to upgrade my hammer just a little bit, it would cost me all of the money I made (1 million), and it wouldn’t improve my farming that much. So pretty much the only thing I can do is either try and farm a holocron (which is going to be a need to get item whether I loot it or buy it for 25 million). From there I finish my rumors and eventually become a Jedi, just to farm more items for money (but much easier and quicker).

I will probably get my doctor to the point where he can buff (even if they suck) before I do any of this because screw spending 10-15k every 2 hours for buffs. I’ll still have to see an Entertainer, but, whatever. I probably wont do this though, I’ll probably just get on my big guy, get buffs, and either go farm or do my rumors. I’ve got a Rifle Accuracy +10 CA which I’m thinking can get me another 500k+, so, that makes me want to farm more. But if I was a Jedi then I could do that shit so easily.

I like using the Trade forum because it gets me involved with the community, I meet people, talk to people, weird – I know. I’ve been trying to bolster the community the best I can. I was standing in a line in the medical center for buffs, I was probably the 5th person in line so I had a while to wait. There was a struggling Doctor talking about his bad buffs. So I asked him if he was buffing, what power his buffs were, and then overpaid him for them. Trying to give him some motivation to push through and keep on! Another guy on the forums was talking about just becoming a Master Weaponsmith and if anyone wanted some of his weapons which weren’t top of the line. I told him my story with buying weapons and what kind of stats I’m in the market for and what I’ve paid for the ones I got. Recommended making a post with some stats of his weapons (from each weapon type rifle/pistol/melee/etc) and he did! He ended up getting quite a few orders (practically sold everything he listed) and I actually bought 2 things from him. He ended up cutting me a deal too for giving him the idea.

Community is fun at times.

I’ve been playing a crap ton of CS:Source and I have been having quite a lot of fun.

Here is my HLStats page for my favorite server.

Slowly moving up the ranks. Here is a link to my CS:S Achievement page(don’t forget to check out the stats tab as well!). Last night I got Boomala Boomala and Head Shred Redemption. The first one is planting 100 bombs, the second is killing 5 enemies with headshots in a single round. Yeah, I knew that if I played long enough I’d eventually unlock some perdy cool ones. I’m somewhat random when it comes to CSS. I’m always at least average but sometimes I do really bad, like say 1-13 (happened recently), but then I’ll finish the map 12-15. I’m random. But when I’m good, I’m fuckin good, and that is why I play. For the rounds where I rush the weak side, kill 3, and get behind the rest of their team to get a few knife kills. When I scout 2 dudes in a row at middle double doors on Dust 2 (not dudes trying to go middle, dudes trying to go B, easy way to cause a ragequit which is quite understandable since the shot is so BS lol).

Always good fun, just need some people to play it with and you’re good to go.

On a sad side note, I have removed a link from my blogroll, one of my favorite links in fact. Mr. Pitrelli is taking a hiatus from blogging and though I am sad to see him go (he will be commenting still!) I will welcome his return when Cataclysm launches!

Quick SWGEmu Update

This weekend had plenty of server downtime, which sucked, not just because I couldn’t play but also because I finally had someone coming to play with me and this would have been his first weekend. Pretty much the entire month before this weekend (30 days, not July 1-weekend) I had experienced lag maybe twice. My friend hasn’t seen anything besides lag, so, not good! I just hope he sticks with it and doesn’t get angreh!

I’ve been working on making/handing out the 100 free Swoops, as I agreed to. It is pretty tough work lol, I did not know what I was getting myself into when I signed on to this. My first day I gave out 12 the next day was maybe 4, and since then I’ve given away a total of 20 (and I forgot to write the last guys name down, arg!). Shit is a lot harder than it sounds.

My first day in Eisley after giving away the 12 I was pretty sure people had caught on and were creating alts, so I had to move shop. I traded some to my main guy and let him give them out to people he trains or random people waiting for shuttles. I kinda wish it was just over already, but, gotta do what we gotta do! I’m probably going to make a post offering a free one to anyone who wants one and is relatively new to the server (no more than 2 professions mastered!), telling them to post their in game name for the toon they plan to pick it up on, which must have less than 2 professions mastered. Then I make a list of the names and announce a couple times when I’ll be standing outside of the Coronet starport. I can also stand around Eisley and announce the thread on the forums before they’re all spoken for, so that almost everyone has a chance. Huzzah, a plan!

I’ve been working on an alt, almost master Marksman. Going for some Commando/BH/Defense/little Medic guy. Plan on maybe hunting some Jedi with him, maybe. I’ll probably suck ass, but, hey, maybe I’ll get lucky. I want to use the super guns, the flame thrower, heavy acid rifle, and lightning cannon. I would love to use rocket launchers and beam launchers but they don’t work yet, sadface! I probably won’t be very good with that spec until I deck myself out in armor/clothing attachments for my weapons accuracy/damage, but I’d like to think I’ll do okay. My defense might suck a shit ton, but who knows, I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually. I just put a bid on a nice heavy acid rifle, quite the steal imo, 100k. Most of the weapons I’ve got aren’t the top tier shit, by far, but they’re way better than newb stuff and I’ve gotten them all for under 200k each.

I started working on my Jedi rumors again yesterday. I found some Janta Primalists (only found a spawn of 2 in the Stronghold) and killed around 20. Went to town, found an NPC with a new rumor, kliknik warriors. Go to Yavin 4, get 5 kliknik missions, 1 is kliknik warriors, kill around 20 kliknik warriors and stopped. Usually you have to wait a few hours after doing them back to back before you can get a new one. So I believe that I will be on my 10th rumor when I start my next one, which is about halfway I think. Sure would be nice to unlock a Jedi, though, the closer I get the scarier it seems. As a Jedi you can be hunted by bounty hunters (other players that probably have good gear that will rape your face) and the way they find you is through a bounty hunter mission terminal. Now to show up on the mission terminal, you have to use your jedi powers, and you’re pretty much ranked (I believe) on the terminal by how much you have used (aka, how long you’ve been using your powers that day – again, I think this is how it works) your powers. So, a freshly created Jedi, goes out into the wild to hide from people, just grinding on mobs all the live long day. Is that incoming blue dot just a passer by or a bounty hunter coming for your newb ass?

We shall see! Can’t wait.

Grinding Rep

Recently on the SWGEmu Trade forums a player began selling the servers best Lightsaber resource at 1k credits per unit (cpu from here on out). The first poster was a competitor who was announcing that this seller was now “blacklisted” due to undercutting him. Turns out the complainer was trying to sell the same resource at 2k cpu. The majority of the following posters thought this guy was just being a sour jackass, which, is pretty much true.

This prompted an awesome old schooler to create a thread giving away 11 million of the same resource, 100k to the first 100 people to reply. So of course, I threw my name on this list. In my post I mentioned that I try to do nice things as often as I can (even though I am new) including making Swoops (fastest vehicle you can get) and selling them for 1.5 cpu on the Bazaar, for the newbs. I mentioned this because in the post the guy also said that he would pick a lucky person to win an additional 1 million, that this would be based on votes from other players, and that the person needed to be nice.

So I check back up on the post occasionally and when I got home yesterday I see a post from the OP, quoting my post, and offering to give me enough of the best resources to make 100 Swoops, to be given away to newbs. So, I accepted.

This is quite exciting, I’ve already been given the resources, and have so far made about 15-17 Swoops. I was able to give 12 of them away last night. It feels good, each person says thank you, with a mix of capslock and exclamation points thrown in for good measure. To make sure I’m not giving them away to non noobs, I examine them first and see if they’ve mastered more than 1 profession.

Sure I could be giving some to peoples alts, but I think the majority will make it into needy newbs’ hands.

I’m hoping that this will create and greatly increase (positively) my reputation on the server. I’m pretty sure right now that I’m unknown for the most part, so this could really help me out in terms of not only possible business in the future but also socialization.

There is another thread on the Trade forums that I’m keeping my eye on. A person is quitting and is looking for someone to be the heir to his fortune. He doesn’t want to split it up, he just wants on heir. I’ve nominated myself (durrrr) and mentioned how I could give a piece of loot along with a swoop to the newb players. If he just gives it to a newb, who knows where it is going to go, the guy could quit the next day and that would be it. Some already accomplished players are trying to get it as well, which puts a sour taste in a few mouths, due to them having say a 1400 max dmg carbine and wanting this so they can get a 1500 max dmg carbine, while many many people have 200-500 max dmg carbines. So they get their 1500 dmg carbine and either bank or sell their 1400 dmg carbine, the only people who could buy it are people who are already accomplished. So it seems like the majority of posters are saying that the loot getting into the hands of someone who doesn’t really need it is the wrong way to do it.

I didn’t say this in my post, but I really wanted to. Another person who is probably in the lead, is the head of a guild that hosts a lot of events. I went to one of these events, where free door prizes were promised, it was a 4v4 PvP tournament. I stood in line for my door prize longer than the tournament lasted, I couldn’t even see the fighting from where the line was, and I ended up just leaving because the fights were over and I was still 30 people back in line. I just don’t think thats the right way to go, the prizes detract from the event (unless they find a better way to do it). I didn’t want to say that on the forums for some reason, probably because I don’t want to give off that image. Also, at that tournament, someone commented that the majority of the line looked like a bunch of brand new alts, which means that some people were probably getting multiple rewards.

Sure, someone could pull a fast one on me, but if I am the one actively approaching people and initiating the trades, I’m fairly certain that the majority of the items would get into needy hands which could really make a difference for the server. As it is now there are the people who have millions of credits and people who are struggling to get to a million, with most good weapons costing at least 2 million, then you need armor which would be 2 million, and then you need buffs for every run which can cost 5-15k (for 2 hours of buffs), finally you need armor attachments and clothing attachments, most of which sell for anywhere from 1 million to 10 million. So there are quite a few people who I think don’t deserve this because they probably wont put it to its best use, for the server, anyways.

I mean damn, the guy is giving away 250 million, and then a shit ton of loot. I could give away all of the loot (save the crafting suits and a weapon or two) and half the money (shit even 75%) and be set until the server is wiped.

Anyways, sure I’m just looking out for #1. It would probably make me a semi known player finally amongst the majority of players. Finally people would know me in an MMO! lol.

A guy can dream can’t he?

What the hell is broccoli anyway?

Just wanted to point out a few things that I think are important to the blogosphere. One is a good post on Games and Geekery with information regarding Final Fantasy 14. Pitrelli is celebrating one year of blogging, congrats to him.

Alright, update time, what have I been doing?

SWGEmu and CS:Source.

SWG Emu is slowly nearing end game like stages, on my combat toon anyways. I have figured out (just about) a template for him, though I am constantly trying to unlock my Jedi, force sensitive, character slot (and seem to be progressing quite nicely). My plan is to go Master Swordsman, Master Brawler (have it), one branch of the Pikeman and Pistoleer trees, and some medic skills thrown in for good measure. I kinda want the Fencer defense skills as well but, I’d have to give up Master Brawler which means no more Lunge 2 which makes knocking down enemies real gay (apparently knocking them down is ftw).

So there is that. My Weaponsmith hasn’t progressed much, still 1xx1. Most of his xp comes from making Weapon Upgrade Kits for my Smuggler to use on the weapons that my Combat dude finds which are handed to my Weaponsmith to sell on the bazaar. I’ve been making a lot of Swoops to sell in Eisley, these are pretty good money. I plan on getting a new weapon soon. I need to buy some acklay bones or some shit and get 200k together (take a little but gotta do it) because a nice Weaponsmith is offering to craft weapons for 200k, all you need is the money and your own krayt tissues (ranged) or acklay bones (melee). Should be hard!

The Jedi system works like such. You type /check and get a message saying you feel no connection to the force, barely, faint sense of a connection, strong, surging, etc. A lot of people are stuck at Barely. I am at faint which means I can do Jedi Rumors which involve talking to npcs until one says something about jedi rumors and tells you to kill a certain mob. Find that mob, kill like 20 or so (random, can be higher than 20) and then talk to npcs and get another rumor. I’m on my 6th rumor, after I master a profession I should bump up from faint to something else. Then do a total of 20 rumors, and should be ready to use a holocron and become a jedi. Lets not focus on the fact that holocrons cost 20-35 million credits, thats nothing….

But the plan is to be able to kill stuff that can drop them anyways. Of course a jedi could do this but you cant be a jedi until you get a jedi which you cant do until you get a holocron so, back to making a guy capable of getting a holocron.

Anyways, thats SWG so far.

CS:Source got some achievements! I’ve been working on those a little bit (as you can see in my xfire – swgemu doesnt show up).

Here is a link to my steam achievements page.

My “rarest” achievement is Spray n Pray. Kill 2 enemies while blinded by a flashbang. Just so you know, I could still see (a rittle bit), so I don’t think the name is very fitting.

Sorry for cutting this post short, gotta get back to work!