Time can heal wounds

In games, that is.

I’ve put LOTRO on hold for a little bit, I really do mean to get back to it sometime soon, but I’m just so caught up in a game that is finally starting to feel like it should have in the first place.

That game is Diablo 3. They made it easier to solo Inferno difficulty and also added a Monster Power setting when you choose to Change Quest. You first need to go into your options menu and check the box so that Monster Power will show up in the Change Quest menu. The way Monster Power works is it makes the monsters more, well, powerful. It also increases magic find, gold find, and I think experience gained (for Paragon Levels after reaching level cap, which also give you magic find, gold find, and a small amount of base stats).

It goes from MP0 to MP10 and also affects the drop chance of keys from Keywardens. Keywardens are new mobs that were added, one for each of the first 3 acts, that have a chance to drop a key. These keys are used to craft portals. There are 3 possible portals that it will open so you really want to have 3 of each key before making them so that you can spawn each of the 3 portals instead of getting the same one multiple times. As it will not craft a portal which already exists. In these portals are Uber bosses, bosses from throughout the game made extremely difficult. I don’t know exactly everything that can come from doing this but I do know that you can get mats to craft a Hellfire Ring. It is a legendary ring that is bound to account. It adds a large amount to a base stat (str, int, dex) along with some other random properties and 35% bonus experience. Quite the ring indeed if you get a lucky crit chance roll on it.

When I started playing again I was shocked to see that I could finally solo Act 3 Inferno. I was stuck on the big fart monster Glom or some shit of a name and I was able to kill him on my first try with my old skill setup. I have since changed my skill setup (exactly what I always wanted to not do, I know) and though I don’t have any sort of speed anymore (leap or charge) I still have my Whirlwind, Frenzy, Oh Shit Don’t Die button (with the rune to make my dmg heal myself) and Wrath of the Berserker. I swapped out leap for Warcry with the resist bonus rune, my ae stun was swapped out for Revenge with the rune to increase proc chance.

I started stacking crit and crit damage which increases your dps a crazy amount, like ridiculous. Then I found myself lacking vitality and resists (I was at 20k hp which is like, lol wtf are you doing?) which are very important. My buddy plays a Monk and found a nice guide that had some item wisdom that I found applied to my class as well. Since Chest and Legs cannot get crazy bonuses like crit chance and crit damage, it is best to find one with at least 70 of your main stat, all resist, a BUNCH of vitality (like a lot), and at least 2 sockets to further customize either more main stat or vitality. So I got me some of those and bam, big as fuck.

One of my main gripes was always not finding uniques (legendaries). Well, I can say that has been fixed as well, not only by buffing the legendary items (a lot of them used to be very fucking laughable) but I believe by increasing their drop rate. It may just be my extra paragon levels and monster power affecting the drop rate, but god damn, it seems to have improved a fuck ton.

In one run (act 3, clearing like 6 zones for loots and a keywarden run) I actually got 3 legendaries. One was a weapon I had just bought but it didn’t have the 200 strength mine does (so I wasn’t like, fuck I just wasted money), and I think I got 2 item level 63 Wizard hats (which both suck and don’t sell for shit). Other than that I found many other uniques over the past week of playing, most would not sell for ridiculous amounts of money, but it feels good anyways because it is just a matter of time until one of them is badass.

I must say I wish the Set item drop rate was increased as those seem to be the big dollars nowadays. Over the whole week only 1 was found by my friend and it was one of the things I had recently purchased from the AH, with not quite as beneficial to me stats rolled on it.

So I went from Paragon level 5 to now having 13, which is like 24% magic find increase and 24 more strength or somethin like that. Me and my friend just started doing MP3 before the weekend finished and though we did die a few more times than in MP2, we still kill things pretty quickly.

Here is my character sheet. I plan on getting some new shoulders and probably bracers next. Not sure what I’m aiming for but it feels like rares are out of the question. It seems like I gotta get two legendaries for those slots (thinking maybe Vileward and Lacunis but, not sure entirely) as legendaries just have more fancy bonuses by default and it is less about getting a lucky roll on stats.

Feels good man, it is kinda like playing D2 all over again, which is exactly what I always wanted out of the game. So it appears time really does heal wounds (because there was so much doubt about that statement hurrrr), even in games. I don’t say it heals ALL wounds because there is always going to be something that could be done in any game. But at the moment, I really don’t have anything to complain about and could see myself playing this for a good amount of time.

Go me, I’m number 1! YEAH! (Oh and more SWG stuff)

I am such a great person, wow. Man I am always so right, it’s great. Everyone should listen to me, because I like to predict the future on MMORPGs. I am god-like. Flurdy Flurdy Flurdy! Bork! Bork!

I don’t know how people do it. I just can’t find myself capable of babbling on about MMORPGs regarding aspects that don’t even involve gameplay or even mechanics of gameplay. I could see attempting to discuss (alone) something specific, maybe, how blocking/parrying/evading are calculated in a combat system as something to talk about. Even loot drop percents and loot tables, yeah, I can talk about shit like that (with someone, unless I go schizo and talk with myself). I can talk about these things because they matter to me when it comes to MMORPGs. You know what doesn’t matter to me when it comes to MMORPGs? Corporate bullshit half assed attempts at being drama. This includes, but is not limited to: subscription numbers, subscription predictions, beta applicant numbers, expansion sales predictions, RMT debates, and the like.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am interested when a company somehow does something that belittles their customers, or shows lack of respect. However, boasting or inflating numbers involving the number of people interested in your product is, to me, advertising 101. Of course they’re going to do that, why? Not to fool you, the player, who shouldn’t really give a shit. But to fool Mr. Money Bags Funder, who probably knows that more interest in a product means more money goes to that product to protect it. If anything, players should try and perpetuate these claims so that the game gets more funding, thus, possibly a greater chance at success. Even if you don’t support the game (well maybe not Second Life, lulz!). In my opinion if you enjoy MMOs, you should be sick of WoW by now. You should want that huge playerbase to start splitting and spreading out.

But, enough of that shit.

I’ve gone and done something most would consider completely fucking retarded. Which makes me a little ashamed to even tell you, but I’m sticking by my decision. Here’s the story:

My month ran up yesterday in SWG. I was at the point where I needed to buy the expansions in order to continue to progress at a steady, acceptable rate. I go to the station store and click digital downloads: Star Wars Galaxies. In here I see that I can buy the Complete Online Adventures (everything included with some bonus perks, such as 1 month of game time) for $29.99, The Rage of the Wookies expansion for 24.99, and The Trials of Obi-Wan for $24.99. My options at this point are as follows:

1) Buy the complete online adventures, get my free uber mount, my free month, and the two expansions for $30.

I’m thinking, alright, fuck yeah, this rules. Then right before it asks for your credit card, in parenthesis, it says that the free month only applies to new accounts. Hmm, great. If I want to continue with this option it will ultimately cost me $45. At this point I decided to take a look at my options again. I recently purchased some cruise tickets for myself and my woman, so cash is a little tight until I get a couple paychecks under my belt. My options as I look now are:

1) Buy the complete online adventures, get my free uber mount, and pay for a month of game time. Cost: $45

2) Buy Rage of the Wookies (lower level content) and a month of time, I would have to buy Trials of Obi-Wan at a later date. Cost: $40

3) Buy the complete online adventures, get my free uber mount, and free month of game time by creating a new account. Abandoning my previous account which has a 90 Trader and 50 Jedi. Cost: $30

By now you can probably guess which one I chose. Yep, number 3. I know, I know, I’m fucking stupid. But, y’know, sometimes everyone (or maybe just some people) needs a tabula rasa (teehee I’m so clever).

I’ve switched servers to a more RP oriented server, they do a lot of space too.

I’m leveling a melee smuggler and am almost level 16, with only a couple of hours invested. Smugglers are supposedly gimped (endgame PvP wise, this is supposed) according to the SWG forums. However, there aren’t that many active Smugglers from what I understand. Plus, I’m always up to the challenge of beating people with the “underpowered” class. I fucking love doing it. I see this as an opportunity to show people how PvP works at a higher level than simply button mashing (which don’t get me wrong does play a substantial part).

Will I make it to 90 though, that’s the question. As for the fun of the character, I’ve got a big speed bump to overcome, due to running through the legacy a few times at these low levels. Obviously I am a bit burned out on the content. Sure I could complain that SWG lacks it, but, of course it does. Well, let me clarify, they lack guided content, you know what I mean, they tell you where to go what to do and all that jazz (many disgruntled old people will tell you stories of the olden days when you didn’t have quest journals and waypoints or even directions to your destination, but they’re old and disgruntled). SWG has plenty of things to do in the Star Wars universe that requires motivation from you to seek out and discover, I’m not a motivated individual when it comes to having fun, especially when I’ve got levels to worry about.

This weekend will definitely be the time of overcoming that speed bump, and to be honest I can’t wait. I want to do this, I’m more motivated than ever for some reason. Works been great, I basically got my first client (I’m friggin 21 and feel like a kid still) who I do monthly bookkeeping for, and tax season is winding down.

On to the Smuggler profession. I mentioned in a previous post (or maybe just on PKer.org) that at low levels on the newb space station (tutorial land), a melee Smuggler at level 7 can friggin rape huge groups of mobs with AoE melee attacks. It really makes you feel great.

Let me outline the skills of the Smuggler and what I know of them so far.

Melee Attacks-
-You receive an increased damage melee attack with a quick cooldown.
-You receive an increased damage (more than above) melee attack with a snare and a medium cooldown.
-You receive an increased damage (almost double the middle and 4 times the first) melee attack that is AoE and also snares with a longer cooldown.

If you put points into the Melee Abilities expertise, you will receive “UPGRAYDES” for each of those attacks (i.e. Mini Melee Attack 2, Middle Melee Attack 5, etc).

There is also a ranged line of attacks that mirrors the melee attacks, except the AoE is a Cone instead of a circle. I personally like the circle better.

Other skills include:

Call a Favor: Spawns a “Smuggler Ally” who helps you fight in battle for maybe 20 seconds, if the target dies, he runs away and disappears. If you put points into the expertise Call a Medic (or something to that affect) you can call a medic instead. I did this on a Smuggler alt of mine on my old account and wasn’t too pleased. Though, it did heal me and save my life, it was still kind of weaksauce.

Find Illicit Goods: Allows you to search a corpse for contraband. Contraband is used in 5 sub set collection quests. Once you complete all 5 you get an uber pistol. This skill only works on certain corpses, and I don’t know which ones yet. I do know it works on just about every ship wreckage in space, though. I’ve yet to acquire any with this skill due to not finding a corpse that allows it. I have received a couple as loot though.

Fence: Allows you to sell your loots from anywhere in teh world. I love this skill because I don’t remember to fucking sell shit and I love just mowing through fields of humanoid npcs and collecting all the loots, it is a great source of income (lols).

There is also a self heal, most classes get one of these I believe.

Those are the only ones I’ve used so far, I know further down the road are Dirty Tricks, whatever the fuck those are.

I’m playing on Starsider, character’s name is E-Ni (randomly generated) Meen-E (not randomly generated). I like to use the random generator as a prompt-like tool.

That’s it, hope this helped you kill some time at work, I know it did for me. Lols!

Man, I’m either retarded or genius

Yesterday we discovered that I am tiring of the combat grind in SWG. The craft grind was a cakewalk, I assume the Entertainer grind is even easier (from what I hear). I said to remedy my woes I would run mission terminals, however, I didn’t specify which kind.

I respeced Bounty Hunter, which was free since it was my first respec on that toon. Now, the only problem with doing this is that, I don’t have a fucking gun. Okay, I’ll just go buy one, it’s no problem. At this point I’m thinking: “Man, I really shouldn’t delete all of those gun quest rewards”, because that’s obviously the weapon I would be using if I wasn’t some fake BH Jedi. I get to the bazaar terminal and search the galaxy for carbines (BH can spec Rifle or Carbine). I find one that requires level 30 something, I’m 42, it has 330 or so DPS. I believe my Lightsaber has around 360 DPS with 11 elemental bonus, but I’d like to think it’s 460.

This radical change in playstyle has made me feel like a bit of a gimp. I do feel like I started getting the hang of it this morning, though. I read a little from SWGBlog.net about grinding his BH and he mentioned BH Mission Terminals. The cool thing I thought about that, was that you could get items as rewards, PHATS! However, I don’t know how to use droids, it’s just not something I’ve done yet. One of those things I really should know if I plan on playing this game. I guess BHs gain + droid use skrillz all the live long day and I haven’t taken advantage of it. I do have a Droideka schematic (going to respec my Trader to Droid Engineer after Domestics(tailor/chef?) and before Munitions (final stop). If you don’t know what a Droideka is, here is a picture.


I think something like this will really help a person in my position.

The one thing that sucks about BH missions right now, for me, is that every one is on “Unknown Planet”. Which means they’re fucking random as shit, anywhere in the universe. Now, that’s not always that bad. What is that bad is when they’re in space, since I’m a level 0 shithead pilot. Oh yeah, I can only have 1 current BH mission in my journal at a time, that’s the bad part. Not to mention I don’t get items as a reward yet (at least I think I can’t).

My current goal is to make it through this section of the legacy quest, and hopefully there is another gun reward with a carbine in there. That would fucking help.

As for my Trader, I’ve been manufacturing materials for a couple more Elite Extractors, definitely a Chemical one. I may as well drag it out and make at least one of each, as shitty as it sounds to me, I may as well do it so I don’t have to ever worry about a dumb resource that I’ve never had to get, since I’m going through every Trade profession, seems like a good idea.

That’s it bitches!

A short time ago in a Galaxy far, far away


Okay, that is a bit harsh, but I did get screwed and it has yet to be fixed, or, responded to (by customer service or anyone).

Here’s what happened.

Okay, I’m a Trader. There are 4 kinds of traders, but in order to level, you should be structures trader. So, some awesome guy on my server decided to hook me up with a few elite harvesters (around 500k a piece I believe). So, my goal ever since then, besides reaching level 90, is to make my own damn elites and not be a bum who borrows shit from people. I have “worked” hard to get where I am, I say “worked” even though I received a rather hefty handout. However, gathering resources and grinding structures isn’t fun and games, it’s actually neither at all, it’s more like work than almost any other grind I’ve done. But, I do like it.

So, I finally am able to craft elites and boy am I excited. I find out how many I want of each kind, the necessary components/resources, multiply, multiply, add, etc. I spent all day yesterday after work doing the math and planning it out perfectly. The components (precrafted pieces used in assembly along with resources) must come from a factory crate. Which means, me and my 1 factory are going to have to wait for the 4 Advanced Ore Mining Units to finish before I can start the Generator Turbines, followed by the Small Structure Storage Modules which are then followed by the Wall Modules (which require 10 similar Structural Modules, which I made the day before). So, this really did take me all day yesterday to do. Not even counting the Structural Modules used for Wall Modules. I needed 63 Wall Modules, there are 10 Structural Modules in a Wall Module (along with some extra resources). That is 630 Structural Modules I crafted that I’m not even counting.

Now, there are also resources which I had to gather, thousands and thousands upon thousands of resources were gathered. Now, it’s not that bad, but I had to stop gathering grinding resources, so my entire progression was at a stand still for a few days. I’m just trying to get you to see where I am coming from.

Okay, so, I let it run through the night and plan on making my first elites before work today, boy am I excited.

I open my factory’s output hopper and there are 139 components that I have made. I load them into my backpack, and head to where I craft.

Now, when you’re hunting for high concentrations of certain resources, you can wind up pretty friggin far from a city with a Shuttleport. So, what I have learned to do, is, suicide. You’re don’t lost anything when you die, but you awake with a Rez sickness which you pay some credits to a robot and he removes from you.

So, I respawn, and look in my backpack.

I had made 18 Generator Turbines, 4 Advanced Ore Mining units, 54 Small Structure Storage Modules, and 63 Wall Modules.

What I saw in my bag was 3 Wall Modules, and 10 Small Structure Storage Modules. That is 9% of the total amount of components. What was that sound you just heard? That was me breaking down and crying because I can’t believe this shit just happened!

I was about to buy my freedom, no longer be a slave to the man who blessed me with elites.

Everything I had worked for was gone, days, wasted.

So, what do I do? Well, I submitted a “fucking help me ticket” (without the fucking) and started a forum thread asking players their opinions.

The players have said: Don’t use suicide as a teleport service. (Which I’m never fucking doing again btw)
They said try logging out for 10 mins and back in, happens all the time, etc… No dice.
They said try clicking change view in inventory and maybe they’ll appear, nope nope nope.

The only thing that almost makes me feel okay about this is that other people have lost items temporarily and gotten them back. That’s the only thing I’m holding on to.

If this doesn’t get fixed I’m probably going to quit, which makes me sad, I don’t want to but I’m not just gonna bend over and take it. I have a Jedi I could play, but come on, I don’t play the game to be a fucking Jedi. The only reason I have a Jedi is because the Legacy quest and basically the whole fucking game was designed with the idea that everyone and their mother is going to be a Jedi. I just wanted to experience how the game is intended to be, not how I made it to be with my Trader.

Ugh ugh ugh.

Update: A GM contacted me through my “fucking help me ticket” and said he has forwarded my issue to a higher tier, hooray!