The whole internet is fucking crumbling!

This just in:

You have violated our Terms Of Service and are currently banned from using this board system.

In most cases, bans are temporary (24 hours to 1 week); occasionally they are accidental.

Please submit an unban request using this form to inquire in to the nature and the duration of your ban. Your request will be sent to one of our moderators for review and you should receive a prompt reply back. Please keep in mind that all aspects of the board system, including unban requests, are subject to the Terms Of Service

People evading bans by creating or using alternate accounts will have their alternate account banned, and time added to their original ban.

Note: If you do not receive a reply to your unban request within 72 hours, try checking the spam filter settings or spam/junk mailboxes that may be active on your email account before attempting to submit another request.

Gee, thanks VN Boards, I’m so glad you expect me to read and abide by some fucking uber essay from the future, no thanks. Go fuck yourself.

Some people get warnings, I get bans. Maybe my shit is just royally sucking right now and I’m expressing it via internet posts….. I doubt it. I mean yeah, shit does suck, but the shit I typed was comedy.

I was talking about how all these fags act like they’re soooo good with all this “skill” in the BGs. Because they spend tons of money on a template that frankly, the majority of people they’re wtfstomping can’t afford/don’t have. But they complain when those less fortunate band together to get some RPs. I mentioned how Thid and Molvik used to be the most fun BGs (they’re still the most packed) but how it just can’t be fun anymore unless your character is dedicated to that BG or you don’t mind wasting all of the money your 50 has gathered. I said I have been having more fun in Wilton and shit, and that just ain’t right.

So since I said shit and probably a fuck or some variation of it, I can’t post on VN with the username bonedead.

I find it funny because I can easily just create a new account for Digg or VN and be able to do the same shit I always do, and I probably wouldn’t get banned for a long time and then out of the blue some mod finally catches me saying naughty words and bans me again.

The way I see it is, if a person is smart/mentally capable enough to create an account, check an email account for some confirmation/verification, and simply interact on the internet that they should be able to handle a few WORDS.

Even if I can’t create a new account because they ban me by IP, what if someone I worked with had a digg account or vn account and used it. Would they ban them thinking it was me? What if I just went into my back sweaty office that I don’t like and used that computer? I really don’t think they can stop me, and if they can, well good job I guess. I’m not some fucking uber get around the rules guy, but I understand how some of that shit works just like anyone who is reading this.

I blame old people. Plain and simple. It is that protective fucking attitude. Don’t people learn from mistakes anymore? What the fuck happened to Adam and Eve when they were told DO NOT EAT THAT SHIT by FUCKING GOD. They didn’t even listen to GOD and I’m expected to listen to VN and DIGG? Really? I don’t believe in God (capitalized to show some respect) but the shit applies to every occasion where a parent or anyone with authority has told someone they cannot do something.

I mean, am I really asking that much? Freedom of speech on the internet is going bye bye, because of old people.

I don’t mean every old person, of course. Just the ones who think the internet is a series of tubes. You know, the ones who have the power to change rules because they have money and blind followers with even more money. Oh my goodness I was on an aol chatroom and someone said fuck! What if my grand daughter was in that chat room?

Less sheltering children, lessen attempts at structuring a frame to conform to, more freedom.

I am pretty sure I have my typing mouth because I think its funny and because that is the way the internet was meant to be to me. Back when I started fuckin off with online games the only people playing were fucking kids. That is why there are sooo many fucking loser faces like me roaming the internet. But then guess what happened?

A concerned parent either overhears someone cuss on the mic or decides to connect with their child by playing their game (connect = good, protect = bad) but when met with our childish hostility switches from connect to protect.

Its like standing outside of your kids classes to make sure he doesn’t get picked on in the hall. (My dad actually did this, except it was to keep me from leaving, so I’m gonna go with my dad ftw compared to these I speak of)

Coddle coddle coddle, my precious wittle baby! Nothin bad is ever gonna happen to my wittle baby, except every fucking thing my dumb ass does trying to protect him.

I need to start a safe zone, dedicated to preserving freedom of speech on the internet. I could have a digg clone, a VN clone, shit, its like money in da bank (shawty whatcha drank!) Good thing I’m poor as shit and lack the knowhow, or else I’d do something.

I just hate seeing good things go “bad”. I realize that bad is my opinion and not everyone views it as bad, but I think deep down everyone should. I think everyone should be able to see that censoring people is not always in the best interest of society. I understand that I really am standing on the far side of the spectrum. I also realize that those organizations bought and paid for those servers to do with as they please. I am just not a fan of change for the worse.

For instance: I joined Digg in 06, basically 2 years ago. When I did this I do not remember language being a problem. The shit was everywhere, in story titles, descriptions, every goddamn comment on the face of digg had someone fucking saying shit. But now all of a sudden the ban police are out, you know, banning people who say FAG. While stories of some fucking loser band no one has ever heard of miraculously makes it to the front page with every comment saying ummm, wtf? How did this shit make it to the front page and not one person defending the music or anything. But its important to ban people who make jokes and say fag. That is the real important shit right there.

I am more pissed about Digg to be honest, because I watched the change. VN I am not really surprised, I knew better to be honest :p and I don’t really care. I was just checking to see if we got any QQ posts for last night in Molvik.

We had a fg (full group) of rogues camping outside MPK (Midgard Portal Keep). It was great times 5, fo seriously. I was almost positive someone would mention us, but now I may never know, for a day to a week…. Or right now when I get on another computer and check without being logged in or attempting to.

I mean you can’t understand what enemy players say in-game. So really, if you go all savage pioneer, you could view them as animals. Just like mobs in pve. I just want my player xp (rps), and if I gotta wtf stomp you with a fg in order to get some rps without wasting all my goddamn money then I’m going to fuckin do it. I really love treating people like mobs, the uber grief.

Why Digg STILL sucks now

Hey errbody, I would just like to say if you still use Digg, please, drop that shit like a hot potato. I’m not telling you to go somewhere else, just fuck them, seriously.

Here is why:

Hello Jason,

Your account was banned for a comment that violates the Digg Terms of Service (digg.com/tos). The offending comment is provided below:

“Nice image…Fag.”

We will unban your account if you re-affirm your agreement to the TOS and also agree to comment responsibly and not engage in comments like the one provided above.

Here are my responses:

Umm, you know what, fuck you guys and your stupid censorship. I remember when Digg wasn’t some watered down POS. I’m not going to say I’m going to reddit or some other fucking site like that, Digg was the only one I had. But I’m going to give it up now because you guys are fucking gay.

Isn’t there a profanity filter? Oh, it must of not caught it. Good thing you banned me because your shit doesn’t work. Die in a fire Kevin Rose, die in a fucking fire.

I would also just like to point out that the fucking story was under the image category and was a video….Fag.

Are you fucking kidding me? I have said soooo much worse and it hasn’t been a problem until now? One fag and I’m done? Really? It was even justified (in the eyes of the average digger) by the fact that it was a VIDEO in the IMAGE category. I can’t watch videos at work, they make noises, unlike images.

I am not really upset, I can deal with quitting Digg, it has really gone downhill anyway.

More importantly:

What the fuck is happening to the internet. It seems like everywhere I go shit is getting more and more tame. Tobold is fuckin crying about people who say fuck or some shit, Digg is fucking censored, almost every fucking program with chat has some sort of bad word filter enabled by default.

Don’t get me wrong (well, too wrong), I understand that people have children and that children go online. I am aware of that shit honkey, I WAS ONE NOT TOO LONG AGO.

If you want to protect your child’s virgin ears, do it your fucking self. What the fuck happened to parental responsibility? They blame fucking everyone but themselves. They want everyone besides themselves to walk their child through the “tricky parts” of parenting. Like talking about sex, drugs, etc. It is fucking pitiful and pathetic.

But I think what gets me the most is the adults who complain about it. YES, FUCKHEAD, YOU! You, Mr. Pleasedon’tswearkidscouldbeon! And you too Mr. Pleasedontswearmykidisreading! Why the fuck is your kid who can read watching you play a fucking MMO or FPS? Don’t you think you could maybe get him his own computer or, shit, I don’t know, NOT LET HIM END UP LIKE YOUR FAT ASS?

Shit is fucking stupid right now and it is getting worse every fucking day.

I really don’t understand how some of the people I have run into online can somehow manage to afford to support a child and themselves while being so blatantly retarded.

Now maybe I consider some things retarded that you don’t. But I bet when your generation is dead and mine is about to be that more people will agree with me. I like how I act like I’m talking to a group of old fags who love rolling dice and swinging fake swords at fake robot manmade dragons in the middle of a field. (I’m not really knocking D&D)

But what I consider retarded is getting offended by a fucking word. Seriously, a word, one single fucking word. I can almost guarantee you somewhere on the internet a young player has been reprimanded by an old player for saying the words balls. I GUARAN FUCKING TEE IT.



Now now, let’s keep chat clean ladies & gents. Fuck you.

I’ve been the 12 year old saying fuck who was told not to say it because children could be playing or watching. Hey that’s weird, the 12 year old made you think he was older, maybe you even thought he had a decent head on his shoulders, maybe you’re retarded enough to feel mentally compatible with a 12 year old?

I wasn’t “exposed” to naughty language via the internet. It was through school, peers, and movies (with peers). It’s going to happen whether you want it to or not, by attempting to disable this (and probably ANYTHING)via sheltering your children, I can almost guarantee your child will be fucking awkward as shit to everyone else in the world who wasn’t sheltered.

Plus, profanity is only profanity because we assign negative connotations to the words (for some reason I want to say: “like assigning attributes to items”). Fuck means sex or darn/dangit. Shit means poop/feces. Cunt means, yep you guessed it, vagina! These words are discriminated against so much that when heard the listener automatically views it with bias of some sort.

So when I say holy fucking shit I want to fucking kill all of you fucking self proclaimed profanity police, what I’m really saying is: Seriously, I’m going to fucking kill you assholes.

What I’ve been doin in DAoC

I can guarantee you it isn’t what I said I was gonna do, but you should know that by now.

Here is a link to a list of my characters.

Well I texted one of my old DAoC buddies that I know irl to let him know about the Origins server type. I found out he has been playing Hibernia on the classic servers! Hoorah! He has always been a ToA player for the most part, but he’s already got 2 50s.

I found out from him that 20 plat costs about 9 bucks. Soooooo tempting but fuck that, seriously, fuck gold farmers. I am not going to endorse the message that they win by buying platz from them.

Anyways he was working on a Nightshade alt/low level BG whore and so I decided to roll another Ranger. I have Ismokebows (lvl 24 Ranger) on my inactive account and figured, what the hell how long could it take to catch up to 22. Well, it didn’t take me long at all, now I am 35.

It has been a lot of fun having someone to play with finally, especially since we’re rogue classes, man that shit never gets old. Me being an archer and him an assassin we try to use our combo and stealth to our advantage. I usually “pull” the enemies and when they get to me, if they’re alive, he PAs them and bam, you dead honkey!

I don’t think we have gotten into many “fair” fights, no 2v2s or 2v3s that I can remember. However, we have been the 2 in a 5+v2 plenty of times (that is 5+ versus 2). We do not get jumped and lose, well, not “legitimately”. We just got to Molvik (the 2nd most popular BG besides Thidranki) which is levels 35-39. He is level 37 and I am 35. Everyone else is 39, fully templated, and a rogue class. So, we hadn’t been jumped and lost until we roamed around as a 35 and 37 against a fuckton of 39 ubers.

We did most of our fighting in Wilton (30-34) which is surprisingly active. We were outnumbered for the most part, but we are rogues and they are scattered/unorganized most of the time. We could usually pick off one or two guys and get away. Sometimes we’d pick off 2, restealth, get 2 more, restealth, and get the last 2 before the first 2 get back. It really was fun.

The most fun I had though was solo, go figure. There was a group of 6 or so Mids defending CK (against the 4-5 albs, me, and one other hib). The door was open and had been for a long time, so they weren’t really defending, they were baiting. Anyways, baiting fucking works and I’m not knocking it. So I find the squishy caster and am safely on my bridge.

The caster wanders too far from his group and too close to me. The best part is I was already readying my shot before he wandered closer, so I was really gonna fuck him up. Let loose the arrow and bam, 1 shot a nukka.

I jump off the bridge into the water before restealthing and as I am falling I see the caster’s group mates looking/running at me pretty angrily. I manage to stealth in the water and swim back away from his swarming group. I notice most get out of the water and one cow bastard with uber swim speed is not letting me get away…. apparently.

So I start shooting his ass, he is a tank so when he reaches me he is still fuckin alive. I get to the opposite shore and melee his ass down. I am able to escape and restealth before the Hunter from their group is in range of me. But he did see where I went and started heading that way. Now, I didn’t know Hunters could do this next part.

I stop and just look at him, as he stops and bends down. A “hound” appears and starts walking right fucking towards me. WTF?!?! OMG SCARY OMG. So I’m fucking running away for some fucking reason, like that shit really terrified me. Then I realize, hey, that thing is fucking grey, the Hunter is fucking yellow, and I am a badass. So I get a bit more distance, turn, and unleash hell on the Hunter. I couldn’t get max range due to him pretty much following me so I managed 2 shots before he reached me with his big fuckin spear and his 2 grey little dogs. He hit me hard, but you know what, I shot his ass twice and I hit a little less hard but with 2 weapons. So he fucking bit the dust.

Thats when I got cocky. A Bonedancer and a healer/shaman show up to rez Mr. Cow. I like squishy casters, they die quickly, unless they have instant life tap and 4 greens pets (one of which is a healer). Needless to say, I died.

But it was pretty much the best I’ve felt about DAoC in a long time, I felt so goddamn awesome and invincible. That is why I play these games.

I had Fraps running, but I didn’t have it recording. 😦

My plans for today include:
Finish mining aurulite for my level 40 suit.
Level to 37+
Get RPs

That is it bitches, I’m done!


Continuation of the pain/horror


For some reason I fucking love that song so much today. Mainly the word doin, and the twang that goes with it.

You know, during I believe Hurricane Charlie (maybe Katrina), I met a guy who said he used to be the drummer for that band. I was with my friend and we went to this house that I had been to for a slumber birthday party when I was in the first grade. The same people lived there but I’d moved around a bit and didn’t try to rekindle the good ol days. Anyways, the man of the house’s buddy comes over and starts goin crazy on the drums, then he says he used to be the drummer (or is the drummer) of that band. I didn’t know I liked them that much at the time.

Anyways, that is totally not important in the long run, just today.

I don’t even think I use this blog correctly. I mean, where the fuck are Bonedead’s Adventures? Do you see one? Because I sure don’t. I honestly don’t even care about the shit anymore. What did I even want to accomplish? Well visitors is one thing, chalk that one up to the e-peen. I wanted people to listen to me I’m sure, so chalk another one up for the e-peen. I bet I even had some pipe dreams of my favorite MMO game dev’s falling in love with me and bowing to all my wishes and needs, which I guess would go to e-peen, amirite?

Well, none of that shit happened. I haven’t really written any good ideas, any text with any substance (besides THC), or anything that wasn’t written for the sole purpose of being read. You may say, well why write things if they’re not meant to be read? Well, because then you really mean it.

What was my original goal with discussing gaming? Well I think I wanted to make them, I wanted to make the next awesome one, I thought that I could take all of my experiences with all of the games I’ve played and shit out a turd you never wanted to put down. And maybe I can, maybe it’s fucking stuck inside my head. But guess what, that is where it is staying. I simply don’t see myself learning a coding language, I’m too me to fucking do it. I could say I’m too young to motivate myself, I’m too unmotivated, I smoke too much weed, but the best excuse is that I am me. It sort of just encompasses all the bad excuses into one “fuck you I do what I want”.

I am looking forward to playing with Raph’s tools, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I made a fucking character creation screen and then quit.

I guess where I am right now, in general, is on the edge of a blade. I’m supposed to fall but I can’t decide which way. I mean there really is no point for me to be writing things here. Most of my readers are random googlers finding shit they don’t even want. I mean yeah I’ve got a couple of you crazies who for some fucking reason read my shit, but you know it has gone down hill fucking real fast.

I just don’t know if I still get anything out of this blog. I used to feel cool because I had visitors, then I went to being proud that I’d stuck with something for so long, now I just use it as a bookmark site/diary. I mean I have learned probably one thing from this blog and that is that I could use google to make money off of google, if I tried hard enough.

Do I want to do that? Not really. Whenever I am given a task relating to gaming I try to make it more about gaming. Remember when I said someone was going to pay me for my services? Yeah boy was I stroking my imaginary e-peen or what? He was just a guy from PKer.org who believed people actually read my blog (wonder where he got that idea….). He wanted me to write a little diddy about jack and…. I mean a comparison of DAoCs RvR (what it is now) and Warhammer’s RvR (what it is going to be). I for some reason decided that this meant I needed to do some research on DAoC RvR. I needed to play a pimped out level 50, no ifs ands or buts about it.

Well needless to say, the fail train pulled in and I was the only person who got on. This would’ve totally been a good morale booster for me, and I didn’t even care.

What the fuck am I even talking about man, seriously. Fucking diary, I told you. Here I am at work, I get up and do some shit and I don’t even remember what the fuck I’m talking about. It is not important really. Oh yeah I remember, I was being a fucking cry baby.

I’m not quittin, but it’s not getting any better. If I decide I wanna make money then I will start posting more generic bullshit containing lots of detailed information with a lot of fucking keywords for google to pick up and then I’ll slap some fucking clicky money generators all over the fuckin place and be like BLING BLING BITCHES.

Lord, I was born a Ramblin’ Man
Tryin to make a livin and doin the best I can


It makes me want to be a redneck fuck, seriously.

Ugh, the pain, the horror

Of perusing the information superhighway. Man, I don’t even know how to put this depression into words. This industry and its community appear to get shittier every gdamn day. There is always some new fucker with an opinion, and you know he can’t be wrong. I almost feel responsible. I mean, yeah, I know my fans and followers aren’t real and I’ve constructed them in my head, but it’s gotta be my fault.

Have you ever felt like you were Jim Carey in the Truman Show? Because I do every single day of my life. I don’t believe it 100%, but my subconscious does. I’ll tell myself, oh that is just a coincidence, but the little voice in my head will /winkwink /nudgenudge. I find something new to like and then other people find it, and these people are my followers, who don’t really exist. However, they do exist and they end up doing/liking the same shit as me.

It’s like they read my blog (or my mind!) to find out what to do next. It is my fault. I am not entitled/should not be entitled to speak my opinion so loudly, imo. Because if I can, so can all of my followers, who can be much more retarded than I. I feel like I run into previous versions of myself in every game I play, and I treat myself accordingly. Perhaps because I was practically raised by the internet (and my self). I mean, I used to be baaaaad. Like I cried over DAoC bad when I was in highschool bad. That fucking bad man. I feel like I’ve had to mentally go through/overcome a lot of shit, most problems created by myself or fabricated by myself, but still, problems to overcome.

I can’t be that unique. I believe that if I do have these followers (which I know I don’t, cmon just work with my crazy ass here) that I was an inspiration to them. To create a blog, to comment on blogs of people whose opinions are worth reading, to feel so god damn entitled to comment. Okay, I started doing this shit because I read AFKGamer’s Grumpy Architect blog. I wanted to emulate him, I wanted to get my GF to play SWG with me, we were going to be crafters! It was what I want to call pathetic but I know is just slightly retarded. I was hoping to make a name for myself, without their being negative attached to it, but I don’t think I even need a name for myself. I mean shit, I’ve played a lot of the games, I used to judge my life (and still do) by how far I could get in those games. But what the fuck do I know about design? What the fuck do my “entitled” followers know about design? Probably less than me.

I feel, maybe they aren’t my followers, maybe I’m just the head of the retard pack, top of my class. Maybe I just don’t know that I’m at the top of the retard class and at the bottom of the next rung up.

I don’t know if I needed to get that off my chest or what, or if I even did anything with that. What I do know is that I should’ve never turned my followers onto the blogging and such. I wish I didn’t get DAoC filled with a bunch of fucking CS elitist kids who are only elite socially (in their heads) and not elite in game. I wish I didn’t feel like the leader of the retards and I wish someone had told me I was the leader some time ago. Because they don’t listen to me anymore.

I’m becoming an old man. It’s fucking cool but dude, I’m only 21. I’m gonna post a picture of my balding area when I get home. It’s fucking baaaad. I’m 21 and when you look at the top of my head it looks like a fucking dogs balding ass because you scratch him above his tail too much.

But it is cool, I want it, I wanna be bald!

Thank you for reading, this has been another view inside the mind of someone you’re glad you don’t know.

Took 2 days off, Thurs/Fri

Had a nice, blurry, 4 day weekend. Finally canceled my Comcast (ROFL) and got a switch for my Verizon DSL(pewp). Routers wouldn’t work because the dumb modem acts as a router, I tried switching it to bridge mode and all the shit I read online for troubleshooting (all of which from pre 2007, so it was fucking helpful….). All I needed was a switch, and I wish I just knew that.

So now me and my woman are on a network. I installed DAoC on her system (though she doesn’t really want to play anymore, …BIATCH!) and resubbed my second account with my 50 Skald. Let my other account die, though maybe only temporary, due to having a 550+ Alchemist (which makes pots that every toon loves).

I’ve played my Skald mostly, I got about 23k RPs this week (which is weak), and have had a little bit of fun.

I must say 50 RvR has changed since I last played it. I feel much safer roaming around solo (though I still die just as much) and there just aren’t that many people out and about anymore. They added more repeatable quests for RPs/BPs that are quite enjoyable (grinding for RPs > grinding for XP).

I was able to get enough BPs to buy 2 more Bounty Items. Phat jewelry lewtz with uber utility for teh win! Which brings me closer to getting the foundation for a template (FINALLY!). I have bought 3 99 quality pieces of Dragonsworn armor, oh shit, one was Studded (god am I fucking dumb) and I’m out 720g. I also bought 3 reactive Omni-tap procs (dd reactive proc which returns 100% hp, 60% power, 40% end or somethin like that) which turned out to be one step down from the ones I wanted! Go me a-fucking-gain with the brilliant purchases. That put me down probably another plat, maybe 2. I still may use them though, who knows.

I got on my Mauler as well for a little bit. He was in CV (Cathal Valley 45-49 BG) and I ran out to see what was up. I got into a little scuffle with a couple guys (all solo) and was one of the 2 survivors (the other guy was some Shar beast I didn’t want nothin to do with). Which was a generally pleasing experience. Next I decided to take him to DF, figured he could beast farm some seals (which = moneh), and I was so right. In DF, Mid side, once you make it passed most of the low level mobs you come to a 4-way crossroads. Straight is the big purple demon mobs, left newb deamhanesses/soultorn/rocots, right is those annoying fucking tremors2/3 looking mobs, and back is the newb lilispawns/avernal quasits. I decided I would go straight, to the big purple demon mobs who drop diamond seals (teh best).

Now earlier on my Skald I was at this same spot, and one of the three demon mob beast bastards was red, at 50. I picked this one with my Mauler, who is level 46, and gave it a go. Well after about 5-10 minutes of “omg please don’t die”-ing I fucking beat the motherfucker. Level 46 beating down a mob (IN MELEE COMBAT) that neither of my 50s can beat. It filled my heart with joy and depression, all at the same time.

Then I tried another one while at less than 100% hps, and dieded. I was bound inside the Labyrinth, which I have yet to install, so I haven’t been back on that guy yet.

I decided to take my ol’ runie for a spin. Buff up in Leirvik, go outside, get to the bridge and see an alb with poor stealth. I try to cast on him but get WTF-interrupted followed shortly after with a WTF-raped. I /released roamed the land, got wtf raped by the same guy again and /quit. Fuck that shit.

One thing about DAoC now is that the majority of people earning RPs are doing so in the BGs. Which is why 50 RvR is so different now, and also why BGs can suck instead of be fun. See, a lot of the people playing in the BGs have multiple, or at least one level 50. This means they’ve got the resources to spend a fuckton of money on a level 24 template (yeah, I’ve heard of more than 1p be used to template a < 39 toon) whereas I am running around in fucking aurilite gear.

I mean, sure, it is fair. If I wanted to spend more mind numbing time on my 50 to amass a small fortune and appropriate tradeskill levels, I too could be a fucking loser. Shit sure is changing in DAoC though, boy.

There is a guild called Claret’s Complication. Their main focus is on the 10-14 BG. Yep, you read that right, 10-14 BG. Now let’s take it one step further. Some of their members have RAs. Now you may be saying, but wait Bonedead, you can’t earn RPs from kills in Claret. Well, you’re right buddy, you can’t. However, this lower level BG does not have an RR cap. Yep, that’s right, these guys went into big boy RvR and got some fucking RPs. Their bard has a 5 point RA (you know, like Purge, SoS, IP, the bigger RAs). Remember, this is the 10-14 BG.

Are you fucking kidding me? Not only that, but there is shit like this in every BG. There is a Skald who is level 9, he /xp off’ed, he now roams Demons’ Breach and The Lion’s Den (5-10 mini DF, 5-9 BG). I see posts on VN all the time saying “We’re forming a “insert BG here” only guild, pst!”.

But that isn’t even the worst part, the worst part is that they all fucking still talk shit. They talk like playing a level 12 is fucking tough business, they talk like they’re good because they followed some 50s in big boy RvR and leached some RPs (because EVERYONE has access to that). It is fucking pathetic.

I don’t talk like I’m amazing hot shit on VN, mainly because I’m pretty sure all the other people there are better than me. I’m starting to think that isn’t the case. If I put half as much time into all of my toons’ gear as most of the people in the BGs I’d probably have a couple @ posts.

Which reminds me, god has it gotten fucking gay. Now there is all this bullshit (omg don’t kill me, the bad guy, it isn’t fair) etiquette in not only big boy RvR, but little fucking pussy BGs. Are you fucking kidding me? I posted in the “Thidranki thread” once (when I was playing my other account) and some alb/mid called me a newb/fag/blahblahblah because I play a Ranger and I shoot bad guys. I mean, yeah, I fucking pull what these kids dub bullshit when I can, but most of the time I’m just trying to kill the weakest guy in range, just like everyone else.

I did roam with a group of 4 or so other rogue characters. We took out whatever we saw (if it is red, it is dead) including solo players, small man groups, and 8 man groups. I have a feeling this guy was apart of one of the larger groups we wtf raped. It was the biggest group we fought and it must’ve scared the shit out of them. Imagine running in a group of 6 or so and all of a sudden you’re all being attacked by 4 dudes that just appeared, you’re not ready for that shit.

But, I don’t care about the VN fags, that much. I just hate them.

I’ve started a hunter (because my ranger wtf pwned so much) and gdamn is Spear fucking powerful or what? I can’t wait to get into Thid and fucking rape faggots.

That is my new goal, to piss off everyone crying about pvp etiquette. This is PvP ladies and gentlemen, this is not /duel, I am coming to ruin your fucking fun in order to feed mine.

Oh man how fucking excited am I right now? I am totally going to raise my fucking crafting skills, I am totally going to fucking be a lame ass low level templater, and I am totally going to fucking piss off everyone. It is (totally) going to (fucking) rule.


Via CamelotHerald.com – New DAoC Server Type – Origins

Here is a link.

Here is a copypasta:

This server type is intended to be untangled from the many free and retail expansion packs that have been introduced over the years, which have significantly altered the original design of the game. Beyond the changes highlighted in the poll itself (no buff bots, no Master Levels, etc.), we are also taking the following measures ONLY on this new ‘Origins’ server:

– Equalizing the number of classes in each realm to 11. This will require that one class in Albion be merged with other classes and/or removed altogether, and that one additional class be granted to Midgard. Keeping balance in mind, and bearing in mind that we are still closely examining this aspect of Origins (which means this may be subject to change), here is what we are considering:

o Removal of the Theurgist class from Albion. This very unique ‘pet spam’ class has historically been one of the most difficult to balance. Removal of this class will allow us to better balance the realms against each other, as opposed to attempting to balance specific classes against other realms or realms against specific classes. Note that we are looking at ‘key’ abilities this class offers (other than the pets) in order to transfer unique abilities to other characters in the realm.

o Addition of the Valkyrie class to Midgard. The Valkyrie class, introduced with Catacombs, provides a unique flavor to Midgard without introducing increased challenges to balance. As it is now, it would be considered a powerful class for this server type, but please keep in mind that we are also retuning balance of all three realms across the board (more on this later). With its melee and mending skills, we believe the Valkyrie will round out Midgard’s abilities fairly well by adding a third healer with heavy melee damage potential to the realm. This will balance the healing capacity between all three realms, whereas before Midgard had only two healing classes and the other two realms each had three. Furthermore, this class will complement Midgard’s strong melee capabilities. In hindsight, this would have been a good class to release when we launched the game in 2001. This is why it was chosen.

– Adding new strategic elements to RvR to include additional RvR objectives. Along with the return of the original Frontiers lands, we will be introducing new gameplay objectives for all players level 20 and above. This means that a level 20 player can enter the Frontiers in order to help his or her realm achieve victory. Here are some of the highlights to this element of RvR:

o No battlegrounds. The focus of this server will be on world RvR. By encouraging players of all levels to participate in RvR, and providing rewards and a stake in the outcome for doing so, we will be able to introduce lesser experienced players to RvR much more effectively. However, we have learned a few things about this type of gameplay over the years and we will add some components to the game based on what we have learned, such as:

§ Grief Protection. Because we are focusing on world RvR, we want to give players who are at least level 20 the opportunity to participate in World RvR events without fear of complete annihilation by players who are significantly higher in level. We are still working through the details of this system, but our goal is to prevent players who are the equivalent of a red or purple con from attacking lower level players unless the lower level player initiates combat first. We are also examining ways to protect lower level RvR objectives and hunting grounds from being ‘griefed’ by higher level enemies.

o New strategic ‘hotspots’. Along with the original keep and relic structures, this server will also provide capturable camps, small towers, and outposts to players who wish to gain access to unique NPCs with unique items and/or quests. Hotspots will be level-range-based in order to encourage players of the appropriate level to capture the hotspots with items and quests they can use. We are also considering adding a village or two to each Realm’s RvR region, as additional objectives for higher level players, which also offer unique items and quests.

o Modified monster camps to accommodate participation and leveling by lower level players.

No more BGs, not relying on mez nearly as much (most dont as it is but they have friends/connections/aren’t solo type players therefor aren’t affected by mez), reduction of classes, no expansions, OLD FRONTIERS!!!