Come the fuck on already!

After reading a few of Ravious’ posts at KTR on Guild Wars, more specifically, the rewards for having old characters, I began wanting to see what my characters had for rewards. This started last week. Guess what? To log in to GW you need to know a characters name. Yep. Apparently I don’t have any guys named Bonedead, Bwndead, Bonhead, nothing! Oh, your characters also have last names, yeah, good fucking luck. So I submitted a ticket re: forgot character name and waited and waited and the next day I get a response that my ticket has been escalated! Oh my! Two days after that I finally get a character name, whoopee! So, now I know my account name, password, and character name. Aaaaand I still can’t login! It is really hard to articulate just how fucking mad this kind of bullshit makes me.

So since that isn’t working, I think, hey I’ve got an NCSoft master account that isn’t tied to this account but does have another GW account on it (that I don’t remember having) and it is also the account where I have my Aion account. This account for an account bullshit is probably the majority of the problem. Part of me is starting to think that maybe my account that I thought I had is actually the account on my NCSoft master account, but I can’t even tell. There’s your email as an account name, yourname@plaync as an account name, regular account names, I’m pretty sure there is another way as well, not to mention your master account name and password. How the fuck am I supposed to keep up with all of this shit? Especially when I created half of these accounts 5 years ago? I would love to try all the different passwords I’ve ever used but after 3 failed attempts you’re locked out for a few minutes. Forgot my password? What is my cat’s name? I don’t have a cat. I lived with two in high school when GW came out but neither of their names work, so wtf am I supposed to do?

I just want to see what kind of rewards I have, shit, maybe I’ll even play it a couple times. But that isn’t going to be possible anytime soon it appears. Stupid fuckin bullshit. Its just about to the point where I don’t fucking care anymore. Why should I anyway? I enjoyed the game when I played it but if it is this hard to fucking play it now, why fucking bother?

Suck it NCSoft and fuck your mothers.

A short time ago in a Galaxy far, far away


Okay, that is a bit harsh, but I did get screwed and it has yet to be fixed, or, responded to (by customer service or anyone).

Here’s what happened.

Okay, I’m a Trader. There are 4 kinds of traders, but in order to level, you should be structures trader. So, some awesome guy on my server decided to hook me up with a few elite harvesters (around 500k a piece I believe). So, my goal ever since then, besides reaching level 90, is to make my own damn elites and not be a bum who borrows shit from people. I have “worked” hard to get where I am, I say “worked” even though I received a rather hefty handout. However, gathering resources and grinding structures isn’t fun and games, it’s actually neither at all, it’s more like work than almost any other grind I’ve done. But, I do like it.

So, I finally am able to craft elites and boy am I excited. I find out how many I want of each kind, the necessary components/resources, multiply, multiply, add, etc. I spent all day yesterday after work doing the math and planning it out perfectly. The components (precrafted pieces used in assembly along with resources) must come from a factory crate. Which means, me and my 1 factory are going to have to wait for the 4 Advanced Ore Mining Units to finish before I can start the Generator Turbines, followed by the Small Structure Storage Modules which are then followed by the Wall Modules (which require 10 similar Structural Modules, which I made the day before). So, this really did take me all day yesterday to do. Not even counting the Structural Modules used for Wall Modules. I needed 63 Wall Modules, there are 10 Structural Modules in a Wall Module (along with some extra resources). That is 630 Structural Modules I crafted that I’m not even counting.

Now, there are also resources which I had to gather, thousands and thousands upon thousands of resources were gathered. Now, it’s not that bad, but I had to stop gathering grinding resources, so my entire progression was at a stand still for a few days. I’m just trying to get you to see where I am coming from.

Okay, so, I let it run through the night and plan on making my first elites before work today, boy am I excited.

I open my factory’s output hopper and there are 139 components that I have made. I load them into my backpack, and head to where I craft.

Now, when you’re hunting for high concentrations of certain resources, you can wind up pretty friggin far from a city with a Shuttleport. So, what I have learned to do, is, suicide. You’re don’t lost anything when you die, but you awake with a Rez sickness which you pay some credits to a robot and he removes from you.

So, I respawn, and look in my backpack.

I had made 18 Generator Turbines, 4 Advanced Ore Mining units, 54 Small Structure Storage Modules, and 63 Wall Modules.

What I saw in my bag was 3 Wall Modules, and 10 Small Structure Storage Modules. That is 9% of the total amount of components. What was that sound you just heard? That was me breaking down and crying because I can’t believe this shit just happened!

I was about to buy my freedom, no longer be a slave to the man who blessed me with elites.

Everything I had worked for was gone, days, wasted.

So, what do I do? Well, I submitted a “fucking help me ticket” (without the fucking) and started a forum thread asking players their opinions.

The players have said: Don’t use suicide as a teleport service. (Which I’m never fucking doing again btw)
They said try logging out for 10 mins and back in, happens all the time, etc… No dice.
They said try clicking change view in inventory and maybe they’ll appear, nope nope nope.

The only thing that almost makes me feel okay about this is that other people have lost items temporarily and gotten them back. That’s the only thing I’m holding on to.

If this doesn’t get fixed I’m probably going to quit, which makes me sad, I don’t want to but I’m not just gonna bend over and take it. I have a Jedi I could play, but come on, I don’t play the game to be a fucking Jedi. The only reason I have a Jedi is because the Legacy quest and basically the whole fucking game was designed with the idea that everyone and their mother is going to be a Jedi. I just wanted to experience how the game is intended to be, not how I made it to be with my Trader.

Ugh ugh ugh.

Update: A GM contacted me through my “fucking help me ticket” and said he has forwarded my issue to a higher tier, hooray!

So So Sorry that I lied again, I’m lazy, sue me

I’m not going to say Happy Holidays or any of that politically correct shit because I think it’s fucking stupid. I don’t believe in God, but I do say Merry Christmas, why? Because that’s what I call the shit, if you don’t call it that, I think you can figure out what I meant, asshat.

So, you remember the whole, let’s play Vanguard idea that I had? Well I resubbed my account on the 16th, and then on the 18th, Vanguard announced that all accounts will be reactivated until January 20th. Fucking cool, you assholes. So I decided to uninstall that game (it crashed a couple times, I can’t believe it still crashes).

Okay so, fuck Vanguard, hooah!. I reformatted my computer, for maybe the third time in the last hmm 6+ years? Then what did I do? I installed World of Fucking Warcraft. What the hell is wrong with me.

I’m a Warlock, so it’s not that bad. I’m really good and rarely die. But I hate leveling and always want to PvP. Wow you can buy shit with Honor now and those fucking badges, jesus tittyfucking, this is awesome. Screw you bracers with +spirit, I got some Master Sargeant shit now mfker. You too cape of gheyness.

WoW really does bring out my adolescent side. Fuck yeah.

So yeah I basically just played a lot of wow and smoked a _ _ _ of pot (lot or bit?, you decide :D).

Monday night I took my girlfriend out to look at Christmas lights, which was pretty fucking stupid. But there was this house with a penguin that I thought was really cool.

On the topic of Christmas lights: This goes out to all the people who think buying inflatable fucking frosty the snowmen, polar bears, and snowglobes makes up for not having Christmas lights or not having Christmas lights that aren’t shittily strung across your property. You’re bad at Christmas, learn2play newb.

How did I win at Christmas (I don’t know why I keep capitalizing it)? Well I didn’t but my girlfriend did. She bought a big red bow, like the kind you put on a present. We stuck it to our apartment door. Bam, that’s it, no overdoing it with fucking polar bears (IN FLORIDA), just a simple dash of xmas spirit.

Xmas day involved a lot of po… WoW, some xmas music in the morning, followed shortly by large amounts of unhealthy fat man approved food, more WoW, more food enhancers, more food, rinse repeat. Then came dinner time, no more food in teh house :(SADFACE. So what did we do?

CHRISTMAS DINNER AT DENNYS! FUCK YEAH! God was that place fucking dirty. I want to make it a tradition, though. Who can be upset when they’re being served breakfast at fucking 8PM?

I say fuck a fucking lot, sorry.

So, My Warlock was 43 when I started playing on Saturday. Now he’s almost 47, made about 1.5-2k honor, bought some PvP gear, and I’m set to level when I get home today. Hopefully I don’t wind up in IF or SW anywhere near a BG battlemaster of any kind. The PvP really distracts me and prevents me from leveling. Plus I can’t turn in my badges anymore for exp, shit guise fire our shit.

So yeah, I let you guys down so much, I’m sure.

Fucking Merry Happy Christmas Honda Kwanzichanukah mother fuckers. Praise be to Allah!

So lick my ass and suck on my balls, America, fuck yeah.

Oh yeah, on a side note- Mr. Jeff Freeman decided to link to me, which gave me quite the boner, so I linked back. You can now reach his cozy little corner of the interwebs on the right side (Freewoman, teehee, get it) or you can be a lazy asshole and just click here.