This game is amazing

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This is like the only game that makes me have fun interacting with people.  Build for your children!  For your future!  Name your babies and teach them how to live.  We can do it!  Don’t forget to name yourself.


I had a playthrough yesterday where I died kind of young as an Eve, but my children surprised me and kept the family going for 13 generations.  Here is a link to the family tree.


More detailed post sometime probably.

Mission Status: Progressing Quite Nicely

Think Big
I have been AFK swimming in DF and at the same time playing WoW using the new Dungeon Finder tool. My swimming is now 100, Quickness is nearing 40, and apparently swimming also raises Strength because that is almost 35. As for WoW, I’m not playing my level 80, due to being shamed in my first Dungeon Finder attempt. So embarrassing lol.

If you recall from my previous WoW adventures I began the Argent Tournament quests in an attempt to acquire heirloom items, but I gave up when the route proved to be long and probably involved grouping with strangers. Well I guess that opened up the Argent Tournament dungeon for me. So I wanted some of those Emblems of Triumph so I queued up for a random WoTLK dungeon (non heroic). Guess which dungeon was the random selection? Well once it started loading I alt tabbed back to Darkfall to quit because I didn’t want to mess this instance up with my lag. By the time I alt tab back, my whole group is on horses with polearms ready for some jousting. Okay, shit, what do I do. There’s a horse, I’ll go hop on it. Shit! No polearm equipped! Okay, it is okay, I have a polearm, I know I do, let me just find it on one of my hotbars, there it is! *Click* Nothing…. WTF, where the shit is my polearm? Ohhhh yeaaaaahhhh. I remember now, I banked it after I sold the gold farmers loot he left on me and got my reimbursed items out of the mail. Okay well, what do I do now, the fight is starting. Kill the bad guys on foot! Alright, I’m doing good, killing them no problem, but I’m not on a horse. The Gnomes of Gnomeragan cheer for Owndead! Too bad my group didn’t feel the same way. “WTF are you doing lock?”

Shit, they’re on to me! Should I ask questions? Explain I left my polearm in the bank? How the fuck do I get out of here?!?! Teleport out of instance….. not working!!! Leave party! Yes! Whew, that was a terrible experience. Alright, what now? I know, let’s quit.

As I stare at my character selection screen I ponder what to do. The only way I can see myself succeeding random dungeon selection is if I practice them one at a time, specifically selecting each dungeon then reading up on the encounters and queuing. Plus I had to respec from Demonology thanks to the gold farmers and I forgot my exact spec from before. I feel very out of my element on this character, as if I haven’t played him in some time….

My friend is currently leveling a Warrior on Drak’thul and is level 74ish, I have a 47 Priest there as well. So I log on him, he has fewer skills, thus I don’t have as many options for setting up my attack chain and it is easier to settle down with this guy. I am very close to leveling and kill a few mobs nearby in the hinterlands to ding 48. Once I feel a little comfortable with dealing damage (shadow priest, duh!) I queue up for Zul Farrak which cons green to me but I have never done it before.

So I have since completed ZF 2 more times in addition to my first run. I am now level 50 (running dungeons is pretty good leveling) and it feels a lot better than how leveling used to feel for me in this game. I used to have to kill kill kill turn in quest turn in quest turn in quest. Now it is just like a little co-op single player feeling where I have to complete a certain map level 3 times for 2 character levels. It is not bad by any means and I’m finally getting to experience the brunt of the game this way. Plus by leveling this guy I will learn my preferred chain of attacks, so far it is Mind Blast and Mind Flay with a side of Dispel for anyone who gets polymorphed. Dispel was a hard one to pick up as the first 2 tanks did not ask for it. It did cross my mind that it was possible but I just never tried it. So when the third runs tank kept saying dispel I figured it out and moved it to my E bind on the hotbar. My friend says I should get some nice addon thing to make that easier but I no longer like addons thanks to gold farming sons of bitches. That is like the only way they could’ve gotten to me and it is my fault for using old shitty pvp ones. Anyways I am now a dispelling machine!

My friend commented on Darkfall saying that “that sounds lame” when I mentioned that I was just swimming into a wall. I replied that every MMO has something tedious for you to do in order to be able to “compete” with your peers, and Darkfall is pretty much the only one I know of (besides Eve) where you can do some of that AFK. Whether or not having a part of your game that is required to compete being long and tedious enough for people to want to AFK it (whether they can [DF] or can’t [WoW]) is the right idea or not is another subject.

I don’t know when I will have my next actual play session in DF but I do like that my STR and QUI are raising while I’m doing nothing. I just hope that the next time I go and actually hit things that I hurt em real good, that sure would be nice.

Until next time enjoy your carebear game or your pkpkpk game, because I will certainly be enjoying both.

Mission Impossible: The Best of Both Worlds

It took me some time this weekend to get back into DF, for some reason I just didn’t want to play it and I think it was because I was solo. So I joined Black Ork Assassins, an Ork only clan with some members who like to talk in Ork dialect, a bit wierd but I’ve seen way worse, plus it just adds more to the experience. We have a city, Zaghuroth (SP?), it is on the North Eastern corner of Agon, right next to the island Yssam (which I believe is where SynCaine’s alliance is based).

Upon arriving at the city I am greeted by a gate…and it is down. So there appears to be no way to enter this city lol, the gate won’t open for me as I am too low of a rank. I do some chatting in Clan and someone comes out to boost me over the wall. Now this is probably one of the coolest things I’ve recently encountered. I would run into a wall perpendicular to the city wall (so if the top of the T is the city wall, I am running into the side of the l in T) and a clan mate would come up from behind (very nice!) and either shoot me with a fireball (which would explode and launch me over the wall) or hit me with their weapons knockback style. I’ve since had this happen to me probably 5 more times and have even boosted a couple people over myself with my knockback style (which hits players a lot further than mobs, times 10 easily).

Once I arrived in the city I was taken back to EU release seeing the city buffs on me along with the master NPCs who sell/train practically anything you can possibly buy/train. By the bank was another familiar sight, sparring! I got in on some of this as it is a great way to practice your PvP skills as well as raise your actual skills (offensive and defensive). I noticed a clan mate practicing some uber magic on the afk people who died and respawned by the bindstone. It enticed me to raise my Greater Magic a little in hopes of eventually reaching his level of coolness (spell/skill wise). Once I get my Greater Magic to 50 I can buy a specialized magic class (fire, air, necromancy, ice, etc) which are the ones with the big boy spells. Specifically a launching spell so that I can get myself over the wall when no one is there to help me so I don’t have to bindstone recall. I could get the lesser magic spell Launch (requires 70 or so lesser magic, I’m currently around 65) but I don’t know how well it will work as I remember on EU release it didn’t seem to be very effective.

Another familiar sight was afk skilling. People running into walls while afk to raise their stats. Yesterday my swimming was around 20 and when I left this morning it was over 75. I have also gained 5 or so full points of quickness which feels fucking awesome. I plan on switching once my swimming reaches 100 to running into a wall, after that I’ll either balance something on my shift key for sprinting or set up a macro with a 3rd party app to sprint, rest, sprint, rest, etc. I do not know the rules exactly on such activities, I know it was a gray area on EU at release, so I don’t know where Aventurine now stands with this though I’m sure I’ll find out. After sprinting then I’ll go to crouch walking and after that then I’ll be done with the afk into a wall tactic. I’m hoping my stats will be real big by then.

Some people are fucking beasts. I had a clan member I was sparring with who I could barely dent even if I hit him 5 times to every 1 of his hits, I just couldn’t win. Which is why I’ve begun afking into walls. Two members of Nemesis (a clan in SynCaine’s alliance) launched over our wall into our city and raped the shit out of us twice yesterday. They had some pretty fucking big magic spells that melted my face off. Once they left this inspired me to work on my greater magic a bit more heh.

I’ve been working on raising my weaponsmithing to 25 so I can make some Rank 10 weapons (which do a little more damage than Rank 0 weapons though most people use Rank 0 to “skill up”) which means I have a plethora of Rank 0 Two Handed Swords that I rarely lose. I am currently at around 23 or so.

On to the point of the post’s title. Since I can see that I have much afking in my future I plan on resubbing my WoW account so I can try out raiding with that new LFG system. I’ve never done any high end raids in WoW and with this new system I don’t have to try at all in terms of waiting for people/mingling. I already know that I can run both at the same time so why not, you know? I just mute DF and I’m good to go. I’m actually quite excited about this.

Now I just have to wait for Blizzard to tell me my account is okay again since those fucking gold farmers stole my shit that just got restored, a-fucking-gain. I can’t find shit on my computer so I don’t know how they keep getting it, but before I scanned this time with my new programs I deleted all of my addons from Cursed. I hear that sometimes one slips through and I did have a few sketchy old addons that didn’t do much, so I’m hoping I didn’t detect anything because I deleted it (I did quarantine 6 files though I don’t think they were the problem).

Anyways, hopefully today I’ll be raiding it up in WoW on my Warlock like a big fag while swimming in DF to become a big stag! Har har, I so rhymeh!

I said good day!

Age of Conan: First Impressions

Bringing the “Conan World” to life, check.
Make combat feel new and different, check.
Offer a great deal for buying the game, check.
Have a positive newbie experience, check.
Try and continue that positive experience beyond Tortage, not so check.
Having fun open PvP, check.
Having unique feeling battlegrounds, not so check. (see: Guild Wars)
A rarer class makeup, check. (Nothing seems unique anymore)
Possible for a lower level to kill a higher level, check. (Just beat a 39 Necro as a 33 HoX, and I didn’t even wanna fight)
Up to date information available somewhere on the internet, not so check. (Not really Funcom’s fault, but, if a fan isn’t doing it shouldn’t they?)

I think that’s all I have for now, if I kept going my points would seem redundant.

Tortage is an amazing experience. I wish it carried throughout the game, mainly just the voiced NPCs. When you get out of Tortage and run into your first mute NPC it is a bit disheartening. Doesn’t seem like it would be that hard to get a few people in the office to throw on a fake accent and let er rip, audio dude can tweak shit to make them not sound awful, tada! But I don’t really know what I’m talking about.

Another thing that sucks a bit is, I hate to say the lack of direction (or information), but where the fuck am I supposed to go after Khopsefv (or whatever the shit) Province? I went into that Purple Lotus BS Land and ran into a bunch of big ass mobs and a level 41 grinding. Not the place for a freshly 30 to go. So what I’ve done instead is gone to the Aquilonean version of Khopsefv Province which is called uh, the Wild Lands of Zelata? Yeah that zone sucks ass in terms of terrain and getting from quest point to quest point. Plus I’m just doing grey and green quests for a level and now I’m at the Yellow and Red quests.

One thing I really like is climbing spots you probably shouldn’t be able to. What you do is jump a lot and hold sprint and you’ll just fly up mountains sometimes. There was this one quest in Khopsefv Province to get some treasure chest in the bottom of a pond surrounded by elite mobs. It is supposed to be a group quest, on forums people were saying the best path for soloing is to sneak around and yadda yadda yadda, dodge the elites if you’re lucky etc. Well I didn’t do that. Apparently the pond is at the end of a trail of Elites and after it there is a rather small drop off back to normal land. Well I tried to climb up that little drop off and bypass the elites. I got real close but began realizing they put in an invisible wall to deter my actions! Sons of bitches! There were some Minion mobs (non elite) very near the pond that I tried to jump into LOS and do my “charge” ability to them, no dice. So I went a little further up the trail at a steeper point and tried many times again. Eventually I made it up and beat those fuckers trying to block me with their invisible walls, suck it assholes. Soloing group quests for the win mfker.

I’ve PvPed in one of the capture the skull BGs probably 3 times. The queue doesn’t really fill up very quickly, probably because it is the 20-39 BG, but it’s kinda fun. I’ve always been a lowbie buffed to a 39 (which really isn’t enough to level the playing field between a 20 and a 39) so still a bit squishy, so I die a lot or play cautious. The last game I played I did a lot better, sticking together, rooting bad guys picking them off, separating them, etc.

I can’t wait to get to 40 because when I bought the game I got a free Mammoth for every one of my characters, usable at 40. I wanna ride my donkeh!

Things I liked and hated in Aion

I’ve stopped playing Aion though I can still play til the 24th. Xfire tells me I’ve invested 172 hours in the game which makes it tied with Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction as one of my top 10 most played games. I’ve not put much here recently, I’m not 100% sure why, but I’ve just finished this semester so I’d like to put a bit more into this place now that I feel like I can. So, without further mumbo jumbo, my likes and dislikes of Aion.

-Animations: The animations were probably the best I’ve seen in any MMO. It seemed like every time my weapon looked like it hit an enemy the game actually showed me that it did by making a hit noise and a little POW cloud on the spot the enemy was hit. Not to mention the Gladiator’s 2000 DP hit that skewers your enemy, flings them around you, and then slams them down at your feet. You just can’t beat awesomeness like that. On a side note, there was one time in PvP when I skewered a guy and he stayed on my Polearm after he should have fallen off. I was able to hit him still with normal attacks afterwards but I don’t know if he was hitting me. Looked funny though.
-Scenery: If you’ve played Aion and it didn’t cripple your PC then you know what a visual orgasm is like. In most games there are little bugs (not malfunctions, insects and stuff) that you can’t touch. In Diablo 2 there are scorpions you can walk over, in WoW there are fish and maybe a bird or two, and other games have these little touches as well. They never look THAT good. Well in Aion they do. The game has a lot of detail.
-Gliding: Flying is overrated, anyone can press R to go up and F to go down or look up or down while holding forward. But can you make it from the top of the Pandaemonium staircase (outside of the auction house place) all the way down to the top of the stairs leading to the teleporter in one glide? Not everyone can, because they don’t get that while gliding pressing forward and backwards actually changes your tilt. This is an invaluable tool for a game with some open PvP. I’ve escaped countless times due to out-gliding my enemies.
-Being New: This is a big positive for any game I’m looking at. If I haven’t played it then I’ll want to even more. It’s the only reason I bought the game (and I really wanted to buy AoC at the time of shopping but they were not in stock). This isn’t really something good about the game, it’s just a reason why I liked it.
-Forced mob grinding: I know I’ve said here before how I used to use my Prima guide for DAoC and look up loot tables for low level mobs (I couldn’t level very high back then, not doing much better now either lol) until I found one that would drop a special item at a low percentage. I would then go and farm said mob until it dropped, sometimes til it dropped twice. I don’t know what it was about it that made me enjoy it so much, but it’s still there. Grinding mobs and finding phats is gewd. Doing quests for phats is more tiring. But a healthy mix of both is my preferred method. Aion did this rather well with limited quests and good respawn times/number of camps.

-Gold Farming sons of bitches: They were fucking everywhere. You switch channels to try and find a nice quiet instance without tons of fuckers named dfkjsdkf and they’re always there. Random tells, stores that are selling 1 shitty thing for millions of Kinah with a big annoying fucking shop message, and they monopolized some of the resources on the Broker so that they would only sell huge stacks at huge prices (so you can’t get 1 more worthy armor flux when you need it).
-Stupid fucking kids: Global channels are the dumbest fucking idea ever. Why is it needed? No matter what name you give the channel it will always turn into a little kids telling lame dick jokes (not even good dick jokes, srsly) channel. Always. Not to mention kids are fucking stupid and act like retards ingame by hitting your mobs, stealing your resource nodes, just generally being retarded fucks. I feel so apologetic to the people I abused when I was an annoying fucking retard MMO baby.
-Blandness: Sure everything is real pretty and shiny and sparkly, but give me some change, jesus christ. How long can you sit in the same scenery before you go crazy? For me it’s a little over a month (close to 172 hours played probably).
-Teh Grind: Of course it made the list. It wasn’t as bad as it’s been made out to be (though I know it will be in a few more levels, currently 29) but combo this with the Blandness and you have a recipe for me burning out.

So that’s it for Aion. I’ve said my peace and now you know why I played it and stopped playing it.


‘Neakin behind enemy lines

As you may be aware, my guild hates Awful Company, and rightly so. Well a few of us low rank people with our bad skills decided we were going to go and gank some of their gatherers. I was very excited about this because I like gathering but I also like fighting and this plan satisfied both, sorta.

So we get on our mounts….scratch that. We don’t have mounts so we head out of our SE gate and keep going straight. None of us really knew where their city was, but we all knew it was in that general direction because that is the direction they run off in.

As we’re hopping from tree to tree, attempting to be sneaky SOBs with non existant stealth, our leader spouts off in vent that, hey, there’s a guy! Well we all set our paths to engage and everyone but me sucked at that. So I was the only guy whacking this guy in the back with my 1h sword and he wasn’t dying. I started strafing to the side to let my teammates try some ranged attacks as well.

All of a sudden I take a decent bit of damage as a mounted big friggin dude decked out in uber gear rides by and slashes at myself and the person I’m pursuing. So I shit my pants a bit and think, it’s cool, we can probably take him eventually after most of us die, but then I realized it was a guildy! Huzzah! He raped the guy down and he was naked without loot. Sadface.

We continue on our way and begin to notice more and more loading lag (when you can just tell a character is being loaded within a mile range of you, somewhere), so our group leader begins telling us to be sneakier! Bonedead! Get your fuckin head down!

Damn man I’m fuckin sorry I’m not an emo elf or puppy dog, I’m sorry I chose Ork because of the disadvantages, to prove I’m a bad ass. Excuuuusee me.

Anyways we continue on and see a mounted character in the distance. He is riding a drake which is a pretty sweet looking mount, especially off in the distance with the fog and shit. Whatdya know, another guildy! This one is a higher up fo sho and tells us to watch out for the hill giant sluggers which we’d been running from already. We parted ways and continued on!

After only about 2-3 minutes after leaving said guildy we encounter some uber loading lag and the group leader starts freaking out. Fucking Lieutenant Dan style from Forrest Gump. SIT DOWN, AND SHUT UP! So we did (people call me Forrest Gump). We start crouch walking from tree to tree and then we see some mana missile effects in the distance.

As we approach from the side we can now see about 7 Awful Company sitting on a rock. Only 1 is moving and the rest are sitting down. We begin discussing the possibility of attacking and winning. I mean shit, if 6 out of the 7 guys are afk, I think we have a pretty good shot amirite? As we’re about to move in, people start standing up! Fuck fuck fuck, bonedead crouch your big ork ass back down behind that tree (mothafucka!)!

Someone in the group said they were exploiting, I don’t necessarily think that was the case. Even if they were, they didn’t need to, they had plenty of people to mana missile some hill giants down before they reached them. I don’t know if standing on the rock changes THAT much.

So we moved on from those guys, knowing we must be close if this is where their farming group is. So I hopped tree to tree, again, I got yelled at to keep my head down, again. Then we saw it. On the top of a plateau with a small lake or some shit near it. We stop at a tree and discuss our plan. We remember that we’re here to kill gatherers and so our plan is to start hopping tree to tree some more, somewhat away from the city, and look for people gathering on trees, rocks, plants, etc. Right after we talk about this, one of our group members pipes up in vent:

“There’s a guy lumberjacking on the other side of this tree!”

Oh man was that fucking great or what. We got 2 guys on each side and once we were in position we rushed in and gank gank gank. Awful Company, afk gathering, because we’re really good!

We get a little freaked out and run off a bit in an attempt to stear clear of any mean guys trying to defend their city. Well, one of our guys somehow gets bugged and the only direction he can move is backwards lol. So we’re all hiding behind a tree and he’s crouched walking backwards saying am I getting close to a tree? It was pretty gold. He rested and it corrected itself but for a second there we seemed a man down.

We swing around the city a bit more and begin to see a ramp in the terrain that leads up to the plateau. It has a funny dick shaped rock on it with two completely differently sized testicles. Our order from our group leader was to run to said dick rock and climb/hide on the enormous left testicle. From there we peered over to see the city gates, tee hee hee hee.

There is another big rock towards the gate and to our right, we’re told to make a dash for it. We get behind it, hopefully unseen, and begin discussing what to do next. Well I guess some gatherer or something decided it was a good time to return to town because he came up behind us, stopped for a second, and then took off for the fuckin gate.

CHARGE! Stop that man! The group leader and the guy who noticed the lumberjacker stuck to the Lieutenant (his rank in Awful Company). Myself and my buddy Murderface noticed a miner just kind of sitting there to our right and charged his ass. This one is a Colonel in Awful Company and is one of the SDS (Seven Deadly Sins). His name is Sloth. Sloth was afk and we took his pickaxe and his 20 stone (baaad).

The other guy didn’t drop much either, so our mission was technically pretty damn fail.

After we killed the guys we knew we had to get the fuck out of there and now. We jump down the plateau and head for some rocks close by. Shit, there’s a mount in front of us in the distance. We sit still, because sometimes that is all you have to do to avoid being detected. The mount runs off our screens into the distance, we assume he is looking for us. Sloth SDS runs from the same direction as the mounted player, so I guess that is where they respawn. He ends up running right passed our group leader and didn’t even see him. Then another mounted guy does the SAME THING. Didn’t even see him.

We’re trying to decide which way to run. We don’t want to run into anyone looking for us, this mission will be a failure if we die. Someone suggests going to the left (opposite direction of mounted guy), the leader says south (could possibly lead us into the mounted guy who went SW), and I say we should go SE because then the mounted guy probably wont find us. Group leader was alone to our right, we were behind a rock. Well the mounted guy goes around our rock and comes up beside us! Fuck! I say in vent, alright we’re going south east, see that big rock, fucking get behind that big fuckin rock, and I took off. Somebody reports more mounted players on top of the plateau looking at us.

The rock seems so far away but we just keep sprinting. Since I am in the front I decide to take a second and check behind us. The mounted guy that snuck up behind us was not giving chase! WTF?

We were not being pursued at all. This did not make us anymore calm though, if anything it made us more paranoid of a mounted army or some shit coming out of nowhere and raping us. In hindsight I believe they thought we had a bunch of guildies behind the rock for an ambush.

So we get to the rock, climb a bit on top and rest. For all we know we still have some defending to do and stamina is friggin important. The group leader gets up and looks around, seems clear, and we get the order to run to another rock.

Once we get to this rock we’re told to bindstone recall and that we did a good job and all that jazz.

It was a good feeling and I had a great time.

Oh and (look at system chat)

Livin the Darkfall Dream

I am a member of a large guild in DF, the Murder Herd. We have claimed probably the best city looks wise, defense strategy wise, and map location wise. We’re right smack dab in the middle of the shit. We have been grinding soo much on Mining and Lumberjacking and everyday it seems we add new awesomeness to our city. 3 of our 4 entrances have completely built walls and we should be getting the 4th soon. We are expecting cannons and maybe guard towers soon as well.

If you follow the clan section in the DF forums you’ve probably seen the Goons talking a bunch of crap and probably some from my guild as well doing the same. I’m going to try and explain this mess as best I can but first I must say that I have been having the best gaming experiences of my life.

Goonswarm (Goonfleet/Goons/Something Awful newbs/etc) has made a guild in DF named Awful Company. Sometime recently they charged our city (which is on an uber mountain, we call it Murder Mountain), killed our Queen, and that’s about all I know about that. I wasn’t on, I didn’t hear about it, I just saw the 30 seconds video the Goons made (which didn’t really show much imo). From what I can tell as soon as they saw our rubble/walls they just started shooting mana missile up towards the top of our mountain. Which don’t get me wrong, looks pretty cool, but was pretty much just that.

I spend most of my time in our city. I find a sparring partner and we beat on each other while the other parries. Some people raise magic skills, some archery, some craft, but we always have a bunch of people there. I’m always naked, I’ve died a few times and I just know that naked is the way to go, especially since I don’t have piles of backup armor in my bank or piles of harvesting tools. Well either Friday or Saturday (I’m thinking Friday) I was just standin around our bank mindin my own business, pretty much AFK, when I hear vent start going crazy. I come back to my screen and see some guy hitting another guy and I think hey, people sparring. Then I notice the people in vent are saying “WE’RE UNDER ATTACK!” and I move my mouse over the guy attacking the AFK and whatd’ya know, Awful Company. So I pull out my leafblade and my newb shield with 0 armor bonuses and start smackin people. Next thing I know we’re all running down our stairs/jumping down our mountain and chasing them out of our gates. Once we get em out of our gates we keep pushing them back and eventually make it to their town. I don’t know how that isn’t a win.

The best part is the Goons started saying on the forums that we all rushed the bank and put our stuff in there. If anything I bet people banked important stuff, like resources or money, things that we give as contribution to the guild (and are required to do). I think I went to the bank to grab my shield. From what I can tell most of my guildies don’t care about losing items, except the newbs like me with low skills. They said that after they saw that they decided fuck that, that it was bullshit and turned around.

I think they just saw us all at the bank (which is our hangout spot), we attacked their leaders (who weren’t being defended lol), and instead of having any sort of organization or tactics they just ordered a retreat. But, I don’t really know. They ended up back at their town lol.

Saturday rolls around and we haven’t had many attacks on the city, just a few harvesters getting ganked and our horsemen ganking the gankers and saving our resources. There is a tense hour or so when someone mentions that it is the time of day when Awful Company usually attacks. But nothing happens.

All of Sunday goes by with only a few skirmishes outside of our walls, we get 1 unguilded intruder running around in our city who was hard as shit to catch and then pretty much disappeared.

Sunday night rolls around and it is time for a guild meeting. We are given exercises to run and begin doing so. During rest time we notice in System chat that an Awful Company member has entered our city. We get a report over vent that tons of Awful Company are charging the city. They enter our city limits and System chat is spammed with Awful Company. We’re told a direction and we all head to the top of the stairs (strategic city location FTW). As they’re forced to walk our set pathways and funnel up our stairs we’re raining down magic and arrows all over them. We switch to melee and charge them out of our gates. We’re firing tons of mana missiles into the distance of the hills and fewer and fewer are returned. We receive orders to stop firing and the mounted players scout ahead. The Goons tried to flank around to another entrance lol. We were waiting for them when they got there haha, it was the funniest shit ever.

So we’re all just shooting mana missiles and arrows (I’m never doing this because my skills in those two areas blow, so I’m just watching until we’re told to charge) down at our enemies and they’re doing the same. We’re told to not go down yet so I run to the bank and grab a staff. I start shootin away and hit a couple of people, nothing big, I do like 9 dmg with mana missile. It is really bad. But that isn’t the point. Anyways, we get the order to charge, and we friggin do.

They turn and run so quick it is ridiculous. I see Sir Vival, SupremeGeneral (aka guild leader) running away and make him my new target. They all run behind this really big rock and we when get behind it….. We’re ambushed by 500 guys!!! Nope. That didn’t happen. Hmm, maybe uh, They switched to some crazy advanced AE magic spell and wtf raped us!! No, not that. These Goons with their skill must have done something awesome right?

Well, if you consider LOGGING OUT to be awesome, then they sure as hell did.


On a side note I wtfsuck at pvp still.

Here is the video they made of owning us. (my favorite part is how almost 0 mana missiles are being shot back down at them, must’ve been owning the side of the mountain real good)

Here are some videos made by one of our members (huge omg, only watched 1 of them).

Murder Mountain being attacked by 100+…..;/fileinfo.html

This is one of MH steam rolling goons in an actual even fight, instead of a 100+ zerg.…..;/fileinfo.html

Here is another video, I believe it is from the raid when we ran them off twice before they logged. From our perspective.

Excitement! Adventure!

Hooray! I made friends in SWG on my roleplaying heavy (most people go there to roleplay) server. How did I meet these friends? Well, let me start at the beginning to bring you up to speed.

As you know I have started from scratch as a Smuggler. Well, let’s just say it isn’t easy repeating shit you’ve already repeated. It’s safe to say that my play time was diminishing. I attempted to correct this by making a new toon, an Entertainer! I’ve never played one, and it is so gay lol. I made a Sullustian fat ass female, you know, Lando’s co pilot in the 6th episode at the end there, yeah, a female one. Fat and gross as all hell, except I don’t wear clothes, so I’m in granny panties. Anyways, Entertainers hang out in Cantinas. Turns out, most entertainers are roleplayers, and most roleplayers hang out in cantinas. LOL. Man is it funny seeing them hold down shift to walk around each other. I won’t lie, it makes you want to do it too, but I found my way around this ghey hurdle.

You see the jump command in swg was definitely a fucking after thought. You have to hold it down to see the entire animation, which means, tapping it quickly, can result in awesomeness. What I like to do is, what I like to call “The Nutcracker”, which is me holding shift (walk) and tap jump a lot. It makes me look like a Nutcracker (imo).

This shit drives roleplayers fucking crazy. Which is hilarious to me lol, especially since they’re mostly teenfags with (ROLEPLAY) tags on (which is toggled, displays above your head), and to be honest they’re mostly all horrible at it(roleplaying). Half the time they’re just trying to play out some stupid fucking scene from a movie where one guy says: “I wouldn’t say that if I wuz you!” to which the other guy says: “Oh yeah well maybe I will!”.

It is fucking hilarious though. Especially the adult ones, who are like, really fucking serious about it. This one dude was ethuggin it up RP style and challenged the guy to a duel outside. He walks out of the cantina (I follow in full Nutcracker effect) and walks away around the corner, see, he’s roleplaying that he has to go get his armor, rofl. I mean, sure, good one in a roleplay sense, but, c’mon, fucking hilarious. Anyway, he comes back and whoops the teenfags ass.

One thing that’s also hilarious is OOC text. When they’re talking out of character (ooc) they put their text in parenthesis. I’ve received a few ((Fuck you!))s, a couple ((/addignore you budday!))s (they don’t say budday btw) and I’ve got to say it’s quite funny to me. They’re all serious roleplayer mode and then they gotta stop their 4 man sausage orgy to OOC me in the face!

One thing that I noticed that I found interesting involved Mr. Walk around the corner to get my armor man. As he walked away I followed him for a while, bouncin around, and he said ((FUCK OFF)), so, I did because i don’t wanna get in trouble csr style. Anyways, I figured this guy fucking hated me, which I can understand, I really can. Anyways when he came back to duel the other guy and won I cheered for him. Now, when I did this, I was reminded of schoolyard behavior so goddamned much, and heres why. See I praised this guy (with a few people watching as well), and then he lets loose a lol or a haha yeah! Then I say to the loser: “You just got RPed in the face nobzor!”

This made the roleplayer dude fucking so happy and excited, it was like he got accepted into the cool kids club or something. I hate to say that, considering I’ve been that guy, no doubt, at some point in my life. I’m not claiming to be leader of the cool kids club or anything of the sort. I’m just pointing out what may be a common characteristic of roleplayers. Which is, the want to be accepted by their “arch enemies”, the leet speak pwnzor dudes like muhself. I won’t lie, I’d like RPers to like me, and PvEers. Iunno, maybe everyone just wants to feel a part of something.

Anyways, I made friends! Haha, one dude named -Souless- comes in the cantina and he’s doin the Nutcracker! I ran up to him and we bounced all over the place, it fucking ruled. Now, he ran off and I kept doing my thang and eventually I wound up outside watching the Jedis duel, which is a popular spot to see people. I end up running into my buddy again and we bounce all over the place, through all the roleplayers, it really makes me feel so good doing it. We go to the bank and his buddy is there, who is like 84 Jedi, fuckin awesome. He also Nutcrackers and now I’ve got 2 friends. It’s awesome to finally have friends like me.

It’s odd though, the Souless guy is either somewhat retarded or a youngin like I used to be. I always seem to get along so much better with young kids. I think its just because the funniest shit to me is asshole/dickhead funny shit. I know kids love that shit, its definitely a CS kind of thing I believe. Iunno!

Oh damn, I almost forgot about this

So, I’ve been playin a decent amount of Savage 2, still, and it’s goin good.

I had a rough start with my old account and trying to gain some SF and rank, and I still am a bit I suppose. The way they have the servers set up separates the players by their skill levels. Plus people like to stack teams, now, I’m not complaining about stacked teams that much. I can understand a clan or group of friends wanting to play together. But there are still soloers who join the team with the highest average SF, which to the naked eye means highest chance of winning.

One of the things a few people are finding out is that you need to be in a clan so that you’ll have people to, well, stack with. That’s where I’m at right now. I got my initial rank of 2000+ down to 1500 in a few games one day. Then a days worth of stats didn’t get reported, I believe these stats are not lost and should be added to the website soon, hopefully they will help.

I die a lot. I saw someone on the forums say that K:D ratio just shows how much of a pussy you are. So that makes me feel good.

I’ve met a good commander and he’s begun to amass a small amount of followers, me being one of them. So we’re makin a clan, and I believe it’s called Cake or Death, because we couldn’t agree on anything, an executive decision was made.

I suggested we use Indecisive, but we couldn’t agree on it. Ohhhh how punny.

We’ve got some good dudes. Our highest ranked is in the 200s, but, there is a match between a couple of our guys and a couple members of The-Stack (best clan, has like 5 million top 10 players). Actually now that I look at it, my commander is commanding and the 200s ranked guy is on the winning team as well, lots of others thrown into the mix however.

Anyways, here’s the link to the match info.

Commander = braddock, BLUEPOWERVAN is the buddy we gots in there.

On the opposing team, /me points to Naj, Pontifx, optimize. That’s just from The-Stack, fenix is a bad mammajamma as well, and hey lookie there it’s my ol buddy futch. Played with him a bit during my demo account phase.

Basically, it’s starting to get exciting. I know I’m going to eventually be in the top 100. My ranks for most stats are better than my actual player rank. My biggest downfalls are my K:D ratio and my W:L ratio. But once the clan gets rolling, the W:L ratio should begin to pick up and over time I assume that the K:D will as well.

There’s a lot of little tricks people don’t tell you about, I need to start discovering them.

I’ve seen a lot of peoples names in the ladder that I’ve seen in other games. Lots of people who may be from CSGames community. Such as Erethrin, scorp, PeanutX, have yet to confirm with any of them. Theres a guy named Paragod that I may have known in DAoC as well. The community seems small but I see new people everyday that I’ve not seen before.

I really do enjoy the community of Savage 2.

If I ever decide to do anything with movies and this game, it will sure be a lot better than any other. Due to all replays being saved online and available for download. I’ll just have to run the fraps while watching the replay, so easy!

Greatest fucking game ever, just about, probably

So my buddy Darthus over at brought to attention a Part Deux, of my most played demo ever: Savage.

I loved the first one though I did not buy it, mainly due to still being in high school (I believe) which means poor as shit. Nowadays the first one is completely free and downloadable from their website.

As for Savage 2: fucking awesome. That’s it, seal teh deal.

For those of you unaware as to the genre of this game, it is a combination of FPS and RTS. There are 2 teams, one person can be the commander for a team. This person is voted into position by teammates prior to the games start. The commander views the game in RTS view, and he orders everyone else around. The players have certain classes they can choose from, one being a builder, another light tank type, and a heavier tank type. Building certain buildings unlocks more classes to choose from.

As you play you level up (in game and out). It really does a great job at combining soo many enjoyable elements from all the genres you know and love.

You can visit their website HERE and download the full game. Just create an account and then you have 5 free hours of gameplay, as a demo account. As soon as you play 5 hours, you’re done, unless you pay 29.99. Which is pretty cheap for a PC game, or any game, nowadays.

There are player rankings on their website as well, with what seems to be a rather balanced formula for determining player skill. Of course, the more you play the more skill the game will think you have, but compared to others with the same play time, it does boil down to your skills when ranking you.

I just bought it today with an hour left of demo time, hopefully the transaction goes through before that hour is up or else I’ll be a sad fucking panda, yea boy.

I recommend everyone try this regardless of any bias/hatred towards FPS/RTS/FPSRTS type games, it’s really fucking awesome and you really need to fucking see what you’re missing out on.

I’ll post with more on the game later, for now I’ll link you to my page and Darthus’ page, just to check out the online stats.

The coolest part imo is that they save every match online and also have a replay of every match, available for download as well. It really is pretty fucking amazing.