Yesterday on a Server Across the Gulf

Like my shitty Star Wars reference?  Yes, that is what that was supposed to be.  I’ve been playing SWGEmu since the weekend (no PUBG ermagerd) while also binge watching all of the movies chronologically, yes, including the prequels (spicy memes).

There was recently an update for it which finally introduced the Jedi system.  Their goal is to emulate 14.1 which apparently had the Village system of unlocking Jedi.  If you remember anything about SWG I would imagine (besides the NGE/CU) it would be that it was incredibly difficult to attain a Force Sensitive character slot.

What you had to do back in the day was get a lot of badges (kind of like achievements on Steam), master certain professions (unbeknownst to you, unless you found and used 3 holocrons which would tell you iirc), then do some force sensitive quests and voila, you can grind the new class now.  The hardest part was the professions as I don’t believe people knew about the holocrons or maybe they were added after the fact.  Anyways, some people preferred the ridiculous grind involved.

The Village way of attaining a force sensitive character appears to be much easier.  First you get the badges (which there are guides for, you need 5 difficult badges, 7 themepark badges, etc etc) and as you attain them if you type /check you will check to see if you have a sense of the force.  Once you “feel an inner glow, the force is with you” then you will soon be visited by an NPC called Old Man.  He will give you a force crystal.  A day later you will be attacked by two sith.  After you beat them you will be given the location of the Jedi village on Dathomir where you can begin your grind for Jedi Initiate and the different trees of mastery you can go down.

Some people on the forums grumbled about it but the devs have clearly stated they’re attempting to emulate 14.1 for a while now.  They chose this as it had the most readily available information for them to emulate.  Once they have completed 1.0 of the emulator then people can do what they want (not that they’re prevented from doing that now, there are many other servers as it is).  Personally I am looking forward to the Jump to Lightspeed expansion.  I always loved how the game had both a ground game and a space game.  Not to mention you could board your friends ships and man a turret while they quested.  Adding in that you could have your own ship (saving money on travel) as well as your ship having parts, crafted by players, it was another thing for you to customize.  Another connection in the magnificent weave that was the SWG community.

Anyways, I’ve been working towards unlocking my own force sensitive slot for whatever reason.  I don’t really want to PvP (cus I’ve turn into a big ol pussy in my 30s) which will undoubtedly happen if I unlock Jedi and start grinding.  You see a force sensitive character who uses their powers increase a sort of “threat” like meter.  The more activity you do the higher your chances of increasing your meter.  The higher your meter the more likely you will show up on a Bounty Hunter’s mission terminal.  I could be completely wrong about how all that works but I’m pretty sure it is something like that.  Moral of the story is:  Bounty Hunters will be looking for you if you’re trying to level a Jedi.  This leads people to have alts capable of solving any problem a solo player may have, such as a buff bot, entertainers, anything they may need to avoid going to a big city.

Of course this can lead to problems but at the moment Basilisk isn’t meant to be the ideal implementation of the game as it was, they are still just there for testing purposes as well as giving players a place to play in the sand.  I believe the planned official SWGEmu server after release of the Emulator, Suncrusher, will limit the amount of characters you can have as well as the amount you can have logged in at once, which would certainly prevent what I mentioned above getting out of hand.

So yeah, just been grinding badges, now I’m grinding themepark badges (currently doing the imperial themepark), I believe once I have finished those I may need to acquire a decent number of “easy” badges which shouldn’t be a problem.  Once I’m glowing then I’ll be approached by the old fart yadda yadda yadda.  I’m considering grinding up my own Doctor capable of using buff packs made by others to buff my own character but I don’t want to get ahead of myself.  Doing that would also mean I’d probably need an Entertainer as well which I believe is expensive as fuck.  The grind is slow, though I could probably make 2 of my own players fight each other to create wounds/battle fatigue for the Ent to heal.  But the real problem is getting the dancing/music skill enhancement tapes to socket in my clothes which would enhance the Entertainer buffs to 125% (which is pretty standard and at least in my mind required).  Slippery slope indeed.

Just gonna keep going for now though.  Perhaps I’ll pop in some PUBG soon though I really want FPP stats, like what the fuck.  I’m not mad about it and it isn’t keeping me from playing, but it does bug me.  I don’t really get how you can have the different queues and stats for 3 of them but not the other 3?  I mean sure, I can imagine how they could have organized things for it to be that way, but like, can’t you just do some fucking find & replace shit and copy paste the stats shit into something tied to the FPP queues.  I guess it just isn’t a high priority which I totally get.  Probably better to figure out what the deal is with Nvidia cards and buildings sometimes not rendering at all, not to mention the textures not fully loading and the buildings looking like clay molds.  OH AND SHADOWPLAY HIGHLIGHTS NOT WORKING ON WINDOWS 7 YOU SUMBITCHES!

Someday I’m going to get to GR70 in D3

But it is not this day, or the next day, or even this weekend probably.  I’m just not feeling it.  I feel more inclined to finish my Civ 6 game, but I’m probably not gonna do that either.  So what am I feeling like playing?

If you’re wondering the answer to that question then you have come to the right place!  Because the answer is located here.  Right here.  The same place the question is.

Lucky you.  Anyways, PUB FUCKIN G BITCH.  This shit is like crack.  Sometimes I hate it, though really not that much.  The thing that makes me the angriest is that Shadowplay Highlights doesn’t work with Windows 7.  God damn fuckin bowlshit.  All I got is this fuckin alt+f10 save the last 5 minutes shit.  I mean it works but it doesn’t get everything cool.  I’d much rather have Highlights save all my kills, deaths, and wins so that I can change the alt+f10 shit to save the last 30 seconds or something so I can use that to clip little funny things that happen.  That would be nice.

The angriest I get is at the people.  Like when I’m in the blue and running for the white and the blue actually fucking hurts at this stage in the game but I’ve got some meds so I should be cool and then some fuckin fuck in front of me sees me and stops and shoots me.  It isn’t the dying part that bothers me though, that is the fuckin game, if you can’t get used to that then you shouldn’t play.  The part that gets me is that the fuckin guy that kills me dies like 3 seconds later TO THE FUCKING BLUE ZONE BECAUSE HE STOPPED RUNNING AND SHOT ME.  But hey, maybe he didn’t have enough meds or some shit, still, fuck that guy.

I’ve got a few 5 minute clips that contain like 5 seconds of funny or cool or neat or interesting or entertaining or possibly none of those things parts in them.  Once I get a lot more I’ll possibly open up some video editing program and cut em all up and shit.  Or maybe I’ll delete them someday who knows.

Alright I’m tired of typing shit so here is a couple links of more wins that I’ve had and whoopie fuckin doo.

New Win 1

New Win 2

Alright this is starting to get old

Butt fuck it.  Second first person chicken dinner B O I Z.

Fair warning this one is boring as fuck.  I only get one kill in the whole thing.  You do get a glimpse into my paranoia, lookin at shit that isn’t there, hearing things that aren’t real etc.  It also has an example of how I sometimes shit myself in this game (much like in Arma).  You can see this when it is down to me and one other guy and he throws the first nade, I jump a little.  I’ve died because of jumping like that (albeit much worse) before.  Shit, one time I went inside a building, opened inventory to start looting, started getting shot by a building camper, freaked out and literally dragged and dropped my AKM to the fucking floor before closing my inventory lol.  Luckily I had another gun as well and killed the guy but, yeah, sometimes I get scurred.