MMO Hiatus

Yep, I’m taking a long needed hiatus from MMOs and probably online gaming in general. Other than gaming I don’t do shit after work and I really feel like I have gotten nowhere. Maybe it is the pot, which is why that is going as well for a bit (maybe a long bit). I’m just tired of wishing I could do certain things or did certain things. I’m going to try to do some of them and get my mind right. God is it going to be hard.

Moar Witch Elf Scenario Screenies


I did a lot of leveling this weekend, bringing my Witch Elf from R13-14 to R19. Almost got my mount. For some reason I thought leveling slowed down at 12, but it really isn’t that hard at all. I hope it is just me being in love with Mythic masking the grind to my eyes, because it sure would suck if it slowed down significantly in T3 lol.

I kinda wanna talk about how fucking cool the Stonetroll Crossing T2 scenario is. I mean what a simple yet awesome idea. Grab the ball (like Mourkain) but then you have to also cap the ball at these 3 locations. I thought it was pretty unique to say the least (which I am doing).

Hey Mythic, thanks for making your jumping so enjoyable/fun, maybe next time anticipate people like me trying to jump on hand rails, the edge of cliffs, the tops of walls, etc. I am really getting tired of being stuck in a fucking thing that I should be able to walk on. Thanks!


More on this later.

Even MORE on WAR (with some negative)

First, you may notice that my xfire only has me down for 5 hours of WAR in the past two weeks. Well, let me tell you that I have 2 characters that are R12/RR11 with about a day played time for each. You may be asking, but why Mr. Bonedead, why does your xfire lie to us so?

Well I will tell you my friend, I can’t run Warhammer very well with xfire also running. Shit, I disable my fuckin AVG security thingy before I play just to squeeze out those couple extra fps, so that I can have all 10 fps while playing (numbers may be exaggerated but probably not by much).

I have realized there are a few little features that I have come to expect from MMOs. Some of them may surprise you and none of them are currently features in WAR.

1) Swimming down in water. Even DAoC eventually got a “down” command for diving into water. WoW appears to have planned it as a feature from the get go. But WAR does not yet have shit in the swimming area. Sure, there aren’t any sea monsters that I would want fight if I could swim down, but I’m just sayin.

Maybe Mythic is thinking, stay the fuck out of the water. Remember what ToA did to us (the expansion that added swimming under water)? Who knows if this is true, I’m just sayin.

2) Putting items into chat. Sure, there are annoying people who link an item to guild chat every 5 minutes or less, and we are annoyed by these people. But why should the rest of us suffer? Even DAoC (yeah I went there again, Mythic!) eventually implemented the feature.

Now don’t get me wrong, this could be a feature in WAR right now. If it is, it isn’t any logical fucking combination of keys. No shift click, no ctrl click, no dragging onto the chat window or the text input bar. No shift/ctrl click while the chat input bar is opened, no, as I said if it is in game it is not logical.

3) Special mobs looking just like regular mobs. This one I can’t believe they overlooked. Seriously, even fucking WoW had the decency to dye the special gorilla gray instead of brown. I had a quest on my Witch Elf for over a goddamn day because the special named mob was just standing on the outskirts of the PQ area just like the 100 other mobs all around him. There was no significant change in geography, no special object ie fountain/statue leading me towards this guy.

As far as I could tell, this guy was not special. It makes me wonder if the High Elves even considered that guy as important. I mean come on, you’re telling me that this guy is important enough for my military officers to order me to assassinate his ass while he is stationed on the outskirts of the tower with all the shitty fucks that no one cares about? Maybe we got some bad intel? I’m just sayin.

For the record, I could understand and accept this flaw if it happened at high end/mid level content. But this is tier 1 I’m talking about. The most important tier for setting the hook in your customers cheek, and you fucked it up. (lullz)

4) No special solo content. I understand that you want people to group, WAR, I really do and I applaud the steps you have taken to achieve that. However, I think you didn’t count on people like me. See, I waited before I bought you. That’s right, I didn’t just run in with open arms the moment you turned 18. Why? Because I wanted to hear about the pudding, my friend. Because you see, the proof is in the pudding, mkay.

So a month goes by, most people have decided on a class and are out of tier 1. Enters: ME. I have only gotten 1 PQ loot bag, fucking 1 bitch, 1 goddamn loot bag. I wish I had fucking 50, but I only got 1. I’ll tell you why too. See, the only people in tier 1 are the people like me (few and far between) who play at odd hours of the AM (3AM-7AM depending on how early I woke up, not on purpose) and regular hours in the PM (6PM-10PM est). It doesn’t seem that odd to me, it seems like there should be a fuck load of people for me to play with. But there aren’t.

The one PQ I was able to complete was in the Dark Elves land. Why? Because People want to play FOTM Disciple of Khaine, not to mention my Nordenwatch fanboys who saw me fucking raping on my Witch Elf. So yeah, there were enough to do 1 PQ, once.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve read all the hullabuhloo about waiting at the PQ for more people to show up, but you know what? I like advancing in the time I play. I like to maximize my efficiency when it comes to leveling, which I would assume seems logical to most people. As it is, with 3-4 hours a day to play (work day), I feel as though I don’t have enough time. You expect me to wait fucking 5 minutes (which you fucking KNOW is a goddamn lifetime when you just want to maximize efficiency)? Really?

There is nothing more frustrating to me than being in a PQ area grinding influence because out of the 4 rewards and 4 potions I want one of the Elite items that I’ll probably outgrow in 1 session of playing, and after killing 25 fucking newb mobs I upgrade the PQ to Stage 2. Why? Because Stage 2 always introduces champion fucking mobs that are either all over the goddamn place or are running around like fucking ninjas in and out of clouds of smoke. Why does this bother me? Because even though I can usually solo a champion mob my level, I can’t fucking solo 2 of them. I can’t even solo 1 champion mob and a blue/green easy/effortless mob. That is fucking stupid bullshit my friend.

Here is whats worse: Yesterday while waiting in the queue for Nordenwatch (though I queue all 3) I decided to roam the lands of RvR in the Greenskin vs Dwarf Tier 1 zones. I found a fucking troll cave, which is fucking sweet imo, a place to explore. Maybe at the bottom of this cave is some elite fuckin troll for me to rape and get phat lewt from. Because I am a Rank 11 Chosen, I am a badass, and these trolls are levels 3 and 4 so even if there is a hard dude I should be able to easily take his ass, right?

WRONG! The cave turns out to be a tunnel through the mountain. After reaching the other side I look at my map and see the roads that are marked. I see that to my right is a marked path and to my left I see what appears to be a path, but it is not on the map. So I head left to explore and stumble upon a level 4 heroic troll. Hooray! Just what I was looking for.

Immediately after engaging the troll in combat I regretted my decision. You see this troll was kicking my fucking level 11 tank ass, seriously. So I hunkered down and fucking played the best I could and barely pulled out a victory. What was my phat lewt reward? Fucking nothing. At least nothing of any notable value or significance. And that my friend, is fucking stupid. Just sayin.

5) Level 35 Heroic Mobs roaming towns in “Contested” areas. I don’t know, maybe it is because I am on a Core server, in which case I blame my brother’s friend for being a douche. But I really think that if I can go from an RvR zone and sneak past the fucking heroic asshole mobs and get into little Dwarf land that I should be able to fucking beat up their towns and draw them out. No no no, Mythic doesn’t want any of that. I mean why should destroying their quest givers and merchants be allowed in, uh, WAR? Nothing sucks more ass than being 1 shot and you of all people should know this, Mythic (old school rogues in DAoC anyone?)!

Seriously, if I have to wait fucking 15 minutes to be able to join a Scenario, and I’ve already helped take every Tier 1 RvR objective and SOLOED the three others, I think there should be some goddamn way for me to earn Renown. Just sayin.

More on WAR

Look at the first screenshot of my last post.

Notice anything funny?

Look at the top of the Scoreboard.

First of all: Time Elapsed
Apparently we didn’t play during the time when uh, time takes place.

The final scores seem right because one team has 500.
Oh man, Kills: 10 and 11?
Damage: 23k and 18k?


I mean the 2nd screenshot seems to have the right Kills and Damage but then the time is off. Shit in the 2nd one I am pretty sure I am in the Greenskin RvR area in Tier 1, but my mini map says Fortress and I have people surrounding me. Maybe it is just my computer being bad.

Then we get to the third one and we see that we fuckin killed them, allowing only 9 friggin kills lol. Haha man that has got to suck some shit.
Then look at my score. Most damage on the team, tied for most killing blows, got a solo kill, 33 and 1 record. Now look at my renown: lowest on the goddamn team.

I feel like I contributed the most, considering I did the most damage, finished 7 friggin people off, killed one guy who was sneaking off trying to secretly cap a fort, and what do I get? Double digits renown while my team gets friggin 200.

Sweet Warhammer, really sweet.

I guess the trade off is that I got the most XP by about 800, which is pretty substantial.


P.S. Two posts back, the my dmg is leeet post. Look at the goddamn screenshot. Look under the axe symbol, my character is Camtor. 13,337
Get it? Get it?
Theeeere you go.

Screenshots of my Chosen’s Pwnage

That last one was from my Witch Elf.

These are from my Chosen 1h/shield.

One thing I’ve noticed is that getting renown does not mean getting kills. I used to think that getting renown had to do with getting killing blows. Now I am almost certain you get more renown for helping secure the forts. Sure you get some for kills, but not nearly as much as you do for standing there and making those little bars move.

I could complain about how actually killing people is worth less than standing there, but I guess I can accept that securing forts is more beneficial to your realm. Even though it’s gay.

Motha-fucka….of love, say what, motha fucka…. Oh hoo hoo hoo

My love is like, a motha fucka say it babeh, I wanna ride!

(That’d be the red hot chili peppers rollercoaster btw for teh noobs scorin at hewm)



But don’t worry, enough people have talked about it. Except that I havent read how much ass it sucks on low end systems, much like my current system. So let me be the first to say:

Warhammer sucks ass on lower end systems. I mean, really bad ass, like, gross brown man ass. This ass isn’t brown because the guy is a brown guy, noooo, this ass is brown because it has been pushing shit out of itself for a long time.

I’ve not once seen the entire cut scene for flying. I didn’t know how I kicked so much ass in T1 Nordenwatch Scenario with all the lag I experienced. However, I wish I didn’t go beyond level 11. Yep, T2 hold my balls scenarios are even laggier.

Now you may be saying, well you know you don’t have to level in scenarios. And I say, yeah I do know that, fag. But I also know that fucking running around killing fucking unicorns isn’t my thing. Sure I can grind some PQ areas for the influence rewards, that is fine, and if there are enough dudes around, maybe even do the PQs. (I’ve only gotten 1 bag of loot, ever)

But I like fucking raping people. I like when I get that buff that gives me a 25% chance to proc some dmg, because I swing 2 weapons. I also have an attack that buffs me 25% to proc some other kind of dmg. That means 50% chance to proc extra damage, swinging 2 weapons. Even my throwing daggers proc the dmg, which I don’t think is intended.

But I said I wasn’t gonna talk about that shit, you fagor.

I wanna talk about how I spent over half of my savings yesterday to fucking upgrade my goddamn computer. For a video game… yeah. Thanks Warhammer, appreciate it.

However, I will not need to upgrade for a while afterwards, though if I do need to I will be able to without getting too many new pieces. Huzzah!

My harvesters in SWG are probably all broken now, except the uber ones I bought for 50k that had like 150k surplus maintenance and 100k surplus power. But I bet their resources shifted, so they wouldn’t be working anyway.

I don’t know how long I’m going to play Warhammer to be honest. I should be getting my parts by the weekend so I will be able to resume leveling my Witch Elf through Tier 2. But I’m probably just gonna level some different dudes in the mean time (time is angry!).

Not Zealot though, that shit is so gay. That was the class they did all the first videos on about how super cool it was. Rofl. What a fucking dumb class. I got it to level 3 last night and regret every second of it.

One thing I’ve gotta say that I love about Warhammer, is the random loot. I fuckign love just grinding on shitty fucks of mobs and bam green, bam green, bam green. LOVE IT. Yep, it so rules. I even got 2 blues so far.

God damn it, shut up Warhammer, I aint talkin about you!

The main reason I think I won’t play very long is because (I never do) I’ll be getting an uber computer and I’ll want to play everything all over again, amirite?

I’ve had this p.o.s. since it wasn’t a p.o.s.

Do you put periods at the end of acronyms? Like that line above, if that was the end of that bad sentence, would I double period that shit?

Fucking english.


I’m Normal and Everyone is Crazy

Fer Shizzle.

I have a hard time making it to max level in most MMOs. Is there something wrong with me? Everyone else can over and over, but I on the other hand am no good at making it to max level. My skills are more honed on speed leveling at the lower levels. I am pretty damn good at that shit.

Like before WoW came out. I must’ve made probably 10 Dwarf Rogues and gotten them to level 10 in beta. On launch day I made a Gnome Rogue (same starting place) and wtf stomped everyone to level 10. But then I didn’t know what the fuck to do and everyone went on to become 60, whereas I went on to have 5 toons pre-20.

DAoC: I will fucking kick your ass at leveling to 10, shit, probably 20 with DAoC. For DAoC was my first game to reach max level in, which I have now done close to 4 times (classic ftw/toa sucks a dick). It is the one thing I’m good at (that I know I am good at because I haven’t been proven wrong yet).

I mean the whole not being able to max out in level has really fucked with my head a lot in the past. I mean shit, fucking millions of 12 year olds can do it and I can’t? Fuuuuck me, amirite? I’m serious right now, that shit really fucked with my head because like any responsible mature adult I base my worth on my accomplishments in MMOs.

But now I see. Yes my brothers and sisters, now, now I can see the light-ah! Those who were older and could make it to max level had already gone through what I am, they’ve overcome the hurdle and are great at sucking it up and taking it in the pooper, in ways I could never currently imagine (though I hope to). The kids who did it either: A) Didn’t know any better (like that it is hard to reach max level) or B) Are completely oblivious to pressure and stress because they’re fucking 12.

Those who have trouble reaching max level are one of two types of people (this is fact, I know everything): 1) The type of person who doubts themselves, who doubts their class decision, doubts their pulling strategy, etc and 2) The people who don’t believe in walking, running, sliding, and rofling in jagged shards of glass all for the hope of pouring some burning disinfectant on their wounds.

I believe most unable to reach max level are a bit of both. Usually the prior for a while until they get fed up and turn into the latter.

What the fuck is my point though? Well, it is pretty stupid and did not require all of that bullshit you just read. My point is this: A lot of people don’t make it to max level. I am not some weird fuck who can’t even beat games that technically aren’t supposed to have an end/be beaten (by definition).

Hooray for me!
Hooray for boobies!

Movin to the countreeeeee gonna eat me a lawt o peaches!

Next topic!

Everyone is fucking crazy. Seriously, go around the blogs dealing with MMOs (and not solely WoW) and you shall see. People are fucking stupid and crazy, at the same fucking time. I mean, we knew it was out there, but we never thought it would infect so many of us.

What I speak of is internet newbness. Being baited into something you should’ve seen coming. Roasting, toasting, and boasting usually with the intentions of making others look bad.

Some call it trolling. I call it revealing the goddamn truth motherfucker.

Recently Tobold was tricked, by himself. By who? Himself. Who is the master troll who can bait Tobold into tricking himself? Well, from what I hear he’s a pretty cool guy who doesn’t afraid of anything. A real old school mmo bloggy badass by the name of Abalieno.

Here is the battlegrounds in which this baiting took place.

Here is what Tobold commented (the italics represents Scott Jennings [FUCK YEAH] being quoted by Tobold):

If there’s any game that shouldn’t be afraid of their users reaching max level, it’s Warhammer.

I very much disagree. WAR leveling through scenarios is too fast. The average player on the two servers I play on is already in tier 3, just 3 weeks after release. By end of the year everyone will be at the level cap. And then what? The same city siege over, and over, and over, because there is no other endgame content in WAR.

Why not save several million dollars, let people start directly at level 40, and scratch tiers 1, 2, and 3, if they are only used for a few weeks out of a multi-year lifecycle anyway?

A few comments down the list and we see Abalieno comment as well, here is what he said (with, what do ya know, Scott Jennings [FUCK YEAH] quotes in italics):

And yes, I am aware that Mythic operates or used to operate private forums, and I HOPE YOU SPECIAL PEOPLE ENJOY THEM VERY MUCH.

A long time ago, you used to defend this.

Weird that you didn’t comment at all about population issues with PQs and Open RvR. Or maybe you thought it was covered enough everywhere else.

Also, I find amusing how Tobold avoids to write those opinions on his popular blog.

I don’t know why it didn’t just stop there. I would’ve been fine with that.

But I guess Tobold had a bone to pick with Mr. Badass himself.

Here is what Tobold had to say:

It is not unusual for me to get into an argument with some other blogger about some difference of opinion on MMORPGs. What *is* unusual is another blogger complaining about me in spite of me 100% agreeing with him. Abalieno of The Cesspit has a strong opinion about WAR scenarios. He says “I enjoy scenarios to an extent, but when I’m doing JUST them they get incredibly boring and dull. A chore.” That is EXACTLY what I think, and I’ve been writing about the issue repeatedly in the last days. Scenarios in WAR give the most xp, so everyone just grinds those instanced scenarios, so nobody is left to do public quests and open world RvR.

I proposed nerfing scenarios to give only half the xp, I proposed an automated system to diminish rewards when everyone is doing the same. And what do I get? Abalieno commenting on Broken Toys “Weird that you didn’t comment at all about population issues with PQs and Open RvR. Or maybe you thought it was covered enough everywhere else. Also, I find amusing how Tobold avoids to write those opinions on his popular blog.” Can’t the guy at least read my blog before complaining about me not writing about some issue? I’m sure he could have found an issue on which we actually disagree and complain about that. But saying that I avoid writing something I’ve been in reality bitching about all week feels really weird. Quote me from last Friday “As I said, the occasional PvP scenario is fun, but doing the same scenario ten times in a row isn’t what I want.” I’m with you on this one, Abalieno!

Is this the Presidential Debate? I mean jesus christ, what the fuck are we competing for here? Oh yeah, traffic and ego, I remember.

From there one of Tobold’s commenters points out what I see (while the rest basically rub his balls):

WOW – how completely off-base can one get, this post almost qualifies you as a troll. I actually went to read the comment to which you refer and it has nothing to do do with scenarios.

Abalieno’s comment “Weird that you didn’t comment at all about population issues with PQs and Open RvR. Or maybe you thought it was covered enough everywhere else.” wasn’t even directed to you at all – he was commenting on the Broken Toys piece.

His comment “Also, I find amusing how Tobold avoids to write those opinions on his popular blog.” was obviously about your comment on the Broken Toys blog: (snip)”Why not save several million dollars, let people start directly at level 40, and scratch tiers 1, 2, and 3, if they are only used for a few weeks out of a multi-year lifecycle anyway?”

Yes, you and Abalieno agree on scenarios. No, he did not complain about you or you position on scenarios. He merely pointed out a difference in how you express yourself on you blog and in comments on other blogs.

Funny that your next piece is entitled “Is discussion a dying art?” Maybe you should look in the mirror friend. 😉


To which Tobold replied:

Obviously? Sorry, but in the English language, if I say “I think A. Also I think B”, the more obvious conclusion is that B relates to A. Of course I got that his first comment was to Scott, but it appeared as if the second comment was about me on the same subject, not on a completely different comment.

And as your post starts with calling me a troll, and ends with a personal attack, I don’t think it is a good example of how to discuss better.

First of all let me play with the first part. The excuse.
Disregarding the whole BS A = B shit that didn’t really make much sense to who I would consider the average reader.

Of course I got that his first comment was to Scott, but it appeared as if the second comment was about me on the same subject, not on a completely different comment.

Here is how I dickheadedly translate that statement:
Yes that A=B shit was stupid, of course I knew he was talking to Scott Jennings [FUCK YEAH], but it appeared that my ego gets in the way while reading comments at times and I feel as though I am reading them on my own blog, which is why I created a whole new post on it, because I thought all of my loyal peons thought I had been challenged.

After reading that I wanted to comment, but refrained and came here instead to make a whole goddamn post about it, YEAH!

If I did comment I would have said:
“I guess we’re all a bunch of retards then, eh?”

But this way I can show that there is a better way to discuss, and that is to pick a side, argue it as if your life depended on it, and in the end admit that you’re fucking stupid.

I’m pretty fuckin stupid for writing this.
You’re pretty fuckin stupid for reading it.
But at least we’re pretty fucking stupid together.