Dat Mordor Doe

Hello errbody, I am here again to talk about some vidya games.  Specifically the new Shadow of Mordor game.  Now I want to first say that I haven’t played Batman Arkham whatever so this whole combat shit is new and amazing as fuck to me.  People talk about the nemesis system a lot and I don’t even know wtf that is besides that one of the Captains is my nemesis because he beat me a few times or something, I don’t know, in the grand scheme of things it really seems irrelevant to me, but I don’t really know what it is so I could be wrong.  The game is amazing to me and I already beat the storyline with like 39% completion rate lol.  Not very good but those white weapon events are just kinda meh to me, I always end up just going HAM on everything I encounter and fail the mission just so I can get in another 15 vs me fight.

Anyways, yeah, the game is awesome.  But, it has caused me to notice something else about my gaming habits, something I feel like I forgot about.  Learning how to fight with your character.  Now it may be because I haven’t played MMOs very much recently or because in D3 I chose the skills I wanted to use instead of looking up the cookie cutter builds, maybe it is because I am just so used to questing in order to level and you just don’t really need to fight that much when you collect 10 rabbit ears or deliver a crate of cabbages down the road.  But this Mordor business caused me to go a little binge happy on all things Hobbit/LOTR which means playing some Lord of the Rings Online.  Since I have been more into the story I have tried to stray from the side quests and focus more on the main storyline quest.  This leads to me having a quest higher than my level sometimes which has led to me just walking towards where that quest starts and killing everything on my way (this I attribute to Mordor).

I’ve begun figuring out how much hp each of my abilities can take off of enemy health bars and learning multiple rotations that do different amounts of damage so I can easily kill mobs with that much health.  Even followup rotations that use other abilities not on cooldown so I can fight multiple mobs at the same time.  I can’t remember the last time I knew things like this in an MMO but if I had to guess I would probably say around WoW launch when I was still a fan of mob grinding thanks to DAoC.  The feeling is very nostalgic which is kind of contradictory since I only remembered it after playing a new game with a new (to me) combat system.  Which is just another reason why I still love playing games.

As for this blog, I kind of want to get back into keeping up with it.  Slower time at work is just around the corner which may make me able to spend more time here or more willing to spend time here while at home.  I want to do something with it though, try and make something out of it again besides the random google search views and few other bloggers that come by to check up on me occasionally.  I’d just like to start delving into my mind when it comes to games more, I guess, try and be a profound pontificatin sumbitch if ya follow me.  We shall see.