As le promised

I even got backstabbed by the third guy, watch my hp. Of course, 2 commander heal over times help.


Check back later today

Yesterday I friggin owned it up in Savage 2, I distinctly remember killing 5 guys single handedly who were attacking one of our sub lairs. So, I downloaded the replay, turned on fraps, and watched it. I slowed it down during the melee fighting so you can see a bit more what it’s like. I actually learned that the Shapeshifter has extendable claws, like Wolverine, ooo how neat…

Anyways, the video is going to be 4:20 long. It will not be sped up like my previous videos, except when I’m not fighting, all speed changes were made using the Savage 2 Replay Controls.

I converted the video to wmv last night, and today when I get home from work I will be shrinking the file size and uploading to YouTube. Then I’ll be posting it back here. This will happen today.

Greatest fucking game ever, just about, probably

So my buddy Darthus over at brought to attention a Part Deux, of my most played demo ever: Savage.

I loved the first one though I did not buy it, mainly due to still being in high school (I believe) which means poor as shit. Nowadays the first one is completely free and downloadable from their website.

As for Savage 2: fucking awesome. That’s it, seal teh deal.

For those of you unaware as to the genre of this game, it is a combination of FPS and RTS. There are 2 teams, one person can be the commander for a team. This person is voted into position by teammates prior to the games start. The commander views the game in RTS view, and he orders everyone else around. The players have certain classes they can choose from, one being a builder, another light tank type, and a heavier tank type. Building certain buildings unlocks more classes to choose from.

As you play you level up (in game and out). It really does a great job at combining soo many enjoyable elements from all the genres you know and love.

You can visit their website HERE and download the full game. Just create an account and then you have 5 free hours of gameplay, as a demo account. As soon as you play 5 hours, you’re done, unless you pay 29.99. Which is pretty cheap for a PC game, or any game, nowadays.

There are player rankings on their website as well, with what seems to be a rather balanced formula for determining player skill. Of course, the more you play the more skill the game will think you have, but compared to others with the same play time, it does boil down to your skills when ranking you.

I just bought it today with an hour left of demo time, hopefully the transaction goes through before that hour is up or else I’ll be a sad fucking panda, yea boy.

I recommend everyone try this regardless of any bias/hatred towards FPS/RTS/FPSRTS type games, it’s really fucking awesome and you really need to fucking see what you’re missing out on.

I’ll post with more on the game later, for now I’ll link you to my page and Darthus’ page, just to check out the online stats.

The coolest part imo is that they save every match online and also have a replay of every match, available for download as well. It really is pretty fucking amazing.