Path of Exile fanboy checking in

Hi, my name is Bonedead?  I think I am still sane but I have my doubts, exile.  Where have I been and what have I been doing?  Well it all started a year ago when Path of Exile’s new season Betrayal launched.  Wait, you’re telling me that was a month ago?  No no, that can’t be right, I’ve been playing it for like a year I’m certain.  I’ve been in the mines for a month maybe, sure, but that’s only because I can’t find enough sulphite.

On a more serious note, holy fucking shit PoE is so fucking good right now.  Of course you will not have fun if you just download it and try to play it blindly without looking up anything.  You’ll get your first level and open your skill tree and feel overwhelmed and quit.  Or you won’t feel overwhelmed and quit and you’ll pick something that seems like a good choice and maybe you can keep doing that for 30-40 levels and get through half of the story and maybe even figure out how the currency system works, but you will eventually probably hit a wall where you can’t really progress anymore.  Just remember, it is because you are bad, which isn’t a negative thing.  Most people are bad at new things even if they’ve done a lot of similar stuff before.  You have to embrace that you are bad and seek out assistance in the form of words other people have compiled in an attempt to help explain this extremely crazy fuckin game to people just like you.

I’ve played a couple leagues before, my first where I really got into it was Incursion league which was in like May-June 2018, that was when my brain broke cus I hadn’t gotten new glasses in 15 years or something and I was dizzy for a month+, and I’m pretty sure it was triggered by PoE.  I only got to around 65 that league and didn’t return after my brain started working again, slightly due to fear of my brain breaking again.  Then Delve league came out in September and I dove back in, this time I got to like 83 and had a few alts get to 40-60s, just trying out some new things.  Before these leagues though I had tried to play PoE probably 10 times over 5 years or something, probably longer.  I died so many times to lag and desync that I was actually anti PoE for a while.  Back then I think the problems were due to code more than server connections, but it totally could’ve been a bit of both.  Not to say there isn’t any lag this league, there has been a little here and there, but it is also the most played the game has been, ever, so I’m more willing to cut them a little slack, especially since I’ve personally only felt it a couple of times and it didn’t result in anything bad for me.

According to Steam I’ve got 143 hours in the past 2 weeks in PoE, which is about 42% of the amount of hours there are in 2 weeks.  Of course we all know 42 is the meaning of life so I’m pretty sure I’m doing it right.  My total hours are 434 which I’m pretty sure is more than double what I had prior to this league but I don’t think there is any way to tell what they were.  Now I will say that some of those hours are definitely AFK, eating meals in the living room with my roommate while we watch a PoE stream on the ps4, “taking a break” before we dive right back into it.  But for me, playing a game this long and still not getting tired of it?  I have been wanting this for so fucking long and it feels like it would be wrong to stop, like I’d be spoiling my chance at happiness or something lol.  I’d heard people describe PoE as the spiritual successor to Diablo 2 a few times but I didn’t fully see it until this league, where I actually started to get cravings to play Diablo 2 (though it would have to be modded to high heaven for me to actually do that).

Anyways, if you want to play PoE I would recommend finding a beginner friendly guide (make sure it is 3.5 compatible) and sticking to it.  In fact, I’ve gone one step further and found one for you.  Enki’s Arc Witch guide has so much more helpful information than most guides you will find.  The guide covers a lot of aspects of the game for newer players that most guides assume you already know.  Also here is a reddit post with a lot of useful links, some of which you will probably end up using if you stick with it.  Personally I use Path of Building, PoE Trade Macro, and YoloMouse.  I’ve also used a lot of the websites listed in that section and usually have about 10+ tabs open for multiple different PoE related websites when I’m playing.  I have only enjoyed the game while using a build guide, of course some guides are just a path of building pastebin link showing you which passives to take and perhaps what kind of gear you will need.  But you will probably have to play the game a long time before you can make your own build (and someone will already have done it before).  I would greatly recommend giving it a shot, especially if you were like me and tried it a handful of times years ago and wrote it off as something you will never try again.


This Just In: Couch Co-op Still Fun

So I’ve played a shit ton of Diablo 3 on PC.  Looking at my combined paragon levels I’m up to about 330ish.  That really isn’t jack shit as I’m sure many people online would tell you.  It also doesn’t account for launch era time, where the best gear was well rolled rare items because sets were pretty much garbage.  Adding all of my characters play time together gets me ~435 hours.

Anyways, I decided to buy it on my buddy/roommates PS4 because we found out it had couch co-op.  You share the same screen and the camera zooms out when you both get to different edges of the screen.  Whoever stands still first gets teleported to the other person.  Sometimes it can get wonky when you’re both trying to dash/teleport off screen (I like to loot everything and he likes to fly through rifts).  One time we were both being teleported to the other’s location stuck in some sort of loop until one of us dodged in a random direction.  Oh, and you can dodge/roll by just pushing the right joystick in a direction and I hear it can be used to dodge attacks though we never really tested it for invulnerable frames.

We spent the next week and some change playing the shit out of it after work every day.  It was overall a much more enjoyable experience than duoing on PC with voice comms.  I progressed further than I did on PC as well, reaching paragon ~520.  I was able to duo up to greater rift 63 I think while only soloing up to around 55 I believe which is Torment 12.  Unfortunately I never found the ring that increased my Whirlwind damage by 300%.  My buddy was able to solo up to GR70 with some deaths, he could’ve possibly gone further but once you solo 70 you enable Primal Ancients which are Ancient Legendaries that have max rolls.  He hasn’t gotten one yet but it is cool that it exists I guess.

We haven’t played much recently probably due to burn out and lack of interest in the Necromancer dlc or whatever you can even call that.  The new zones are kinda meh from what we saw last night and we’re both kinda a little mad that they spent time making that shit and the dumb Diablo 1 eight directional shit they had instead of just working on D4.

But the moral of the story is D3 on PS4 is pretty fun with a friend, though I imagine if you’re not on the same couch it is probably similar to PC.  Who knew playing games the same way you did growing up would be more fun than sitting alone in your room on your computer.

All over the road… and sea

Tax season is taking its toll on me as well as a visiting mother and grandmother.  But mom has returned home and while tax season has only picked up I felt obligated to not leave the google bots who read my blog hanging for more delicious content.  So let’s get to it!

Xcom 2 was the shit.  It is also infuriating at times but that’s the game man, sometimes it sucks but for the most part as long as you don’t play so long you get retarded, you will conquer them damn alien sumbitches.  My first victory in the previous game was led by Col. Watanabe so this time I made a rookie named Watanabe Jr., and he survived all the way til the end.  It was a weird little fun thing I normally wouldn’t do because, let’s be honest, spending a lot of time during character customization is kind of gay.  If you’ve played the first one and enjoyed it you will definitely enjoy Xcom 2, especially since they fixed Overwatch so your guys don’t shoot at already dead dudes.

I recently bought Blood and Gold: Caribbean which is a pirate game where you gather a crew, train em up, buy a boat, fight other boats, take other boats, sell boats, roam the land fighting bandits, leveling up, looting, selling, creating business and even creating your own empire that rivals the English, French, Netherlands, Spain, or the pirate Brotherhood.  It is made in the same engine as Mount and Blade: Warband, so if you played that and enjoyed it, holy goddamn shit will you love this.  Because there is a whole nother layer with the ships which can actually make it harder.

You start out with a really high tier ship so you do not want to fuck up and lose it, you really do not want to do that, I can’t stress this enough (trust me I have deleted and restarted like 4 times now lol).  Ok so let’s say that oh shit you weren’t paying attention to your boats hull % and after taking down multiple Smuggler ships your boat sinks and you get captured.  First you are sold into slavery and will wind up at either a mine or a plantation.  You will get choices occasionally asking if you want to try and escape on your own, convince others to escape with you, talk to the administrator, or keep waiting (for some reason).  If you fail while escaping it is possible you suffer some sort of stat loss, for instance I died once while escaping and it said the guards hit me so hard my face will be permanently altered, lowering my charisma by 1.  Sons of bitches I just put a point into Charisma!

Ok so lets say you convince all the prisoners to escape with you, once some of them are willing to help another option to signal the prisoners becomes available.  Selecting this choice causes you and all the prisoners to rise up against the guards and storm out of the mine/plantation.  Some of these prisoners will elect to follow you if you are successful which is pretty good, free followers are always welcomed, especially after you’ve lost your ship and your previous crew.  The hard thing is getting a boat again.  If you didn’t make enough money prior to your failure AND put that money in the bank at a town hall, you’re shit out of luck.  You can get a quest off a message board in town to kill like 5 bands of robbers on land for like 2000 money, but the shittiest ship you can buy is like 7000.  It is definitely possible but holy shit it is not even worth it.

The highest rank I had gotten allowed me to buy a Small Corvette for 45000 which is like 3 or 4 ships below the one you start with, which itself is like 2 or 3 below the biggest/best one you can buy for military purposes.  It is not a very forgiving game but you can buy yourself some safety by having multiple ships in your fleet (which is easy as you can capture them from Smugglers and anyone really).  What I do is I switch my ammo to grapeshot which does more damage to the crew than the hull and sails.  So you kill the crew, navigate near them and hold F to board.  Once you board and defeat them, finish the battle and boom, new ship that is yours.  Having multiple ships can help you in that sometimes you pick fights that are dangerous.

Say you see a band of Smugglers in 2 Small Sloops or some other pitiful boats, on paper it seems like an easy win, but you didn’t notice that it was like 70 Smugglers on those 2 tiny ships, that is the dangerous part.  So you’re doing the boat fighting and cool, everything is gonna be okay right?  They’re 2 tiny shit ships, no problem.  So you accidentally let one of them get too close to you and they decide to board you, well shit, now it is like your 10 guys against their 20, you’re almost never winning that, the best one I’ve ever won was like 10v15 and I think it was because I had a gun by then and was just sniping them from my ship, maybe my soldiers were more trained, no idea.  But if you lose that, they get your ship, your big fuckin flagship of awesomeness now belongs to a bunch of filthy Smugglers.  If you do not have a second ship in your fleet, you lose, you’re a slave, life is going to suck for a long time.  But if you do have a second (or third or fourth) ship in your fleet you will return to the ship battle and can switch to grapeshot and reclaim your big awesome boat.

The game has definitely pushed my tolerance as far as it can go.  One moment led me to alt+f4 ragequit which is something I haven’t done in a game in quite some time.  But I can’t help but want so badly to succeed at this game.  I have to be more aware of everything when I play so that I don’t fuck up which causes me to limit myself so I don’t get complacent.  Yesterday I started over for possibly the last time (hopefully I will succeed, if not I may just fuckin uninstall and give up lol) and had such a good start I couldn’t believe it.  I managed to upgrade all of my cannons to the best available to me as well as 2 ship upgrades to allow my crew to slowly repair sails and hull.  On top of that I was successful enough in my endeavors to manage to bank 25k, all in 55 minutes of play time.  It seemed so easy, but once I had that thought I knew it was a good point to call it for the night.  Just don’t want to fuck up and lose again.  Maybe I wouldn’t restart this time and just pretend to be like Captain Jack Sparrow (hurrdurr) working my way up shitty ships just trying to get back to the Pearl.  I do not want that life, I want to be a super awesome fuckin boat drivin, cannon shootin, sword slashing, musket firing, fleet captaining son of a bitch.

DayZ Advent.. ahh who am I kidding? Other Games!

I wanted to try and strap myself down, make myself blog in a linear fashion, but I should have realized that even I cannot contain that which is bonedead with measly planned out shit from memories that become more vague as time passes.

Moral of the story?  I played DayZ Overpoch for a while, I had fun, and now I will briefly summarize the rest of the planned stories I had.  I started killing anyone I ran into if I could, including killing 2 guys I ambushed and there turned out to really be 3 guys and the 3rd surprise guy killed me.  I screwed with my neighbors who shot at me for no reason, by destroying their vehicle tires, and camping for them outside.  One time when I killed the neighbor, I got his key to his helicopter which I used to learn to fly (again).  Then after feeling like I could hold my own after all of that, I returned to my castle and started building more shit.  The end.  Woooo we did it, wooooo.

Anyways, all of that is gone now because I haven’t played it/maintained my structures in a while.  The game is really fun, I will most likely return sometime, but at the moment I’ve really been on a turn based game bender.  Namely AoW3’s expansion and Divinity: Original Sin.  I’ve been looking for more to scratch that itch as well but have been coming up empty handed.  Part of me wonders if I just want an adventure game maybe due to a slight urge to play D3 again (saving that for Season 2 though).  I do own TL2 and I didn’t really dabble in it very much class wise so maybe I’ll do that.  Another option is playing PoE again due to the same sort of gritty feel as Divinity (and AoC tbh).

Iunno, we shall see.  I’ve enjoyed playing co-op Divinity with my bud but I’m really annoyed trying to play this game solo and having to do the same shit all over again.  I wish I didn’t feel guilty about continuing the big game without him, because I’d fuckin do it.  The more I think about it now, the more it seems I will try TL2 or PoE.

On a side note I treated myself on Xmas to some case keys in CSGO.  I bought 5 Vanguard case keys and 1 Huntsman case key.  After my 3rd Vanguard case I wondered if I have ever even seen a Legendary icon scroll by when you unlock them and decided to pay attention for it.  I ended up getting a M4a1-S purple con skin which felt good.  Then nothing on the last Vanguard case.  When I opened my Huntsman case though, I saw the yellow Legendary icon, and actually landed on it.  I got me a Huntsman Knife, not colored.  Was able to sell it on the market for $150 the same day, and used those steam funds to buy a bunch of shit like a rockstar.  Feelsgoodman.jpg

DayZ Adventures Part 2: Fear and Loathing in Chernarus (actually Taviana but it sounds better)

Fear and Loathing in Chernarus (actually Taviana but it sounds better)

After my first weekend of being the “owner” of a castle, even though I kind of successfully defended my base, I definitely did not feel as safe as I thought I would feel in my base.  Fear had been struck into my heart.  I needed to take a break from this place and so the next time I died, I opted to spawn in on the small island instead of the big one.  Originally I setup my base on the large island somewhat near Lyepestok due to it having a trader city.  My buddy had suggested this to me as an initial base area due to there being many barracks surrounding the trader city.  Unfortunately, everyone is aware of that, and people who don’t like challenges often swarm to this area for easy pickings.

I think one thing that can be said about the small island, is that while there are fewer people on it, the ones you do run into are probably going to be more dangerous than your run of the mill big islander.  But I decided to take my chances anyway.  I would try and play it safe by keeping my travel limited to a bike in the woods.  At first I did not seek out barracks for weapons as I was again trying to stay safe.  I would stick to fire stations and police stations.  I actually had a route that I did to get started that most people would probably want to die after doing a few times as it was not very productive, and while I felt safe, I probably wasn’t very.  I would start by looting the fire stations in Branibor and then ride my bike in the woods to Topolka and loot the fire station there, then I would go back and loot Branibor and do this until my bag was full with at least assault rifles, and then I would sell them at the Branibor trader city.

I was eventually able to get a safe which I placed in the woods by Branibor.  After making many trips along my ridiculous route to make shit money very slowly, I began to rethink what I was actually doing.  The point of this game is that it is scary, you can lose all your shit if you’re not careful.  But to let that fear control my actions?  In an FPS game which is arguably my strongest field?  I was having second thoughts.  I was beginning to consider overcoming my fears.


In order to attempt to overcome his fears, our brave hero Bonedead decides he needs to instill some fear into others, instead of having it instilled in himself.

Fucking with your Neighbor

After taking fire from a neighbor while just passing by, Bonedead exacts his revenge, and he may have a problem.

Learning to Fly

The spoils of war entice Bonedead to take a chance, which may or may not have been a good idea.

Master Builder

Finally regaining his confidence, Bonedead begins planting his roots, with lots and lots of cinder blocks.

DayZ Adventures Part 1: Trapped in a Castle

I’m doing this post a little differently in that there will be some bold words and a bit of, I guess you could call it, organization.  I wouldn’t call it that really, what it really is, is me remembering all the shit I was excited about that I meant to write about but didn’t because I HAVE TO PLAY MORE GOD DAMNIT!  Anyways, here we go.

Trapped in a Castle

As I may or may not have mentioned in my previous post, my base is being built in a castle.  The castle only has one entrance for those on foot or in ground vehicles which is blocked off by an indestructible cinder garage door that I built.  The only other way in is to land a helicopter on the tower in the middle, which just so happens to be occupied by, a broken to shit helicopter that isn’t going anywhere.  So really the only way to get in barring me fucking up and letting someone in the front, is if they have a helicopter and feel like taking a risk and trying to land in the yard of the castle.  This would mean not accidentally clipping a tree or castle wall, which would mean landing veerrry slowly which if I was there during, would give me plenty of time to react.  That said, this weekend I was shitting my pants in my castle.

I had just bought a new ATV at the nearest trader city and as I started riding it out of town a Humvee with a mounted turret decided to try and kill me.  I was certain I lost them before leaving the city, I looked behind me and zoomed in and didn’t see anything.  So I went home, locked up the garage, and as I finished storing my loot in my safe I hear the rumble of vehicle engines.  They fuckin found me!  My instincts kick in and I climb the stairs to my tower.  At the top of these stairs is a small hole in the wall I can peek out of and look at whoever is standing at my door.  The Humvee pulled right up to my door and I shot some at the driver side window.  That was when I noticed the turret start moving, I took one or two more shots and quickly side stepped behind the castle rock.  This is when I shit my pants.  The dude shot that thing and it was so loud and so close to me, it felt like my bullets had zero impact on them whereas I knew I would probably die from one shot of that turret.  I froze for a moment in fear, it all seemed futile.

So I decided to make a dash for it.  I had unfortunately allowed myself to be pinned down behind a small part of a rock wall on my stairs, I had to cross the gap again to get anywhere, so I just went for it and surprisingly made it.  I felt pretty helpless at this point, I was alone, they had two ground vehicles circling my castle now and a helicopter was flying high above, I assumed he was spotting me for them or something.  So, I just kinda sat in my tower and waited.  After about 15 minutes go by I stop hearing the vehicles around my walls and start to feel a little bit better.  I start making my way upstairs to the top of the tower to see if I can see anything.  Right before I pop my head out the turret fires again.  This is also where I shit my pants.  After wiping up I realized what was happening.  They moved their Humvee halfway up a mountain nearby and are shooting my friend’s helicopter (now you know why it is broken).  This is a common practice in DayZ, you can’t kill the person?  Shoot his fuckin stuff, cus fuck that guy, that’s why.

I went back downstairs to the middle of my tower and crouched by a window that could apparently see that part of the mountain.  The server was going to restart soon (reboots every 2 hours) and I waited until the last minute or two to peek out.  The Humvee was still on the mountain, but I couldn’t see anyone in or around it with my binoculars.  So I pulled my gun back out and shot that motherfuckers tires off.  Fuckers.  After the restart I took a little break to eat some food and when I came back on they had abandoned their vehicle and left.  No one was killed but I lost my friend’s helicopter and they lost their Humvee with mounted turret.  I chalk this one up as a win because I didn’t die inside my base.  But it did reveal to me that I still didn’t feel safe in my base, which is kind of the point of having a base imo.

That is it for today folks.  Below are the names of the upcoming stories I will write about (in chronological order, of course) and a brief description of them.  I had originally planned to write all of these today but I have this strange feeling they will all be as long as this one, which would make it the longest blog post in the history of blog posts, which is why I am instead just going to split them up and try and write one each day.  I will update the next stories’ titles each post if I encounter any to add.  Hope you enjoyed and come back for more.

Fear and Loathing in Chernarus (actually Taviana but it sounds better)

Bonedead realizes that he is afraid of people with guns, and that the thought of assaulting a castle entices people with guns.


In order to attempt to overcome his fears, our brave hero Bonedead decides he needs to instill some fear into others, instead of having it instilled in himself.

Fucking with your Neighbor

After taking fire from a neighbor while just passing by, Bonedead exacts his revenge, and he may have a problem.

Learning to Fly

The spoils of war entice Bonedead to take a chance, which may or may not have been a good idea.

Master Builder

Finally regaining his confidence, Bonedead begins planting his roots, with lots and lots of cinder blocks.

Cool shit

I’ve been bouncing from game to game recently, all leaving me feeling rather unfulfilled.  I think I had like 3 or 4 subs active at one time to different MMOs (AO, SWTOR, DAoC, EVE, and maybe WoW?) and was still trying to find something that could scratch that itch.  I would start a new world in Minecraft and build a cool little cave home under a small waterfall multiple times, I downloaded Freelancer which is old as dirt (and actually had fun for a day), and I played some emulated old games (daoc genesis and swgemu).  Nothing was doing it for me.  I wore myself out on the CSGO matchmaking, it was just too stressful for me for some reason.  Pretty much, the picture I’m trying to paint for you now, is that things weren’t looking very good lol.

But then I remembered something I was going to play with a friend a month or so ago, we had installed it but at the last minute he said he thinks he didn’t want to do it, so I just uninstalled and went about my business.  I remembered the premise of this game/mod/mods during my low point and realized that it checked off a lot of the boxes that I was yearning for in a game at the moment.  Big open world?  Check.  First person shooter?  Check.  Owning things and progressing through effort?  Check.  Danger?  Check.  So what is it you may be asking yourself?  Well, it is a mashup of mods for a mod of a game.  The game is Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead, the mod is DayZ, the mods that are mashed up to make the game are Overwatch and Epoch.  The mod that those two things create?  Overpoch.

Now I was almost always able to enjoy DayZ the mod for the most part, sometimes the travel gets to me but usually I don’t notice it and the time just flies.  What makes this version different is that you can own vehicles and build bases and actually secure these things from theft/destruction with a bit of work.  There are vendors that you can sell items you find to, then use that money to buy just about every item in the game.  If you purchase a vehicle you are given a key for it and you can lock your car so people can’t take things out of it or take the car itself.  They can still shoot the fuck out of it though, so before you get a good car you may want to build yourself a garage first.  Yeah, that’s right, build yourself a garage.  You will most likely start out with wooden walls and such but you can upgrade to I believe Cinder walls which are indestructible.  You can get safes that are locked by a 4 digit code (that you need to write down very quickly after you place it) and your doors can be locked as well.  You can even use your hatchet (or a chainsaw which uses mixed fuel) to chop down trees for wood to start making shit.

I have only been playing for two days now (I believe my toon has been alive like 1 day and 13 hours or so) and while the first day was pretty rough feeling, once you get your bearings it really is a blast.  That said, I haven’t died yet.  I feel like dying could probably put a little damper on my day.  But I would still have my money in a safe in an undisclosed location, not to mention the toolbox you start with can be deployed as a bike (which you can pack back up into a toolbox when you’re done) so getting home after a death won’t be that bad.

What my friend told me to do is get a vehicle, park near a military barracks, go into the barracks and load up on guns, drop em in your vehicle, rinse repeat until vehicle and person are full.  Then you go to the trader (though I have heard you can get your vehicle stolen there in the safe zone somehow, so I park a ways away and bike back and forth just in case) and sell all your shit.  From there you can buy food/drinks/ammo/guns/medical supplies/building supplies/ or vehicles, no problem.  The tricky part though, is once you leave the safe zone around the trader, you may get shot at by jerkoffs with sniper rifles.

One of my first trips to the trader led to me buying an ATV for like 2 gold.  When I left I began taking fire, I swerved a lot and luckily the guy missed every shot cus he’s a newb, but it sure would have sucked if he hit me.  My only other encounter with someone was while I was filling up on more weapons to sell at a barracks.  I stepped out and saw him and he shot at me.  I ran back behind the wall, pulled out my M14 AIM (I think) because my pistol is quiet and used for killin zombies that spawn there.  I peeked back around the corner and didn’t see him, so I aggressively pushed out checking to the left as I came around the corner and then I saw him at the very edge of the wall.  I started popping off shots and he got off one I think before I dropped him.  After fighting off all the zombie attention I swung back around to his body to find he only had a rinky dink little Lee Enfield (which I love to use, it isn’t that bad, but against a M14 AIM it is kind of suicide unless you hit the first shot).  I felt bad about it but hey, he shot at me first!

It feels good.  I’ve got a game that I can’t stop thinking about at work, which makes me want to just put my nose to the grindstone to make time fly so I can get home and play more.