My Love for Smite and e-Sports

Hello anyone who stumbles upon this and reads it! Long time no type.

I’ve been playing a lot of Smite and am almost level 30 which is the max level. It is also when you can start to play ranked games which I am looking forward to. When I am bored I’ll try to get a little MMO of some kind in, possibly a WoW starter account or one of my old school emu games, SWGEmu or Uthgard. Other than the occasional hour or so of CS here and there (and work and school), that is about all I’ve been doing.

If you would like to give Smite a try, here is my referral link. I have been trying to focus more on the Conquest game mode recently due to getting close to level 30. The only ranked mode used to be Conquest but they recently added 1v1 and 3v3 Jousting ranked modes as well. I’m still going to focus on Conquest though since most people consider it the “normal” or “real” game mode, since it is a MOBA. Another aspect I’ve been focusing on is being able to play multiple gods for multiple roles. Normally you would think to pick things you like or what you’re good at, which isn’t a bad idea really, but if you use what the pro players use you may find yourself winning more games.

For instance last night I finally pulled out some Bacchus. I had only played him one or two times prior after getting him randomly assigned to me in Assault games. But last night I pulled him out and won two games in a row with him. One of my problems recently is that I find myself playing He Bo way too much. The problem with that is that when I switch to play a tank or a physical carry I play way too aggressively and die a lot. Now, I die quite a bit on He Bo too, but, usually I am able to secure a kill before I die, or wound multiple people so that a teammate can finish them off. So, I’m trying to work on that.

I haven’t played LoL in probably 2-3 months but I still watch the NA LCS every week. If you don’t know, the NA LCS is the North American LoL pro season. Cloud 9 is the top team by far, only losing 2 games so far out of 19 (as of writing this, they have another match in about an hour, maybe more since CLG is playing first). The most surprising thing about this is that they are new to the LCS this season. What usually happens is that at the end of a season the bottom 2 teams are dropped into a promotion series where they compete against newer/amateur teams for a spot in the next season. Cloud 9 and Velocity both upset two former professional LCS teams and now Cloud 9 is leading the NA league by a mile whereas Velocity is in last place by a mile.

I have hope for Velocity especially with bringing in Ecco to replace Cris, I guess Cris didn’t communicate too well or something, but since that change they’ve started to win more. Last week they had all 5 players in the top 8 for KDA for that week. So, there is hope.

I really enjoy watching the professional games for Smite as well and I’ve really gotta hand it to Odee from Dignitas for sponsoring so many teams in all of the games that he does. He is really helping move e-Sports forward as a whole which is something I’m really interested in.

If you want to watch some of the NA LCS you can do so here.

That is about it bitches, ggs, and glhf lo3 etcetc.