Game Awards and other laughable things


First of all what kind of dumb website setup is that?  Click to vote for a thing then get sent to some fuckin page designed for phones to confirm your vote, then afterwards it just leaves you there at the mobile page to try and figure out how to vote for the next category.  I mean, I get it, we all have phones, right?

I remember thinking how much of a joke these things were when they first started happening.  I feel like there were plenty of gamers who felt the same way though maybe that is just in my head.  I guess if you keep doing it every year it eventually appears to have some sort of credibility to people.  Though you would think after seeing their choices for some of the categories it would tarnish that credibility for some, but maybe not.

I’m slightly disappointed that Kingdom Come: Deliverance isn’t in there at all.  I know it was buggy and janky at launch and still has some minor problems for some people but for me it is still like the best first person RPG I’ve ever played.  It is just too fucking good.  The melee system was new and enjoyable to learn especially when you finally start landing combos.  How learning to read unscrambles words plus the alchemy system.  I would say it is the most immersive game I’ve played.

Also, no Rimworld.  I get that the gameplay isn’t really for everyone (I guess) but holy shit the music is the best music from a game since like… I don’t know, Fury?  But since it was probably in EA with that music before Fury came out maybe that changes that.

I’m kind of done with Blizzard, or should I say, Activision.  Now I say that while also occasionally playing Overwatch and having installed my free Destiny 2 that I’ve played for 30 minutes and may never return to?  But holy shit, how are you this fuckin detatched/retarded.  The funny thing to me is that like a week before Blizzcon they announced that D3 is coming to the Switch.  If they had just switched the Switch announcement and the mobile game announcement there wouldn’t have been nearly as much backlash.  You don’t want to stand in front of a room of people who have $2,000 computers with giant monitors, partly because of your games, and tell them that instead of announcing something they can play on their PC you have a shitty tiny version for fuckin babies they can play on their phone.  Apparently a lot of WoW people are pissed about the direction of that as well.  WTF Blizzard?

Also when playing Black Cow a little they have like levels and shit for some reason.  I think it is the only game I have ever played where I reached level 2 and didn’t unlock something.  But I guess to people who play Call of Doody this is normal and not fuckin dumb.

In the D&D campaign we fought Strahd in his castle once.  One teammate fell before Strahd made his retreat but we brought him back up before it was permanent.  Our druid may have inflicted some long ass negative effect on him but we won’t know until we run into him again, maybe?  I’m pretty sure we can take him out kind of “easily”, though by easily I may mean eventually.  I mean for me it is probably considered easily but I am the tank/main damage dealer thanks to my Sunsword of anti undead things.  We ended the last session by fighting the Dusk Elf assistant that Strahd has, he was kind of terrifying as he got 3 attacks on me which is like a level 11 thing I think, we’re only 9 but there are a lot more of us.  In the room next to him we found a brazier with some colored orbs around it and an hourglass, we have to figure out how it works so we can use it to find Strahd.  It is possible we finish this campaign on Friday.  We’ve been playing it for just about a year now which is pretty cool.

Anyway, that’s it for me.


Work Punch in the Dick

I done got punched in the dick by work recently.  Final push for tax returns that were extended.  It’s kind of hard to believe it has been about a month since my last post.

I haven’t played PoE in a bit, PUBG either.  After a recent PUBG patch the game started feeling kind of fucking wonky again, which is really kind of frustrating.  It just keeps going from being better to being worse like every fuckin patch and while usually I’m willing to defend the game from the haters on reddit, it keeps getting fuckin harder.

For the first time since launch I started to actually get angry at the game.  I’m not sure if I was just unlucky or if the game is functioning differently for me than the people finding me.  For so long I’ve played this game and rarely get snuck up on or shot in the back and then one day it happens so many fuckin times.  I watch the kill cam and they just fuckin run up stompin like nobody uses headphones and walk through part of a building or something and there I am as visible as can be.  I don’t hear my footsteps on the killcam, I don’t hear their footsteps when I’m playing, I’ve got headphones and everything is turned up all the way so that I literally die on the airplane when everyone starts yelling bullshit, so I don’t know wtf is going on.  I did manage to pull things together a few times and after like 30 or so games I was ranked in Diamond at about 1700 rating, but I don’t know if I’m going for a high placing this season or not.

Especially since Black Cow is out now.  I don’t own it yet but my roommate is gettin a fuckin beast ass computer soon and may play it.  I assume he will and if he does then I will just because playing with friends is better than not.  I’m pretty sure he wont play it very long though but whatever a week of fun is alright.  I really prefer what PUBG is supposed to be to Black Cow but they have such a fuckin hard time keeping it in good working condition that I don’t mind straying from Jesus’ light a bit.

In D&D we finally made it to Castle Ravenloft.  I’m wielding the mothafuckin Sun Sword beeeitch and our first session in the castle we actually kind of walked right towards one of the main goals.  We found a secret passage behind an organ and followed it to some stairs which we went straight to the top of instead of exploring the other floors.  From there we were on the walls around the castle, did a perimeter check and found a spire with a crystal at the top.  We had read in Strahd’s journal that his heart is now a crystal or some shit and when we started walking up towards it the whole spire started shaking.  So we shot at it a little and got attacked by flying halberds that we beat up pretty easily.  Then we noticed some vampire/vampire spawn climbing down the walls at us.  We ended the session there since it was getting late.  I’m pretty sure we are all gonna make it out of this eventually because we did almost everything you can before fighting Strahd.  I mean it took us almost a year to get this far in the campaign.  But we are all really looking forward to getting out into Faerun and developing our characters a bit more.

Small side note.  Holy fucking shit Cloud 9 at Worlds yesterday!  God damn, I’ve been watching professional League of Legends since the summer when Cloud 9 got into the LCS which is like 4-5 years now or some bullshit.  My interest has been waning the past couple years, but yesterday’s game with Vitality and C9 fuckin shit up just really made me care again.  Incredible showing and I’m so bummed that Vitality didn’t also make it out with C9, really looking forward to what they do next year.

Anyways, that is it.  Brain fart dump complete.

Well that was fun for a bit

Yup, I’m done with WoW.  I got to 117 and it was alright doing that.  I would dare to say I enjoyed most of it.  Alas, I get it.  Level more, get the quests, go to the places, turn it in, go to the next place, yup.  I get it.

What sucks is that for some reason I feel kind of guilty about being done with it already.  Like I got maybe a good 20-30 hours of mostly enjoyable time out of it which isn’t horrible for $50.  Meh, I’m sure the feeling will pass.

I’ve been playing some Warband in the meantime, I think it is more of a coping mechanism for the feeling bad for being done with WoW already but I’m sure it is more than that too.  I ended up on Warband because I was going through the available music on Roll20 for our D&D group, telling my friend good songs that he could maybe use for our group if he wanted.  Mostly game theme music like Divinity, PoE, Tyranny and the Tyranny Fatebinder song got stuck in my head real bad.  It made me want to play a game like that but the problem was I was also watching NALCS so I wanted something a little less like those games so I could pay attention to the NALCS, which is how I ended on Warband.

Anyways I guess that is it update wise.  In D&D I ended up getting an extremely OP sword of sunlight that is kind of required to win the adventure, so I got that goin for me.  I was trying to post these on Mondays but I missed yesterday.  Oh hwell.

Monday August 6 2018 Mind Dump

There’s a few things I’d like to mention today.  D&D stuff, Rimworld, WoW/mmo’s in general and of course the central theme tying all of these things together: ME!


Our D&D group has had a few changes since I last wrote about it.  Not sure exactly where I left off but I think we were doing two campaigns while still playing once a week, alternating campaigns each week.  Well the DM for my first campaign ever kind of went MIA which left the rest of us kind of wondering what to do.  One of the other players stepped up and started DMing a new campaign for us.  Same schedule as before where we alternate campaigns each week.  Well everyone kind of decided after a month or two that we should just stick to one campaign.

So now we are just a Curse of Strahd campaign.  Since one of our players has some time off right now we have also started playing twice a week when we can.  This has led to us kind of bulldozing through the Strahd content.  You’re supposed to end this module around level 10 or so, we are currently 7 though will probably be 8 soonish since we are almost out of stuff to do besides going and fighting Strahd.  I got my first magic item that is sort of intended for me to use it but it isn’t a finesse weapon.  My character is kind of designed to use a finesse weapon since I have a feat that allows me to use my reaction to add my proficiency bonus to my AC when I’m hit, but only if I’m holding a finesse weapon.  My DM/roommate has said that when we take some of our “time off” (as characters) after Strahd that I could learn to use it as a finesse weapon which is cool.

My character feels kind of overpowered at times.  I didn’t feel like I was powergaming when I made him, I was just reading the PHB and wanted to be something a little different so I chose a melee ranger.  But I am definitely one of the main damage dealers in our group and at times it has felt a little ridiculous how much damage I do compared to others.  I feel like my roommate/dm has heard me mention that a couple times now after we finish a session and talk more in the kitchen and I’m thinking maybe that is why he is presenting me with this magic weapon dilemma.  My choices are going to be: not change anything, use the spear instead of my rapier which could result in reduced damage (I haven’t identified the spear yet) as well as losing my +3 ac for my reaction, and using the spear and the rapier and dropping my shield which would lose me I think 2 AC and also +2 damage for my fighting style being dueling.  I won’t really know what I’m doing until I identify the spear and know what it does but I am going to have to be careful especially since we’re coming up on Strahd soonish.

I’ve been trying to RP more how I think my character would behave.  He only has 9 intelligence (10 is considered average) which I’ve read can mean like maybe he doesn’t quite follow trains of thought.  He also has like 14 or so Wisdom which means he is generally correct with his thoughts so it is kind of confusing combining the two.  Plus it feels like we haven’t had as much “time” to explore the RP side of our characters since Strahd is all about fearing for your life at all times and just trying to survive.  But since we’re getting near the end we’ve all started working on our backstories and just last session we had a bit of RP after a successful mission and we got to mention a few things about ourselves which was nice.  I’m really looking forward to getting the fuck out of Barovia and back into Faerun.


My awesome Rimworld save that I talked about last time I am kind of abandoning.  I still have the save file so I can go back to it but it is kind of ridiculous right now.  I’ve got like 10-12 people, pretty much all of them can shoot and tend people medically successfully, like what more can I ask for?  I feel like I could easily take them to a winning game though I guess I’m not 100% sure, which is why I’m saving it.  One of the things that kind of sucks is that I’m on the unstable version which means almost everytime I go to load a save it lets me know that my save version doesn’t match the current version (because it patched in the night or something).  Now you can load it anyway and I have and it seems fine but I still worry that it’ll fuck something up.  I could disable autoupdates in Steam but, fuck that.

So what I’ve started doing instead is trying out the new Scenario they’ve added.  Normally the scenarios are: start with 3 colonists and some supplies, start with 5 colonists except you’re all tribal morons without technology and research is a nightmare (one of my old favorites), and sole survivor where you are one really rich guy with phat loot that can fuck shit up or something.  The new scenario though is like naked and afraid or some shit.  You are one person, you land with nothing, you’re naked, life fuckin sucks and it is great.  So far I’ve failed during my first raid like 3 times but the last attempt I think I finally knocked him out, took him prisoner, and am working on food so I can feed myself and this prisoner while I recruit him so he can make my life easier.  I’ve also been starting in good ol’ Arid Shrubland for this scenario as Desert/Tundra seemed like too much of a challenge for me right now.  But it is, at least so far, a much shorter stint into fun for Rimworld.  It’s more of just a “can I do it?” for me right now.  I just really love Rimworld.

WoW/mmos in general

After my little foray on a trial account last week or so into WoW my roommate got bored and decided to play it again after a long ass time.  For some reason this made me resub as well but god damn.  I just don’t know if I care about these fuckin games anymore man.  I’ve been trying to unlock the Allied Races just so I have them as an option you know, but god damn, rep grind on a fucking timer makes me want to fuckin die so much.  I do not see me being able to WoW it up until maybe the expansion comes out, but even then, I have my doubts that it will work out for me.

But, there is still hope for me and MMOs.  Just this weekend I was able to start another DAoC free trial and have played a Warrior for a few hours.  Literally all I’m doing is leveling, DAoC PvE in familiar zones I’ve been in since like 2001 or some shit, but it is something I can just do and feel content with.  The big thing stopping me with DAoC is the endgame and the gap between reaching max level and actual RvR.  I really just like leveling in that game and grinding for money for some reason.

For some reason I’ve convinced myself that Pantheon will be a good game for me.  Historically I haven’t really been an EQ player though I did have fun with Vanguard while I could.  But maybe since I’m older and stuff I’m more open to the things I didn’t use to be.  I know as soon as SWGEmu is done and releases their servers that I will probably disappear for a month at least while I grind that shit while marathon watching every Star Wars related movie there is.  Who knows when that will happen though, the good news is that my list of Star Wars movies keeps growing bigger.


Anyways, that is it for me.  I picked up This is the Police 2 and it is pretty cool, kind of Rimworldy a little in the sense that you have to make due with what you have and the people can be quirky.  Also along those lines is Oxygen Not Included, which I haven’t bought yet but am definitely considering.  Maybe I’ll have more on those next time!

No Time

It is tax season so I have to pretend like I’m busier than I am.  So I don’t really have time to post stuff here.

Some quick notes about games I guess.


Slay the Spire is cool.  I want more characters though.


I was almost tempted to join Syncaine in Life is Feudal MMO but after playing on the newb island for a little I decided against it.  I had maybe 12 hours in the singleplayer version when it was early access (is it still?  I have no idea).  If I were to play a game like that it would probably be Wurm as I kinda got “far” in that already.  Plus in my “old age” I’ve found I kinda hate PvP getting in the way of my mining for 12 hours so I can get enough materials to make 1 piece of shit nobody wants.


Subnautica still scares the shit out of me.  I took my cyclops to a biome I’d never been to before the other day and that was cool until some fuckin spider monster showed up trying to EMP me.  I still really want to beat this game sometime but holy shit my fear of water fucks me so hard in this game.


D&D has been good but I want more.  Unfortunately my group can’t really handle 2 days a week and I think everyone read something and have just accepted it as fact, that something being that if you try to have a dynamic play time, just whenever everyone has time, you eventually just never do it.  I think that is some bullshit, if you want it you’ll try to find a way to make it work.  Might need another group for 2nd day.  Might need to just make myself work on learning Gamemaker more so I can at least feel like I’m getting closer to scratching whatever itch it is that D&D gives me.


I’ve been continuing a Mount and Blade Warband playthrough I’d started some time ago.  I’ve now created my own faction and have 2 towns along with maybe 6 castles and however many villages come with that.  For the first time since I’ve started playing this game (think I have 250 hours) I have vassals that work under me.  The ultimate goal is obviously to conquer the whole world and I’m not doin too bad.  I wiped out the Nords by coming into existence (they only had 2 castles left when I took one of them and became my own faction).  Right now I’ve got the same amount of towns (major cities) as the Rhodoks which I guess means I’m tied for last.  The Vaegirs have 3 towns and so do the Khergits.  Right now I’m at war with my old faction the Swadians, they had 7 towns but I took one for myself so they’re tied at 6 with the Sarranids.  I’m kind of hoping the Swadians want to make peace with me so I can take a breather/build up my garrisons.  I mainly only warred them for their town in the middle of all my smaller property, which I’ve got now to solidify the old Nord land as my own.  For some reason I have trouble actually pushing myself down these roads in this game.  Actually warring a faction while knowing that what comes next could be more challenging than I thought.  Kind of like Subnautica except easier to get through.


I guess that is about it for now.  My personal life is weird now.  I was walking 3 days a week when I was working from home.  Now I’m coming into the office for tax season, mainly to help my dad not feel as stressed out even though I don’t really get why he is stressed out (besides that he always is this time of year no matter what).  So I don’t really walk anymore.  I stopped making my lunch and breakfast everyday as well because just getting out of bed and getting here on time is enough shit to eat for one morning.  It’s kind of depressing to be honest but I know it is temporary and tax season will pass and I’ll be able to try and take care of myself again.  Thank god for games and weed.


Time for a mind dump.


I lost my first character in D&D.  We were playing the Strahd campaign and we got to the Shambler or whatever, the plant amalgamation that can potentially kill the whole party.  Then, I dun goofed.  I had gotten eaten which is kind of expected when you’re melee I guess.  But while I was inside the beast with like 7 health left I spent all 15 points of my lay on hands to heal myself, putting me at 22.  Then the Wizard Tortle shot some fire bullshit at it which happened to deal 14 damage to me too because I’m in the plant monster.  So I really only healed for 1.  As the beast was weakened I managed to free myself from it, landing on the floor prone.  My action had been spent to break free and I asked how standing up would affect my movement, I was told it would take half of it.  So I stand up, with my 8 HP, and I think “Man, this big fuckin mean piece of shit is going to kill me if I don’t GTFO”.  So I try and run away completely forgetting what would happen next.  The Shambler got an attack of opportunity and bam, I was down.  But I wasn’t dead yet!  Unfortunately when it was the Shambler’s turn again (in the room with ghost cultists shouting to be appeased with a sacrifice caused by the Shambler — establishing it has a history of solely existing to cause death) it decided to snuff my life from my limp body.

It was deserved.  I forgot about attacks of opportunity due to fear and I took 14 damage from a friendly character.  After the fight the DM says I am in a room with 2 doors, one has light coming from it and one does not.  A voice I don’t know says I can take the door without light and return to my companions, at a price.  The other door would lead to my God’s domain.  My character had been pretty freaked out since he got transported into this crazy world so I figured he would just say fuck it, I tried, GG and peace the fuck out.  So that is what I chose.  When he walked through the door of light the light disappeared and the voice says there is no relief and no escape then laughs maniacally.  Pretty cool.  I’ve rolled my stats for my next guy but not sure what I’m gonna be yet, got 18 STR and 18 CON so probably fighter/barbarian but I’ve got 13 WIS too plus I get a feat, so maybe if I chose a good Race/Feat combo I could make a Melee Ranger or something.  Who knows.


Anyways, I’ve also been playing some GTA 5 “online”.  I put online in quotes because I fuckin hate playing in sessions with other people cus they’re a bunch of fucks.  Either they have millions to spend on rocket bikes with rocket launchers on them or they can fuckin cheat and delete all my money OR even give me hacked money which could potentially lead to me being banned.  So yeah, fuck other people in GTA 5 online.  For some reason Rockstar still thinks it is a good idea to require you to be in a public online session to even take part in some of the content (read: content that is worth doing) even though people have been complaining about all that bullshit for years.  “Luckily” there is a workaround to get in a solo public session, it is called resource manager and then suspending the gta5.exe process for maybe 10 seconds and then resuming the process.  If you do it right when you alt tab back into the game your screen should be spammed with xyz has left the game x500.

So doing that I created my own corporation and did VIP work (Headhunter and Sightseer) missions earning about 25k a pop per ~10-15 minutes.  The main point of the game is to make money so that you can buy new ways to make more money and I guess eventually once you can make enough money fast enough you can buy anything you want finally.  Like a stupid rocket powered rocket launching motorcycle or something.  Luckily you can do the VIP work missions in an Invite Only session so you don’t have to worry about buttfucks ruining your shit and having to alt tab suspend process resume process before you start anything “important”.  If you don’t know how to start an invite only session, start GTA 5 in story mode (single player) then press ESC, go to the Online tab, click Play Online, then choose Invite Only session.

Unfortunately to start a corporation you need an office, the cheapest of which costs $1 Million (a small loan).  Once you can do that though you need to grind up like, I forget, $250k maybe $500k for a Small Warehouse.  With that you unlock Illegal Goods missions where you pay to get a mission for 1-3 illegal goods which you need to pick up and transport to your warehouse.  There can be plenty of obstacles in your way from police to hostile NPCs to roaming NPCs carrying one of the goods spreading out.  If you’re doing it solo and you choose the 3 items mission you could end up only getting 1 or 2 because of a time limit and the fact that you can only carry one at a time (though I’d say most times the mission wont split them up and you can just grab the vehicle that holds all 3).  The biggest drawback here is that you have to be in a public session to do these things.  Once you get 9 items in your warehouse I would recommend selling those items.  You will have to do a mission to deliver the goods to the sale point, you will probably be attacked, if some fuckhead blows up you and your vehicle then you’re fucked so suspend/resume process right when you start it.

Once you’ve done that enough and have like $1.5 million you can buy a vehicle warehouse.  Just like illegal goods, sit at your laptop in your office, in a public session, and request a job.  For vehicles they call it Sourcing.  You source a vehicle, go steal it, possibly shoot some guys, and then take it to your vehicle warehouse while trying to not damage the car because you have to pay to repair it.  Once you’ve taken it to your warehouse you can use the laptop there to export it to a buyer, if you spend money to upgrade the cars appearance/add modifications you can get more profit from the sale.  But you also have to deliver it to the buyer and you will run into NPCs shooting guns at your pretty car cus they’re still mad you stole it.  The damage is deducted from your mission reward.  I just recently unlocked the Vehicle Warehouse and have been having fun doing that a bit.  Finally feels like I’m making good money.

Arma 3 Exile

I saw that Arma 3 Apex was on sale so I bought it for some reason.  I had an urge to play some Arma 3 Exile so I downloaded a million mods and the A3Launcher, found a server to play on and jumped in.  It was pretty exciting for the first few days.  They added roaming AI which are in vehicles and just drive around.  If you shoot at them theyll stop and all jump out and fuckin aimbot your dick off, unless you’re better.  There are also on foot AI that can spawn in little towns.  Apparently there can also be “good guy” AI that spawn in a town that will fight the bad guy AI, I may have seen this once but I wasn’t going to stick around to find out and just killed everyone.

That moment was pretty cool too.  I had approached a small town I wanted to loot that real players probably wouldn’t be at (trying to make money to I can build a base/stockpile before I go out with gear to lose).  I was still trying to get a hang of playing this game again so I went prone under some pine trees while I looked at the key binding menus and looked at shit.  Earlier I had picked up and equipped a radio.  So I’m going through the configuration menus and I start hearing footsteps crunching on leaves.  I close the menus and start alt-looking (looking around you while holding alt so that your player’s head moves but not the rest of his body) around trying to see wtf is up but I’m prone inside a tree so I can’t really see anything.  Then I get a message that my radio is picking up a signal.  I start hearing radio chatter that sounds like they’re looking for someone.  Footsteps still all around me.  Then I see a guy, he walks passed my tree and keeps going.  Another guy walks by in another direction a little bit after that.  I see the first guy has turned around and is practically coming right fuckin for me, at this point I’m shocked that being prone under a tree is actually working against aimbot AI.  Then the one walking towards me stops and starts shooting.

It sounded like the other guy could’ve been behind me so perhaps that is who he was shooting at.  But as I said before, I wasn’t about to find out, so I stood up and killed that guy, strafed around the tree I was by and took out the other guy as well.  I have no idea how the 2 aimbot AI didn’t kill me but I felt like a god damn superhero after that.  Looted their guns, walked into town and looted it as well.  I had bought a motorcycle capable of carrying some loot (though not being able to be locked) and hid it in some nearby woods.  When I had filled it and myself up I went and sold it all for maybe 3-4k.  I think a Safe is 10k, a flag to declare land yours is like 5k for the smallest territory, materials for building are probably like 20k for maybe a 1×1 room but really I have no idea.  So I still had quite a ways to go.

Another trip to the same small town resulted in vehicles driving by which I hid from because I thought they were players.  I later realized they weren’t and planned ambushing them.  I managed to win a few of them but I died my fair share as well.  One thing I learned was that if I didn’t break the vehicles and I killed all the AI, I could use their vehicle to store loot and then in town I could sell the vehicle + all the loot at the same time.  The first time I did this I made over 10k which obviously caused me to change up my plan.  I was now a professional roaming AI ambusher.  The biggest problem is an NPC with a sniper rifle because they probably won’t miss and if they hit you you’re probably dead.

I’d managed to buy a safe and hid it in the woods.  My bank capped out at 50k so I moved it all to my safe which can hold I think 100k or 120k, something like that.  I think I encountered my first player when I was transporting all of my money and it scared the goddamn shit out of me.  For some reason I only spent $50 on a fucking bicycle for my transportation vehicle.  So there I was riding a bicycle across a field towards the woods when I hear the sound of a big vehicle.  Suddenly explosions nearby, 3-4 smoky explosions a little behind me in the field.  I start bobbing and weaving, on a fucking bicycle, and somehow manage to escape into the woods.  It sounded like he tried to find a better angle on me as he kept firing barrages of explosions at me but once I got in the woods I just kept going.  I passed my safe so as to not inadvertently lead him to it, but after a bit I calmed down and made it back to safely deposit all my money.  Stressful.

I don’t know if I’m going to return and play this anymore.  PUBG is coming out on the 20th though that does lack permanence which Exile provides.  So we’ll see, I’ll definitely at least take a decent break because I haven’t played the new PUBG map cus willpower so I should be balls deep in that for a bit after it launches.


I recently decided to give the Dungeon Runs a whirl in the Kobolds & Catacombs expansion or whatever the fuck you call it in a card game.  I gotta say it is pretty fun even though it is incredibly obvious that your OP items really matter a lot.  Almost to the point where I’ve considered just losing on purpose to start over and try to get an OP one after the first boss.  So far I’ve beaten it with Hunter, Rogue, and Mage.  Working on Warrior next which has been a little rough.  Rogue was the hardest for me, I needed a lot of Jade guys as well as permastealth to finally win.  Then I told my roommate that and he managed to win it his first try thanks to getting a lot of Jade guys.  Only had to try like 20 times myself lol.

Mage felt OP the whole time but then you would just lose for whatever reason while still feeling like you’ve got a good deck.  Hunter is my favorite since day 1 so I had to do it first.  Can’t even remember what I was doing for that one to win, I think +1/+1 all minions and start with an extra mana crystal maybe.  One thing that bothers me about this is that you literally get nothing from doing this.  Even if you beat a dungeon run with a deck, you get absolutely nothing.  Give me some fuckin gold you stingy bitches, what the fuck?  Oh you mean if I do it on all 9 classes I unlock a CARD BACK?!  WHOA WHAT A FUCKIN DEAL GUYS!  You mean I can change the back of my cards in the game mode that requires me to spend shit tons of money to even be remotely competitive?  Gee, thank you so fuckin much for being so fuckin generous.  Oh my daily quests don’t even complete in dungeon runs?  Good, I didn’t want that to work anyway, amirite?

I mean, I get it though, Blizzard really needs to make money so they can’t afford to give me even 5 gold per dungeon clear.  Literally just trying to play the game based on it’s merits, feels fucking weird.  Give me some gold you fucks!

Anyways, that is it, mind dump complete.  Hope all you google bots enjoy your holidays.

Tiny Updates

For kids who can’t update good.

So our DnD group was going to start meeting two times a week but it appears that isn’t going to happen anymore, I guess someone agreed more out of excitement than practicality.  Oh hwell.  We’re still going to have the two different games going, one being the original where I’m a Sorceror and the second being the Strahd campaign where I play a Paladin.  We’re going to alternate games every week I think but I’m not 100% sure how it is going to workout, especially since one of our payers is only available every other Friday.  I think this week we are going to do Strahd but it is also the time that the biweekly guy is playing and he is originally a part of the non-Strahd campaign.  But, doesn’t really matter for me so we’ll see how it goes.

I gotta say the last time we played the Strahd campaign was pretty awesome.  We’re going through this house that we know has a Ghost in it and a bunch of undead things underneath it.  Everything was spotless until we got into this bedroom on the 3rd floor.  The DM mentioned there was a mirror in the room so I walked up to it and said “I look into the mirror”.  As I did that I noticed a Specter appear behind me and boom, roll for initiative.  Was probably the coolest start of a fight I’ve encountered in my limited playtime.  Then it almost one shot me with a crit and now I’ve got the fear of death real good in muh bones.

In PC game land I’ve been fiddling with Assassin’s Creed Black Flag and it has been pretty enjoyable.  I also bought Project CARS because for some reason I had this weird desire for a racing career mode game and after googling “best pc racing career mode” it seemed that Project CARS was the winner.  That has been pretty fun as I started in 150cc Kart racing and advanced to 250cc.  Of course having some success meant I got invited to special races where they use real cars, which I did really bad in lol.  Maybe I should just stick to Mario Kart.  But no, I’ll figure it out and my thumb will also stop hurting from trying to turn so hard.

I’ve been messing around in GameMaker some more.  Trying to make a character creation screen in a sort of watered down D&D like game.  One of the things I’ve always wanted to make since I started trying to learn how to make shit is a goblin cave/mine.  When I finish the character creator I’d like to have different starting locations for each class and the Fighter, I mean Warrior is going to start as a prisoner in a goblin cave, GOD DAMNIT!  I’m gonna fuckin do it.  Though maybe it should be the Assassin (Rogue) since he could probably pick his own lock, but maybe an NPC Assassin will be a prisoner with the Fighter.  Iunno, I kinda wanted some alone time to learn how to play first before introducing other party members.  There I go gettin ahead of myself again.  Dreaming this shit up is a lot easier than making it a reality.  Though I will say the more I do it the easier it gets.

Anyways that is it muchachos.