Well that was fun for a bit

Yup, I’m done with WoW.  I got to 117 and it was alright doing that.  I would dare to say I enjoyed most of it.  Alas, I get it.  Level more, get the quests, go to the places, turn it in, go to the next place, yup.  I get it.

What sucks is that for some reason I feel kind of guilty about being done with it already.  Like I got maybe a good 20-30 hours of mostly enjoyable time out of it which isn’t horrible for $50.  Meh, I’m sure the feeling will pass.

I’ve been playing some Warband in the meantime, I think it is more of a coping mechanism for the feeling bad for being done with WoW already but I’m sure it is more than that too.  I ended up on Warband because I was going through the available music on Roll20 for our D&D group, telling my friend good songs that he could maybe use for our group if he wanted.  Mostly game theme music like Divinity, PoE, Tyranny and the Tyranny Fatebinder song got stuck in my head real bad.  It made me want to play a game like that but the problem was I was also watching NALCS so I wanted something a little less like those games so I could pay attention to the NALCS, which is how I ended on Warband.

Anyways I guess that is it update wise.  In D&D I ended up getting an extremely OP sword of sunlight that is kind of required to win the adventure, so I got that goin for me.  I was trying to post these on Mondays but I missed yesterday.  Oh hwell.

So much shit

I gotta say I am glad that I have so many things I want to play and progress in.  There isn’t much worse than not having something to waste all your time playing.  Though I will say that having too many things can also be kind of annoying, for me at least.  Just gotta remember to fuckin think about it, take it slow, don’t change up too much because then I’ll feel like I didn’t really get anywhere even though I played shit all weekend.

I almost played some Diablo 3 this weekend but I didn’t.  I got into some Xcom 2 WotC which is pretty cool.  I had to download the mod that make Lost target you and advent 50/50, as the default is set to lean against your favor 70/30.  I found that out the hard way when one of my dudes was wrapped up by a snake and two fuckin lost walk right up to him and kill him instead of the fuckin snake wrapped around his whole goddamn body.  I haven’t played it in a day or two but I like to imagine that I’ll get around to beating it.

I had been rewatching Deep Space 9 on monitor 2 last week instead of some Twitch thing.  Apparently the last time I watched DS9 I was motivated to play Space Engineers, because after getting a season or two into it I had this strange urge to install that game.  I noticed they have an actual singleplayer “story” campaign mode or whatever now, but, meh, wasn’t in the mood to try that.  Picked my old trusty favorite, Lone Survivor, where you’re just one dude on an abandoned mining platform attached to an asteroid, just floating out there all alone.  I managed to find most resources spacesuiting to nearby asteroids and built myself some defensive walls for any meteor storms as well as some turrets, with the intent of shooting the asteroids before they break my shit.

Instead what happened is the fucking pirates apparently now make little remote control drones with turrets on them and send them to come get me and snipe my fuckin turrets before my turrets can fight back.  Luckily they could never take down all of my turrets before getting in range of another one.  But still, it became quite the annoying chore fixing my turrets while I’m trying to fuckin build a mining spaceship.  Which I ended up doing, used it a lil bit and promptly closed the game because what the fuck am I even doing.

Got some more PUBG in which felt good.  Didn’t get any wins but I did get a few top 10s, including my first game back, so I felt alright about that considering I hadn’t played it in like a week.  Still wish there were fucking stats for FPP (not to mention MMR for matchmaking FPP).  I feel like I’m getting better at having more than one kill each game.  Of course I don’t know if that is because there is no MMR or not.  But I can still win some of the bigger landing areas without being a butt so I guess maybe that means I’m okay?  If you’re curious about what being a butt means it is when I wait somewhere outside of the big landing area for the “winner” to come out thinking he already killed everyone and is totally safe only to fall to me being a bitch.

Finally I went back into some SWG yesterday pretty hardcore.  Multiple instances at the same time OMG what a madman.  I busted out my crafter guy after reading some of my old SWG posts where I was naming my characters and pretending they had little stories and shit.  The first thing I looked for was some high Heat Resistant, Shock Resistant, Unit Toughness steel.  Because those 3 stats affect extraction rate while crafting harvesters and a good steel can cover most of the mineral requirements for most harvesters.  Then Ace of Bass’s song “I saw the sign” started playing because what do ya know, a new server best for steel used in harvesters had just recently spawned.  It was like every moment in my life had led to this moment, I mean, partly because it did, but also because, it did.  So I bought some Fusion harvesters to get some power and some mining installations because moar plz.  Found a good spot and put everything down, paid shit and farmed power to get them going for a while so I can ignore them.  After a night of afk sampling the good stuff I set out to find a lesser steel for grinding some swoops so I can get Novice Architect.

On my punchy fightin guy I finished the Imperial Themepark and am now 1 step away from glowing with the force.  Off to the Warren to get the apparently 2 Themepark badges for that.  But, shit, I was using my Flamethrower which sucks and I’m actually still leveling up so it was pretty weak and I kinda died.  So I put the Vibro Knuckler back on, got more buffs, flew back out there and started punchin them fucks in their faces, only to freeze in the same fight I died to last time.  FFFUUUUU.  Turns out the server deadlocked and I wouldn’t be able to play anymore that night.  But I logged back in this morning and apparently there was a little rollback as my toon is back in the cantina he was in before going to the Warren.

So I’ve got all that shit goin on and still think about pushing for GR70 on my Barb, especially before the fucking season is over!!  Sure I already unlocked Primal Ancients on my PS4 Barb but PC MASTER RACE makes me feel kind of bad about that, especially since a lot of skills aren’t really good on PS4 since you can’t click exactly where you want to go.  But who knows if this will ever happen.  If I miss the season then I guess I’ll just do it out of season, I was already working on my first Barb from launch and I think he was in an okay position, while also having a fucking Skull Grasp (300% WW damage ring that you cube that is pretty hard to get sometimes and is currently the thing I need).

Not to mention a desire to play Rimworld, Warband, Subnautica, The Forest, shit even Skyrim and sometimes Morrowind, AND this game Sheltered that I bought and haven’t played yet.  Ahhh, old me wouldn’t believe how lucky I am to have so many games I want to play and so much time to play them, though not quite enough time to play them all.

What in the shit is goin on?

Hello world! Viagra Viagra Viagra canadi4n dick pills yo. JK guys, jk, this is just a drill. It is used to make holes.

Alrighty then, so, what do I talk about here again? I feel like I’ve missed quite a lot of things. Like, GamerGate, whatever the hell that is? I think it might be about like not enough female protagonists or something and it is also tied into like feminist movements that aren’t really about equality maybe or something? No idea, don’t care at all though. Just figured I’d throw that out there since you’re kinda supposed to have opinions on things or something if you want to talk about games. So my opinion is, I don’t care, I care about games and how fun they are and how they mix shit up to make things more interesting, anything else is a waste of my time.

Butts and stuff! As you can see my vocabulary has progressed quite nicely since however long ago it was that I last posted frequently. I’m fuckin smart guys. So smart that I totally know what direction this post is going.

Gaemz. Apparently I was playing DayZ Mod last time I was posting, err, nope, I had stopped playing that and was playing Divinity and thinking about playing other shit like D3, CSGO, PoE, and AoW3. Those games are all fun. Divinity got tiring, we felt like we made it pretty far but it was pretty slow going and I guess we kinda just lost interest. PoE always sucks because their fucking servers blow and I always forget about that until I’m level 30 and the servers start to suck. I don’t even have to mention D3 because jesus christ, I just can’t make myself do that anymore really. CS is kind of in the same boat as D3, sure they’re good but, I’m just tired of it.

I feel like I’ve played a lot of games recently, some being out of my usual comfort zone. I hardly play any MMOs anymore which was one of the big genres that got me into writing about these things. It’s like they don’t even try anymore, or maybe they are trying and I just can’t do the fuckin quest hub to quest hub never reading the quest text cus it is a god damn race against no one for some reason.

I’ve played a fair bit of Arma 3 mods, namely Battle Royale, Breaking Point, Exile, and King of the Hill (not really a mod I think?). I always have a lot of fun playing these mods but it always ends up being a little frustrating because it is fucking Arma and Arma is fucking wonky sometimes. If you’re kind of into those games though I would recommend trying all of those mods.

Recently I downloaded Darkest Dungeon again as I hadn’t played it since the initial Early Access phase. Holy shit is that game fun for some time. I was pissed at first due to corpses and got to like week 47 in a game with corpses disabled. I had a team of 4 up to level 5 and lost half of them before retreating. It was a pretty sad time, but I got over it. I did so by starting over, this time playing with corpses. I really like the mechanic now that I get its purpose, which is to make some of the classes that don’t seem as useful pretty fuckin useful. I always play by keeping my torch at 75 or above because I’m scared, but recently I’ve been thinking about trying the crazy no torch shit. We shall see. I would highly recommend this game, normally I wouldn’t try something that looked so, not 3d and shit, but it was definitely enjoyable.

I recently got the Secrets of Grindea early access game and have been enjoying it. It isn’t complete but I’d suggest that you try the demo. It is just a classic little rpg with fun dialogue. Only played one night coop so far but it has definitely left its mark on me. I’m now searching for other games I can use my ps4 controller to play though I haven’t quite found anything yet.

I’ve played a decent amount of those early access survival games. I also tried Wurm Unlimited recently. Now I used to be a regular at pker.org which was all about pvp and UO and how good the old days were and such, it shut down a long time ago, but this Wurm game was talked about a lot back then as being the ultimate game we all wanted. Full loot open world pvp was that popular tagline iirc. Anyways, that is not what Wurm turned into apparently. I downloaded the server software so I could play with my friend and found the default settings are 3x skill gain and 3x action time, meaning that the game is supposed to be 3 times slower skill gain and take 3x longer to perform actions. I cannot imagine playing it that way as the grind is already so fuckin real. It seems the only people really playing this game are more into Minecraft type building stuff. From what I experienced on the Mythmoor server the game is pretty cool though it is very daunting, hard to figure out at times, and of course grindy as all hell. But if you’re into that, give it a whirl. You can play Wurm Online for free I believe to try it out. Wurm Online is like the official version whereas Wurm Unlimited is like the player created server version.

Right now I am thinking of playing Salt. It is another early access open world survival game. The main difference is that you can build boats, the world doesn’t end, and there are pirates! I really want to build a boat and fuck up some pirates, like so gdamn bad right now. The graphics look pretty shit and I just know it is going to have its problems due to early access open world survival, but, I don’t even care man, I just wanna fight some pirates on a boat I made.

Oh yeah, I tried Blade and Soul a little bit. Holy shit how fuckin dumb. I could almost swear the minimap is the exact same thing as the one in Tera. The reason I fuckin hate this piece of shit though isn’t because it is necessarily bad, though it probably is since it is an NCSoft MMO, its because it pretty much stole $5 from me. There I am, launch day, waiting in queue to get in. I notice in the queue window it says, underneath my non premium queue, that the premium queue has 0 players in line. My friend checked and it is like 399 points for premium for like 7 days or some totally dumb gay microtransaction bullshit, but we figure, fuck it. As soon as we purchased those packages, literally as soon as it happened, guess what the premium queue did? It changed from fucking 0 people in line to goddamn 3000 people in line. IT WAS THE SAME FUCKING AMOUNT AS NON PREMIUM QUEUE! That was pretty fucking infuriating, but the queue did actually start to move and after a few games of Rocket League we were both in and ready to be underwhelmed as shit. Suck a big fat dick NCSoft, you dirty fucks.

I think that about covers most of the shit I’ve done since my last post. I may try and get into doing this more, maybe play weird games I wouldn’t normally and review them, or just say dicks a lot, who knows. Anyways, ggwp.

Apparently I have a gaming blog


So I left you with a video of my Minecraft track my friend and I made. After we had completed that we worked on our main base a bit as it is planned to be a junction of sorts for other tracks we make. I then went back through our nether portal and walked off in a different direction almost dying to big ghost fuckers like a million times and then I made a new portal to begin work on a new base. I got a little floating castle thing which is reached via climbing up some trees which is pretty cool imo and then I began working on a track to our junction station base or whatever.

Yeah, then we stopped playing. That was about 2 months ago or so.

From there I think I hopped around a few games. I know I played a little WoW with my brother who likes to change his mind about what toon he is playing every couple days, which made playing WoW pretty unbearable for me. Though, grinding honor like I did was pretty unbearable anyway.

Then something special happened. I started playing League of Legends. Sour taste in your mouth? I used to make the same face when I found out someone I liked played a game like that. But after having played it for a little I’ve changed my opinion on it. Not DotA though, I played a bit of DotA 2 and that game can go fuck it’s dumb self, it doesn’t have shit on LoL. My favorite thing about LoL is probably Riot’s LCS. I love the casters and the high quality presentation/production value that goes into the streaming of the matches. I love that I have a “sport” that I actually care about because if I want I can literally open the game and play the same fucking thing that they are. Even the season downtime is awesome because you’ve got the players streaming and sometimes the shout casters (anchors or whatever they’re called) will stream and commentate their own game. It is just a big ol bunch of fun and I love it.

Playing the game isn’t nearly as fun for me as watching it, frankly because I kinda suck. But honestly it isn’t even that I suck, it is that I let little stupid fuckin 12 year old dickheads get under my skin lol. I know I need to be strong on more than one role which is why I consider myself somewhat sufficient on Taric (support), Cassiopeia (mid), and Poppy (top). The problem is that I also need to be strong on multiple champions for each role as well, and since I’ve already played 80 games or so the people I’ll be playing with won’t like me trying out new champs with them being all srs bsns while leveling in normal games.

Plus I usually wait to pick last just so we kind of have a proper team comp of top, jungle, mid, adc, support – though if I see 2 tops and 0 jungles I still go support (cus I ain’t never jungled before guise and it’s scurry). So most of the time I just play Taric a shit ton of times in a row. Occasionally I get left playing ADC which is ok I guess. My record as ADC is like 3-1 even though my free adc champs change every week and I don’t own one.

I also recently started playing CS:GO competitive mode. They added a hidden MMR system much like LoL has. After you win 10 competitive matches you get ranked. Well I won my first few games and then got matched against some double AK motherfuckers who stomped us. After all was said and done I got placed in 3 Gold Star whatnot rank which made me feel pretty bad about myself. I won 2 more games and got promoted to 4 Gold Star rank which is just barely the top half of all the ranks. Then I took a break and returned later while drowsy and lost two games, effectively getting demoted back to 3 Gold Stars. I’ve played against a lot of higher ranked people and killed them so I know eventually I will be placed where I feel I belong but unfortunately I can’t just sit there one weekend and grind it out due to needing to be fully aware and focused (read: not playing competitive games after 6 hours of smoking weed and playing competitive games – though those first 6 hours are probably okay).

Finally I’ve been dabbling in Marvel Heroes a bit. Got Hawkeye to like level 10 or some shit and then started playing Daredevil to now level 11 or so. It is alright, but, I’m already losing interest after a couple days of playing.

Anyways, besides taking 3 6 week classes this first summer semester and 2 more starting Tuesday, that is about it. Just working, schoolin, and a bit of gaming. Peace out beechays!


I have no idea what I try to get out of playing games. But Bonedead, they are just games, you say to yourself. Games are there to have fun, you tell me.

Oh you mean they’re not there to make you feel good about yourself because you’re the number one best motherfucker in the whole world (or you’ve wanted to be and never have been lol)?

I don’t know wtf I want, man. Work has been good, got promoted, finally doing real work and feel like I’m contributing to the company while also keeping the internal machine running (company books bro). It feels good. My social life is completely non existent though. I used to go to a bar on Tuesday’s and use some buy one get one on Tuesday’s only text message coupon, but I just can’t get that in to drinking like I used to.

Anyways, I bought Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim this month and have played the crap out of them all. The series is quite enjoyable (though I couldn’t force myself to attempt to stomach the older 2 games). I did get lonely though, even though I play MMOs solo most of the time, I do still enjoy rare encounters when people try to talk to me or something and I ignore them completely most of the time. So, I tried to think of a game I haven’t played in a while that in my memory reminds me most of The Elder Scrolls. Now that may sound like a reasonable thought process, but here is the flaw. Thinking of a game I haven’t played in a while. So from the get go, I don’t REALLY remember anything about it, I am basing my judgement off of a vague feeling I have about a game that I played years ago. The game that I chose is AoC. Yep, you read that right, Age of Conan.

AoC has changed a bit since I last played. It is now free to play with a cash shop. I had 7/8 character slots filled and since I am a free player now, I can only unlock two of them. So, I obviously used the one empty slot to make a new character. There are 3 whole servers for AoC now. One is PvE, PvP, and like Blood and Guts Glory to the Emporer PvP or some equally radical title like that. I chose the crazy one not knowing wtf I was getting into (I still don’t even know the difference).

It is not really like The Elder Scrolls at all, save the questing in Tortage where the NPCs speak. Can’t pick up every little thing everywhere, even though there are a literal fuck ton of boxes that look like chests. It seems like half the mobs don’t even drop loot, though of course every one of them have a sword and shield. But these are things I can get passed, because I realized that there isn’t one fucking MMO that is like that.

I have only played two days or so (and rather lightly, I add) but am honestly not having a terrible time. I barely remember the story so that is good. I have mainly been sticking with the main quest (much like I do in TES) which means I don’t get quite enough exp all the time and need to go outside and kill some shit every now and again.

I have heard plenty of complaining in the Neil Patrick Harris channel (NPH, New Player Help) about people ganking and camping newbs. I imagine this is going on in White Sands as that is where I vaguely remember first encountering PvP way back when. This led me to avoid that area during daytime. However yesterday I did venture there and saw one guy half my level.

I do believe there are level restrictions on who you can attack so it shouldn’t be that bad. Anyways, I shall resume playing it some today. I’m hoping that I will run into one of these griefer guys and that he won’t be way bigger than me.

Oh, I am playing a Demonologist because it was the lowest level I had previously.

That’s it bitches, gtfo!

Little Update

I’ve been playin D3 like a mad man, kind of. I’m Paragon level 18 which isn’t really high at all. I’ve done tons of key runs and done Ubers a few times. The first time it was just me and my friend in like MP3 or some shit (30% chance to drop mats for Hellfire ring) and neither of us got a single mat drop. A friend of my friends who is a big badass came and helped us out a bit. With him and his wife we were able to do some MP7 ubers a few times. I managed to get enough mats for a few Hellfire rings and am using one of them on my Barb. It unfortunately didn’t get good offensive rolls but the defensive ones were good enough imo to equip it.

The new patch came out Tuesday. They increased the drop rate of all recipes by like 400% (still don’t see any jewelcrafting ones though) and added some new recipes as well. The new recipes are ilvl 63 with a guaranteed base stat (str, dex, int, vit) and 5 random properties. Gloves, bracers, chest, amulet, and shoulders and the items crafted are BoA (though you can sell the recipes). Some of the items are worthless as most players will use Vileward for Shoulders and Lacuni Prowlers for bracers, not to mention most people’s ultimate goal of getting a 6-100million gold for a set chest piece.

I took a break this last weekend and was rewarded the other day when I finally returned. I found a 1080 dps Echoing Fury (1h mace) with dex and a socket on it. I was able to sell this for 2 million rather quickly. So now I have the most money I’ve ever had and am actually going to save up for my set chest piece (unless of course something shiny catches my eye). Taking my computer and kitty up to my friends this weekend for a shit load of farmin, should be fun.

Here is a link to my D3up page to check out my barb.

What the Rift?

So I bought, downloaded, and started playing Rift yesterday. I may be following my WoW guild, as far as I can tell so far, the plan is Graybriar Defiant (ugh PvE but meh, people). There was a 3 hour queue for that though so me and my friend went to Freeholme, a PvP server (west coast lol, ugh!). I decided to go with the Warrior, Champion main with Paragon and Riftshitter offspec deals. I was able to make it to level 9 before I got too tired last night. My friend is playing a Cleric with Justicar main, he chose the pet class as his 2nd spec, and thats all I know about that.

So there you go, that is what the rift is goin on.

What has happened so far

With my recent return to DF I also began mingling with my old guild, Murder Herd. If you remember my previous DF ramblings you may remember me really hating some stupid fat bitch, well good news, she is gone being fat and dumb in Aion. Woot woot! I think some of the losers that like to act like big tough guys are still around though, which is pretty gay. All in all I don’t know if I’m sticking with them. I mean having a city was cool and really put the whole game on the front burner for me, but now, no city, and I still kinda hate the members? I just don’t know. I don’t think they could really get that mad at me anyway since the leaders have left the guild so that people don’t see them with the name Murder Herd and gank them in towns. Plus I’m on the road to being self sufficient so what the shit do I need annoying people for? The biggest straw however, is that in order to accept these people and interact with them on vent, I find that being drunk is highly necessary. That isn’t a good thing especially since I’ve been trying to not drink (and doing perdy good if I do say so muhself). So I bet I can use that as a reason to leave without them declaring me an enemy and making it a point to hunt me down and rape me. Good times lol.

Prior to my character successfully being transfered I created a character on NA1 and started out in the Ork newb towns. I refreshed my memory of the lay of the land and the controls as well. I remembered to delete him before I was done so that it didn’t cancel my transfer and played CS:S for the rest of the night (I’m now in the top 20 yet again, was getting close to the top 10 yesterday a little). I wasn’t certain what my plan was going to be but I knew I wanted to get to the Ork starting area. So I log in and find myself in an NPC town near the center of Agon, Nightspire was the name I believe. This was a good distance away from my destination so I knew I had a long trek ahead of me rife with danger. I set my compass to East and treaded onward! After about 30 minutes of running (sprinting on and off/conserving stamina) I appeared to be close to halfway, I had gone by what I thought could have been player cities or just buildings where players might be in general, so I was on my toes for a good thirty minutes. Then I saw a shiny object ahead, somewhat near a possible city, so I got close enough to where I could identify it with my xhair and it was a Chaos Chest. Hmm, I’ve never seen one of these before, I hope it isn’t a trap. I walk up to it and use it and tada, gold, resin, nacre, and a big mana pot (aka everything in my inventory in the last post’s screenshot). A good 30 minutes later and I was where I wanted to be, so now what?

Well I’ll tell you now what. I began doing all of the quests I could for the rewards (armor, little shit to sell, money) to get enough money to buy armorsmithing so that I can make myself many suits of armor, setting myself up to be ready for many battles some of which result in me losing my shit. Then I was going to do it with weapons and eventually horses (maybe even alchemy and fishing/cooking!) until finally I am ready to venture out and wtf rape some figgits.

I was using my greatsword for a long time (the newb one) and was getting so angry about my greatsword skill not raising beyond 17.9! Then I bought a 2hand sword and guess what, one little trip and I get a whole 1.00 :/, can’t believe I didn’t remember that change, I didn’t play but I read about it.

Once I was out of quests I began farming Goblin Scouts near Metal Heart for cashmoney/leather/arrows. They were going down fairly easy but god damn they would not stop spawning! I had probably 20 graves all over the place, majority looted, but damn it got hard at times to kill and loot and heal.

I got ganked once so far by some Goon loser with his Roosterfuck friend (I say roosterfuck because I’m pretty sure his name had something to do with chickens). I’ve since stopped going to that spawn as it is too far from the town. He hit me with a big ass fireball from a ways off and running didn’t do me any good, why he was out killing newbs, the world may never know (but I’m sure my huge stacks of loot valued at approximately 50 gold really add up).

So today I may be leaving my guild, I should be getting weaponsmithing, then farming iron nodes and making more suits of chain/orcish 2handed swords. Then it is steedgrass farmin/taming trainin along with gettin my weapon to 25+ to buy the scorpion get over here skill and the power attack that causes bleeding.

Anyways, that is it, ttyl honkeys.

Fallen Earth PvP and more

I got a rifle on my rifle using toon in Fallen Earth. It sounds like it should do more damage than it does, but hey, I can hit shit from 70m away (starter xbow is 20m range). But can I actually hit shit from 70m away? The xhair is mighty large with a big ass gap in the middle of it, plenty of room to miss even when your xhair looks like it is directly on them. One shot will miss while another from the same spot will hit. So what I do now is just fight shit close range, one shot in the head and one in the chest and most things are dead. Bullets are fuckin expensive. Crafting is out of the question as it takes as much time to raise that as it does to level my combat toon high enough to be able to use the ammo. Thank god for the Franklin’s Riders, they sell me 20 heavy rifle ammo for 123 white chips, pretty expensive considering 100 bullets is a little over 6 blue chips. Pretty damn expensive.

After acquiring my new rifle I went to the PvP zone by Depot 66. This PvP zone is a circular enclosed area with two entrances. Near one entrance is a tower you can climb up to, which is where I set up camp. It wasn’t long before someone showed up. I shot him once, for about half his health, he shot me twice, I shot him again, he shot me again and I died. It was sad but hey, he was level 11 and I was level 6. So I hiked back there and found my friend sitting in my old spot on the tower. This time I decided to use range to my advantage and shot him from quite a distance. When I hit him he scrambled down the ladder, I drew in closer to the base of the tower, and he comes around the corner guns a blazin. He shot me once and I shot him once, he missed his next shot and I did not. He done been killed, huh. So I killed a level 11 at level 6 and his name was Blo Hard if you wanna look him up and laugh at him. I waited for him to return and he did. This time I was set up on a small building near the center of the enclosed circle. He came in the entrance close to the tower which was pretty close to me and I was able to shoot him once as he ran towards the building I was on. I jumped down to finish him off and he was gone. What’s that? How is this possible? Oh yeah, logging out. LAWL. Big bad level 11 losing to a little level 6, poor lil feller.

I set up camp again on my new favorite rooftop, leaving the tower empty even though it is so sexy. I see someone approaching. It is possible to see players on your minimap as they appear as a little white arrow. He saw me and stayed out of my sight. He was right at the corner and I knew he was watching my arrow so I stood up and ran around on my roof a little bit which made him scurry on out from behind the corner, thinking he could make his move. BAM! Shot him once, he is now under half health and at the base of my roof. I jump off, round a corner and blast him again, victory! This guy was level 4 lol, but hey, a PvP zone is a PvP zone.

What is the deal with the ragdoll physics? Has anyone else noticed that they’re a little, I dunno, off? Since when do I shoot a guy once; he doesn’t die or move at all, in fact he keeps running straight at me, but if I shoot him again and he dies then his body goes flying in a million different directions usually several feet in the air. Explain that please. I hit a guy with a melee weapon and he’ll literally fling under my body and up in the air behind me falling on the ground. Explain that please. That’s what I thought, it just aint right.

I sold everything on my crafter to buy bullets for my rifle dude. It is funny to me because the one character that I’ve pretty much “disabled” is the one named Bonedead. My melee guy is Jason Bonedead and my rifle dude is Boblee Swagger (I know, I’m lame).

On my melee guy I was using one of those posts with a concrete ball on the end of it, which was working wonders in the one hit kill arena, but have since switched to a Kensho training staff thing. It attacks faster and all around has a higher dps, but there are hardly any one hit kills. A fair trade off I believe is that a miss isn’t as big of a deal anymore since I swing again almost immediately.

Getting back to my rifle dude, after those PvP encounters I waited a bit and no one showed up. So I hopped on my ATV and drove over to Slaughterville which is a ways west of where I was. It literally took me around 10 minutes to drive there if not more. I do not feel nearly as comfortable here because it is not very open and you can’t get that much higher than your opponent so it is hard to get an advantage. I always drive through these PvP zones first to see if anyone is there, then I park my ATV outside of the zone and waltz on in. As I’m walking around, patrolling the area, a man on a horse charges me. He’s in a clan, SiN, and is either a level 11 or 13 (I forget) who uses double zip guns. He does about half my health to me pretty quickly and I begin circling him to avoid his bullets. I start hitting him with my shots (prior shots weren’t hitting him as I was getting hit and that always makes it harder) and got him under half health. It became clear that he couldn’t hit me anymore while on his horse and that I was going to kill him, so he turned and ran.

A false sense of pride overtook me, I’ve killed a level 11 today, and now I’m making another high level guy run away. Go me, amirite? WRAWNG! I chased him down and he was now off his horse blasting 50 friggin bullets my way so quickly. Long story short I died a couple times. The last time I tried to fight him was the closest I got to winning since the first run in. I got on top of some boxes and he was down below, we were just peaking around at each other blasting away, it was pretty intense. But alas, I did not pull that one out.

I find it difficult to start playing at times and I’m not sure why. I enjoy the game when things are going good, maybe it is because I have a few toons I play and I’m still not in Sector 2. Maybe it is because I find these little points in the game where you’re stuck with running around quests and no real direction is given at the next place you should go to. Maybe it is because I’ll get a quest to go to a new quest hub and the quests have me killing level 1 mobs. Maybe it is because I hit invisible walls all the goddamn time. I don’t know. But I do find myself playing more CS:S lately.

At first I was going to play CS:S to work on my aiming for Fallen Earth, then I was playing CS:S to catch up in rank to some of those buttholes on my favorite server, and now I’m still trying to catch up to them but I’m also trying to beat the pants off them. But what about Fallen Earth? I need a goddamn scope mfker. Maybe this upcoming 3 day weekend will provide me with enough time to get my rifle dude where he needs to be to really enjoy himself.

I took him up to another PvP zone far north of Slaughterville after my failed encounters. The ride was long as all hell and when I got there it was just an open field. The PvP area was far greater than any of the other places I had been, the only problem was there wasn’t anybody in the damn place. I drove to the edge of the map looking and even took 31 damage from the “kill zone” aka the edge of the map. So that zone kinda sucks big balls imo. I wonder what larger scale PvP would be like in this game, I feel like I could really shine in a setting like that. Me sitting in the back, everyone aiming at people that aren’t me, me aiming at everyone else. I have tried to get enough death toll to talk to the death toll NPC merchants, but have not. The highest I had was around 200 which was maybe 20% of a death toll level, but I lost all that to Mr. Bees Knees of SiN.

I hope to get my rifle man to where he needs to be so I can own some face in an MMO finally. But we shall see.

Looking back in time a bit

I haven’t blogged much because I haven’t had the time. But, before reaching 80 I was blogging by hand in school a bit. I’m now typing some of that up for you.

Mafia Wars is getting old. I keep pissing people off and they keep getting their 1 million fake friends from Mexico to rape me. I think it is because I find weak dumb people with big buildings and then link them to my friends. I miss the days when they would retaliate with a punch or by putting me on the hitlist. Nowadays though I just get attacked by 6 people multiple times in under a minute.

WoW is moving along nice and slowly. I wish it would go faster, obviously. But let’s face it, I want to be 80. At least 78 so I can make/wear the Frostsavage set, which is recommended as a starter PvP set. Shit, at least 76 so I could wear my chest piece I bought off a big walrus man. But I must wait, that is the wayy the game was made, and I respect all of the parts I don’t complain about so why not extend that respect to the parts I do complain about.

I’ve finally gotten beyond Netherweave and into Frostweave. I was lucky to stumble upon the quest for Improved Frostweave Gathering, however that is supposed to make sense. What do I learn, that some mobs keep an extra set of frostweave in their ass? I don’t think so. Especially since frostweave is so expensive, they’d have to be pretty big pimpin to wipe their ass with that. Yeah, probably not. But who plays these games because every little detail makes sense?

So I’m almost 75 now. I know I was 74.5 yesterday, so why aren’t I 75 today? School! Yep, I’ve returned again, going solo this time so no Melanie. I did my homework before I got high and after two hours, yep, at 8:15 pm I was done. Fuck dinner, I got a bong to rip and some game to play, god damnit!

I really wasn’t in the mood to quest, especially since I’m at the point when they’re all scattered across the zone instead of a few here and a few there. Which means I’m almost done with Dragonblight. That would make Borean Tundra, Howling Fjord, and Dragonblight down.

What I decided to do instead was to queue up for some good ole fashioned AV. I chose AV only because of the ridiculous amounts of honor and exp rewarded. Turning in a quest gives me around 20-30k, in AV I probably get 3-6 ticks of exp at around 18k each. So if I can play 3-4 rounds of AV, it’s close to turning in 12-18 quests. Not to mention the 4-6k honor I get as well.

This helps because at 78 I can wear the Frostsavage set. The gear after that which I will be upgrading to costs a lot of honor. So if I’m making decent honor, decent xp, and I’m getting training against level 80s then why not do it? I’ve always been told when trying to brag about doing good in low level BGs that level 80 is totally different. I still don’t buy it. Maybe I will when they’re all 80, but not yet. Especially when I get 8th highest damage on my team of 40 at level 74.

That was one day

There was a page about Facebook games and how they suck, but, I just summarized it.

Yesterdays page

So now what? I’m level 89, I’m slowly grinding honor, but I really want heirlooms. I get 50 stonekeepers shards a week from Wintergrasp which can be used for the PvP heirlooms. Only problem is it would take 4 weeks to get one piece of armor and 7 weeks for a weapon. I don’t know if I’m a fan of that. in fact, I’m not, at all.

What I’m starting to wonder is how long would it take on the PvE route? Plus, would the Argent Tournament be something I should start working on again? I do believe I’d have to work some to get to the point where I can begin acquiring the heirloom currency.

I’m also looking towards raiding for emblems.

(It just stops right there because I had to start paying attention)

Anyways, theres a little update for you lol, I know, top quality shiz right there.


PS- Thank you Pitrelli (see: Kill That Cheerleader in the links) for pointing out the Raptor baby pets that sell for a lot of money!