Quite the Long Weekend

Hello friends, how you bezzin? I’m doin pretty good. Friday was two of my good friends’ wedding so I got pretty retarded that night. Saturday was spent throwing up a lot and sleeping a lot more, it was also my birthday, har har. When I finally awoke Saturday evening I dove into some EVE online. I have semi given up on trying to acquire enough ISK to fund my accounts, partly because I keep spending money, partly because the price of plex has gone up over 100 million recently. I still enjoy some rock minin but have been focusing more on pve pew pewin. I am most definitely torn on what account I should resubscribe — and I’m not only talking about EVE accounts.

Besides also finally getting into the SWTOR beta this weekend (didn’t even play, fuck dat shit yo) this weekend was Darkfall’s 4x skill gain, phat loot weekend. All previously subscribed accounts were granted access this weekend, Friday to Monday morning. I began my return really late on Saturday and by the end of yesterday I felt as though I finally had some good skills in DF. I GMed Tailoring, which means I can make my own suits of bone armor which iirc is the best caster armor suit? I got my two handed sword above 50 (I know, why didn’t I put more time into it?!) and focused more-so on my magic skills. I finally capped out Lesser Magic, lol. Greater magic is above 50 which means…. DUN DUN DUN…. ELEMENTAL MAGICS ZOMG!!1111

So I got Air and Fire magic, Air is slightly below 50 and Fire is slightly above 50 and the damage is quite sexy (if I do say so myself). I really wish I had gotten more time in, alas, I did not and must accept my current position. The question is, do I continue with DF, resubscribe and keep plugging along? Thinking about it, I didn’t really play much this weekend, so if I did that 4 times, I would have received the same result, right? So maybe I can hack it in DF.

My little alt in EVE is paid til early December so I could still do that during DF lulls. I don’t even wanna think of WoW, ugh, gross. SWTOR? Iunno, but to be honest I don’t know if I’m going to rush into that one or not. I guess we will see.

Fuckin decisions, moar EVE or moar DF?!?!?!


Makin some headway

I last left you with a tale of getting blowed the fuck up. Since then I have concocted a better way to jetcan mine. Have my main with strong mining skills stagger his Strip Miner cycles and drop each cycle into the jetcan. After one is dropped then my alt, in his bigger than my main’s hauler, picks it up and sits there til he is full. This way at most I only lose 1.3k m3 of ore, aka, 3 minutes. This new way has introduced me to a new kind of fuckhead though, the hauler thief.

The hauler thief flies an industrial ship and looks for jetcan miners. He warps from belt to belt and bookmarks any jetcan he sees. He then warps to the jetcan, aligns to his station, loots, and tries to insta warp. Their nature makes them greedy and impatient which I try and use against them. Why? Because even though I can drop my ore in the can and take it with my alt 90% of the time faster than the thief, I like to have a little fun. I had one pesky thief bother me a couple days in a row this weekend and I kinda used him to learn on. At the time my main and alt were in separate corps so I would have to try and get him to loot from 2 jetcans, one put out from each character. This way both characters can respond.

I started by fitting a warp disrupter on my alts hauler in an attempt to prevent him from warping so my main could throw some hobgoblins on the guy. I was able to attack him this way once, but it did not work out. I later discovered that he used 2 warp core stabilizers and if you use 2 points of warp scramblin on 2 points of anti warp scramblin, they can still warp. Thus, I have setup my alt hauler to no longer mine side by side with my main, but instead, carry fewer Giant Secure Containers, 3 points of warp scramblin, and a pretty little small pulse laser on the front (with some heat sinks down below). I definitely do not intend to engage any frigates, as they can’t do anything to bother me. But if I run into another hauler, I believe I will ruin his day, especially now that my miner will be flying a Covetor (up from a Retriever) which can hold 5 mining drones and 5 hobgobs.

After my few encounters with my favorite hauler thief I noticed a guy in a corp with a PvP tag (says PvP in corp ticker or alliance ticker some way) jetcan mining in the same belt as me. I just kept mining, filling up my hauler, and once I was full I dropped it off at the station. Right after I bookmarked his jetcan, of course. I knew that since I started before him and he came in the belt about halfway through me filling up my load, that he should have a decent amount in that jetcan by now. I took the time to refit my hauler with some warp core stabilizers, just in case, and flew back out there. Reached the can, align to my station, turned on MWD, opened the can, disabled MWD, looted his 43k of Pyroxeres (which barely fit in my new cargo size) and insta warped the fuck out of there. He attempted to convo me but I just denied his request. I wasn’t in the mood for any kind of cry baby shit or, wow enjoy your free 1 million isk, nice score durrrrrr. I stole my first thing, it was awesome, and I wasn’t going to let anything get in the way of that.

Big ol Noob

Hello my friends. I have quite a few things to write about but am not sure if I can get to them all or order them properly, meh!

Eve Online:
My subscription was about to run out so on the 19th I sent myself a buddy invite email, paid for that account, and pretty much got 2 months for the price of one. My original goal with my new alt was to be a huge dickface to anyone. I wanted to scan big haulers on autopilot and suicide rape their faces for the chance of making a bunch of money. Let’s just say I was a little premature, attempting to one shot a hauler with a fuckin frigate /facepalm. Needless to say, concordokken, giant sec status hit and omg, didn’t do enough missions to be friendly with anyone yet so now the popo be after meh! Oh well, went to Jita where the Amarr popo don’t go and bam, did some missions, able to fly anywhere again.

I realized that no matter what, I probably wasn’t going to be able to come up with enough money to buy 2 plex, one for each account, before my subs ran up. Upon this realization I decided it would be best for my little guy to get some mining and hauling skills. He is Amarr but I train for Caldari frigate with plans to go Caldari cruiser. Reason being, they’ve got good little mining ships. Trained Amarr Industrial up a little and bam, I’m already flying a hauler that can hold more than my main (why the fuck did I go gallente industrial again?). I have my main set up to mine in his Iteron Mark 3 pretty much afk, I just check back and target another asteroid and hit F1, doing this in super high sec .9-1.0 means no belt rats. If anyone wants to suicide my Iteron, what the fuck ever dude, enjoy getting practically nothing.

I had heard that Jaspet could be found somewhat easily in Amarr high sec by searching for Gravimetric sites. I wanted Jaspet because it is the best isk/m3 according to my little spreadsheet of dewm that seemed possible to mine the fuck out of relatively safely. Then I added Pyroxeres to my spreadsheet and realized, jesus effin christ, what have I been wasting my time on? Trained up Pyroxeres processing for use of T2 mining crystals, like a bawse.

Anyways, yesterday I was mining with both of my guys, sharing a single jetcan (I know, I know) and shit was going good. I was going to do multiple loads and make a shit ton of money from just mining, probably the most from mining/the fastest I’ve had. Jetcan is close to full, fly my little dude back to station switch to industrial, fly back out there to scoop that shit up. Well. Let’s just say that since I was using 2 toons in different corps, the yellow jetcan didn’t seem very out of place. Short story even shorter, I got raped by a fucker in a T2 dickship. That is what I get for disabling the, be a bad guy, steal people’s shit warning. That is also what I get for being retarded and not looting 1 second before I warp back to station. He even blew up my wreck, which to me, is a little shitty. That means this dude just did it for shits and giggles. He got nothing out of it besides a killmail worth 8 points and since I didn’t say a word to him he probably didn’t get erect. Here is a link to the killmail. I was kinda upset, I’ll be honest. I felt pretty dumb and I should have. I ended up just logging off so I wouldn’t do anything stupid and make that guy any happier.

This of course has me reevaluating my plan of attack. Sure I can’t suicide kill shit on my little alt guy, but I can scan cargo and haul shit. My big guy can fly battlecruisers and use medium hybrids somewhat ok. I have a feeling he could possibly one shot some dinky haulers. I know a good system to wait in (everyone else knows it too unfortunately) but it is just a hard decision to make. If I succeed, I will probably get kicked out of my corp. But the main reason I am in the corp is for the can system where they pay you Jita prices minus 10% corp tax and do all the heavy lifting. However, I am only 10 or so jumps from Jita, and they pay more there without 10% tax. Decisions decisions. One thing I found quite funny was looking through my killer’s previous killmails I find one where he was in an iteron carrying 600+ million of shit and he got wtf blowed the fuck up. Just goes to show ya.

CounterStrike Source:
I have been playing quite a bit of CSS recently. Of course my main Pub is the TU Server and I have even recently become a citizen there (applied to begin the ranking up process) after playing there for close to 3 years. But that is not why I’m talking about CSS. I have made a few friends at the server and we have been scrimming like nobodies business.

It really has been quite a bit of fun, having not played CS competitively in some time, I find myself a bit wet behind the ears. But I surprise people from time to time, that happens when you’re a randy ass bitch like me. I’m not sure what may come of this but I am having a lot of fun getting back into the swing of things.

Anyways, that’s about it beechays.

Goons Strike Again!

A post on the C&P (Crime & Punishment) sub-forum today started out with a rather vague claim of the Goons scamming someone out of 80 billion isk (360 million for 30 days play time = ~$3,333). Many people were very skeptical, with good reason, who would try to buy a Titan (Erebus) and get scammed out of 80 billion isk? You would think one who could acquire such money wouldn’t fall for a trick, much less trust the Goons to do it. But a little further down we get a screenshot from the scammee, he was asked to take a screenshot of his wallet and send it to them to prove that he had sent his money to The Mittani (goon leader, well known scammer guy) because “unfortunately Mittani is afk right now”. A little further and we see the scammer receiving his portion from Mittani in his wallet, a nice 69 billion.

The post is here.

All I’m tryin to get is a measly 360 million for fuckin 30 days of play time. I’ve got much closer to half than I did yesterday due to cashing in my Loyalty Points for Alpha Nexus Chips and sellin em to my corp for 6 mil a pop, got 4. Yet every friggin day theres another story of someone being a dick and getting like a shit ton of money that I want. Really want to start being a dick, makin that money.

Pew Fuckin Pew, Bitch

Hello good sirs, it is I, your dearest Bonedead. Returned to delight you with yet another wonderful post about gaming…. and me.

Not sure where I last left off, I think I was playing DAoC? Uthgard, right? Well, it is still installed but I haven’t played it in over a week. I have been playing a healthy amount of drunken cs (one of my favorite games btw). I also try and get my arenas in for WoW each week on my DK (friend got a pally to 85 so huzzah for 2s). But most of my time has been spent in a good ol game that I, thanks to many others before me, like to call Internet Spaceships.

Yes, friends, EVE online. I don’t have anything exciting to report on yet, we’re still just getting our bearings and figuring out wtf we want to even do. We did lose my friends big ol BC ship in a wormhole due to collapsing it right in front of him 😦 Bad luck. We were mining Arkonor in there, 5k isk a unit, we were going to get 5k units from the asteroid, so 25 million for a little mining, awesome right? Would have been, but it wasn’t. As I hopped through on my mining ship to go get my hauler, the worm hole closed, trapping my friend inside (along with a shit fuckload of arkonor). I find one of my main goals being, acquire enough isk to buy a plex, so I can make more isk, buy moar plex, and never fuckin pay for an mmo ever again cus I don’t have to. I am almost close to halfway, but, most of that was earned last year when I played.

I’ve had the urge to be a meany, quite strongly in fact, and it is a thought I am entertaining quite a bit. We shall see though.

This way, no that way, no back this way!

As you may be able to tell by the title of this post, I’ve sort of been all over the road in terms of where I’m planning on heading skill-wise in EVE. I trained my scanning skills a bit in hopes of making big money like my buddy is hacking radars and whatnot. I bought my Exequror, equipped it with 3 miner 2s and a miner 1, as well as 3 tech 1 cargo expanders, nothing in my mid slots, but 4 mining 1 drones in my drone bay as well. This has increased my ore intake rate almost two fold. Previously I believe I was using 1 GSC (giant secure container) anchored in space at my favorite asteroid belt and filling that, then filling my hold, and going back to the station to switch to my hauler. This has also changed.

As for my hauler, I’ve upgraded to an Iteron Mark 3 (from a Mark 1) which with 3 tech 1 cargo expanders can hold 9090m3, each GSC can hold 3900m3 and only takes up 3000m3, so I’m carrying 3 GSCs in my hauler and I also have 3 GSCs anchored in my favorite spot (sitting in space pretty much). This way, mining plagioclase and making 3 jumps to sell it nets me 960k a trip, each trip taking 30-45 minutes (haven’t timed it yet). This feels like quite the improvement. Sure I have the chance of making 25 million in a day by scanning for radar sites and getting lucky like my friend does, and I even trained the skills to do so, but I am pretty sure that I want to be a miner.

This is another semi problem for both myself and my friend and mainly because we play solo (and help each other when we need it). We’re trying to be everything at the same time. Miners, scanners, and combat pilots. Why? Because if we can do it, why not? I mean damn, I’ve got like 55+ days of time left to play and gather 300-400 million isk to buy myself a 30 day time card (PLEX-Pilots License Extension). Eventually I believe I will be able to play to play and never have to spend another dime on a subscription, that is the plan anyways.

We would really like to be able to go into class 1 w-space, find gravometric sites, be able to kill the pirates, and finally mine the really good shit so we can make a crap ton of money. This means we would both need to be able to fly Battlecruisers (I’m kind of close since Exequror is a cruiser and battlecruiser requires cruisers 3 I think), according to what I’ve read anyways. Then we’d have to deck them out in stuff we can’t use yet, so, train those skills and buy that expensive shit and then probably do some combat missions so we know how to fight with them. Of course the rats (npc pirates!) in known space are apparently far inferior in the AI department to the rats of w-space, which would just make it a big challenge. Nothing wrong with a challenge, we just aren’t used to this advancement system, you don’t “level” any faster by playing more which makes it easy to “set it and forget it” and just not play for a couple days (for me at least). We both know that eventually we’ll definitely be able to do this and that it really isn’t going to take that long.

I’ve managed to get 26 million isk so far, and 25 of that was just my pure luck. Of course it wasn’t really my luck but my friend’s and then kinda mine for him to split it with me. See, he was out mining (as he does when he is scanning regions so hes not just sitting there doing nothing while scanning) and a large group showed up and wtfraped all of the asteroids around him. This happens to me all the time, like, all the time, I’ve had to move my GSCs multiple times because of this alone. Well, the people who did it to him felt bad for him so they just gave him 50 million! What?! Holy crap are you kidding me? I couldn’t believe it but, hey, I’ll take half for free. That was a pretty cool part imo, free moneh. Prior to this I had earned probably around 4-5 million on my own but spent most of it (usually as soon as I get it) upgrading my ships and such.

I’m curious about being a part of a mining operation in a mining corp. How do you get paid? Are they ripping you off? Isn’t there one hauler for everyone? This is something I will have to find out later. First I need to stick with this mining path, focus on making money for PLEX, and get me a Mining Barge!

Discovery, Danger, Stupidity, and More Discovery

A recent discovery of mine is that making money in EVE is much easier said than done. Now that isn’t the “discovery” part of the title, more the topic. I’m sure you can have a steady, small, income doing things that I know how to do. You can get missions and hunt pirates, I’ve not done it on this character but my first trip to EVE (4 or so years ago) was centered around being a fighter type pilot. You can also make some money by mining and selling the ore or refining it into minerals and selling those. You can either instantly sell these for low prices or set your own desired price and let them sit there until someone buys them (usually having to undercut the cheapest seller by 1 isk, so you sell first). These are concepts that I can easily understand heh.

My friend has been playing with me, I sent him a 21 day free trial (if you want one let me know), and he has been “exploring” the Exploration aspect of the game (teehee). This means that he sends out probes and scans systems for hidden sites. These sites range from Radar sites (uses the hacking skill on the radar found for loot), Ladar site (gas sites, need a gas gathering skill which costs 25 million), Gravimetric sites (they have asteroids, sometimes rare ones), and finally -at least to my knowledge- worm holes (which warp you to unknown space, can collapse, can get stuck in “w-space” if this happens). This is where the first Discovery part comes in. My friend was very stand offish about venturing into these worm holes, possibly due to me telling him for all he knows people could be waiting to rape him on the other side, but one night (Tuesday night to be exact) we both thought it could be a good idea for him to get in a little baby ship and check it out. The w-space (as we call it, possible others do, but I’ve only seen him use it) was clear and my friend began scanning the unknown space. One thing about scanning for hidden sites, most have pirates that will either be there when you find it or show up a little while after you’ve been there, with the pirates being harder depending on the security level of the space you’re in (with w-space being 0.0 security).

So during my friend’s first scanning trip into w-space he happened upon a Gravimetric site with all of the rare asteroids except for Mercoxit (best one, need super mining lasers to mine it). Upon this discovery, I began putting together a spreadsheet to figure out how much my hauler could hold of each type, I tried to find values per unit of ore for each type, how long it would take to fill up for each, etc. It seemed like a solid idea. According to my preliminary calculations I reached the opinion that Bistot would be our best bet, so we got a load of that. This whole time I was tweaking my spreadsheet, adding things like isk/minute, and began changing the values of the ores as well. After the first load my spreadsheet now reflected that Hemorphite would be more profitable, so we moved to that asteroid and began filling me up on that. After we had a full load I began to doubt my calculations, I was using stupid values such as “average universe price” and “average region price” (the 2 regions we were familiar with). I then found out that these averages are not only AVERAGES, they also factor in the prices offered from buy orders (ridiculously below the lowest market values). I had fudged our numbers. We tried to sell the ores in the region we were in, for the lowest market price in the region, which would have netted us a very large amount of money (about 4 million total, so 2 a piece, for an hour and a half of mining). Unfortunately, it wasn’t selling. We needed money now.

I began searching for ways to get rid of this quickly at what we considered a fair price. We’re aiming at getting 2 million for it so that we get 1 a piece. I found posts on the forums of people buying ore, most of them are offering less than what we want, and they also want more than we have which is why we are not going that route. I began to notice a trend among these trade related posts, Jita. Jita is pretty much the largest trade hub in the game. I thought, if I can’t find a place to sell this, why not sell it at the place where it seems most likely to be bought? This led to me using an online market explorer and figuring out what Jita’s lowest selling prices were for each ore. I fed these figures into my spreadsheet and voila, if we sell our ore at the lowest price in the region then we will get just over 2 million. Perfect, right? It seemed so, which means that the next task for me (I am the hauler) was to make 2 round trips to Jita to sell this ore. I am a member of the Gallente race/faction/whatnot and I’m not certain but I believe that the Caldari race/faction/whatnot (which is what Jita is) doesn’t like us. I did not know this at the time of this idea.

So I set my destination to the Jita system which was 10 jumps away from where I was and began my journey. Everything was fine for the first 4 or 5 jumps until I had warped into a .5 security system. It was here where I had my first real scare of my time playing. As I set my ship to warp to the next stargate another player started locking on to me. The first thought I had was that he was going to scramble my warp and then I’d be fucked, fortunately I warped away before he locked on. Scary as shit. There I was hauling half of our expected income and some jerkoff appeared to be trying to take it from me. The rest of the jumps were fine until I actually jumped into Jita. My overview showed red names, the first time I had seen them and they weren’t pirate NPCs, so I panicked immediately. For some reason I tried to fly back to the stargate (12km away at a speed of 120m/s) as it hit me that I may not be welcome in this space. Once I realized it would take far too long to fly back to the stargate I just clicked a random station and selected to dock there. My warp began to align my ship and prepare to whoosh me out of there when I decided to look up. I saw the red named players (I hope they were players, Commander Twinkletoes doesn’t sound like an npc to me, but there were multiple “Commander name” peoples), some ship wrecks, and what appeared to be laser pew pews going off all over. As my warp propelled me to my potentially unsafe destination I became even more nervous. After all, it would suck to get blown up ten feet from the front door. When I arrived, there were no red names, and I was able to dock.

I was not on a planet station (the most popular ones) but I figured as long as it is in the system I should be good. I put the ore up for sale, cheapest sell price at the time, and went back for my 2nd load. On my way back probably 3 people tried to lock on to me, luckily all failed. I was able to deliver the 2nd load safely with a few lock on attempts during the trip and put it up for sale as the lowest selling price. We would still make 2 million if it all sold and I figured it would sell quickly in the biggest trading hub in the game. On my trip back I had a few more lock on attempts made and began to think that maybe they just do this to scare you. But, I’m sure that there are a whole lot of possibilities unbeknownst to me. By the time I made it back my friend got home from work (my drive home is much shorter than his) and was ready to find another gravimetric site in some w-space.

He quickly located a worm hole in 1.0 security space and upon further inspection the worm hole appeared it would at least last the night, which is all we needed it for. He was able to find a gravimetric site relatively quickly, we formed a fleet, and I came out to join him. At this time my spreadsheet was leading us to believe that Arkonor was in fact the most profitable for us, so we set up camp. My friend decided to head back to a station to pick up a second Miner 1 to replace his probe launcher, this would increase our ore and isk per minute. I was drinking this night (last night) and my fiance was looking at the local arrest records, just to see how “awesome” people can be. Well I come back to my ship being blown the fuck up by gdamn pirates. These were 0.0 security space pirates too, so I don’t think I stood a chance even though I still tried to warp out of there. I believe if I hadn’t been afk (like a retard) that I would have been able to warp out of there before they locked on to me, or at least I would have survived and made it out. But, my morale took a big hit with this one, I knew it was my fault, and I had a long pod journey back to my newb station where my 2nd and last Iteron was. Luckily my insurance payout was enough to buy another Miner 2 laser and I flew out into noobville asteroid belt 1, and began slowly plinking away the veldspar.

I just needed to get some money, I figured this was safe, this was easy, and this wasn’t that slow either. I wasn’t refining it because the instant sell price for Tritanium was 2 isk per, and the amount I would have refined it into multiplied by 2, was much less than selling all the veldspar at 6 isk per. I mined that belt with the other newbs until all the asteroids were gone, sold my veldspar and made around 150k or so, then flew to the next system over. I picked a random asteroid belt and looked for veldspar, unfortunately (well, fortunately later), I did not find a single one in that belt. This prompted me to open the market and see what the buy orders were like for Scordite and Plagioclase. Plagioclase was worth more by far so I figured alright, lets do this. I left the market window open as I mined and then I noticed something. Someone was selling 200k Plagioclase at 25.5 isk per 5 jumps away. The highest buy order was buying Plagioclase at 28.15 isk per only 2 jumps away. The buy order was asking for over 4 million units. After some quick number crunching I reached the conclusion that if I bought a whole cargo load at 25.5 isk and sold it at 28.15 isk I would make 36k isk each trip. This is 10 jumps round trip were talkin about. It took me 10 jumps to just get to Jita, not to mention the 10 back.

I then figured out how much more plagioclase I needed to mine in order to be able to afford my first full load. I achieved that amount, sold it, and purchased a full load (from across the region). I flew to the station where the ore was waiting, picked it up, and flew it back to where I was selling it. Easy money. I did the math and if I buy and sell all of it I stand to make 520k. That is free money! I got in a few trips before I went to bed and managed to get in another this morning before work. Then I noticed that the sell order for the cheap plagioclase ended in 12 hours. I have to finish this today if I am to capitalize. Which is exactly what I plan to do. A little more math later and I now see that if I try and fill that entire buy order (by mining it myself) that I will make 112 million isk. Yep, sure it would take some time, but so does training my skills! I figure if I just stick with it, I’ll be making 380k per load which will take 48 minutes. But, after a few hours I’ll be able to finally buy my Exequror, which will increase my mining rate to around 30 minutes per 380k. Before I know it I’ll be hammering it out like nothin, rolling in my piles of money, and may even partake in the SOMER.blink shit. Not to mention buying an Iteron Mark 5, which will be able to hold like 3x as much as my mark 1 does. With that kind of cargo space, any more cases I find in which someone is selling a bit lower than someone is buying, will result in more profit per trip.

I’m feeling good about where I’m headed. It really seems like before I know it I’ll be back out in W-Space with my friend, killing those asshole pirates in my gravimetric sites, and mining to my hearts content, turning a much higher profit.

Fun times!