The Void

Do you remember the first MMO that you really fell in love with? For some it was UO, some EQ, and a whole lot for WoW. I’m not really talking to the WoW people as much, but if you are a WoW person and want to chime in, feel free :D.

Although I played UO my first love was DAoC. I started out in Midgard as a Norse Hunter and didn’t get very far before getting my first case of altitis. There was a sense of community, realm pride, you cared about your team and you hated the other two. I don’t really know how they did it but no one was immune, everyone had incredible realm pride. Even as a low level player unable to assist our realm in the big boy fights, I cared about how they did, and I’d cheer them on whenever possible. It was a truly amazing first MMO experience.

Never have I been so mad at a mob as I was at Rock Crabs/Spindley Rock Crabs and don’t get me started on Wee Wolves or Tomtes. The game was a world instead of a game and that is something that I have rarely felt since. The Herald really helped me as a newb to keep up with my team’s successes, I could see who was getting the most kills/RPs for the week and in total, plus which keeps we and our enemies controlled.

Shrouded Isles was released just as I was getting familiar with all of the nooks and crannies of the old world and it turned out to be the same size of the old world. It was pretty much just a whole new world to level from 1-50 in, so I made some more alts, especially of all the new classes that were added. By this time I had played all 3 realms, however, all on different servers, so there was still a sense of realm pride.

When battlegrounds were added in March of 2002 is when I really started loving the game. The lowest level BG was 20-24, prior to this I had not reached level 20, and this gave me some motivation to do so. I was there on day one as a Thane, which at the time was a cool class (later was gimped and since has been reintroduced as a decent class methinks?) and a popular class as well, there was nothing like seeing a bunch of lightning bolts flying everywhere not to mention the hammers. Speaking of the hammers I remember seeing my first big fight in RvR. I was a low level tagging along, hanging in the back with the healers, and our Mid force collided with another force at a MileGate in Odin’s Gate. I could see probably 20 giant blue hammers raining down on the enemies and I don’t think I’m capable of describing how awesome it was at the time. One of the healers then told me that when you see the hammers it is a good sign. I would like to think I will never forget how good of an experience that was.

A year after Shrouded Isles was released came another expansion, Trials of Atlantis. This expansion added new high level content including Master Levels and Artifacts. With Master Levels came Master Abilities which helped change the face of RvR when coupled with Artifacts and their abilities. Artifacts were items dropped by the new boss mobs in the Trials of Atlantis and in order to use one you needed to acquire the scrolls necessary to activate the item. Once activated Artifacts are level 1, at the time each artifact would only gain exp from specific mob types such as reptiles or humanoids and others required PvP kills, nowadays any exp goes towards the artifacts. Many would argue that the ToA expansion was the beginning of the end of DAoC as we knew it and I would have to agree. The core playerbase had been playing for a couple years already, they were max level, they had reached end game content and were having a good time. This expansion made it so they had to gain 10 more levels through 90-100 PvE raids (some soloable, some small group, many many group) and they also had to create whole new templates which included attaining artifacts and leveling them to acquire the abilities, just to return to the end game they previously enjoyed dearly.

A half a year later, June 2004, New Frontiers was released. This was a free expansion but it was also a required expansion, one that many did not welcome with open arms, mainly because the devs decided it was a good idea to further mess with endgame content. In fact, they completely revamped all of the frontiers, which is where the RvR took place. No more familiar lands, these new lands were all new terrain wise yet still had the same names as before. The only positives in my opinion that came from this expansion was the keep redesign, the additional siege weapons, and the battlegrounds for the rest of the players who were not levels 20-35 and 50. It has since grown on me as it has the others who continued to play (or have since come to play) but those who remember what it was like will never forget.

At the end of 2004 the Catacombs expansion was released. This is probably my favorite expansion for the game as it added new classes, faster leveling via new underground worlds or instanced, scalable dungeons, and a bit of a graphics revamp. I did not get to level 50 until this expansion came out, prior to it my highest was probably around 30-35. My favorite aspect of this expansion was the Task Dungeons. You would approach the Taskmaster in your level appropriate area and he would ask if you want long corridors or close quarters type of combat and would then send you to the cave nearby. The mobs would be blue at early levels and yellow at later levels, all the while being worth way more exp and dropping more money than usual. They also added adventure wings onto preexisting dungeons (a dungeon off of a dungeon) and these wings contained mobs that would drop Aurulite. Aurulite was used in the new underground capital cities to purchase decent armor weapons and accessories. I know some are against faster leveling and “handouts” but you still had to sit there and kill a bunch of shit just like any other game so, I would have to disagree with those people.

At the beginning of 2005 in an effort to retain customers by consolidating populations Server Clustering was introduced. Three or so servers would be clustered together, sharing the same battlegrounds, RvR zones, and capital cities. You could go to each of the three servers’ old world zones (including SI and Catacombs) and when you ran into a player from another server their name would have “of ServerName” at the end of it. I view clustering as a good thing only because it was the right thing to do considering the circumstances. Whether they could have avoided those circumstances or not is where my beef lies.

In July 2005 the new Classic server type was introduced. These two servers did not allow access to the Trials of Atlantis content and also introduced a ranged buff system. On all of the other server types it was the norm for players to have buffbots, or characters on separate accounts with max level buffing classes who would buff a group of players and then be left by the safety of the unkillable realm guards (who watch the entrances into the old world zones of each realm). With this system if you got too far away from the person who buffed you then you lost the buffs. Many people returned to play on these servers, so many in fact that they had to launch a third classic server to accommodate the demand. Nowadays these servers are clustered and empty.

Three months later the expansion Darkness Rising is released introducing champion weapons, champion levels, subclasses, mounts, dungeons for gaining champion levels, and the island Agramon which connected the three realms’ frontier zones. By this time I was pretty detached from the game so I can’t say for sure how the playerbase welcomed this expansion. Mythic had been promising player mounts since a couple months after release and four years later they arrive. I never raised my champion levels very high so I only got a few subclass abilities (which for the most part were a joke iirc) but I did get my champion weapon and mount which I can’t say I didn’t enjoy.

One year later and another expansion, Labyrinth of the Minotaur, released. This expansion added the Minotaur races, the Mauler class (solo beast as shit class), the Labyrinth (a dungeon with many boss encounters accessible by all three realms for pvp/pve), and Champion levels 6-10. I’ve some experience with this expansion, I got a Minotaur Mauler to level 49 where he could outsolo my level 50 warrior (by killing mobs that conned red and purple to my warrior), and I did a few encounters in the Labyrinth.

Nowadays all of the clusters are clustered and as of right now (12:30PM EST Thursday 12/31/09) there are 2,600 players on in North America and 0 players in Europe. It is sad for me to see my first MMO love in such shambles. I regularly subbed for about 3 months a year along with multiple trial accounts (some with very high level toons on them) and I haven’t played in some time. If you can’t guess by now, I have the itch to play DAoC again, but seeing as there are only 6 players currently on the classic cluster I doubt I will have much fun.

Here is to hoping Mythic actually creates and releases the Origins server type they teased us with a couple years back (somewhat of a more classic, classic server type with more pvp at lower levels). There hasn’t been much mention of it since early this year but maybe they’ll work on it since Warhammer sucks so bad.

Until then, I’ll be left with a void to fill.


Fallen Earth PvP and more

I got a rifle on my rifle using toon in Fallen Earth. It sounds like it should do more damage than it does, but hey, I can hit shit from 70m away (starter xbow is 20m range). But can I actually hit shit from 70m away? The xhair is mighty large with a big ass gap in the middle of it, plenty of room to miss even when your xhair looks like it is directly on them. One shot will miss while another from the same spot will hit. So what I do now is just fight shit close range, one shot in the head and one in the chest and most things are dead. Bullets are fuckin expensive. Crafting is out of the question as it takes as much time to raise that as it does to level my combat toon high enough to be able to use the ammo. Thank god for the Franklin’s Riders, they sell me 20 heavy rifle ammo for 123 white chips, pretty expensive considering 100 bullets is a little over 6 blue chips. Pretty damn expensive.

After acquiring my new rifle I went to the PvP zone by Depot 66. This PvP zone is a circular enclosed area with two entrances. Near one entrance is a tower you can climb up to, which is where I set up camp. It wasn’t long before someone showed up. I shot him once, for about half his health, he shot me twice, I shot him again, he shot me again and I died. It was sad but hey, he was level 11 and I was level 6. So I hiked back there and found my friend sitting in my old spot on the tower. This time I decided to use range to my advantage and shot him from quite a distance. When I hit him he scrambled down the ladder, I drew in closer to the base of the tower, and he comes around the corner guns a blazin. He shot me once and I shot him once, he missed his next shot and I did not. He done been killed, huh. So I killed a level 11 at level 6 and his name was Blo Hard if you wanna look him up and laugh at him. I waited for him to return and he did. This time I was set up on a small building near the center of the enclosed circle. He came in the entrance close to the tower which was pretty close to me and I was able to shoot him once as he ran towards the building I was on. I jumped down to finish him off and he was gone. What’s that? How is this possible? Oh yeah, logging out. LAWL. Big bad level 11 losing to a little level 6, poor lil feller.

I set up camp again on my new favorite rooftop, leaving the tower empty even though it is so sexy. I see someone approaching. It is possible to see players on your minimap as they appear as a little white arrow. He saw me and stayed out of my sight. He was right at the corner and I knew he was watching my arrow so I stood up and ran around on my roof a little bit which made him scurry on out from behind the corner, thinking he could make his move. BAM! Shot him once, he is now under half health and at the base of my roof. I jump off, round a corner and blast him again, victory! This guy was level 4 lol, but hey, a PvP zone is a PvP zone.

What is the deal with the ragdoll physics? Has anyone else noticed that they’re a little, I dunno, off? Since when do I shoot a guy once; he doesn’t die or move at all, in fact he keeps running straight at me, but if I shoot him again and he dies then his body goes flying in a million different directions usually several feet in the air. Explain that please. I hit a guy with a melee weapon and he’ll literally fling under my body and up in the air behind me falling on the ground. Explain that please. That’s what I thought, it just aint right.

I sold everything on my crafter to buy bullets for my rifle dude. It is funny to me because the one character that I’ve pretty much “disabled” is the one named Bonedead. My melee guy is Jason Bonedead and my rifle dude is Boblee Swagger (I know, I’m lame).

On my melee guy I was using one of those posts with a concrete ball on the end of it, which was working wonders in the one hit kill arena, but have since switched to a Kensho training staff thing. It attacks faster and all around has a higher dps, but there are hardly any one hit kills. A fair trade off I believe is that a miss isn’t as big of a deal anymore since I swing again almost immediately.

Getting back to my rifle dude, after those PvP encounters I waited a bit and no one showed up. So I hopped on my ATV and drove over to Slaughterville which is a ways west of where I was. It literally took me around 10 minutes to drive there if not more. I do not feel nearly as comfortable here because it is not very open and you can’t get that much higher than your opponent so it is hard to get an advantage. I always drive through these PvP zones first to see if anyone is there, then I park my ATV outside of the zone and waltz on in. As I’m walking around, patrolling the area, a man on a horse charges me. He’s in a clan, SiN, and is either a level 11 or 13 (I forget) who uses double zip guns. He does about half my health to me pretty quickly and I begin circling him to avoid his bullets. I start hitting him with my shots (prior shots weren’t hitting him as I was getting hit and that always makes it harder) and got him under half health. It became clear that he couldn’t hit me anymore while on his horse and that I was going to kill him, so he turned and ran.

A false sense of pride overtook me, I’ve killed a level 11 today, and now I’m making another high level guy run away. Go me, amirite? WRAWNG! I chased him down and he was now off his horse blasting 50 friggin bullets my way so quickly. Long story short I died a couple times. The last time I tried to fight him was the closest I got to winning since the first run in. I got on top of some boxes and he was down below, we were just peaking around at each other blasting away, it was pretty intense. But alas, I did not pull that one out.

I find it difficult to start playing at times and I’m not sure why. I enjoy the game when things are going good, maybe it is because I have a few toons I play and I’m still not in Sector 2. Maybe it is because I find these little points in the game where you’re stuck with running around quests and no real direction is given at the next place you should go to. Maybe it is because I’ll get a quest to go to a new quest hub and the quests have me killing level 1 mobs. Maybe it is because I hit invisible walls all the goddamn time. I don’t know. But I do find myself playing more CS:S lately.

At first I was going to play CS:S to work on my aiming for Fallen Earth, then I was playing CS:S to catch up in rank to some of those buttholes on my favorite server, and now I’m still trying to catch up to them but I’m also trying to beat the pants off them. But what about Fallen Earth? I need a goddamn scope mfker. Maybe this upcoming 3 day weekend will provide me with enough time to get my rifle dude where he needs to be to really enjoy himself.

I took him up to another PvP zone far north of Slaughterville after my failed encounters. The ride was long as all hell and when I got there it was just an open field. The PvP area was far greater than any of the other places I had been, the only problem was there wasn’t anybody in the damn place. I drove to the edge of the map looking and even took 31 damage from the “kill zone” aka the edge of the map. So that zone kinda sucks big balls imo. I wonder what larger scale PvP would be like in this game, I feel like I could really shine in a setting like that. Me sitting in the back, everyone aiming at people that aren’t me, me aiming at everyone else. I have tried to get enough death toll to talk to the death toll NPC merchants, but have not. The highest I had was around 200 which was maybe 20% of a death toll level, but I lost all that to Mr. Bees Knees of SiN.

I hope to get my rifle man to where he needs to be so I can own some face in an MMO finally. But we shall see.

Derp Derp Derp

Not sure what I am writing here, I was thinking about talking Fallen Earth, but I didn’t play it yesterday. On a side note I downgraded to mid grade weed for a week and yesterday went back to the good stuff, effectively lowering my tolerance, and now the good stuff is good again.

Alright here is a good topic: Massively. What the fuck Massively, seriously? I have long wanted to go through your most recent posts sometime and just tear them apart for fun, which I’m not really going to do now, but jesus. I just checked that place and there is a 2 paragraph post that summarizes Scott Jennings’ recent post on PvP. HE SUMMARIZED A BLOG POST, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? YOU GET PAID FOR THAT? Shit, if you’re going to do that then why not just write posts like me where I play a game and then write about it for a little, usually not too on topic. There isn’t much difference in quality tbh. Seriously, what is that shit? Guess what the most recent post is right now. SURPRISE, ANOTHER BLOG POST SUMMARY!!!!!1111 Let’s scroll down a little and see what we have. (I know I said I wasn’t going to do this but now I’m angry)

Looks like DC Universe is adding Mr Freeze, whatever the shit that means. Anyone remember Arnold playing him in the movie? He seemed pretty big and bad ass right? Well the models I saw looked like utter puny dick, seriously, how is that supposed to be the same guy? He looks scrawny as shit and not very Arnold like. So let’s promote a game that looks like it sucks at creating their vision! BRILLIANT!!!111

Scrollin down a little more… Ahh, The Daily Grind. Wonder what this is all about. Oh what do you know, a question to the readers. Do you like grinding? Can you do it for long periods of time? Can you comment and create our content for us with this shitty topic that has probably NEVER been discussed? Thaaaaaaanks!

Let’s look into the Daily Grind history, starting with the first one. Seems legit enough, talking about themselves and what they’re planning on doing. Not sure what it has to do with the Daily Grind besides that it is a daily post, maybe it is the writer’s daily grind? The third post was WRUP or what are you playing, which I believe now is it’s own segment. Asking users their opinions about their favorite genre, class, what they would want in their MMO… Wow. So one of their first ones was about what genre/setting MMOs should be in more and then like 8 days later they ask the same damn thing. I wonder how many times they’ve asked the same daily question. Enough Daily Grind, it is basically a shit we have to put something here today, what question do we pose to our users? There are only so many questions about MMOs.

Alright little further down and we find something we’d expect to see on Massively, Metaplace is closing down. I guess the Mr. Freeze thing could be considered expected but come on, that doesn’t look anything like what it should and if you don’t know that then I don’t know if you should be talkin about it. Just sayin.

I didn’t want to do this but I’m going to.
Real Mr Freeze:

Mr Freeze Concept Art (aka their vision):

and finally, actual Mr. Freeze model:

As you can see, shitty shitty bang bang. I wouldn’t promote something that missed the mark that much. That’s not saying don’t promote the game, sure post their news, but a piece of fail like that is not news and you probably wouldn’t want potential fans seeing it.

Hey what do you know, a little further down, some worthy news on a game’s release time. Oh, hold on, looks like they’re just linking to some other website.

Next, LOL. More game news, linking to another site that actually got the interview/did the work.

Next, Making the most of a free trial. Hey maybe this will be something I can relate to. Okay… free trial is supposed to sell your game.. uh huh. Hmm, most people only play the free trial for one session and never again? Not me. But let’s keep going. Okay wtf, does this guy play MMOs? A free 12 hour trial? What stupid fucking game would ever limit a trial to 12 hours? Let’s google and see, hmmm, looks like NOT ONE. LOL, read on to figure out how to keep yourself engaged and in the game! Because that is your job, not the game designers’. Man this is just bad. Make sure you have time to play the game, make sure you want to play the game, if the game doesn’t seem like something you would normally play after a little ingame time then keep playing it, WOW. The trial character is just that. Holy jesus are you kidding me? Run into huge groups of mobs BECAUSE it is a trial character. Not because you want to find out how many mobs you can take at once with the class you chose to hlep you decide if you like that class, no, because its a trial character and that means that you can finally do this stuff now that it isnt a “real character”? Seriously.

Next, I want to make fun of this one because he really seems all over the road here, but he seemed to finally connect the dots there. Tired of the same old MMO crap? I’m going to make it seem that I have a cure for that. Here is how the developers could make it different. Here is another way. Fallen Earth is fun to those trying it because it is different. Next year I expect to play a lot more because of the new games. Again, not very awesome, kinda sucky, but he got the job done.

Next, CONTEST BITCHES! Can’t go wrong with that. KTR is better though even though they got 3 less giveaways.

Next, One Shots. This is probably the best commonly occurring thing they have going for them. It can always be different, if no user submits anything they can easily make it up, and no screenshot is too lame. I know this because I sent one in for lotro and saw it show up a few days/week later. MMO related.

Next, Ask Cryptic. A STO website feature that we treat as our own feature. Lawl. Content!

Okay okay, I’ve done enough with this topic. The next post was the Jennings blog summary, if you wanted to know.

So, what have we learned from all this? Well I’d like to propose a new logo for them.
Massively's New Logo

Some Fallen Earth Combat

Say hello to my two dudes.

Two Dudes

Here we have some footage from their lives. My computer lagged a little bit during some of the filming, I think it was the flies, but iunno. Killing the same mobs on both toons. Melee toon is level 7 so the mobs are even con and the archer is 6 killing level 7s. I think I’m going to use my melee as a money maker and my archer for crafting/ranged battle. What will I do for PvP? I have no idea.

Age of Conan: First Impressions

Bringing the “Conan World” to life, check.
Make combat feel new and different, check.
Offer a great deal for buying the game, check.
Have a positive newbie experience, check.
Try and continue that positive experience beyond Tortage, not so check.
Having fun open PvP, check.
Having unique feeling battlegrounds, not so check. (see: Guild Wars)
A rarer class makeup, check. (Nothing seems unique anymore)
Possible for a lower level to kill a higher level, check. (Just beat a 39 Necro as a 33 HoX, and I didn’t even wanna fight)
Up to date information available somewhere on the internet, not so check. (Not really Funcom’s fault, but, if a fan isn’t doing it shouldn’t they?)

I think that’s all I have for now, if I kept going my points would seem redundant.

Tortage is an amazing experience. I wish it carried throughout the game, mainly just the voiced NPCs. When you get out of Tortage and run into your first mute NPC it is a bit disheartening. Doesn’t seem like it would be that hard to get a few people in the office to throw on a fake accent and let er rip, audio dude can tweak shit to make them not sound awful, tada! But I don’t really know what I’m talking about.

Another thing that sucks a bit is, I hate to say the lack of direction (or information), but where the fuck am I supposed to go after Khopsefv (or whatever the shit) Province? I went into that Purple Lotus BS Land and ran into a bunch of big ass mobs and a level 41 grinding. Not the place for a freshly 30 to go. So what I’ve done instead is gone to the Aquilonean version of Khopsefv Province which is called uh, the Wild Lands of Zelata? Yeah that zone sucks ass in terms of terrain and getting from quest point to quest point. Plus I’m just doing grey and green quests for a level and now I’m at the Yellow and Red quests.

One thing I really like is climbing spots you probably shouldn’t be able to. What you do is jump a lot and hold sprint and you’ll just fly up mountains sometimes. There was this one quest in Khopsefv Province to get some treasure chest in the bottom of a pond surrounded by elite mobs. It is supposed to be a group quest, on forums people were saying the best path for soloing is to sneak around and yadda yadda yadda, dodge the elites if you’re lucky etc. Well I didn’t do that. Apparently the pond is at the end of a trail of Elites and after it there is a rather small drop off back to normal land. Well I tried to climb up that little drop off and bypass the elites. I got real close but began realizing they put in an invisible wall to deter my actions! Sons of bitches! There were some Minion mobs (non elite) very near the pond that I tried to jump into LOS and do my “charge” ability to them, no dice. So I went a little further up the trail at a steeper point and tried many times again. Eventually I made it up and beat those fuckers trying to block me with their invisible walls, suck it assholes. Soloing group quests for the win mfker.

I’ve PvPed in one of the capture the skull BGs probably 3 times. The queue doesn’t really fill up very quickly, probably because it is the 20-39 BG, but it’s kinda fun. I’ve always been a lowbie buffed to a 39 (which really isn’t enough to level the playing field between a 20 and a 39) so still a bit squishy, so I die a lot or play cautious. The last game I played I did a lot better, sticking together, rooting bad guys picking them off, separating them, etc.

I can’t wait to get to 40 because when I bought the game I got a free Mammoth for every one of my characters, usable at 40. I wanna ride my donkeh!

Things I liked and hated in Aion

I’ve stopped playing Aion though I can still play til the 24th. Xfire tells me I’ve invested 172 hours in the game which makes it tied with Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction as one of my top 10 most played games. I’ve not put much here recently, I’m not 100% sure why, but I’ve just finished this semester so I’d like to put a bit more into this place now that I feel like I can. So, without further mumbo jumbo, my likes and dislikes of Aion.

-Animations: The animations were probably the best I’ve seen in any MMO. It seemed like every time my weapon looked like it hit an enemy the game actually showed me that it did by making a hit noise and a little POW cloud on the spot the enemy was hit. Not to mention the Gladiator’s 2000 DP hit that skewers your enemy, flings them around you, and then slams them down at your feet. You just can’t beat awesomeness like that. On a side note, there was one time in PvP when I skewered a guy and he stayed on my Polearm after he should have fallen off. I was able to hit him still with normal attacks afterwards but I don’t know if he was hitting me. Looked funny though.
-Scenery: If you’ve played Aion and it didn’t cripple your PC then you know what a visual orgasm is like. In most games there are little bugs (not malfunctions, insects and stuff) that you can’t touch. In Diablo 2 there are scorpions you can walk over, in WoW there are fish and maybe a bird or two, and other games have these little touches as well. They never look THAT good. Well in Aion they do. The game has a lot of detail.
-Gliding: Flying is overrated, anyone can press R to go up and F to go down or look up or down while holding forward. But can you make it from the top of the Pandaemonium staircase (outside of the auction house place) all the way down to the top of the stairs leading to the teleporter in one glide? Not everyone can, because they don’t get that while gliding pressing forward and backwards actually changes your tilt. This is an invaluable tool for a game with some open PvP. I’ve escaped countless times due to out-gliding my enemies.
-Being New: This is a big positive for any game I’m looking at. If I haven’t played it then I’ll want to even more. It’s the only reason I bought the game (and I really wanted to buy AoC at the time of shopping but they were not in stock). This isn’t really something good about the game, it’s just a reason why I liked it.
-Forced mob grinding: I know I’ve said here before how I used to use my Prima guide for DAoC and look up loot tables for low level mobs (I couldn’t level very high back then, not doing much better now either lol) until I found one that would drop a special item at a low percentage. I would then go and farm said mob until it dropped, sometimes til it dropped twice. I don’t know what it was about it that made me enjoy it so much, but it’s still there. Grinding mobs and finding phats is gewd. Doing quests for phats is more tiring. But a healthy mix of both is my preferred method. Aion did this rather well with limited quests and good respawn times/number of camps.

-Gold Farming sons of bitches: They were fucking everywhere. You switch channels to try and find a nice quiet instance without tons of fuckers named dfkjsdkf and they’re always there. Random tells, stores that are selling 1 shitty thing for millions of Kinah with a big annoying fucking shop message, and they monopolized some of the resources on the Broker so that they would only sell huge stacks at huge prices (so you can’t get 1 more worthy armor flux when you need it).
-Stupid fucking kids: Global channels are the dumbest fucking idea ever. Why is it needed? No matter what name you give the channel it will always turn into a little kids telling lame dick jokes (not even good dick jokes, srsly) channel. Always. Not to mention kids are fucking stupid and act like retards ingame by hitting your mobs, stealing your resource nodes, just generally being retarded fucks. I feel so apologetic to the people I abused when I was an annoying fucking retard MMO baby.
-Blandness: Sure everything is real pretty and shiny and sparkly, but give me some change, jesus christ. How long can you sit in the same scenery before you go crazy? For me it’s a little over a month (close to 172 hours played probably).
-Teh Grind: Of course it made the list. It wasn’t as bad as it’s been made out to be (though I know it will be in a few more levels, currently 29) but combo this with the Blandness and you have a recipe for me burning out.

So that’s it for Aion. I’ve said my peace and now you know why I played it and stopped playing it.