I have been playing Smite a lot recently. It is a MOBA game but in third person. I am really enjoying it so far even though it is in beta. I even spent $30 on the god pack, which unlocks all champs/gods currently and all that are released in the future, which is really just a great deal. Here is a link to my stats page and below are two short clips that I probably should have combined into one of me playing probably my favorite god, He Bo.

This one is in conquest which is the traditional 3 lane moba map.

And this one is from arena which is, well, the arena.

Dignitas just sponsored a team which is great for the game and I can’t wait til more big sponsors join in. No more controlling your champ from a helicopter and click to move! Aim your skill shots and wasd! If you decide to give it a shot feel free to use the name bonedead as your referral, if it requires something other than that like an email, well, fuck it.

Peace out nerds!


A Tale in the Desert

This is a video of me successfully completing the beetle summoning dance in atitd. This is not a horrible video of me swinging the camera around while standing still most of the time. Nope. Not that at all. Definitely summoning that beetle at the end there thanks to my trusty beetle summoning dance. Yep.

Some Fallen Earth Combat

Say hello to my two dudes.

Two Dudes

Here we have some footage from their lives. My computer lagged a little bit during some of the filming, I think it was the flies, but iunno. Killing the same mobs on both toons. Melee toon is level 7 so the mobs are even con and the archer is 6 killing level 7s. I think I’m going to use my melee as a money maker and my archer for crafting/ranged battle. What will I do for PvP? I have no idea.

My Witch Elf in Phoenix Gate T2 Scenario

Was my first (and unfortunately last) scenario yesterday. Took soo gdamn long to encode it and make all 8 clips 1 video. Youtube only allows 10 minutes, break failed after upload, and google video says if its over 100mb to use their uploader, which failed at first attempt but worked this morning. Hooray.

The quality went down hill after uploading to google imo. Yet another reason to get my own host.

Goodbye SWG, Hello DAoC Trial, See You Soon Conan

Yep, that’s how it goes in the WWW (wild wild west).

My RL buddy that started playing SWG with me and I have decided that we want to play AoC at release. My SWG sub renewed the 1st, so I canceled it a little bit ago. I gotta pre-order AoC now, I want that head start nukka!

Time fillers until then:
1) DAoC trial. I don’t know what class I’m gonna make, but I’m gonna pwn. Maybe a Hunter or Rogue (haven’t played one of those in a while).

2) CS. Always a good way to waste time and feel bad about it.

3) Savage 2. Maybe I’ll finally let that 5 minute patch finish finally and check out what they’ve done with the game. Maybe not.

I would still like to compile my SWG footage into a farewell video, but who knows.